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Right of Way

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Your breath hitches as he runs one finger up your slit, its tip circling your clothed clit. He smiles when his finger is immediately drenched by your juices.

“You’re so wet for me,” he breathes in your ears, smirking.

Of course, you’re dripping wet, having missed his touch for so long. It’s been roughly a month since he last came to your condo and the second his face grazes your vision, you already felt the liquid rush to your cunt. His boyish smile sent a thousand knives down your throat, gushing you dry in your core.

And it makes you happy that he’s just as needy. When he enters the condo, he grabs you by your hand and slams your back on the door so forcefully that the hallway echoes with the thud. His mouth latches onto yours, moist and ready to explore your every crevice. You fight back, engaging in a loud kiss that robs him of his breath but he willingly lets you. His tongue dances with yours in rhythmic cadence, in lovely circles, and that soaks your panties more. The hands reaching your body find an easy way into the valley between your breasts, the small of your back, the apex of your thighs. And that’s when he teases you with one finger and then two and then both are inside you.

You moan loudly in his unforgiving lips, his teeth now chewing on your lower lip, while his other hand presses you closer to his tight chest. Your hands thread through his hair, angling his head so that he can plunge his tongue deeper into you, and if possible, as deep as his fingers which are now knuckle-deep in you.

The next few minutes are spent divesting each other’s clothes, strewn unceremoniously in your condo. Your lips leave each other for a moment, hurriedly ripping off shirt, pants, skirt, underwear, to once again reattach. Your fingers claw at his chest when his black shirt is off his back while he cups your butt to wrap around his firm body. He settles you both on your sofa and you straddle him, one hand fumbling for his cock. It’s erect and throbbing and hot and you couldn’t wait any second longer than to feel him inside you. You tug on it a few times, earning a groan and a bite of your neck from him, and position it on your awaiting sex.

In a swift thrust, you plunge into him, taking all of his girth and length. You throw your head back with the sensation, white stars hot in your vision, and he growls into your neck, licking and nipping and sucking the flesh. You don’t wait for your cunt to adjust to his size and pummel into his cock, propping yourself on his shoulders for better leverage, for a harder thrust. He finally opens his eyes to watch how his cock disappeared in your folds, how slick the motion was from his angle. You observe the same and bite your lip, enraptured by the sight and sound of your lovemaking.

“I missed you so much, Y/N,” he moans into your mouth before capturing it once again, rendering you breathless.

You mumble the same in between kisses and bounce up and down his cock to show him just how much you missed him. He grips your hips to guide you further and harder, as if you weren’t vibrating enough, and those long fingers will leave marks that will surely stay.

You’ve never fucked anyone this hard before and it excited you that an innocent text an hour ago led to this romp. Your leg muscles are getting tired from the intensity of your movements and he senses it so he slides backward on the sofa to control the motion. Your hands hold onto the headrest as you were now only supported by his strong legs. And you’re glad you did because your pace is unmatched by the rapid, sharp thrusts that he gives you. You could feel how hard, how deep he was in your core and though it stung a little, you only whimper in ecstasy. Your arms tremble from his rutting and he aggravates it by sucking on your dangling tits.

“Ah, fuck—I missed you too…” you moan in broken syllables.

Despite the glorious sensations, you were a tad short from cumming and despite your spineless arms, you reach one hand to rub on your clit. He swats it away and replaces your hand with his, his thumb pressing on and encircling the nub skillfully. He suckles on your nipple, rolling it between his teeth, and even thrusts into you harder. Three pumps were all it took for your walls to clamp weightily on him and for you to scream his name until your throat was hoarse.

You knew he was close too, as his movements became more haphazard and eager, and he slides back up on the sofa to pull you closer to him. He buries his fingers on your hips to fasten you in place, as if he wasn’t so deep into you already. He pants quickly, his jaw set in a tight clench. And then with one sharp jerk of his hips, he comes undone. You could feel his hot seed coating your walls and capture the pleasure on his face as he howls your name over and over, staring at you with half-lidded eyes.

And then it was over, both of you a boneless heap from the most hardcore sex of your life.

Only that it wasn’t spent with the man of your dreams. That is Park Jimin, you recall clearly.

And this is his best friend, Jeon Jungkook. Who also happened to be your best friend’s boyfriend.

Your head turned to the side, seeing a selfie of you and Jimin by the beach, framed and displayed by the coffee table. The guilt washes over you immediately, the picture staring at you, angled perfectly to witness what you have done. You close your eyes and catch your breath, replaying in your head the history of how this treachery came to be.