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You stand up from behind the counter and grab your keys from the drawer. After you walk to the main door and step outside you bump into Mike. You blink from surprise because you didn’t except seeing him again.
“Mike?” You ask and he gives you a sheepish smile.
“Hey. Closing already?”
“What, want a room?” You tease with a smile and you see how his own smile changes into a soft smirk that holds a memory of his first time here, at your motel.
“No, not exactly. I wondered if you are free this evening. Do you have any guests?” Mike’s eyes shots to the windows above your head.
“Yeah, some elderly couple.”
“I see business is flourishing.”
“Shut up.” You mutter and finally close the door locking it. You notice Mike’s curious look. “They have their own key from the back door. “You turn to him after you push the key into your pocket. “So why are you here?”
“Oh yeah, that’s right.” He starts going through his pockets of his dark green jacket and finally pulls out a printed paper. Quickly he hands it to you and you look down.
“Abandoned asylum?” You ask skeptically and he gives you another sheepish smile.
“Yeah, I hear you can hear patients crying and all that shit.” He says in your manner of speech and gains another smile from you.
“I heard about it. So you came here to ask me for a date in an asylum? Cute.” You tease him and Mike just smiles.
“What can I say, I’m a master of romance.” He shrugs now making you chuckle. “So, wanna go?” He looks at you hopefully and you shrug now too.
“Sure, why not. My TV dinner can wait.”
“If we survive I will take you to a restaurant to have a real dinner.” He promises before he turns to go down the stairs to his car.
“Cute.” You tease him again, but Mike just waves his hands meaning for you to shut up.
When you climb into a car you notice that he put a toothpick into corner of his mouth and you smile because you think it kind of fits him.
“What?” He notices your look and you shrug.
“No, no, nothing.” You lie and he squints at you showing that he knows that you’re lying but then turns to the road and turns on the engine.
While you’re on a road you have small talk. You asked him how that book of his ended up and he asked if you’re not thinking of selling the motel and moving to the city.
“You know, at least you won’t be alone.” He points out making a turn.
“Who says I don’t like to be alone?” You ask and he glances at you with a smile, his eyes speaking that he likes you very much and it makes you feel flattered.
“Oh, we’re here.” Mike stops and you look at the big building in front of you. You notice that at some spots roof caved in, but besides that it looks incredibly gloomy.
“I like it. Let’s go.” You smile, but Mike grabs your hand and warmth of his palm makes you shiver at the memory of his touch.
“Not so fast, we have to take flashlights.”
“I don’t have one.”
“Well, I have two and some spare batteries. It’s still quite early, but it will get dark soon.” Mike pushes heavy flashlight into your hand and you finally climb out.
“Isn’t anyone guarding this place?” You ask curiously and after Mike shoves the door of the car shut he shrugs.
“I don’t know. And I don’t care. And if we run into a guard – we can talk or leave, right?” He heads to the main entrance and you follow him feeling excited.
“Yeah, I guess so.” You agree and you enter.
Once you’re inside you both stop looking around. Even the smell reminds you of madness.
“This is…”
“Overwhelming.” Mike finishes what you were just thinking and finally he turns to you. “Ready to go?”
“I was born ready.” You smirk making him chuckle and you move towards the first corridor.
Soon you start moving through the rooms, trying to find anything interesting for Mike to put on a voice recorder.
“So tell me, how many asylums you visited?” You ask and he glances at you over his shoulder because he was looking outside through a broken window.
“This is my first one.” He admits and you raise your eyebrows.
“Now I feel special.”
“You should.” He smiles to himself and finally returns. “I doubt we will find anything worth writing about.” Mike sighs while pushing voice recorder into his jacket’s pocket.
“Let’s try few more rooms and maybe after that we can try out basement if it’s still reachable.” You wonder and Mike nods.
“Yeah, yeah, sound great.”
You smile at him and exit the room heading to the next room.
When you the door you suddenly scream because something black heads to your head and you duck dodging it.
“The fuck was that?” Mike rushes when you stand up and look around seeing how a crow is flying further from you.
“Just a stupid bird.” You mutter but when you turn to look at the room you smile widely. “Whoa…” Mike steps behind you looking inside.
“Indeed.” He admits. You found some sort of surgery room. Of course it has only a vertically tilted bed-table with straps on it in the room and a broken lamp over it but it’s more than you were able to find before this.
Mike tries to push past you but you chuckle, push him aside and enter first.
“I said we will find something.” You stroke the old leather of the operating table and feel how Mike comes behind you.
“I still hear no evil moaning spirits.” You hear his slightly sarcastic answer and you look at him over your shoulder with a smirk.
“Not yet you don’t.” You turn to Mike and close your eyes before you kiss him. You feel how he freezes from surprise, but quickly his hands wraps around your waist pulling you closer, making your body press against his.
“I never thought you were this type. But I really hoped.” Mike whispers into your lips and you chuckle but kiss him again.
This time Mike responds more passionately. He blindly tries to find something to put his flashlight on but it drops next to you. You let go of yours too and step back just enough to bump into the operating table behind you. You grab onto it and slide up, still not breaking your kiss with Mike. When he comes closer and strokes your hips through your pants you bite down his lip and look into his eyes with a smirk.
He looks down at your face and kisses you eagerly. You reach out you grab onto his hard erection and give it a few strokes through his pants before you unbuckle his pants and let them slide down with his to his knees.
“Oh god, we’re crazy.” He whispers into your lips when he unbuttons your pants and helps you pull out one leg out, making it enough undressing already.
“Shhh, we might wake up poor restless souls of the patients.” You tease making him smirk from satisfaction of your words and he grabs your hips pulling you closer to the edge of the operating table.
“We’re going to hell, you and me both.” Mike starts nibbling on your ear when you wrap your arms around his neck and you lock ankles around his waist.
“At least it’s a pleasant ride.” You breathe out, feeling how Mike’s fingers slides down your thigh to your panties and pushes them away.
Without any more delay he thrusts into you, making you cry out from pleasure. Damn, this man fits your needs so well. You toss your head back, letting Mike kiss your neck and leave small bite marks just after he start moving. His strokes are hard and concentrated, making you breathe out loudly with every push. His one hand is on your smaller back and other is on your hip keeping you in place. You hear how old leather is squeaking under you.
Suddenly Mike grabs hem of your shirt and pulls it over your head, leaving you in your bra. You smile to him and lie down on the table.
“Oh god you’re so beautiful.” He whispers while sliding his palm on your belly and up between your breasts.
He leans and starts peppering kisses on your skin, not stopping to move his hips even for a moment. You throw your hands back, closing your eyes with a smile and feeling how Mike drags his tongue up your skin between your breasts. He slides his hands under your back and pushes you up, pressing you against his chest. You grab onto his shoulders meeting him in a heated kiss, feeling how you’re not going to last for much longer. You let Mike’s tongue slip past your lips, moaning into his mouth until you suddenly reach your edge. You come undone, shivering in his hands. Mike comes right after you, riding his pleasure out and groaning into your lips so sensually that you almost come again.
Finally he stops and leans his forehead against your shoulder.
“Shit.” You hear him breathe out and it makes you chuckle despite that you’re barely breathing yourself.
“That was batshit crazy, but it felt so good.” You admit and he raises his face to you. You brush Mike’s hair from his forehead. “Thanks for taking me on this date, Mike.”
“This is definitely not the last one. I am not letting you go now.” He admits with a rushed voice and kisses you again before you can say anything.
Thing is, you think to yourself, that you don’t want this date to be your last one.