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Dear Jungkook

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April 5 - Wednesday

“Here, you lost this.” Jungkook said and held a piece of paper out.

“Thanks.” The male said, took his paper and was about to leave.

“So, your name is Jimin?” Jungkook asked, following Jimin. Jimin didn’t answer. “My name is Jungkook.” Jimin didn’t react and just continued to walk. “We have the same class.” Still no reaction. “You’re really cute.” At that Jimin stopped and turned around to look Jungkook in the eyes.

“Look, Jungkook. I’m thankful that you picked up my paper, but could you please leave me alone?”

“Heh. Finally some reaction.” Jungkook smiled happily, even though Jimin was so unfriendly. Jimin just rolled his eyes and continued on his track. “Why don’t you drop that pride of yours and become friends with me?” Jungkook asked, running after Jimin again.

“I don’t need friends.” Jimin said.

“You do!”

“What makes you think that?” Jimin hissed in annoyance. Why won’t Jungkook go away? It hurts him to act like a brick. He doesn’t want to be like this.

“You… you always look so sad and lonely… but when someone talks to you, the expression on your face brightens and you look so much livelier, also somehow happy.” Jungkook explained.

Jimin was speechless. He didn’t know that someone had watched him that closely. “You have too much time.” Jimin said and walked faster. Jungkook ran after him and continued to try to get a good conversation out of this.

“Why don’t you want to be friends? Do you hate company that much? Don’t you feel lonely?”

Jimin stopped again and looked at Jungkook. This time with sad eyes. He did feel lonely… “Please… just leave me alone, okay?” Jimin asked with a shaky voice and not aggressive at all.

“But I really-!” Jungkook stayed persistent.

Jimin sighed. “Look Jungkook. I’m not good company for you to keep, so just drop it.” He said with his annoyed attitude again.

Jungkook continued to try but Jimin completely ignored him until he finally got into his lecture room.





April 7 – Friday

“Do you think you’re better than us?” One guy said.

“He talked to you, answer.” Another urged.

But Jimin kept his mouth shut. He didn’t have time for this.
Actually he didn’t have time for anything…
So he just walked past one of the three guys.

“Fucking asshole.” One of them said and pushed him. He hit the wall pretty hard. When he fell on the floor, he wanted to get up again but his sight blurred and he fell on his butt again.
The three guys laughed at Jimin’s helplessness.

“So much for being a tough guy, huh?”

“Still think that you’re better than us, Mr. Smart brain?”

“What’s going on here?” Another voice showed up. They all looked at the door and Jimin recognized the male standing there. It was Jungkook.

“Let’s go.” One of the three guys said and they shoved Jungkook out of the way to get outside. Jungkook just watched them leave. When the guys left, Jungkook walked to Jimin and knelt beside him to check if he is alright.

“Your nose is bleeding.”

“No, it’s not.” Jimin said and tried to push past Jungkook, but the other didn’t let Jimin move.

“Shut up and let me take a look at it.” Jungkook scowled and put out some tissues to dab the blood away.

When Jungkook was done and Jimin’s nosebleed stopped, he looked Jimin into his eyes.
“You should report them..” He said serious.

“No need to report them. They didn’t do anything.” Jimin objected.

“They fucking ganged up on you! And your nose was bleeding! How did they do nothing? What if I didn’t show up? They would have done much worse!”

Jimin sighed. “No, they wouldn’t. You don’t know them. They just want to blow off some steam. Let it be.”


“I didn’t ask for your help. Just drop it.” Jimin said annoyed, got on his feet and left. Jungkook was just watching him, irritated at Jimin’s stubbornness. “You’re welcome!” He screamed after him and rolled his eyes, before he got up too and took a piss.




April 11 - Tuesday

“Hey!” Jungkook greeted with much vigor when he sat down next to Jimin. But to Jungkook’s disappointment, Jimin ignored him completely.

Even after 15 minutes, Jimin didn’t say a word. But it didn’t stop Jungkook from sitting next to him and just watch the other. While Jungkook continued to stare, Jimin tried to not to show his confusion.

Another 15 minutes passed and no one said anything.

This continued until Jimin packed his stuff and walked away without giving Jungkook another glance.




April 14 – Friday

When Jimin entered the canteen he looked through the hall and searched for an empty table. When he found one, he grimaced because he had to walk past lots of people to get there. He sighed and wanted to turn around when someone called out to him.
He knew that voice. He didn’t need to turn around to see who was calling. It was the boy who couldn’t give in to his asshole behavior. But Jimin knew that Jungkook would give up, just like every other person who tried to be friends with him.

Jimin didn’t react when Jungkook called a second time, he just walked out of the canteen and let the poor boy stand there.

“Wow, you sure you wanna be friends with that?”

“Oh shut up.”

“Wasn’t that Jimin?” Another said.

“You know him?”

“Yeah, kinda… he’s an asshole. Never heard something good about him…”

Heard… Do you know him in person?”


“Then don’t talk about him like that.”

“Wow… what got into you?”

“Don’t judge someone only because you heard some rumors. I believe that everyone has a reason… so he should have one, too.”

“Or he is just a douchebag.”

“Seriously Tae… if you continue like that I might stop talking to you.”

Taehyung laughed. “Sorry.”




April 18 – Tuesday

“Let’s grab lunch together, yeah?” Taehyung suggested and everyone agreed.

When they were about to leave, Jungkook noticed someone sitting in a corner by himself. “Go on ahead, I’ll catch up to you guys later, kay?” He said to them and walked towards Jimin.


Jimin didn’t answer. Jungkook sighed, slightly annoyed. When would he stop playing hard to get? “Do you want to grab lunch together?”

“You already have people to eat lunch with, don’t need me to join.”

Jungkook frowned. At some point he has to admit that Jimin was being really difficult, but he must have his reasons, right? “The more the merrier.” Jungkook explained.

“Don’t you think that you should give up? It’s bothering.”

“If you want me to give up, then I won’t give up all the more.” Jungkook grinned challenging.

“You should go. Your friends are probably waiting.”

“You really don’t want to have a lunch date with me?” Jungkook teased.


Jungkook shrugged and was about to leave when Jimin called out to him. “Jungkook.” He turned around to look what Jimin has to say. “Thank you.” He said with a low voice.


“For last time.” Jimin explained.

“No problem…” Jungkook was surprised at the change of Jimin’s attitude.




April 21 – Friday

“Here.” Someone said and put something on the table. Jimin looked up and surprise, it was Jungkook. Jimin looked at the thing that Jungkook put on the table. It was a sandwich.

“Eat.” Jungkook ordered. He unwrapped another sandwich and started to eat.

“I don’t want it.”

“I bought this only for you, now be grateful and eat.” Jungkook mumbled.

And for some unknown reasons, Jimin took the sandwich and ate it. He shouldn’t have, but he still did it. The thought that Jungkook particularly bought him something, warmed up his heart and he knew that this would end bad.
He always had a soft spot. Especially for people like Jungkook who was this nice to him.





April 24 – Monday

Jimin didn’t know when it started, but it wasn’t a good sign.
Since when did he start to search for a certain boy when he entered a room?
Since when did he pay attention to his surroundings?
Since when did he perk up his ears when someone sounded like him?
And since when did he start to watch him?
This was definitely not a good sign.
No, not at all.





April 28 – Friday

“Do you want to eat lunch together?”
Jimin didn’t answer. He played this game for almost one month. Why wasn’t he giving up?
“Do you hate me that much?” The other suddenly asked. Jimin was shocked. No, he didn’t hate him. He just can’t... be friends. Jimin sighed.

“No…” He shook his head. “I… I quite like you…” He confessed out of nowhere with a sad smile. Jungkook was as surprised as Jimin.

“Then let’s become friends!” Jungkook suggested with the biggest smile he had.

Jimin nearly wanted to agree but then he remembered his reason. His face hardens when he said “No.” He needs to get out of this somehow…

“But you just said-.”

“Only because I kind of like you doesn’t mean that I want to be your friend.”
Good job, Jimin.

Jungkook looked confused. How does that even make sense? “You’re being unreasonable… and fucking confusing…” He frowned.

“Then how about giving up? Everyone already gave up after their first encounter. Just leave it be.” Jimin sighed exhausted.

“But I really want to be friends with you...”

“Why? Seriously! Why me? There are plenty other people who would die to become your friend!” Jimin hissed angry. It was true. Many people wanted to be friends with Jungkook. He was really popular. He was nice and good looking, so how could someone say no? “And by the looks of it you already have enough friends.” Jimin added.

“You were watching me?” Jungkook asked surprised and happy at the same time.

Jimin’s words got stuck for a moment there and his face heated up. “Hell no! I just saw you around… and unlike you I’m not some fucking weird ass stalker.”

“I’m not a stalker.” Jungkook mumbled cutely. “I just want to be friends… Would a stalker do that?” He pouted.

Jimin has to admit it… it was cute. But he can’t let his façade fall. “Yes, now leave me alone, please.”


“I said please.”

“Ok… but give me your number.”


“Then I won’t leave.”

“You’re so fucking stubborn…” Jimin sighed. But who was he to turn this boy down who stuck to him for nearly one month, even after being treated like trash. Jimin felt remorse and he also pitied Jungkook. “Here. But I won’t answer, so don’t even try.” He said and gave Jungkook his number on a small piece of paper.

Jungkook smiled brightly, showing his bunny teeth, since he finally achieved something after one whole month. “I will write you.” He saved the number and immediately wrote Jimin, so that the other had Jungkook’s number. “See you later, Jimin!” He said and ran off.

When Jungkook disappeared, Jimin had a fond smile on his face. “Just like a dog.” He mumbled. “Cute.”

Jimin, don’t get carried away…





May 10 – Wednesday

Jungkook: Did you read the newest chapter?
Jungkook: I can’t believe that Law lost an arm!
Jungkook: I’m crying
Jungkook: Omg…
Jungkook: This is so emotional…
Jungkook: Did you know that Agust D released a new single today???
Jungkook: You have to listen to him once!
Jungkook: Istg! You will love him!
Jungkook: His voice is like mind-blowing!!

Jimin smiled at the messages. He really liked them. It was entertaining.
The day he gave his number to Jungkook, was the day he got spammed. But until now he never answered once. How could Jungkook keep up with his behavior?

At some point Jimin wanted to answer… especially when Jungkook talked about the things he also liked.





May 14 – Sunday

Jungkook: Omg!
Jungkook: Omg
Jungkook: Ogm!
Jungkook: omg
Jungkook: ooohmgggg!!!
Jungkook: Can you believe
Jungkook: that someone
Jungkook: confessed to me????
Jungkook: I’m hpayyp!
Jungkook: Did someone ever confessed to you??
Jungkook: But I guess I won’t date her…
Jungkook: She looks nice and cute but I already have a girlfriend
Jungkook: she will be sooo pissed


Jungkook: I really need ur help
Jungkook: How am I going to get out of this?
Jungkook: Like my girlfriend found out about it and I don’t know how to calm her down??

Jimin smiled to himself. For the first time he didn’t think too much and just typed something back.

Jungkook: OMG!!!
Jungkook: Today must be my lucky day!!
Jungkook: first a confession and now
Jungkook: you fucking wrote me!
Jungkook: Oh man!
Jungkook: Holy shit!

Jimin laughed at Jungkook reaction.


To have a superficial friendship was okay, right?
If he doesn’t get too close, it should be okay to play friends, right?



After that day Jimin’s behavior towards Jungkook changed. They eventually became superficial friends. And to tell the truth, Jimin enjoyed every minute of it. Even their small bickering. Not only did he enjoy it, Jungkook did too.

With Jimin, Jungkook learned that friendship had a deeper meaning, even if Jimin was still being distant sometimes.
But in his opinion, his friendship with Jimin was special in comparison with his other friendships. Maybe because Jimin was special?





May 16 – Tuesday

“How have you been, Mr. Park?”

“Everything’s alright.”

“Do you tolerate the new dosage?”

“Yes, but I didn’t notice any changes.”

“What about side effects?”

“Uh… I get tired faster.”

“Did some other things happen?”

“Last week I got a nosebleed.”

“How strong was it?”

“Medium and it stopped after 4 minutes.”

“Hm.. pretty decent. Any other changes?”

“Not that I know of.”

“Any positive effects?”


“Okay, then let’s switch to injections…”



“Come again when your condition changes in any way. Have a good day.”





May 17 – Wednesday

“Hey.” Jimin greeted, when he sat down next to Jungkook.

“Hey.” Jungkook greeted back, putting his phone down. “Where were you yesterday? I thought we could hang out after class.”

“I had an appointment and didn’t went to class.” Jimin explained with a smile.

“If you continue to miss class, you’re not going to make it, you know?”

“Don’t worry, my grades are way better than yours.” Jimin teased, sticking his tongue out.

“Careful with that tongue or I’m going to bite it off.”

“Instead of practicing your kissing skills with me, you should study more.”

“You wish I would practice with you.”

“Not really.” Jimin laughed. “You’re way to disgusting.”

“Come here and I will show you how disgusting I can get.” Jungkook threatened and cupped Jimin’s face with his hands, his hold strong so that Jimin couldn’t get away. He laughed and squeaked, trying to get away from Jungkook.

“What are you guys doing?” Another guy came around and sat down.

“Oh, hey Tae.” Jungkook said, hands still on Jimin’s face.

“Can I join?”

“Better not, unless you want to kiss him.” Jimin taunted. Since he became friends with Jungkook, Jimin opened up to everyone a bit. It was okay, since they weren’t friends, only acquaintances.

“It’s not the worst thing in the world to kiss me, okay?” Jungkook said, feigning his anger.

“Ooookay, I have to study. Bye.” Taehyung played along.





May 22 – Monday

“Hey, are you listening?” Jimin looked up and saw Jungkook.

How long has Jungkook been here?
Did he fell asleep?
He can’t remember when he got here…

“Did you hear what I said?” Jungkook asked, now a bit worried.

“Sorry, I was in thoughts. What did you say?”

“Seriously? Are you kidding me? You didn’t listen one bit?”

“Sorry, I’m kinda out of it…”

“I’ve been talking to you for 10 minutes…”

“I’m just a little bit tired.”

“I can see that… Anyways, what I was saying. Yesterday they announced that Agust D will have a concert in Seoul! Do you wanna join? You like him too, right?”

“Really?” Jimin asked in disbelief. His voice more alive than it has been before. His eyes lighten up. “You’re kidding!”

“No, I’m not! He is going to come in August!” Jungkook said, his voice and posture full of vigor.

“August.” Jimin repeated. His happy face falters a bit. He thought for a while. “I don’t think that I can make it.”

“Why? I mean we have vacations there!”

“Yes I know, but I wanted to visit my family, you know?” Jimin lied and Jungkook saw through it.

“Oh, okay. Guess I have to find someone else then.” He said a little disappointed.

“There are enough Agust D fans, so don’t worry. You will find someone.” Jimin reassured. Actually he wanted to go. He really wanted.

“Yeah, I know… but I wanted to go with you.” Jungkook confessed, sheepishly.





May 24 – Wednesday

He suddenly felt sick, so ran into the bathroom.
He bend over the toilet and puked.
After he emptied his stomach, he slid down on the floor and gasped for air.
When he calmed down a bit he wiped the vomit on the corner of his mouth with his sleeves away and tried to stand up.
He wobbled to the sink and looked into the mirror.
His face was pale and his nose started bleeding again.
He opened the mirrored bathroom cabinet and searched for some pain killers.

“Everything will be alright.” He repeated and repeated.





May 26 – Friday

“How have you been, Mr. Park?”

“I think my condition got worse.”

“How can you tell?”

“The nosebleed got worse… And I get them nearly every day. Furthermore, it’s really tiring to walk for a few minutes.”

“I see…” The doctor said and checked some documents. After a few minutes he looked into Jimin’s eyes. “I’m sorry but we have no other treatment for you.”

“Well, then I guess I have to cope with it.” Jimin smiled reassuring.

“I can prescribe you strong painkillers if you want.”

“Yes, that would be a great help.”





May 29 – Monday

“Are you listening?”

“Sorry, what?”

“You’re so out of it!” Jungkook scowled.

“I didn’t get enough sleep yesterday.”

“I can see that… You seriously need to take better care of yourself.”

“I don’t have time.”

“I know, I know. No need to tell me again. After class you have to work. I know already. But your health is still above everything else, you know?”

“Yeah, I’m going to ask my boss for some time off.” Jimin said with a smile. “So what were you saying?”

“I asked if you want to do something after this.”

“Uh… Sure, why not.” Jimin nodded. “What did you plan?”

“Great, I want to go shopping.”

“Woah, easy there. I’m not up for shopping.” Jimin objected. Even if he doesn’t hate shopping, he can’t. He is just so tired. He can’t. Not like this.

“Why not? I seriously need your opinion!” Jungkook begged.

“For what?”

“I wanted to buy a present for my girlfriend’s and mine anniversary.” Jungkook said, pride overwhelming his face.

“And you need my opinion?” Jimin asked skeptical. He also noticed that he felt something he shouldn’t. He was not jealous. No.

“Yes! I noticed that you both kind of like the same things! That’s why you would be a great help.” Jungkook said, while putting on his cute pleading face.

Jimin sighed. Who was he that he could refused that face?





June 1 – Thursday

“Are you alright?” Jimin asked. It was the first time that Jungkook looked down, so of course he was worried.

“Well, kinda. Don’t worry. It’s nothing.” He smiled.

“You sure? I mean, you can talk to me about it if you want…” Jimin offered. Jungkook has been a good friend to him, so he wants to pay him back.

“I haven’t told anyone… I’m not sure if I can talk about it now.” Jimin took a closer look and saw that Jungkook had dark circles and his eyes looked like as if he had cried.

“Did you cry?” Jimin asked surprised. He didn’t want to ask, but these words just slipped out of his mouth. He quickly put his hand on his mouth and apologized.

Jungkook chuckled. It was a sad and a weak chuckle. “Guess I can’t hide anything.” He sighed.

“Sorry.” Jimin apologized again.

“No, I just… don’t know how to deal with it.” Jimin looked worried, so Jungkook sighed again. “Okay, I’m going to tell you…” Before he started he took a deep breath. “My girlfriend broke up with me.”

“What?” Jimin’s eyes widen. “Why? You just had your anniversary.”

“She said that she felt neglected and that she was thinking about breaking up earlier…” Jungkook looked down. “She also said that I acted like I wouldn’t love her anymore.”

“Bullshit! When we went shopping for her present you were so happy! How can she say that you don’t love her?”

“I don’t know…” Jungkook sighed again and Jimin put a hand on his back to sooth him.






June 7 – Wednesday

“Hey, have you seen Jungkook?”

“No, haven’t seen him after his break up.” Taehyung shrugged.

“Oh, okay, thanks.” Jimin turned around and was about to leave.

“Wait.” Taehyung stood up and put his phone in his pocket.

“What is it?”

Taehyung sighed and scratched the back of his head. “I wanted to talk to you… Don’t tell Jungkook, but his break up has something to do with you, you know?”

“What? Why me? I don’t even know his girlfriend…”

“Well you see, I talked to his girlfriend and she said that Jungkook stopped paying attention to her and she thought that he must be cheating on her. And I asked when it started and she said that it started somewhere around May… He always had his phone in his hand and wrote someone messages and once he smiled like an idiot and was so happy. I’m not sure but I’m guessing that she misunderstood everything, because Jungkook was just texting you, right?”

“Yeah… we started to text around May…” Well actually only Jungkook texted and Jimin read. “If you want I can talk to his girlfriend and clear everything.”

“I think it’s already too late… she didn’t believe me when I told her that he wasn’t cheating since Jungkook has always been so popular.”

“I’m sorry.”

“No, actually that wasn’t the thing I wanted to talk about…” Jimin cocked his head, so Taehyung continued. “The thing is… I know Jungkook for about 10 years and I notice every change he has gone through… and right now I think that Jungkook might like you, more than he knows.”




June 9 – Friday

When Jimin walked around campus he noticed that he needed to rest, so he walked to the next bench and saw that someone familiar was sitting on the bench, looking at his phone.

“Long time no see.” Jimin said when he sat down next to Jungkook.

Jungkook looked up and his eyes widened when he saw that it was Jimin. “Jimin?”

“Have you been avoiding me?”

“No. I… I…”

“Just kidding.” Jimin smiled. “I know that you’re still hurt because of your girlfriend. I understand that you still need time to get over everything but you could have at least wrote me that you needed time, you know? I got worried.”


“No need to apologize. Just talk to me if you need anything, alright?”

“Yes, thanks.”

That was the last thing they exchanged. The rest of the time, Jimin and Jungkook just sat there looking at their surroundings and enjoying the silence.





June 13 – Tuesday

Jungkook: Sorry for being an asshole
Jungkook: And for avoiding you…
Jungkook: I didn’t know why I did it
Jungkook: It’s stupid really
Jungkook: Sorry
Jungkook: I’m really sorry.

Jimin: No worries! ( ᐛ )و
Jimin: I’m not mad ( ◞・౪・)
Jimin: Everyone needs their time off ~ヾ(^∇^)

Jungkook: Dude
Jungkook: Seriously
Jungkook: These emoticons don’t suit you





June 14 – Wednesday

Jungkook walked into the library to search for some books, when he noticed a certain friend sitting alone on a table. He grinned and tiptoed to the other to surprise him, he covered Jimin’s eyes with his hands.

“Guess who?”

“The Grim Reaper?”

“Wow… you’re really dark..” Jungkook commented when he pulled out a chair and sat across from Jimin.
Only then did he get a better look on his friend.
“You look terrible.”

“Thanks, you too.” Jimin said, rolling his eyes.

Jungkook never saw how thin Jimin was, because the other never wore something with a low neckline. But now that he did, Jungkook could see how skinny Jimin actually was.
Has Jimin always been like this?

“You have to eat properly…” Jungkook scolded.

“I am eating properly.” Jimin objected.

“I’m serious… you need to gain some weight, otherwise you will faint…”

“No, I won’t faint. I’m fine, really. Now worry about your exam tomorrow.”

“That’s why I’m here in the library.”

“But I can’t see you studying.” Jimin smiled while raising an eyebrow, provoking.

“I just got here, mom. I still need to find the books I need.” Jungkook shot back and rolled his eyes.

“Then search for them. You only have a few hours left until your exam..”

“No need to remind me of that.” Jungkook sighed and stood up. “I will write you later?”

Jimin smiles. “No need to write me. Just concentrate. You can write me after your exam.”

“Then I will write you after my exam.” Jungkook repeated. “See you later.” He winked and walked off like that.





June 15 – Thursday

Jungkook: Fuck
Jungkook: I hate my life
Jungkook: Everything is terrible

Jimin: So bad?

Jungkook: YES!
Jungkook: Fuck
Jungkook: it was so difficult
Jungkook: Damn…
Jungkook: I guess I have to retake that class
Jungkook: Will you help me to study
Jungkook: PLS!! Q.Q

Jimin: Let’s wait for the result! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
Jimin: I don’t believe that you failed that hard! 「(゚ペ)



June 19 – Monday

Today was a hot day. Way too hot for Jungkook, but he frowned when he looked at Jimin.
“Are you cold?” He asked when Jimin didn’t stop shivering.

Jimin looked up from his plate and smiled reassuring. “No, it’s just I’m a bit nervous…”

Jungkook frowned. “Seriously, we know each other for three months… I know what you’re like when you’re nervous and you never shivered like this…”

“Just drop it, okay?” Jimin begged with pleading eyes.

Jungkook sighed. Jimin has always been like this since the beginning. Always this stubborn.

He stood up and walked around the table and sat down next to Jimin. He leaned in closer and put an arm around Jimin. He pulled him closer to warm him up and noticed that Jimin’s temperature was abnormally high. “Is everything alright? Did you catch a cold?”

Jimin shook his head. “No… I’m fine, really.”

“If you say so..” Jungkook said, not believing one bit of what Jimin said.





June 21 – Wednesday

Jungkook: do you believe in love at first sight?

Jimin: where does that come from?? 〈(゜。゜)

Jungkook: I don’t know.
Jungkook: I’m just thinking
Jungkook: Can’t sleep at all
Jungkook: So do you?

Jimin: I do, but I have never experienced it (.﹒︣︿﹒︣.)
Jimin: Do you want to meet? [ •́ ‸ •̀ ]?
Jimin: Since you can’t sleep? (。•́︿•̀。)

Jungkook: Would that be possible?
Jungkook: I mean, you’re always so tired!

Jimin: If you need me then I can ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)

Jungkook: that would be a great help.
Jungkook: Where?

Jimin: I know that I suggested it (°3°)v
Jimin: But can we meet somewhere near my apartment? [ •́ ‸ •̀ ]?

Jungkook: Sure!
Jungkook: Need fresh air anyways!
Jungkook: On my way now



“You really don’t look healthy…” Jungkook said when he arrived at the playground.

“Yeah, that’s the thing I wanted to hear as a greeting. How did you know?” Jimin sneered sarcastically.

“Sorry.” Jungkook laughed. “But I really worry about you… I’m not sure but it looks like you got thinner again…”

“It’s just your imagination. I still weight the same.” It was a lie. He had lost about 10 kg in the last month but he hid everything with a few layers of clothes.

“But you also look so pale… and it’s summer, you know? People get tanned in summer, I guess you misunderstood the concept.” Jungkook joked, but Jimin still heard the serious undertone in his voice.

“It’s just make up. I told you already that I need to look good for my job. And I don’t have time to go home after class ends. So I need to wear it to class.” Jimin lied. He actually needed make up to get some color in his face…

Jungkook sighed. “Can you do me a favor?”

“A favor for what?”

“Just to ease my worries.”

“Okay, get cracking!”

“Please visit a doctor.”


“Go see a doctor… if you want I will go with you.”

“I really don’t need to see a doctor…” Jimin didn’t need to, because he knew that he’s not going to last longer…

“Please Jimin… I’m not blind. I see that something is wrong. And I really want you to go see a doctor… for me, please.”

Jimin sighed. “Okay, I get it. I will go see a doctor tomorrow, okay?”

“Thank you.” Jungkook said and looked away from the sky to look at Jimin. He frowned. “Are you cold again?”

“N- No. I- I don’t know.” Jimin stammers.

“Come here.” Jungkook offered and reached out for Jimin. “It’s warm over here.” He smiled and took a step closer to Jimin.

Jimin leaned in and his tense muscles relaxed a bit. “Thanks.”

“No problem…”



No answer.

“Hey-“ He looked at the boy in his arm and noticed that he fell asleep. Jungkook smiled to himself and tightened his arm around Jimin.





June 22 – Tuesday

“When are you going to visit us?” A voice said over the phone.

“Mom, you know that I don’t have time for that.” Jimin bit his lips. It hurt. His heart hurts. He misses her so, so much.

“You really need to come back once your vacation start, promise?”

“I can’t promise you anything. You know that I need to work.”

“You’ve been away for one year, Jimin. Do you know what that means? We didn’t get to see you for one long year! I’m afraid that I don’t even know how you look like!”

“I still look the same. So don’t worry.”

She sighed. “I guess there is no helping it. If you don’t plan on coming home then your dad and I will come visit you.”


“Why not?”

“No, you don’t need to! I mean, even if you come, I don’t have time for you.”


“Seriously mom, don’t come. Anyways I need to go, work is calling.” Jimin said. “Talk to you later, bye.” He said quickly and hung up. He let the phone fall onto the ground, ran to the bathroom and puked, his stomach already empty.
The toilet was red…



Jungkook: Did you see the doctor already?

Jungkook: Is everything alright?

Jungkook: Answer me pls.

Jimin: Everything’s alright. Just got home. ʸ(➜◡ु⚈᷉)

Jungkook: Great! So did he said anything?

Jimin: Nope, everything’s alright \(°v°)7

Jungkook: …
Jungkook: Was the doc blind?
Jungkook: Because I have eyes and you are seriously not okay.
Jungkook: Did he really say that everything’s alright?

Jimin: Don’t worry (´・` )





June 23 – Friday

Jungkook: Where were you today?
Jungkook: Didn’t see you around

Jungkook: Jimin?

Jungkook: Everything alright?


Jimin looked at his messages.
He didn’t answer.
He didn’t have enough energy.
He knew that his time came.
He started to write.




June 24 – Saturday

He took a train to Busan and left Seoul.
He wanted to see his family again.
Just one last time.

They looked so happy.
His father’s hair turned grey already.
His baby brother grew out of his baby fat.
And his mother was as beautiful as ever.
He smiled at them and left a letter in their mailbox...

After he did everything he wanted to do in Busan, he went to the hospital in which he was born.

The nurses were shocked when they saw him.
They took him in and the doctor checked his condition, even though Jimin said that they didn’t need to.
He knew that it was time to leave.





June 30 – Friday

“Have you seen Jimin?” Taehyung asked.

“No.” Jungkook shrugged.

“Aren’t you worried?”

“Why should I?”

“Well you were the one who-“

“Look, Tae. He wrote me a fucking letter and told me that he didn’t want to be friends with me, okay? I don’t care about him anymore. So could you please just shut up about him?” Jungkook hissed annoyed.

“Not caring looks different…” Taehyung mumbled and kept his mouth shut.



June 24 – Saturday

Jungkook got home late, because his boss kept him for extra hours since Saturday has always been a hectic day. When he got home he just wants to fall into his bed and sleep, maybe take a shower first.

When he got into his apartment complex, he opened his mailbox to look if he got any letters. And yes, he had some. He took them out and pressed the button for the elevator. While he waited he looked through his mail and noticed that one of them didn’t have any lettering.

So he opened it first and started to read.


Dear Jungkook,

Thank you for everything. I enjoyed my time with you. But I have to leave. Please don’t try to contact me. I don’t want to continue our superficial friendship anymore.

- Jimin.


Jungkook couldn’t believe it so he reread the letter.

After all these days, Jimin didn’t take him serious once, did he?
And he is also telling him that he doesn’t want to be friends anymore?
“Superficial friendship?”
Jungkook felt betrayed.
He was so sincere with Jimin
More sincere than he was with any other friend.
How could he just end this with such a small note?
Jungkook was pissed.

He had enough of his behavior.
If Jimin thought that Jungkook would run after him, he thought wrong.
He was Jeon Jungkook.
He doesn’t put up with everything!





July 7 – Friday

The doorbell rang.
He got up and looked through the spyhole in his door.
It was a woman, maybe his neighbor?
He opened it.

“Can I help you somehow?” He asked politely with a smile.

“Uhm… Are you Jungkook?”

“Yes, how can I help you?”

“I’m Jimin’s mother…”


“Yes… Jimin left a letter for you.”

Jungkook was confused.
Why was Jimin’s mother here?
Why did he leave a letter for him?
Why wasn’t Jimin here?

She searched through her bag, get the letter out and handed it to Jungkook. Jungkook took it and saw Jimin’s handwriting. To Jungkook it said. Jungkook looked up from the letter.
“Why didn’t he bring it to me himself?” He asked but regretted it after he saw that she held tears back.

Did something happen?

“I- I need to leave… If- If you need anything, we are still around for the next two days.” She said and gave Jungkook a piece of paper with a number on it before she left. Jungkook was more than confused.

He closed the door and looked at the letter.
He opened it and started to read.


Dear Jungkook,


Have you ever thought of how you would die?

Why would he think of how he would die? He was still young…

The thought of dying doesn’t sound that scary… but being alone whilst dying is terrifying.

Why was Jimin writing about dying?

Jungkook got a bad feeling and continued to read.


When you read this, I’m most probably dead by now. I wish I had the confidence to tell you in person how sick I was, but I’m a fucking coward. I didn’t want anyone to see the hardships of a sick person who was about to die. I had planned to not burden anyone with my death, so I tried to cut off all my ties since I already know that I will die soon… I know the feeling of losing someone. It is unbearable and I’m still not over some deaths.
I even stayed away from my family.
I stopped hanging around with my friends.
I also stopped talking to people.
I even tried to push you away, when we first met… (but you probably noticed it. Heh. (゜▽゜;) )

I’m sorry for being a burden by writing this, but I just wanted to tell you how much you mean to me.
I hope that you are not sad because of me since I tried to keep our friendship as small as I could. (*^▽^)/

And I want to apologize to you.
I lied to you so many times.
Every time you asked me if I was free, I told you that I had to work… but the truth was that I stopped working when my condition got worse. I was just lying in my bed, thinking about the fun I could have had if I would meet up with you.
I also lied when you asked me if I went to the doctor. I never got there because I already knew my condition. Sorry.

Anyways, I enjoyed the time with you. More than I should have and I really regret one thing.
Yet again, I’m sorry that I couldn’t tell you in person. Like I said, I’m a coward…
But I guess you already noticed because I’m really bad at hiding things.

Jungkook, I love you.

I asked myself since when I started to feel this for you. And I ended up with the time when you shared your sandwich with me. I enjoyed eating it, even though I couldn’t stomach it. I knew it, but in the end I still ate it. And later when I suffered from this stupid act, I asked myself why I ate it. I didn’t understand back then, but now I do. It was because I love you.
I really wish I could spend more time with you, but I don’t have any left. Don’t you think that life is playing a cruel game on me? ( ◞・౪・)

I’m so thankful to you that you spoke to me that day. Please remember me as the idiot who didn’t want to be friends with you and ended up falling for you!
I also want to thank you for your beautiful smile which gave me so much strength.

I really wish I could be part of your life, but that’s too late now, isn’t it? ( ᐛ )و

Yours sincerely
Park Jimin ɾ⚈▿⚈ɹ
June 23


Jungkook is crying. “Why do you always use these fucking emoticons… I already told you that they don’t suit you…”


He was so hurt when Jimin sudden left without any explanation. And now he understood why. It was because he loved him.

Jimin took over an important role in his life.