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Memeing H0es

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You added Drag0Natsu,GrayOnIce!! and Titanica in WELCOME TO YONSEI!


LuHeart: Welcome to uni everyone!


LuHeart: I hope you all have liked your stay so far!


LuHeart: If you guys have any queries then I am here to help you all adjust!


GrayOnIce!!: can I change ma roommate?


LuHeart: Sorry, but all the roommates are allotted on random basis so as to ensure everyone gets along with everyone


GrayOnIce!!: I cant change ma roommate?


Drag0Natsu: I wanna chng ma roommate 2!!


LuHeart: Sorry guys, rules are rules


GrayOnIce!!: but hes so noisy


Drag0Natsu: lol mine is a ghost way 2 quite


Titanica: *quiet


GrayOnIce!!: he threw his stuff all over tha place! HES A PIG!


GrayOnIce!!: eats like one too!


GrayOnIce!!: and he dared to insult ma KUMAMON! WTF!! THAS BLASPHEMY!


GrayOnIce!!: AM GONNA SUE HIM!!!


Drag0Natsu: Haha u gonna sue him 'cus he insulted a black weird bear


LuHeart: Calm down guys


GrayOnIce!!: WTF did u jus call him!? BLACK WEIRD BEAR!?


Drag0Natsu: yah I did!  My roommate has a friggin' collection of thees weird creepy black bears


Drag0Natsu: and they are CREEPY! Just like him!


Titanica: Are u guys roommates?


Titanica: If yes, stfu some people r tryna sleep unlike u punks who have got nthng better to do than annoy people


Drag0Natsu: YOU!


GrayOnIce!!: YOU!!


Drag0Natsu: YOU!!!!!


GrayOnIce!!: YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!


GrayOnIce!!: Ha I won


Drag0Natsu: YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Drag0Natsu: keke loser




Titanica: If I see one more notif from either 1 of ya, be prepped.


Titanica is offline


Drag0Natsu: that '.' be looking scaryer than annabell


GrayOnIce!! is offline


Drag0Natsu is offline


LuHeart: Oh well, I hope you have a good stay!


LuHeart is offline




Drag0Natsu: fuk tis am droppin outta here


LuHeart: What happened? Is something wrong?


GrayOnIce!!: good riddance


Drag0Natsu: everthng is wrong!


Titanica: wus wrong kid? Some1 beat ya up? Do I need to kick some puny ass?


Drag0Natsu: they not serve ramyun in cafeteria! Frikkin RAMYUN!


Drag0Natsu: who tf dint include god's food in the menu! Lik wtf! Its the holy grail of broke uni students!


LuHeart: Am sorry, but I can't help you in this matter


GrayOnIce!!: jus go an buy sum frm the conveni store dumbo


GrayOnIce!!: an dunt ya dare an touch ma stash!


Titanica: that means, I don’t need to kick sum puny ass?


LuHeart: Please refrain from kicking any ass or you might get punished


Drag0Natsu: ya r a savior Gramyun!


Titanica: Gramyun wtf lmao


Titanica changed GrayOnIce!!'s name to Gramyun


Gramyun: u aren't gonna leave uni now?


Drag0Natsu: noppeee


Gramyun: am gonna shoot myself wtf did I do


Gramyun: bury ma swagsey body with ma Kumamons




Drag0Natsu: Hey @LuHeart @Titanica


Drag0Natsu: are thos ur real names


Gramyun: course not u fukwit


Titanica: its been weeks


Titanica: an u still dun kno our names


Titanica: lmao


LuHeart: Now that you mention it, we haven't all met before


Gramyun: no dun u dare


Drag0Natsu: LETS ALL MEETUP!!!!!


Gramyun: pls dun agre


LuHeart: Am in cafeteria


Titanica: am there 2


Drag0Natsu: ME3!


Gramyun: fuk this shit


Titanica: where ya at @Gramyun


Drag0Natsu: wus ur hair like


LuHeart: Are you the pink haired guy with a cat bag? The muffler guy?


Titanica changed Drag0Natsu's name to BlackP1NK0!


Titanica: lol


BlackP1NK0!: hey!


Gramyun: is that a BlackPink reference I see


Titanica: yes u did


Gramyun: ill be there in a sec dun move


Titanica: Taeyang


Gramyun: istg I found ma kmate dun u dare go anywhr istg


BlackP1NK0!: wus a taeyang?


Gramyun: u dint jus




Titanica changed BlackP1NK0!'s name to IlliterateHoe


Titanica: @Gramyun we need ta educate sum fkkers


LuHeart: Is that @Gramyun I see


IlliterateHoe: why cant I change ma name back!!!!!???


Titanica: cus u r a illiterate ho duh


LuHeart: I see you @Titanica!!


LuHeart: Maybe?


IlliterateHoe: wtf they doin


IlliterateHoe: r they drunk


LuHeart: No alcohol allowed on campus


Titanica changed Gramyun's name to SwaGray


Titanica changed Titanica's name to ErZams


SwaGray: tat wus a ritual


SwaGray: tha swag baepsae ritual


ErZams: wich an illiterate ho like ya cant undrstnd


LuHeart: Can you guys please quiet down




ErZams: Luigi lmao


Luheart: pls don’t


ErZams changed LuHeart's name to Luigi


Luigi: *sighs*


SwaGray: Luigi…frm mario?


ErZams: Mario…


SwaGray: JIN!!


ErZams: JIN!


IlliterateHoe: am ignring tem