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You’re about to put your TV dinner in the microwave oven when you hear your phone ring. You frown not knowing who could be calling. Today is your day off and since you have no guests at the motel you decided to have a day just to yourself. You put the frozen dish on the table and walk to the room picking up the phone.
“Hey, it’s Mike.” You hear and your heart jumps into the back of your throat. Instantly you get mad at yourself for feeling so happy that he called. After all you only met twice, not to mention that both of those times ended up with you being a sweaty and satisfied mess, but that’s not relevant. You swallow hardly before answering in your most casual tone.
“Hey Mike. What’s happening? Found another interesting place to visit?” You slightly tease and you hear him exhale with a smile.
“If you’re assuming that I’m going to hit you with a club, drag you into my lair and mate with you then you’re wrong.”
“Am I?”
“Today – yes.”
You both share a laugh.
“I’m calling you to remind you my promise.”
“What promise?” You feel how your heart begins thumping in your chest.
“I said if we will survive trip to the asylum I will take you out on a real dinner. And we survived.”
“Oh yes, we survived indeed.” You grin and you hear Mike laughing silently, like he’s trying not to show how he enjoyed your last time together.
“Can you please stop? I will start blushing.”
“Oh, I need to see that.” You smile and you share a laugh together again.
“But seriously, if you’re not busy I can pick you up in about fifteen minutes.”
“Mike, don’t tell me you came out here before even hearing me say yes?” You feel flattered. Silence follows while Mike is thinking of how to respond.
“Yes.” You hear and smile even wider.
“Shut up. I’m picking you up. Get ready.”
You stand for a moment with phone in your hand when Mike hangs up and you inhale deeply finally putting your phone down. You glance down at your clothes thinking if you have enough time to change, but you hear Mike pulling in your front yard and frown, not angrily tho.
“So much of those fifteen minutes, you bastard.” You mutter but you can’t get angry. After all you just came from the shop so you look pretty decent. Before heading out you put your TV dinner back into the freezer and walk to the door opening and almost yelping from surprise when you see Mike standing in front of you.
“Jesus-!” You pretend to be very scared, but Mike smiles.
“Stop acting. I am not buying it. Ready?” He asks and you notice that he’s dressed in black shoes, black shirt and black pants. You smirk in your mind because you are dressed in black too.
“Of course not, but I don’t have time to get ready, do I?” You look into his eyes and Mike suddenly pulls you against his chest and kisses you. You answer to his kiss: you missed his lips, his touch, even his smell is now familiar to you.
“I missed you.” Mike mutters against your lips and you smile.
“You’re more affectionate than I imagined.” You tease making Mike now smile and he looks into your eyes.
“You’re making me work very hard, Y/N.”
“Because I’m worth it.” You chuckle, then turn still in his hands to lock your door. You feel how Mike leans and inhales your shampoo. It makes butterflies rise in your stomach. “Stop it or we won’t go anywhere.” You glance at Mike over your shoulder and he smiles, then nods letting you go.
“You are right. But it’s very hard to resist such a temptation as you.”
“Shush you.” You mutter now almost blushing yourself, but for your relief Mike doesn’t see this because he heads to his car. You follow him trying to calm down. You know that you are going crazy over nothing. You do seem perfect together, but what’ll happen – happen.
While Mike was driving you two joked and talked about many things, you didn’t even notice when you arrived at the restaurant. Mike, like a true gentleman, helped you out of the car and led you inside. One waiter showed you your table, which apparently was reserved by Mike three days ago. The meal itself was delicious and surely it was much better than any TV dinner you ever ate. Right now you are sitting and sharing the bottle of wine.
“Tell me.” Mike looks at you when he takes a sip from his glass.
“Tell you what?” You look at him. This evening is near perfect but you won’t admit it in a million years.
“Why don’t you sell that motel of yours and move to the city?” Mike looks serious and you put down your glass.
“What city?”
“Well, were I live we have this great beach-“
“Oh so that’s what you’re thinking.” You smile and Mike chuckles looking really guilty.
“It takes too much gas to get to you in those outskirts.”
“So that’s how we call my motel now? Outskirts?” You laugh.
“That’s not what I meant. I just think that…” His voice drops and you reach out taking his hands into yours over the table.
“Do you really want me to drop everything for a man that gave me a great time twice?” You tease.
“Only twice?”
“This evening doesn’t count.”
“Why not?”
“Because it’s too damn perfect and it would be cheating.” You admit after all and Mike smiles happily, he was really worried that you don’t like the restaurant or him.
“Well?” Mike asks carefully and you sigh.
“Yeah, okay, I will move to the city. I’m bored of that old motel already.” You admit with a smile and instantly Mike jumps from his chair and comes closer leaning and kissing you. He cups your face with his palms and you notice that even his eyes are smiling at you.
“We need to celebrate.”
“Shh, just kiss me again.” You whisper and Mike gladly complies pressing his lips against yours.
You know that this is crazy, but you can’t stop yourself. You just want to be with him. Loneliness is not something you wish anymore. Mike is.