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I Could Show You Incredible Things

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Chapter One

They’ll Tell You I’m Insane


The clock chiming woke Sarah up from her slumber. She opened her eyes and they slowly focused on the wooden floor and then the carpet of the first step of the stairs. She let out a shaky breath and slowly sat up and brought a hand up to her forehead where it was throbbing. She hissed from the pain and jerked her hand away from the sore knot that was already swollen like a goose egg. What happened? How in the world did she end up hitting her head? She remembered falling. She won. She defeated the Goblin King and got Toby back to safety.

“Toby.” She whispered.

She slowly got up on her two feet and squinted her eyes from the bright lights of the room. She had no idea how she hit her head. But she hit it hard. She looked around confused and slowly moved towards the steps. She took them one at a time and made her way to Toby’s room. When she opened the door and went to his crib he was soundly asleep.

She looked away and looked at the two doors that go outside. That’s where she saw him for the first time. That’s where the Goblin King entered and tried to offer her a crystal to show her desires. She had defied him and he threw a snake on her. She shivered and looked away and peeked inside the chest at the foot of the bed. There was nothing in there. No goblins, nothing.

Was it all real? Did what she went through really happen?

It did.

Standing back up she looked around the darkened room and she slowly made her way out of the room and into hers. All her toys and makeup were in place. She sat down in front of her vanity and stared at herself in the mirror. There was a huge knot on her forehead and a little blood coming out in the middle. She glanced down at the picture of her mother that was in a newspaper article.

She had to tell someone what she went through. It had been the longest night of her life and she just needed to tell someone what happened. She sat there for the longest time stuck in her thoughts and she heard the front door open and her dad call for her. She turned her head and looked towards the bedroom door and waited for her dad to come up the stairs and greet her.

But he didn’t.

She slowly got up and made her way out of the room and stopped at the top of the stairs and saw her dad shuffling his heavy coat off and handing it to Irene. “Dad.” She said sternly.

He looked up at her and his eyes widened when he saw the knot. “Sarah! What in the world happened?”

Sarah made her way down the stairs and stopped a few steps above her dad and glanced at Irene who had come back from the closet after she put their jackets away. “Dad it was all real.”

“What was real? What happened to your head?”

“Does she have a concussion? Her pupils are dilated.” Irene remarked.

Sarah shook her head and got a little dizzy from just that. “No! I wished Toby away to the Goblin King. He actually took him.”

Her dad’s eyes widened and he took a step towards her, as if he were going to run up the stairs and check on her half brother. “What?”

“He’s okay. He’s back. I got him back.” Sarah said with a smile and laughed to herself. “I can’t believe it.”

“Sarah, honey, you aren’t making any sense.” Irene said soothingly.

Sarah glared over at her and looked back at her dad. “It was amazing. I made new friends. There was Hoggle and then Ludo and then—“

Sarah was cut off when her dad grabbed her by the arm and pulled her down the stairs. “I think you need to be seen.” He said softly. “Irene, check on Toby.”

Irene nodded silently and pushed past Sarah and quickly made her way up to Toby’s room.

Sarah looked over her shoulder then looked at her dad. “You believe me don’t you?”

“Honey I think you’ve been reading that play too much.”

Sarah shook her head. “That has nothing to do—“ she stopped and stomped her foot. “Dad, please believe me!”

“I believe you.” He lied. It was clear he was lying. There was a look in his eyes that made Sarah very uneasy. “I just want you to be seen for your head. You hit it pretty hard…”

“Toby is here. He’s fine.” Irene said breathlessly and was holding Toby in her arms with his head lying against her chest and her hand was patting his back in a soothing rhythm.

“That’s great. I’m going to take Sarah to the hospital.”

“No I don’t need to be seen.”

“You do. You really do.” He said softly and led her outside and into the car.




Five years had passed by and Sarah was still full of hatred for her dad. She should have kept quiet about what she went through but she just had to tell someone. She shook her head and reached up and covered her ears. Tears welled up in her eyes and she tried to hold back from sobbing. She was still very raw from what he had done to her. Five years she had been locked away in the mental hospital. She had seen people come and go and there she stayed.

For five years she had been seeing her friends and even glimpses of the Goblin King. But only in her dreams. At least she thought they were dreams. But she was a head case. She was deemed by state that she was insane and that she shouldn’t leave the hospital. God, she was only twenty. She had hopes and dreams and she wanted to go into theatre and have her own home.

Frustrated with her thoughts, she got up from her bed and walked to the door. They now kept it to where they didn’t lock the doors on her. She was free to roam and do whatever she wanted. Sometimes. She went down the hall and listened to the snores coming from all the other rooms.

She had no idea what time it was but she knew she should be sleeping but just couldn’t seem to relax enough to close her eyes and slumber. She crossed her arms and glanced every few seconds inside rooms. These people were lucky that they could just stay for three to five days and then leave and live their lives. She was stuck.  She couldn’t leave.

After a few minutes she made it to an open room and there was a large semi circle desk where the nurses and staff would be sitting to her left. But it was empty and no one was to be seen. She veered to the right and went past the tables and chairs where everywhere ate and grabbed a plastic cup and filled it with ice and some water. She took a sip and stared down at the cup.

“Ah, Sarah.” A strong male British voice came from behind her.
She turned and was face to face with her doctor. She tilted her head slightly and swallowed her sip of water. “Doctor Zakar, what are you doing here so late?”

He smiled and his hazel eyes brightened. He was a middle aged man and had dark brown hair that was messy and pushed back. “I had forgotten to do a few things. But, what are you doing up?”

Sarah smiled sadly and shook her head and looked away from him. “Just can’t sleep.”

“Can’t or won’t?”

She looked back at him and her smile faded away and she watched as he smiled warmly at her. He has been her doctor for the past five years and actually took care of her and listened to her. He gave her some hope. He has mentioned before that she could possibly be released if she were to agree to one thing. But he never said what that one thing would be.

“A little of both?” She laughed softly and took another sip of her drink.

Doctor Zakar tsked and wrapped an arm behind her and led her towards the desk. “Do you need me to give you that special medicine?”

Sarah looked up at him then looked ahead of her and tried to think for a few moments. The special medicine as he called was just a sleeping pill but it did wonders. She looked back at him and smiled half heartedly. “I think so, yes.”

“Well then, allow me to assist.”

They walked past the desk and stopped at a door where the medicines were stoked. He held up a finger for her to wait outside and he slid his card and it beeped twice then unlocked. He went into the room and the door closed behind him. Sarah looked around nervously and glanced back at the door.

Doctor Zakar had been a blessing for her. She will admit that she gets nervous around him because there is something about him that just seems… familiar. But she didn’t know what it was about him. Maybe the accent? Maybe because he was the only good looking guy around in here?

The door opened and Doctor Zakar came out and held out his hand with a small pill in the middle of his palm. “Here you go, love.”

Her eyes widened when he called her the pet name. Her heart raced and butterflies started to swarm around in her stomach. It was always this kind of reaction when he called her pet names. It must be natural for him and maybe some kind of endearment that was meaningless. “Th-thank you.” She mumbled and grabbed the white pill and put it in her mouth and took a sip of her water and swallowed the pill.

“Very good.” He cooed and reached out and wrapped an arm around her back once again and led her down the hallway to her room. “Now, you must get some rest. I shall be seeing you tomorrow.”

Sarah nodded and stopped outside her room and looked up at the doctor. “Doctor Zakar, thank you so much.”

He raised his eyebrows and a slow smile spread across his face that made him look even more attractive. “Robin. Remember you can call me by my first name. And it’s not a problem at all.” He said soothingly.

“Right. Robin.” She laughed softly and felt a blush rise to her cheeks. “Good night doctor Za—“ she shook her head and laughed. “Robin. Good night.”

“Good night love.”

She shuffled into her room and climbed in the uncomfortable bed and snuggled under the one sheet she had. She looked at the doorway and saw that Robin was still there and watching her.

“Have sweet dreams, love.” He whispered.

She nodded slowly and started to feel the effects of the sleeping pill. She closed her eyes and felt herself spinning. Everything felt numb and then she was spiraling down and fell asleep.




“It’s only forever, not long at all…”

Sarah looked away from her book and scanned the area she was in. She was outside in the park that she always frequented and practiced her lines. She heard singing and she couldn’t pinpoint whose voice that was.

With a shrug she looked back down at her book and read the lines and took in a deep breath. “Give me the child…” she started and looked up and stared across from her where there was a park bench.

She shook her head and looked back down at the book and took another deep breath in and looked up at the park bench. There was a white owl sitting there staring at her. She tilted her head and raised her eyebrows.

Funny, she didn’t hear the bird come in or anything. She looked around and looked back at the white owl that just sat there with intelligent eyes and watched her. She smiled and shook her head.

“Give me the child.” She started and walked towards the bench and eyed the owl carefully, “Through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered, I have fought my way here to the castle beyond the Goblin City to take back the child that you have stolen. For my will is as strong as yours and my Kingdom as great.” She stopped and felt every line from her go blank.

The owl watched her and waited for her to finish her lines. She shook her head and let out a harsh breath and muttered ‘damn’.

“No one can blame you for walking away…”

Sarah gasped and quickly scanned the area and watched at the trees swayed in the breeze. She fixed her flower crown and looked back at the bench and saw the owl was gone. Someone was singing. It sounded so close. She looked away from the bench and back around the park.

Slowly she started to walk away and leave the park. She cut through yards and it all seemed to swim by and morph and she was outside of her house. She looked around confused and looked at the front door that was slightly open. She made her way up the stairs and went inside.


“Sarah!” Irene said frustrated.

Sarah stopped walking and stared at her step mother who was holding her coat in her hand. This all seemed so familiar. This all has happened before. She looked away and heard crying from upstairs. “Toby…” she whispered.

“Sarah, you are late.” Irene said sternly.

Sarah looked back at Irene and watched confused. It all seemed like it was a movie playing and she was watching from the outside.

“Your father and I go out very rarely!” Irene went on.

Sarah watched as her step mom look angry and huff. It was as if she was listening to someone saying something. “I’m sorry.” Sarah whispered.

“I ask you to babysit only if it won’t interfere with your plans.” Irene went on.

She’s been through this before. It was like it was replaying again in her head but she was stuck in it. She was stuck in this moment. Sarah went up the stairs and ignored Irene and watched as her dad came out of the room holding a crying Toby.

“We were worried about you.” He stated.

“Yeah.” Sarah said nonchalantly but knew that maybe he didn’t hear her or what she really said.

“I can’t do anything right!”

Sarah froze when she heard her own voice scream that out. She looked over her shoulder to her dad that was already talking to Irene. Sarah knew for a fact that she didn’t say anything after saying ‘yeah’. She quickly went to her room and looked around. It’s been so long since she has been here. She remembers. She is in the hospital. Isn’t she?

She looked through her books and ended up sitting at her vanity where all her makeup was and the pictures of her mom. She stared in her reflection and suddenly she was seeing herself putting on lipstick and wearing a crown.

“Through dangers untold… and hardships unnumbered…I have fought my way here to the castle beyond the Goblin City…To take back the child you have stolen.”

Everything was playing out. She was watching herself in the mirror practice her lines that she once used to be obsessed with. A knock on the door broke her attention and she glanced at it.
“Sarah? Could I talk to you?”

No response. But she knew very well what she had said.

“We’ve fed Toby and put him to bed. We’ll be back around midnight.”

She listened to the footsteps retreat from her bedroom door and down the stairs. Then the front door closed. She could hear Toby screaming in his room and she felt a sense of dread.

What in the hell was going on?

She looked around the room and noticed that it started spinning and morphing into something else. She felt like she was floating through space and time. She squeezed her eyes shut and could hear a very clear voice in her head… was it in her head? No. It was aloud. It was loud and clear.

“Such a pity.”

Then everything just went black.