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six will assume

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sometimes, six catches himself being suspicious of the crew of the raza.

three will walk out of a room that six has just entered and six will assume: he’s still mad at me.

four will stop and give a terse nod when six walks in on him training. it’s not until six leaves, making-up a forgotten item that he needs to retrieve, that the sounds of four’s training will resume. and six will assume: i’ve lost all of four’s respect.

five and the android both freeze and stare blankly when six wanders into the infirmary for an aspirin. their eyes follow his movement, but they look through him, not at him. the sound of their chatter picks up again as he walks down the hall. and six will assume: not even they trust me any more.

two doesn’t mince her words. she tells him straight-up, “you’ll need to earn back the trust of the whole crew. because of your actions, we can’t leave you alone, and at the same time, we’re too angry to stay around you. you betrayed us all; it’ll take a while before everything goes back to normal.”

and six will know that he wasn’t being paranoid.