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The Redhead and the Pirate Queen

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"You're going to marry one of lord Macintosh's children, whether you want it or not!"

The words still echo in Merida's mind. She doesn't want to be married to someone she barely knows. Hell, she doesn't even want to get married. Relationship, okay, but marriage? Way too overrated, thank you very much.

It's what her mother wants though, and her mother, Elinor of the island Dunbroch, has it her way, always. If she tells you to marry a purple sea monster, then you marry a purple sea monster. It's always been like this and her mother certainly does not want to change that.

Her mother always telling her what to do makes her furious. 'Merida, you have to marry a Macintosh. Merida, ladies don't eat cake in such an uncivilized manner. Merida, you can't storm off now, they're trying to catch a pirate.'

A pirate? Pirates are everywhere, but Mother doesn't seem to realize it. Chances of being attacked by a pirate are always there. A treasure-obsessed lunatic running loose is the least of her problems right now.

She sits down at a crate, looking at all the busy people in the harbour. Some are preparing their ships, others are just coming off of them, ready to hit the bar and get drunk. However, there's not a pirate ship in sight.

Ha. Pirates. Heartless, brainless creatures, as Mother put it. If pirates are really brainless, she'll have no trouble dealing with one of them if she runs into him or her.

"Excuse me, but aren't you the daughter of Elinor, the ruler of Dunbroch?" She hears someone ask.

Merida resists the urge to sigh. Why do new people always ask her that? She looks at the person asking the question and is pleasantly surprised.

The woman, who is still giving her a questioning look, has hair almost as white as snow and blue eyes that remind her of ice. They pierce her soul, as if they're trying to freeze her. Merida almost shivers.

"Yes, I am. Merida Dunbroch." She shifts uncomfortably, trying to escape the woman's gaze. "And who are you?"

A grin appears on the woman's face. "Absolutely perfect!"

There's a dagger placed on Merida's throat before she has a chance to react.

"What the hell!?" She yells, panicking. This is bad, very bad.

"Nice to meet you, Merida Dunbroch. I'm the Snow Queen." The woman whispers in her ear.

The Snow Queen. The coldest pirate of this age. Relatively new to being a pirate, but incredibly dangerous nonetheless.

Today is not her lucky day.

"What do you want with me, you monster?" Merida asks calmly.

She feels a small stream of blood trickling down her throat. The dagger is sharp, it hurts her.

"First of all, while it's the truth, I don't want to be called a monster." Whereas her voice was rather kind before, it now sounds cruel and maybe a little hurt. "Second of all, you're alive now, but another noise and you'll be dead."

"Hey! You there!"

Merida never thought she'd be happy to hear Macintosh's voice, especially not today. He's here, he's got the royal guard, he can safe her. She wants to call for help, but the dagger still rests firmly on her throat.

"Let go of Ms. Dunbroch!" Macintosh yells at the Snow Queen, who pulls her closer upon hearing the words.

"Let me think about that… how about no?"

"Give up and come with us. You can't escape anymore."

"To the gallows? No way in hell. But if you let me go, I'll release this unfortunate redhead."

"Hey! That's offensive"

"Didn't I tell you not to speak?"

"...Deal. Let her go." Macintosh yells.

"I apologize for the inconvenience," the Snow Queen whispers, roughly pushing Merida away. The redheaded girl groans as she hits the ground.

"Get her!" Macintosh's men run off, going after the pirate. Macintosh himself stays behind, bending down to help Merida up.

"What just happened?" She asks, slightly confused.

Macintosh pulls her up, glaring off into the distance. "The Snow Queen happened. She arrived here today and tried to steal a ship."

Merida joins him in staring at the distance. "Why the hell doesn't she have a ship?"

Macintosh shrugs. "I have no idea. I only know that she's pretty and extremely deadly."

Merida finds herself agreeing with both of those things. The Snow Queen was prettier than she imagined a pirate to be like.

"Go home, Merida. We'll catch her and you won't have to worry about her anymore."

When she arrives home, she gets yelled at by her mother, who isn't at all amused by her story ("I told you to stay inside, but look what happened!"). Her father's response is milder. He just tells her that Macintosh managed to capture the Snow Queen and that she'll be dead tomorrow. "Try to forget it happened," he says to her, in an attempt to cheer her up, "That nasty cut won't leave scars."

It doesn't help. Merida does not forget. The Snow Queen's face is still haunting her. Scratch pretty, she was beautiful… for a pirate. She finds herself thinking that the Snow Queen shouldn't die, even though she would definitely have killed her if it had been necessary.

Maybe she's going crazy. The Snow Queen is a pirate, a dangerous one even. Her death is a good thing.

Before falling asleep, Merida makes herself a promise: she'll talk to the imprisoned pirate and get her name.