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piggyback fic

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"Hey, Batter, I... need to sit down for a minute."

I knew what that meant. Amora was going to have a seizure, wasn't she? It'd been a few days since she had, so I wasn't surprised.

Before she had a chance to get to the wall and sit down on her own, she'd fallen and hit her head hard on Zacharie's counter.
We both moved reflexively to try to catch her, but neither of us got to her before she'd collapsed on the ground. I knelt down next to her immediately as her body tensed up. Wait.... didn't she say something about how her heart stops during these? Shit! I grabbed her wrist to check her pulse but felt nothing. If she dies here, then--

"Ahaha.... that's quite the puppeteer you've got there, amigo."
Zacharie's laugh infuriated me more than usual. "Shut the hell up." I said through gritted teeth, glaring up at him. He put his hands up and took a few steps back as if to say 'woah, I was just joking'.

After about 30 seconds, Amora's arms shook. Then her body had relaxed and her heartbeat had resumed, so her seizure must've ended.
"Are you okay?" I asked, hoping she'd be awake and able soon so we could get out of this damn maze of a mall.

She opened her eyes, blinked a few times, and sat up slowly. "I, uh... sorry. I'll be fine in a minute, just gimme a bit." She rubbed the spot where she'd hit her head and grimaced. "Man.... ever since I got here, I've been off my meds. I could go out at any time, and...."

Blah, blah, blah. I get worried sometimes, especially at times like these, but it'd be wonderful if I never had to listen to her complain about or even mention her epilepsy ever again.
She stood up and wobbled, as she hadn't gotten her balance completely back yet, but I was able to stand up and catch her before she fell over.


I knelt back down. "Get on my back and hang onto my bat." She hesitated and immediately started apologizing and stuttering about being an 'inconvenience'. I knew she would.

"Just do it." After a heartbeat, she did. She started apologizing again, this time about how heavy she must be to me, but I cut her off. "Hush. You sound like a damn Elsen."

"I'm impressed that you're letting her do all this to you." Zacharie was probably smirking behind his mask.
"It's not me!" Amora yelled at the same time I said "It's not her." "I'm only a 'real' puppeteer when I have to be. Man, I still hate being called that...."

I walked off before Zacharie could be even more of a smartass. I didn't want to talk to him any more than I had to.

As soon as we were out of earshot, Amora whispered "Hey.... I feel better, so you can set me down any time now." I did, and she handed me back my bat without looking up.

"Thanks, Batter."