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I Could Show You Incredible Things

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Chapter Six
You’re The King Baby, I’m Your Queen



Sarah stood alone in her room, sliding her pajamas over her head. It's been hours since she had seen and kissed her doctor. The memory replayed in her mind, making her hot all over as she recalled how he'd felt against her. The feeling of his lips lingered, making her shiver with delight. Over and over her fingers trailed to her lips, reliving that moment in his office. Pooling heat in her lower stomach had been making her squirm ever since it happened. Sarah moved constantly, unable to remain still as her heart continued to dance, excitement and elation mixing with a trace of nervousness. And, she felt powerful. She, innocent, inexperienced Sarah Williams, had power over the Goblin King. She flushed, remembering the feel of his hardened member digging into her. He wanted her.

Calming herself down, she sat on her uncomfortably firm mattress. If she said the words, would he appear like he had five years ago, whisking her away from this place? And were her right words the ones he'd told her in the dream?

At least now she knew now that she wasn't crazy. She was really HAD been to the Labyrinth, and the Goblin King had been helping her along the way, helping her stay sane in this god-forsaken place.

Tears welled up in her eyes and she closed them quickly so she wouldn't be blinded by the tears. She lay on her firm mattress and pressed a hand against her breast where under her heart lie. It was pounding against her ribcage. On one hand, part of her thought she should be angry with him, for deceiving her into believing he was her benevolent doctor. On the other, she was impossibly grateful to him for not letting her forget. She didn't want to forget the Labyrinth or Him. She wasn't crazy and never had been. But rising above these feelings, was the rapid pounding of her heartbeat. The only way she could describe it to herself was as excitement. She was excited, delighted even, that the Goblin King was here, helping her, guiding her.

He was trying to show her something and she needed to listen. She needed to watch. She needed to know what it was that his intentions were. A rueful smile tugged at her lips as she thought back on her time here at the hospital. Had it really been him these whole five years? How could she have not noticed the similarities between the two?

Sarah should have known. The cunning Goblin King was a master of disguise. She had fallen for his disguises once before, in the tunnels of the Labyrinth. When she came across him in her dream the previous night, she'd known it was him, but only because she had lived it before. Now that she knew Robin was actually Jareth in disguise, how should she proceed? What was she to do? Should she continue to play dumb, continuing to treat him as Doctor Robin? Should she call him out on his disguise? What was the Goblin King after?

Even though she didn't know what to do about "Doctor Jareth" at the moment, for the first time ever, she felt hope rising in her chest. Was he going to be her knight in shining armor and take her away?

She turned over on her side with a smile and opened her eyes, God she hoped so.

'Silly little Sarah daydreaming again.' She thought to herself as she pictured Jareth, magnificent and fierce, trapping her against the wall of the Labyrinth's tunnels. Those mis-matched eyes had searched hers before touching her lips with his own.

She blushed at the memory, crossing her legs uncomfortably as and a throbbing sensation pulsed in her nether region. Her eyebrows knitted together and creased her forehead. She was being turned on!

At 15, Sarah had felt this before. She'd swiped one of the 'adult' novels from the Library after school one day, and later that night had begun an exploration of herself that was purely taboo in her house. It's not like Karen (or god forbid her Dad) had ever tried to talk to her about sex. But she recognized this feeling, and what it meant. It had just been such a long time. She hadn't had this feeling once since being locked away here. This place left her depressed and exhausted, without any room for fantasy. And, she never really had any privacy. The staff always checked on her every fifteen minutes, even during the night when she was sleeping.

In fact, one of the staff peeked in quickly and walked away at that exact moment, and Sarah smiled to herself. She would have fifteen minutes to take care of business.

She laughed softly under her breath and shook her head. She was really going to…

Sarah turned on her back, glancing at the door that was open just the tiniest of slivers. If she were to try… Covering herself with a blanket, she closed her eyes. Imagining it was Jareth's firm, confident touch, her hand made its way down her stomach to the destination she wanted it to go.

Robin walked up to the room that he knew Sarah was in, her evening medication in his hand. This has been her room for the past three years. When she'd first gotten to the hospital, she'd moved around a lot. With a bit of a "professional recommendation" from him, she'd finally gotten a room that wasn't connected to another, giving her a bit more privacy. He reached up and softly knocked on the door, frowning slightly when he heard a gasp.

"Come…come in." her voice stuttered. She quickly sat up and wrapped her arms around her legs, placing her chin on her knees. Sarah looked oddly flustered by his arrival, despite the fact he brought her this medication each night. He stared at her quizzically, trying to decipher if she was up to something.

Stepping into the room, he closed the door behind him. Making his way through the dim light, he sat down next to her on the bed. "Hello, love." He paused, adding, "Did I… interrupt anything?" he asked gently.

She quickly shook her head, a blush covering her face, "No."

Liar. He eyed her and nodded slowly and looked away from her, studying the room as they quietly sat together in an uncomfortable silence.

Did she know he was Jareth? He had thought, after that, she had recognized him, but yet she didn't say anything. Why?

He looked back at her and let out a breath, "Sarah…" he began

"Doctor Robin—"she interrupted

His heart sunk. She still thought he was the good doctor. They both stared at each other, waiting for the other to say something.

When Jareth didn't speak, Sarah spoke again. "I just want to thank you for everything. You've really been helping me."

Jareth raised his eyebrows and watched as she rambled on. Why did he come into the room in his disguise? He should just pull it off and show her his true glory.

"It's my job." Jareth waved a hand to dismiss what she said.

She shook her head and then smiled gently at him. "No… no it's not."

He raised his eyebrows further and stared at her, confused. Maybe she did realize who he truly was. His heart was hammering as her eyes searched his. He felt like she could see right through his disguise. Was she thanking him? The King? Or her Doctor?

Sarah shifted on the bed until she was sitting next to him, wrapping her arms around him in a hug. "You're the only one that made me believe in myself. That you believe in me." She went on.

Robin's face softened, patiently waiting for her to continue speaking. But she was quiet, staring at him in the darkness. She filled his vision, with her luminous green eyes beckoning him and her long dark hair tousled. He doubted she understood how she looked to him, with those full lips begging to be kissed and thoroughly nibbled, a flush of desire creeping across her porcelain flesh.

"Kiss me." She whispered.

He could deny her nothing. The Goblin King had always been her slave. Still, he restrained himself, giving only a chaste, gentle kiss to her lips, despite the rebellious yearnings of his own desires. Sarah surprised him when she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him down with surprising strength, commanding more from him as she pressed him deeper into the kiss. The restraint he'd for so long to maintain snapped, and snaked his tongue out and met hers in frenzy. She moaned softly as his body pinned her to the mattress, her legs opening for him in welcome.

He'd only meant for this kiss to be gentle and sweet. It took every ounce of willpower he had to pull away from her hungry, delicious passion, particularly when he wanted the same as her with equal fervor. But he couldn't, not yet. He still had something to give her. He still needed her to dream tonight. She needed to know. She needed to remember.

Her hands went down to his chest and then his stomach, crawling under his shirt until she found bare skin to caress. He groaned as electricity shot through him from her touch, her kiss growing more demanding. Long, slender legs wrapped around his narrow hips, pulling him in closer. He could feel her heat through the layers of clothing he wore, and it drove him insane. What he wouldn't give to shred the final barriers separating them, burying himself fully in her willing flesh! Just the thought had a quiet moan escaping him, his lips finding the juncture of her shoulder and neck as he fought to ignore the friction that was threatening to have him humiliating himself. Sarah's slim form was wickedly delicious against him, his fingers exploring her soft flesh even as he warred with himself.

A lock of his brown hair fell in his face, bringing him back to some semblance of sanity. What in the world was she doing? Was she doing this because she thought he was Robin? Did she have some kind of affections for the doctor? Jareth's mind snarled angrily, even though the rational part of himself knew his frustration was unwarranted. He was the doctor, after all, and yet it wasn't him. When he took her, he wanted it to be as himself, the Goblin King. He wanted her to love him as he truly was, not this facade that she had come to know and apparently desire.

He pulled away, panting softly as he hid his face in the crook of her neck. Jareth let out a groan as she ground herself against him, entirely mindless as her desire consumed her. It was a glorious sight, his body throbbing in response. He gasped and his eyes widened as her hands went down to his pants, deftly manipulating his buttons and zipper. Where the bloody hell did she learn all of this?

"Sarah." He warned gently, but couldn't find it in himself to stop her.

Gently, she pushed at the edge of his pants until she'd exposed his hard desire for her. Jareth ground his teeth as he delicate fingers touched him experimentally, fire shooting through him from her innocent touch.

"Sarah…" He warned again.

She hesitated her movements, her green eyes questioning. She clearly was worried that she'd done something wrong.

Softly, he nibbled along her neck, moving up along her jaw until he caught her parted lips in a fiery kiss. He slowly moved his hips back and away from hers, his body screaming in protest as he backed away from her heated flesh.

Sarah halted him, squeezing her legs tightly around his hips and pulling him right back to where she wanted him. He pulled away as her lips sought his again, shaking his head. "Sarah. No." He whispered.

She looked at him with her big green eyes and her lips swollen from his kisses, desperation and frustration flashing in her face. A small, pained whimper escaped her, and it damn near shattered his resolve. "I want you. Please."

"What is it you wish of me, precious?"

Wordlessly, she ground against him again, his breath coming out in a hiss as he felt her soft center pressing against his hard cock.

"Please." She breathed, eyes bright. "Don't leave me like this."

Capturing her lips once more, he slowly began to make his way down her body with his lips.

Confused, she tried to hold him in place. "Wha—"

He shook his head, removing her hands. Slowly he slid a finger beneath the waistband of her pajamas, working them over her hips as he nibbled the flesh that he uncovered. She was delicious, her skin softer than down. Sliding his hands down her legs as he removed the fabric, he reveled in the shudder that rippled through her at his touch as he danced his fingers over her sensitive skin.

Her desperate little mewls drove him onwards.

His breath ghosted over her nub, and she gave out a surprised squeak as she fought to stay silent.

He smiled and let out a breathy laugh, her overly sensitive flesh quivering at the sensation. "Sarah…is this what you desire?"

Breathlessly, she nodded. He pulled away from her, watching her closely. The hurt and hunger in her face was too much for him to bear, but this was not the place for these activities. He refused to take her in this horrid facility. She was a queen, and deserved much more than this.

Kissing her again, he began to formulate a plan. He had other plans and if he could help it… he could have her when she sleeps. He would have all night, rather than a rushed 15 minute interlude. He closed his eyes and shook his head at his own thoughts. No. He wouldn't take her in her dreams. She was upset that her first kiss was in her dreams, let alone if he were to take her virginity. Then again, she had said that she wanted to kiss him again. And yet, he didn't want to take advantage of her. He groaned and got up, throwing a sheet over her legs to give her privacy.

"Robin…" She moaned softly, the plea in her voice nearly undoing him. But that wasn't his name. When he took her, he wanted to be sure it was HIM she saw, not this doctor. He wanted to hear his name on her pretty lips.

A wicked smirk played at the corners of his mouth. Next time, he would be sure that she moans out his real name. He looked over at her and smiled. "Sarah. Another time. The 15 minute bed check will be happening in a moment."

She whimpered, her face crumpling. She sat up slowly and kept the sheet over her and heaved a bitter, disappointed sigh. "Okay. Did you bring my sleep medication?" She whispered.

Jareth reached into his pocket and pulled out the object he needed her to have. He slowly handed it to her and smiled. "Get some rest."

She took it carefully and she eyed it suspiciously then looked up at him and let out a faint smile. "I'll see you in the morning then?"

He fixed his pants, tucking his painfully swollen member under the waistband. He wasn't going to lie; this was significantly uncomfortable. He nodded. "I'll see you in the morning."

She squirmed, still looking flushed and flustered. "'kay."

He got up from the bed and walked to the door and turned slightly to look at her. She held the magical peach in her hand, disguised as a pill. Every night she'd received his "medicine", helping her to remember the Labyrinth. He smiled and left the room, closing the door firmly behind him.

A familiar tune was playing and she could hear Jareth's soft voice singing to her. This was familiar. Looking down at herself, she was unsurprised to see she was back in the white gown she had worn before. She was in the bubble again. Giving the room around her a quick sweek, she saw all the people dressed up as if they were in a masquerade in their goblin masks. But... something was different. Straining her ears, she blushed a bit as she could hear moaning and soft voices pleading for more. That most certainly hadn't been present last time she was here.

Hesitantly, she stepped forward and made her way around a dancing couple, looking for Jareth. He had to be around here somewhere. As she stepped around the dancers, her eyes landed on an intimate moment on a stuffed cushion that was on the floor. The couple was seated, the woman's skirt hiked up around her hips as she straddled the masked man holding her, their lips silencing the moans escaping their throats. She blushed and quickly looked away, walking a little faster around the ball room.

Where was he? Jareth was no where to be seen. But his soft voice could be heard singing. If only she could find him.

"Falling in love…" he sang.

She gasped when she was bumped into by another couple, who merely laughed as they walked away from her.

Lifting her dress a little so she could walk around easier, she continued her search, trying desperately to ignore the sounds and activities happening around her. She could hear more moaning and grunting coming from various, shrouded corners of the room. This wasn't how she remembered!

"Makes no sense at all…"

She quickly looked to her side and saw some women fanning themselves and whispering to each other as they watched her. Sarah looked away and moved on further into the ball room.

The further she made it in, the more sexual it got. For some, she couldn't stop staring. She was an innocent and she had never experienced anything like this but now…

She almost had sex with her doctor for crying out loud. She'd always had a bit of a crush on Doctor Robin, but he was also Jareth. So which was it? Did she want the Goblin King, or the version of himself that he'd presented to her for the past five years?

Her thoughts froze as halted in place, staring at the beautiful man that stepped out of the crowd to approach her. He wore the same clothes and had the same blue in his wild hair. He was Flawless. Her lips parted and her mouth went dry.

Gently, he took her hand, resting the other low on her back, guiding her in a slow dance. He continued to sing to her softly, the words meant only for her. Glancing around, the people took no notice of her as they contnued to laugh, making lewd jokes and having sex around them. She looked back at Jareth and felt a blush rising to her cheeks when she noticed he was watching her intensely.

"Why… why are they….?" She asked him softly.

He didn't even look away to know what she was talking about. He continued to swing her around in the dance and held her a little closer. She looked up at him and he was smiling gently. "You were but a girl when this last happened."

She tilted her head slightly to the side and stared up at him. "It was censored?"

He nodded once. "In a sense, yes." He glanced to the side and she watched as his mismatched eyes grazed over the crowd then looked back into her green eyes. "You dream what you desire."

She felt her breath hitch in her throat and she went wide eyed. She quickly looked away and started to stammer on her words. "I-I'm…. desiring… this?"

He laughed softly and stopped moving. Somehow, he'd led her to a seculuded corner, hidden behind beautiful curtains. No one could see them. She looked back at him, confused and filled with anticipation.

"Sarah," He started gently and ran a naked hand down her cheek. She was surprised he wasn't wearing a glove, his bare touch leaving a trail of heat on her skin. "You know everything. You know what you desire. You know what to ask of me. Say it." He whispered the last part.

She stared up at him still confused. "Do I really know what I want?"

He nodded once. "I believe you do."

She looked away from him and glanced at the curtain as she heard more moans. She closed her eyes and gulped back a lump that was in her throat. She felt her heart hammering against her ribs as heat rose to her face. She was going to have to admit it. "I-I want…"

"Go on…" he said gently.

She looked back up at him and blushed, abruptly changing her line of thought. "Are you really my doctor?"

His lips grew tight and he had a hard look in his eyes. She had avoided the answer and he was trying so desperately to be patient with her.

"Do you wish me to look like him? Do you wish me to be him? Would that help ease you?" He snapped, unreasonably angry that she would prefer him to be anything other than what he truly was.

She stared at him shocked then closed her eyes and slowly shook her head. "Yes… I mean no."

"Well which is it?"

She opened her eyes and looked up at him, drawing a sharp breath. "It would still be you, wouldn't it?"

He nodded.

She felt a blush rise to her cheeks and burn her ears. "So… we kissed then. We really did kiss."

He smiled and nodded. "You desired for me to kiss you. So I did."

"I… was practically begging you to…" she said embarrassed as she remembered practically throwing herself at him in her room.

He reached up and cupped her cheek and leaned down slowly so their lips were almost touching. "Nothing to be shy about, Sarah."

She closed her eyes and licked her lips, her breathing becoming heavier until she was practically panting. "You've been looking out for me… this whole time?"

"Yes, Sarah."


"Because you are the girl that defeated me. You are the one. You are the heart that I have hidden and lost. You are a brave girl. You are not meant to be locked away like some caged animal. You are meant to be free. You are meant for me."

Her breath hitched and she opened her eyes and looked into his mismatched eyes. They were so beautiful. She could get lost in them forever. "So why now? Why didn't you do anything five years ago?"

"I was trying, love. It just took work on your part too. When you started to dream…" he leaned away and continued to stare at him. "Remember love, I have no power over you. I only have power when you wish it to be so."

She watched him carefully and blinked once. "So that's all I have to do?"

He nodded. "I'm powerless otherwise."

"But how was it that you were able to get here? I mean… at the hospital?"

"A little magic and will power."

She nodded and closed her eyes. "So you came for me." She stated more than asked.


She smiled softly, and before she could open her eyes again she felt his soft lips brush against hers. She moaned softly and wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him against her, as close as she could get with her dress. It had always been Jareth. She'd been drawn not to Robin, but to the whisper of the Goblin King hiding within the doctor.

"Do you want me?" He whispered against her lips.

She moaned, unable to form words. But he seemed to understand more than she did. Taking her sound of pleasure for acquiesence, his hands came up her back and slowly undid the back of her dress. As her skin was exposed, he skimmed his hands along her bare back and up to her shoulders, gently pushing the sleeves downwards until slowly the dress pooled around her feet.

Self-consciously, she covered her breasts with her hands, glancing away with a blush. Jareth smiled, pulling her hands away. "Don't." He murmured, placing her hands on his chest. "You're perfect."

The hungry look in his eyes was sincere, full of longing and desire. Emboldened by his lustful appreciation, her fingers began to work the clasps that held his coat shut. Slowly she peeled it off of him, running her fingers over his solid shoulders as she pushed it away, thrilling at the finally touching him. When his jacket hit the floor he picked her up, pushing her against the wall as she wrapped her legs around his lean hips, thrilling at the feel of blatant need against her center.

"Do you still want me to kiss you?" He asked softly against her lips.


She wanted everything. He was practically giving her the world and she wanted it all. She was for the first time experiencing a romance and sexual fantasy, courtesy of the Goblin King. She didn't care at this moment that she was in a dream. She just didn't want him to stop.

Jareth placed her down on the cushioned sofa, his hands gently pushing her thighs apart. She gasped, feeling explosed, and wanted to immediately cross her legs to cover herself. She was in the complete nude and he could see everything. Jareth held her firm, his thumbs tracing small circles on the inside of her thighs, sending a ripple of pleasure through her.

"It's okay." He said softly. "I want to see you."

She leaned her head back and let out a calming breath. Moving closer, he slid his hands up her thighs as he began a trail with his mouth, beginning at her jawline. Sarah's body erupted, her blood turning to liquid fire as he made his way down her neck, nipping and laving until she was mewling in pleasure. His lips came down on her soft full breast, his wickedly clever tongue flicking over the hardened peak. She gasped and arched her back, letting out a low moan as electricity shot straight to her groin. His hand continued to rub along her outer thigh, working its way up her side, gently giving attention to the other breast that wasn't in his mouth. He licked and nipped at her rosy nipple, rolling the other in his fingers simultaneously until it perked to attention.

"mmm." She moaned, her fingers finding their way into his wild hair as he deliciously tormented her with his ministrations.

Her moans became more desperate, her body begging for more. She would die if he stopped now, she was sure of it. Leaving her breasts, he kissed his way down her stomach, pausing to lick her belly button and drawing a gasp from Sarah. Jareth smiled; she was so sensitive and ripe. He reveled in the taste of her as he trailed kisses down to the v between her legs. Suddenly realizing where he was heading, Sarah felt a stab of panic- would be appalled that she hadn't shaved? She never really was concerned about that up until now!

"I'm sorry." She gasped out.

He stopped and looked up at her. She opened her eyes and looked down and saw his eyes looking up at her. "Why, love?"

"I…I'm not shaved."

He smirked, "I don't mind, love."

She nodded and still felt the heat of a blush on her cheeks and ears. He returned to his task, slowly making his way to her center. Gently, he blew a soft, torturous breath over her nub, sending a jolt of heat through her. She closed her eyes and leaned her head back, moaning at the sensation. Brushing his lips over the nub, he breathed deep her intoxicating aroma. Deciding not to prolong his own torture, his lips closed around her clit, gently sucking his delicious new treat. Sarah bucked, a sharp scream of pleasure escaping her as he held down her hips. His talented tongue lapped at her nub, until her legs quivered and she was begging for more. She'd had dreams before, of what sex could be like, but this was nothing like how she imagined. This...this was so much more. She was consumed by heat, her body bowing to his every touch.

"Jareth." She gasped out as he slid a long digit into her opening.

"Mmm say that again." He said against her mound, lips never leaving her as his finger began to slide effortlessly through her opening, sending new waves of pleasure rocketing through her in time with his movements.

"Jareth." She moaned in response when he started a mock tempo of how he longed to be moving inside of her.

She felt like she was spiraling out of control. Everything was closing in and she knew she was close. She wanted more and she wanted it now. She bucked her hips and moved with his hand and his tongue, delirious with pleasure. He felt so   fucking good.   He was relentless, his finger and tongue and...and...thoughts ceased as her world exploded, everything shattering around her, going dark as she was woke up, his name a scream on her lips and body pulsing, alone in her hospital bed.