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Love Confessions, Interfering Friends, Kisses and OC's (and tiny bit of saving/taking over the world)

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"I should have kissed you" suddenly, in the silence, confessed Charlie.

All of the people silenced by Fleur and Mrs.Weasley turned to look at him; all he was looking at was Amaris, who had scratches on her face and wild hair. At his words she blushed.

"Charlie, I really don't think..." She started but Charlie, as if prompted by his first statement, let it all out.

"That night before my graduation, when we sneaked out to the lake" (ooooohhh, muttered Harry, Ronnie, Ginny and Tonks) "I should have kissed you."

"Then why didn't you?" Asked Amaris softly, looking hypnothised as Charlie started walking slowly towards her. Once he reached her, he put his hands on her arms.

"I chickened out" he admitted. "You looked so beautiful in moonlight that it took my breath away. Even now, after I've faced hundreds of dragons, one look at you makes my heart stop."

"Oh, wow" commented Ceres and other women nodded in admission; even McGonagall looked impressed.

"But I chickened out" continued Charlie. "Then and a few dozen times before because I thought that you see me only as a friend and I thought..." Here he paused, and everybody bended slightly forwards as if it would help them not to loose another word. "...that you and Bill were going to end up together."

"Sharlie!" shrieked Fleur, but she was shushed by a chorus of: "Not now, Fleur!"

"You were so close" continued Charlie "your brother is Bill's best friend and you spend so much time talking together... And you were writing to each other, even after we left Hogwarts... I was so jealous..."

Amaris was shaking her head with a disbelieving smile.

"Me and Bill have always been just friends" she explained, her voice shaking with strong emotion. "And even if we weren't, it wouldn't work... Because I was in love with someone else." Charlie's arms slumped hearing the last words and people groaned in dissapointment. Before he moved however, Amaris continued. "He was year older than me and in Gryffindor... Quidditch Captain, Prefect, popular... He was always nice to me and we spent hours discussing Care of Magical Creatures... But all of the girls liked him, so I thought I'd never had a chance... Until the night before his graduation when we walked by the lake..." Here she stopped. Charlie's eyes were glued to hers, reading all of her feelings.

"I should have kissed you" he repeated, voice hoarse.

"Then why won't you do it now?" She offered, voice high and dreamy smile on her face. He took her in his arms and followed her advice.

Bill, who nobody had noticed opened his eyes some time ago, said:

"Huh, finally" but it was covered by a loud cheer from the room.

"Ha! Pay up, losers!" exclaimed Ronnie.

"How does she always knows?" muttered Draco, searching his pockets for money along with few other people.

"I have no idea!" admitted George, shaking his head.

Mrs.Weasley was crying happy tears, hugged by Mr.Weasley. Nick sat down by Bill, taking out pomade from Fleur's hands; she was still looking shocked - her vision of Amaris as a wild, non-gendered wooden creature broken. Harry stood supported by Henry's arm, smiling widely, Sirius and Ceres got into their usual bickering, Fred and George started spreading (hopefully) un-spiked drinks and Narcissa... Narcissa was quietly fighting with Remus.

In all of the craziness nobody noticed their heated whispering until...

"Hey, mum..." started Draco, turning around just in time to see his proper and collected mother grabbing the front of Lupin's robes and snogging the daylights out of him. Draco's jaw fell. Ronnie, who was standing next to him, followed his eyesight and also stopped, shocked.

"Okay, I think..." started speaking Henry, walking towards them with Harry, silencing once his eyes registered what his friends were watching. Harry's eyes widened.

"Hey kids, what is..." started Sirius, walking up to them, his hand holding Ceres. They stopped, looked at each other, then at the couple, then chorused: "Finally!"

"I thought it would never happen" added Ceres.

"What?!" asked the group of teenagers. Even Ronnie seemed surprised.

"They've been in love with each other at school" explained Ceres. "But she was waiting for him to make a move and then her parents arranged her marriage to Lucius and they were quite happy together."

"And Remus, of course, thought that there's no chance that beautiful Narcissa Black would ever be with a poor werewolf" added Sirius. "He was devastated when he found out about her engagement."

"Were you? I never knew" asked Narcissa. Apparently, they came up for air and heard the rest of the conversation.

"Of course I was. But how could I offer you anything? I had no money, nobody would give a job to a werewolf. It would've been dangerous" answered Remus, clearly ready to detach himself, but Narcissa was holding his robes tightly.

"I don't care!" she shouted. "It would be all worth it, if I was with you!"

"Would it?" asked Remus, his eyes searching her face.

"Of course, you idiot! I loved you! And I never stopped!" she responded, and Remus lunged to kiss her again.

"Okay, kids" sighed Ceres. "I think that's enough excitement for the day. I'll get you all a cup..."

"Of hot cocoa" they chorused. "For all the bad juju."

That stumped her. After a moment, she started to laugh. The rest of them, one by one, joined.