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A Letter From A Father

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 Dear Daddy, 

 Merry Christmas! Can you come home this year? Aunt Rose and Grandpa are here, and we only need you to have the whole family. Mommy doesn't know how long you will be in Alaska for, and says you might be getting lonely, so now would be a perfect time to visit! Ambrose says it gets really cold in December there, and it's always nighttime, the weather here isn't much better. It's been snowing at the Farm for a week now, and we haven't been allowed to go outside. Mommy says that we'd get a cold, and have to sleep through Christmas. Grandpa says it should clear up soon. 

 Is it true that I'm the runt, even though I'm the oldest? Darien says I am all the time, he teases me and Blossom every day. Darien's really mean. Aunt Rose told Therese, Blossom, and I that that's how boys are at our age, but I still think that it's just Darien being himself. Conner and Ambrose are much nicer. Ambrose got a big book from the library, he says it's four hundred pages! Conner told me that he won't stop reading it!

 It's not as fun on the farm, since we were banned from going outside. Blossom and I were searching for a rabbit she saw earlier, but Therese thinks that she's making it all up. I believe her, there are a ton of bunnies in the forest. There's not much to do inside, besides listen to Grandpa tell stories. He told me all about all the demons he fought in the Homelands, and says I could fight like that when I'm all grown up! He's been showing us how to shape-shift  and fly. I wish he taught us sooner, flying is the best thing to do in the house. I love having Grandpa around, he and Mommy are best friends. They spend almost all their time together! Grandpa kind of looks like Santa, and says he dress up like him this year for the family photo. 

 Are you ever going to come home Daddy? Someone in town told me that you abandoned us a few weeks ago, and Mommy says they're lying. Aunt Rose agrees with Mommy, and so does Grandpa, and he's always right. I don't think you'd ever do that to any of us. Everyone in town is just mean to you. 

 We decorated the tree today, it looks beautiful! I really like the red ornaments and the candy canes. The star is amazing, Grandpa brought it from the Homelands, and it's supposed to be an omen of good luck or something like that. Grandpa says it will watch over us during the season. I think it may be enchanted, it's really shiny. I wish you could be here to see the tree, Aunt Rose took everyone to find the best one in the forest. We measured it, it's 12 feet tall! 

 I miss you Daddy, and I hope you have a good Christmas. Mommy should be sending the Photo soon, it has us all in it. She thinks it may be the best one we've ever taken. Please come visit soon, we really want you home. I love you a lot Daddy, have fun while you're in Alaska. 




 Dear Winter, 

 Thank you for writing to me, your Mother is right, I'm a bit lonely without my Cubs. I'm sorry I can't visit this year, people on the Farm really don't like me much. You're correct, they are a little mean to me sometimes. I wish I could spend Christmas with the family this year, but it's out of my control. I don't think it'll be much longer, just give it a bit of time. It's freezing here in Alaska, we barely get to see the sun. Make sure you listen to your Mother about going outside, it's not safe during blizzards. 

 Don't listen to Darien about being the runt, it doesn't really matter at all. I was the runt of my litter, much smaller than everyone else. My brothers would pick on me all the time, so tell Darien I said to stop bothering you and Blossom. Aunt Rose knows what she's talking about, young boys are almost always like that, I'm sure Darien will grow out of it, even if it takes a little longer than Ambrose and Conner. 

 I'm sorry about the snowstorm, but it's good that you and Blossom are getting along well. There are lots of rabbits in the forests, I bet Blossom did see it. I'll help you look for it when I come home. Your Grandpa does have a lot of interesting stories, but I didn't get to a whole lot of them. But he's right, you can definitely do that kind of thing when you're older, if you're anything like him. Now that you're learning how to fly, be careful around the house, your Mother wouldn't be happy with a ransacked home. I'm glad that you like having Grandpa around, I didn't see him much when I was a Cub, it's great that him and Mommy are getting along. Try to take the photo as fast as possible, you know how your Mother gets with them. 

 I am coming home Winter, and I would never abandon you, your brothers and sisters, your Mommy or Aunt Rose. They're lying, so don't pay them any mind. Just to clarify, your Grandpa is not always right, but he is correct this time. The people at the Farm can be mean, but don't let them bother you. 

 I wish I could see the tree with my own eyes, it sounds amazing! Ask your mother to send a photo of it with the normal family one. Did anyone break any of the ornaments? Hopefully not. So Grandpa brought his enchanted star? Well, be extra careful you don't break it during a flying lesson. It's called the North Star, and it is very beautiful and magical. Maybe ask your Mother or Ambrose about it, they surely know more than me about it. Aunt Rose has a good eye for trees, so I trust she picked the tallest one in the forest. 

 I miss my little Scarecrow on Christmas, and I hope you know how much I love you. I'll be there as soon as I can, but it may take a little more time. With all of my heart, I wish I could be there with you, but things don't always work out when you're a grown up. Tell your Mother not to be stressed about the season, you know how she gets. I love you so much Winter, Merry Christmas.