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At least the Road to Hell is paved, I'm not good with Stairways

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The name of the site was "D-s-Match" and that was exactly what it did, matching up doms and subs.

Derek had stumbled upon it on his way down the rabbit hole which had started with vanilla porn and somehow had ended with him browsing profiles on a BDSM dating site. Plus, it was three in the morning and he had work tomorrow.

The most kinky thing Derek had ever done had been when Kate had slapped his ass and had called him her little bitch. He hadn't really liked that but things with Kate had been on the way downhill since the beginning and when she'd dumped him three years ago it had been the best thing that had happened in his life for a while. Since then he had been reluctant to date and had buried himself in his work instead.

But he had fantasies.

He was back on D-s-Match the next day. And the day after that, reading profile after profile, wondering about the what-ifs and maybes.

It was Friday late in the afternoon and like always Derek settled in for a night at home. If he was lucky he wouldn't see another person the whole weekend, except for the delivery boy but he hardly counted. After a week of dealing with rude customers he deserved a quiet weekend. Maybe if the weather cleared up he could go outside with his camera but the weather report hadn't sound optimistic.

Derek made himself a fresh pot of coffee and then he was back on that website. He had been lurking for almost a week now, time to make a profile.

He didn't expect anything to come out of it but it couldn't hurt either, right? What he really wanted, and he only could admit that to himself in the darkness of the night, was somebody he could trust, somebody who took care of him. That wasn't something he would get on this website, he knew that, but he figured that this was as good a place to get his feet wet as any.

First the site asked him for a profile name. After some pondering Derek entered LoneWolf, it wasn't the most original name, and he was surprised that it hadn't been taken already, but it would do.

The next boxes were easy to tick off. Male, sub, looking for a dom.

Then he had to put in his three biggest dos and three biggest don'ts which took quite some courage and he almost called it quits a few times before those boxes were filled. At least there was nobody there to witness his red cheeks. He had watched quite some porn, he knew what turned him on, what he'd like to try, but putting it in words for other people to see, that was a whole different thing. Especially since this was about finding somebody to do these things with.

Then he had to say something about himself which took another hour and the result was still lame but there wasn't really much to say about himself. He was a retail worker with no friends who spent his free time with his camera. Laura claimed that he was quite good but the rest of his family dismissed it as a waste of time which it probably was. He did mention photography in his bio but more to fill the space than anything else.

At least that made the picture part easy. He chose a faceless black and white shot of his naked torso. Show off the merchandise, that was what this was all about, right?

Once his profile was finally online the only thing he could do was wait. Technically he could contact people on the site now but he wasn't ready for that yet.

To keep himself from refreshing the site over and over again, he closed the laptop and spent the next hours in his darkroom. His apartment wasn't big and he for sure could have used that tiny room for a million other things but for him developing his pictures in the quiet of his own place was more important than an office, bedroom or any of the other uses his mom had suggested the two times she'd visited him in the five years he'd lived here.

He had a digital camera, quite a good one actually, but there was nothing better than his old school reflex camera. He liked the weight in his hand and the feeling of actually taking a picture. And of course developing the pictures himself.

Derek checked the website again the next morning.

He had messages.

Excited Derek opened the first one. And found a dickpic. Followed by a message in all caps about how much Mr Monstercock would enjoy fucking all his holes. Derek bit back a laugh and deleted the message. He had expected stuff like this, there were always a few assholes on the internet.

The next message was an invitation to join a gangbang.

Then there was somebody who was looking for a slave. The message sounded genuine but it was nothing Derek was interested in.

And another dickpic. Derek tilted his head and squinted at the image. Somebody had quite an ego to send a picture like this. The lighting was the worst. It gave the erect cock an unhealthy tint of blue.

Over the weekend more messages came in but most of them he deleted immediately. Very few he kept but he wasn't really tempted to answer any of them.

Then, on Sunday evening, he got a message from Xavier. He actually started with Hello and then he asked if Derek had taken his profile picture himself, apparently it looked professional. Derek took that as the pick up line it was but he was impressed that somebody had actually read enough of his profile to reach the photography part.

Derek checked Xavier's profile and the first thing he noticed was the picture of a long neck, dotted with moles. The face was mostly turned away but there was a hint of an upturned nose. Xavier had clearly taken the picture himself and he could have used a better angle but the result was pretty nevertheless.

Xavier was a male dom, looking for a male sub. His preferences fit Derek's. Instead of a bio he had put in a quote from Professor X from the first X-Men movie: Give him an order worth following. He'll take it.

The name instantly made much more sense. And if that quote was an indication of what kind of dom Xavier was, Derek was curious to find out more about him.

Derek only pondered for a minute before he wrote back.

Yes, he had taken the picture himself. He said something nice about Xavier's picture and then he asked for his opinion on the latest X-Men movie.

Xavier answered only minutes later.

That evening they wrote back and forth for hours. Turned out that Xavier had some strong opinions on that movie and Marvel movies in general. Derek hadn't watched all of those but he enjoyed his chat with Xavier. They only stopped for the night because Derek had to work the next day.

I can sleep in. Perks of being a freelancer, was Xavier's last message, complete with a tongue out emoji. Good night

On Monday Derek went to work with a happy feeling. The day was hectic, the customers rude and Erica took forever to come back from her lunch break so Derek had to wait until could take his. Business as usual but today Derek didn't really mind.

He had talked to Xavier for only a few hours, and they hadn't even really talked, they had sent written messages, and most of the time it had been about superhero movies but it had been fun.

When he got home, the first thing he did was to turn on his laptop. Part of him doubted that Xavier would want to talk to him again, they hadn't even mentioned the dom/sub stuff so far and that was what this site was about, but another part of him was hopeful.

There was a message from Xavier waiting for him.

Hi Wolf, I don't know when you get off work but I really enjoyed talking to you yesterday. So sent me a message when you get home, would you? Only if you want to talk, that's totally optional.

If I don't answer immediately, I'm either working or out with my dog. Did I mention that I have a dog? If not, I have a dog, just so you know. You're not afraid of dogs, are you? Allergic? I hope not.

Anyway, I'd really like to hear from you.

"Shut up." Derek said fondly to the screen. Whatever Xavier did for a living, he had way too much free time on his hands. But scrolling back to their conversation from last night, Derek noticed that the other man did like to ramble. With them messaging back and forth he just didn't have the time to fully indulge in that last night.

So Derek wrote a short message that he was home now and then he went to make himself some dinner. By the time he came back to his laptop, Xavier had answered.

Derek asked about the dog and Xavier started rambling about Jack, his Bernese Mountain Dog. Derek had to google that breed and for some reason he had expected something smaller. At least these dogs were supposed to be friendly. They still hadn't really discussed the topic of Derek subbing for Xavier but if it ever came to that, he might meet Jack in person. He just hoped that the dog was as much of a teddy bear as Xavier claimed him to be.

They texted the whole evening again and Derek went to bed with a smile on his lips.

That had been three weeks ago.

Since then they had messaged daily. They had discussed some kinks and fantasies, that was the reason they were in contact in the first place, but that wasn't their main goal. It wasn't like things usually worked on the site they had met on but neither of them was looking for a quick hook up and Derek quite enjoyed the easy conversation he had going on with Xavier. Who still called him Wolf. At some point they would have to switch to real names but they weren't in a hurry on that front either.

Last week they had switched to WhatsApp and by now Xavier complained to him about the guy at the front of the line who couldn't make up his mind about his coffee and Derek told him about the customer who couldn't understand why he couldn't use a coupon from another company.

At that Xavier sent him a video of Jack chewing on a bone-shaped treat.

Jack took care of your customer, was the title. Derek snorted his coffee but he came out of the break room with a real smile on his face. Which didn't last long but it had been there.

When he came home later that afternoon, the low sun was bathing the trees on his street in a beautiful light and Derek really regretted that his camera was in his apartment. His phone had to do for now and after a moment of consideration he sent the picture to Xavier.

Beautiful, came the prompt answer. You have an eye for beauty. Most would have missed it.

The message gave him a butterfly feeling in his stomach and he didn't know what to answer. But Xavier never failed to fill the silence without making Derek feel bad for his lack of words.

I won't bring Jack, he changed the topic. He's too much of an attention whore. Especially when he meets new friends.

Somehow they had agreed on a date over coffee. It was the next logical step. Derek considered Xavier his friend and even if they didn't click on a dom/sub base, they both wanted to take their friendship to the next level and maybe hang out with a movie if nothing else. Derek was hoping for more and he wondered what Xavier would be like as a dom but first they needed to meet. And introduce themselves properly with real names and faces and all that.

He had been surprised that Xavier hadn't pushed for a date or scene earlier. Everybody else who had contacted him had wanted to meet for a scene immediately. Derek had stopped checking his messages a while ago.

So far they hadn't exchanged pictures, both their profiles on the website were faceless, and they hadn't even spoken on the phone.

How do we recognize each other? Derek asked. They could just exchange pictures, it would have been the easy way, but Xavier had blocked every attempt effectively. At first Derek hadn't even noticed, he wasn't one to share personal pictures with strangers either, but they hadn't been strangers for a while now. Maybe Xavier felt self-conscious about his body, Derek mused.

I probably should have mentioned it earlier, Xavier wrote back after a long moment. Look for the guy in the wheelchair?