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Ice Cream

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It had become a sort of ritual for Shiho and Kanon, that after every live, they would go on a date. Of course, they didn't call them dates, but they knew that's what they were. They would get food, go ice skating, or anything else that came to mind. Sometimes, Shiho would try to hold Kanon's hand, and sometimes, Kanon would let her.

Today, they were sitting on the edge of a fountain in the park, eating ice cream. They were in in good spirits after a successful live, and Shiho's free hand was resting on top of Kanon's.

"Hey, you got chocolate, right?" Shiho asked.

"Yeah," Kanon replied, turning to look at her.

"Can I try some?"

"I- I guess..."

Kanon held out her ice cream so Shiho could try it.

"It's like an indirect kiss," Shiho teased.

"Sh- Shut up!"

The blue-haired girl laughed, giving Kanon's hand a small squeeze.

"Hey, do you wanna go stargazing tonight?"

Kanon tilted her head slightly. "Sure, but where?"

Shiho thought for a moment. "How about on the hill outside our apartment?"

The blonde gave her a rare smile, that only she ever saw. Shiho smiled back, until her eyes strayed downward.

"You've got ice cream on your face."

"Huh? Where?"

Shiho leaned forward to give her a kiss.


"Wha- Shiho!"