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When the world was still big enough for two

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He's a pirate. A classic rum-drinking pistol-wearing curse-swearing vulgar filthy pirate. He glares and frowns. He growls and barks. He snorts from time to time. Even with that horrible scraggly beard groomed, his weather-beaten features won't be considered to have even a slightest charm. Women in Tortuga simply won't come and hook their plump arms around his shoulders unless paid handsomely. Without the blessing of a lovable face, he's also not vicious looking enough to intimidate and threat. He looks like an ordinary pirate. Not much character.

Jack got his rugged first mate from his father. This pirate lord of the Caspar sea, which hardly can be considered a sea, more like a giant pool with small groups of people floating on it, came to the rich fertile Caribbean area to find a living as his former ship was taken down in a battle. To be completely honest, Jack thought not very much highly of his future colleague when they met for the first time. Though a young man of little experiences, Jack was convinced that the older man was exaggerating the fact about the so-called violent tragic battle. Come on, maybe it was only two rafts throwing stones at each other and the so-called captain Barbossa's only crew member, his monkey, got hit on the head and died. And with his tiny raft broken, he had to swim for about five minutes to the shore to collect his rubbish and went to Caribbean to beg for a living.

He certainly didn't have much respect for the former captain of a raft called "Cobra". A proper captain won't have to crawl to other's feet to beg for a job, Jack thought. And as the captain of the fastest ship on the Caribbean, Jack was sure he could find dozens of experienced and loyal first mates waiting in line to get interviewed for the job.

His dad gave him the "wicked wench" as a birthday gift, though the old pirate didn't remember the date correctly. It was the best gift he could ever offer, probably the pirate lord of Madagascar was trying to make up to him.

Jack lived with his aunt's family in London when he was a boy, small aristocratic household but with big manners. His aunt Dorothy was married to some lord who worked for the king for oversea development business. Though the whole family seldom talked about his parents, he was bright enough to gather some information about his roots. Apparently, his mother, the little daughter of a wealthy merchant Henry Sparrow, was in love with a notorious pirate at that time and after gave birth to Jack, she went away with him to live a life on the sea.

Jack himself actually wasn't traumatized by his pirate parents who abandoned him heartlessly. Before he knew this, he always thought his dad might be Mr Smith the gardener, since the retired sailor gave him some coins from time to time to buy nibbles and bits. It was such a relief because Mr Smith, though very kind and loving, had some tiny terrible problem under the armpit. Jack was always afraid he would get this from "his dad".

He was certainly not mistreated. As aunt Dorothy didn't have any children of her own, she loved him as her only child. Surrounded by love and kindness, Jack, safely to say, was happy and content during his entire childhood.

After his aunt died when he was ten, unsurprisingly, his adventurous mom, Captain Selina Sparrow, came to London to collect him and only then he found out Mr Smith the gardener was actually his father's first mate many years ago. Jack did think carefully about whether to go with his mom or not, for he thought maybe all the pirates had the same problem of unpleasant body odor.

His mom, who managed to get a divorce with his dad after she found out that the sea is much more tempting than a prodigal pirate, was the captain of a beautiful ship called "the Samaritan". Captain Sparrow was an attractive yet deadly beautiful woman but honestly not very much caring. Since Jack was too young to be on a ship, she left him with an old woman on Tortuga, who later turned out, was actually an old man in drag, which explains a lot why Jack turned out to be Jack.

Miss Emily Howard, as she insisted on being called "a lady", did a good job of bringing Jack up as a young teenager. She fed him well by cooking him three meals of green gel, washed him clean twice a week and dressed him... in fancy dress. Though not a real woman, Jack learned a lot from "her" about how to deal with women. How to flirt and how to talk sweet to flatter them. Unfortunately, all those techniques are not used on women when he grew older, but to be used on dealing with other pirates. Miss Emily Howard will be very proud of her Jackie baby if she gets to know this.

At the age of fourteen, just old enough to work on a ship, he met his dad for the first time. Captain Teague is a strong tall man without many words. Wearing kohl around his eyes made him dark and frightening. He has a gloomy face. Even though they share the same blood in their veins, Jack didn't feel attached to his biological father. Captain Teague was also not keen to bring Jack with him. So Jack later was sent to work on one of his father's ships for six years until he was given the "wicked wench".

In general, he was brought up by very different people as a boy and learned a lot from them. He is not traumatized and is in fact very mentally-healthy. Maybe slightest camp when he walks, or talks, or does whatever he's doing. But he grew up to be a strong-minded young adult, with a ship of his own.