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The scouting trip had returned from Becca’s island with truckload after truckload of new tech and supplies, from medical equipment to power tools, but the new surveillance security system was Kane’s favorite by a long shot.  Carefully modified by Raven from salvaged and reassembled components of ALIE’s drones, it made life for Arkadia’s guards exponentially easier.  Cameras were fitted at every entrance and exit of the camp, where once they’d had teams of armed guards assigned day and night to keep watch for intruders (not that any were ever expected, given the solidity of their ongoing peace with the Grounders, but Kane couldn’t sleep at night if the gates were entirely undefended.  The cameras solved everything; all on-duty personnel were freed to patrol the camp, where they were far more likely to be needed, with only one at a time assigned to perimeter watch, monitoring the camera feeds from the tower.

The installation of the surveillance system made Raven something of a hero among the members of the guard, who found themselves suddenly spared from an endless rotation of six-hour guard duty shifts staring out into the woods where nothing ever happened and trying not to drift off from boredom where Kane or David Miller might catch them.  Even with two of the cameras shorted out for the past three days after a rainstorm – one over the hangar doors and one inside the stables – it was still a dramatic overall decrease in boring night watch shifts, and Raven had never been more popular with anyone wearing a uniform.

Still, someone did have to sit alone in the guard tower over the front gates to monitor all the cameras in case something happened, and tonight it had fallen to Harper . . . who ordinarily accepted every assignment with perfect equanimity, except that tonight was Unity Day.

Kane was a stern boss, but not an unfair one.  And Harper was clearly crushed to miss the party; the moment she saw him post the roster and realized that the poor loser stuck alone in the tower for six hours watching everyone else get drunk and enjoy themselves was going to be her, her whole body collapsed with a crestfallen expression that was equal parts pitiful and amusing.  So Kane heaved a deep sigh, crossed out her name and wrote in his own, earning him a delighted peck on the cheek as the girl scampered off to find Monty.

All told, though, he was far from unhappy with the trade.  It was worth it to give Harper one night just to be a teenager, to go to a party and get drunk with her boyfriend.  It was worth it, just for a few hours, to let the kids be kids, after all they’d been through.  To let life feel normal again, whatever “normal” meant.  It made him smile, watching the carousing crowds of Arkadians around the fire pit talking and laughing.  He didn’t mind being stuck up here, away from the light and the laughter and the noise, if it meant everyone else was happy. Besides, Abby was buried in inventory, restocking Med Bay with the all the new supplies and equipment pillaged from Becca’s lab (she’d done exactly what he did and given Jackson the night off too).  So Kane wasn’t really missing anything worth missing.

And besides, it wasn’t all bad.  It was a beautiful night, clear and starry with a full snow-white moon, and Kane had always enjoyed the view of camp from up here – close enough to enjoy the cacophony of good-natured celebratory chaos down below, far enough away that the voices dimmed and faded enough for him to hear the owls and the breeze.

There was absolutely no chance anyone would be sober enough to think to bring Kane some dinner, so he’d taken the liberty of stocking himself up before his shift began; on a tray next to the monitors he’d brought a crock of Niylah’s spiced vegetable stew and a kind of herbed flatbread, both of which were delicious, and gone in a flash.  He never drank on duty, but he’d bumped into Jasper on his way to the tower and the boy had been peculiarly insistent about sending Kane off with a flask of moonshine (“special Unity Days recipe,” apparently).  Kane demurred, but Jasper would not be rebuffed, so finally he sighed and gave in, and by the time he’d finished his dinner he was glad he had.  Kane had a strong head for liquor, after all; they’d drunk far stronger, nastier stuff than this on the Ark, things better utilized as industrial cleaning solvents, while Jasper’s moonshine didn’t even give Kane a hangover.

And besides, it was Unity Day.

He finished the entire flask before the first hour had passed, and had to admit Jasper’s recipes were improving.  This batch was as stingingly potent as all the rest, but had a new, pleasant, almost floral undertone that Kane couldn’t quite place.  It snuck up on him almost unexpectedly, making him feel loose and relaxed all over; not drunk, his head was as clear as ever, but something else, something . . . warmer.  He couldn’t quite place it, but he certainly enjoyed the feeling.

It was just as he took the last swig of moonshine and reached over to set the flask aside that a flicker of something in his peripheral vision pinged his attention and snapped him back into focus.  The system cycled automatically through each camera’s feed on a loop, so by the time Kane realized he’d seen movement out of the corner of his eye where no movement should be, the cameras had moved on.  He clicked backwards, trying to find it again.   West entrance, clear.  North entrance, clear.  Front gates, clear.  Hangar doors, clear.  Stables . . .

There it was.

He sat forward, squinting at the surveillance monitor.  Yes.  There it was.  Someone had just entered the stables.  He considered radioing down to David Miller, but held off; it might just be Octavia taking Helios out for a ride to get away from the noise; he couldn’t tell from this angle, but Raven had taught him how to adjust the cameras remotely from the control keyboard.  He could only shift the angle by an inch or two either direction, and zoom in and out, but it would be enough to get a better view of whoever was inside if he or she moved just a bit further towards the stable’s empty back corner, where a gap in the ceiling panels let in piercing shafts of moonlight and made it easier to see.

The shadowy moving figure did, in fact, oblige him by moving into the light, and resolved itself almost immediately into two figures – who, from what they did next, were most emphatically not Octavia and Helios.  But it wasn’t until a shaft of moonlight broke across a cascade of white-gold hair and a tall dark shape unfurled a blanket on the heap of dried grasses in the back corner where the horses fed that Kane realized what was happening.

Clarke shared a room with Raven and Octavia, and Bellamy slept in the barracks; so while it was no secret around camp that they were an item, Kane had sometimes wondered how on earth any couple at camp (or rather, any couple which didn’t conveniently include a Chancellor with his own bedroom) ever got a moment alone.  The answer, it seemed, was to wait until everyone at camp was drunk and distracted, then sneak away to the one building where no one was likely to venture in the middle of a party, and whose security camera had been broken for days.

Except, of course that it wasn’t, because Raven had poked her head into the on-duty room to inform him that she was still working on the one over the hangar doors but the one in the stable was back online, and Kane had written himself a note to notify Bellamy so he could spread the word to everyone else, but then Abby had come in to bring him some lunch because she knew he hadn’t eaten, and the security camera in the stables had completely escaped his mind until just now, when he realized with a hot, mortified flush sweeping across his entire face that Bellamy and Clarke had absolutely no idea he could see them.

It could not have been more clear that the two young lovers believed they’d found a completely secluded corner; they were right in the camera’s line of sight, perfectly illuminated by moonlight, kissing frantically and tearing at each other’s clothes with remarkable efficiency. They were exposed in a private moment, without their knowledge, and it was completely Kane’s fault; the least he could do was switch the stable camera off and leave them alone.

He wasn’t totally sure, in fact, why he didn’t do just that.

He thought about doing it.  He meant to do it.  He saw his hand reaching out for the manual shutoff button labeled “CAMERA 8 (STABLE, INTERIOR)” and pressing it.  But he didn’t move.  That strange feeling of dizzy warmth Jasper’s moonshine had given him appeared, bizarrely, to intensify as he watched Bellamy tug his t-shirt off and duck his head to nuzzle between Clarke’s breasts; it swept through his body like wildfire, drowning out the voice of logic and sanity that continued weakly pleading with him to turn off the camera.  But he couldn’t.  The warm feeling wouldn’t let him.  Instead, he moved his chair closer, leaned in, and – with a hot flush sweeping over his whole body as he looked outside to make sure the coast was clear – flipped the metal switch labeled “AUDIO FEED (CAMERA 8).”

The first sound he heard was Clarke, now stripped down to her bra and panties, gasping with pleasure as Bellamy’s mouth worked frantically between her breasts, his hands roaming all over her body.  Fire lanced through him, causing an ache between his thighs to rise up so quickly it shocked him.  It wasn’t just the astonishment of seeing these two people he knew so well doing things he’d never imagined them doing before, and it wasn’t simply that the girl’s warm, breathy sighs were dizzyingly erotic (although they were, clearly to Bellamy as well as himself).  It was that he recognized them.

She sounded, he realized with a guilty start, exactly like her mother.

That should have been enough to get him to see sense and switch off the cameras, if anything was.  But the warm feeling had taken over his whole body by now, he was pliant, unresisting, he couldn’t fight it.  He couldn’t look away.  Not now that they had moved over to the blanket, illuminated perfectly by moonlight through the cracks in the rafters as though someone had staged the scene perfectly for him to see. 

Now stripped down to their underwear, they began to get down to business, and Kane swallowed hard as he watched Clarke drop to her knees in front of Bellamy, tugging the waistband of his gray shorts down enough to lift free a luscious, half-hard cock and bring it to her lips to place a soft kiss on the very tip. “Fuck, Clarke,” Bellamy moaned, and Kane felt electricity rocket through his whole body, his own cock swelling up almost instantly in response.

Turn this off, right now, said the voice of sanity inside his head, but it was fruitless.  He was entranced.  He couldn’t stop now if he wanted to.

Clarke’s lips parted to take the cock inside, and Kane cursed the camera mount for being so high on the wall that he couldn’t get a closer look at it . . . before he suddenly remembered, guiltily, that he actually could.  Blessing Becca for her impressively thorough surveillance technology while cursing Jasper for whatever the hell he’d put into this moonshine, Kane’s fingers flew over the keyboard as he entered the manual control codes Raven had taught him to activate the remote zoom function.  Heart pounding, knowing he was crossing a line but it was too late now to turn back, he let himself take a closer look.

Bellamy’s cock was gorgeous, thick and long and flushed a rosy purple, swelling rapidly in Clarke’s nimble hands as she stroked the shaft, lips wrapped around the tip.  The audio feed was frustratingly limited – he ached to hear the wet suckling sounds her pink lips were making – but Bellamy’s low moans turned Kane inside out.  He’d never looked at the boy like this before, hadn’t been with a man or even thought about it in years and years, but the sound of those raw, panting breaths made Kane’s whole body shiver.  Goosebumps rose up along his arms, a red flush swept his face, sweat beaded at his temples, his heart pounded like a martial drum in his chest as Bellamy grunted with pleasure, hands tangled in Clarke’s gleaming golden hair. 

Finally, Kane couldn’t hold out any longer.  God help me, he thought, surrendering completely as one hand dropped furtively to the zipper of his jeans, tugging it down and lifting his cock free.

Dimly, the remaining sane corner of his mind was reminding him that spying on two people he’d come to look on very nearly as family while one of them gave the other a blowjob was something he ought to find horrifying, and he was conscious enough of that voice, as his hand moved up and down the shaft of his own cock, to realize that something was wrong. He knew it wasn’t that he was drunk; he’d finished the whole flask, but he was used to Jasper’s moonshine by now, it had never taken him this way before.  This was something else.  Something new.  Something he had no intention of fighting, even though he suspected he probably should.

But God, there was so much to look at, so much to want, so many new desires he’d never even considered, all surging through his body with volcanic force.  How had he known Clarke Griffin all this time and never considered her breasts?  God, the heavy round fullness of them, that flawless creamy skin, the perfect pink nipples tightened into stiff little peaks he wanted to suck so badly he felt faint.  He wanted to nuzzle his mouth in between them where Bellamy’s had been and hear her make that gasping noise that Abby made when he did the same thing to her.  He wanted Clarke’s hands in his hair as he took her nipples into his mouth and then fisted her golden curls with one hand to hold her in place while his other hand slipped into her panties to find her soaked little clit. 

But he also wanted to be where Bellamy was right now, he wanted to stand in front of her while she knelt at his feet, he wanted it to be his cock in her mouth, he wanted to feel those sweet rosy lips sucking hard as that little pink kitten tongue swirled against the tip, making sloppy, contented, wet moaning sounds as she smiled up into his hungry dark eyes.

But he also wanted it the other way around, wanted it with a force that shook him down to the bone.  He wanted to be the one kneeling on that scratchy wool blanket, reaching out with something like reverence to cradle that utterly magnificent cock in his hands before parting his lips to taste it.  He wanted to feel Bellamy’s strong hands caress his hair with impossible tenderness and hear him groan “Fuck, Marcus,” in that same gruff urgent voice, he wanted to open his mouth and take Bellamy all the way inside and feel the heavy hot weight slide deeper, deeper, into the back of his throat.

He wanted so many things he’d never thought to want before, not once.  He wanted to cradle them both against his naked body, one hand between Clarke’s golden thighs to stroke her clit and one on Bellamy’s cock as they curled up trustingly with their heads pillowed on his chest.  He wanted to lie down side by side with Bellamy as their tongues plunged into Clarke’s sweet wet cunt together, making her scream as they licked and suckled and kissed both her and each other.  He wanted to plunge deep inside her from the front as Bellamy fucked her from behind and they held her wrapped in two pairs of strong arms, kissing each other with hungry ferocity as her golden head rested against his shoulder.

He wanted . . .



This one, he could not have.

The picture that appeared unbidden in his mind shocked him so badly that he recoiled, sitting up straight, remembering who he was, who they were, what he was doing, why it was wrong.  He reeled for a long, horrible moment at the shocked realization of just how far over the line he’d let himself go.

Turn the camera off, Kane, said the voice of sanity, and he very nearly did.  He reached out a hand towards the button, when a sudden movement startled him into freezing mid-motion, and before he even knew what was happening, there was Abby.

He hadn’t heard her approach or climb the ladder, distracted as he’d been, and his heart was still pounding from the shock by the time she made her way over to him.  She didn’t say a word, and didn’t appear to see the monitor screen, but she did see his hand on his cock, and smiled with mischievous delight before climbing into his lap and replacing his hand with her own, pressing her mouth wetly against his.  She tasted like Jasper’s moonshine – he could smell it all over her, in fact, she’d obviously had even more of it than he had – and for a long moment Kane forgot about everything in the world that wasn’t the feel of Abby’s precise, gentle fingers stroking his cock as she licked hot and hard into his mouth.

Finally she pulled away, caressing his beard with her free hand and grinning at him.  “I thought you’d get bored up here,” she murmured wryly.  “I see you decided to make your own fun.  Did you find something nice for us to watch?” 

“Abby . . .” he protested weakly as she turned around to get a better look at the monitor, leaning in close, then froze in shock.

“Fuck, yes, that’s it, that’s so good,” groaned Bellamy as Clarke’s mouth parted to take him all the way inside.  Abby turned back to stare at Kane, eyes wide, expression impossible to read.

“Clarke,” she whispered hoarsely.  “It’s Bellamy and Clarke.”