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Browncoats at World's End

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Disclaimer: Pirates of the Caribbean and related characters belong to Disney.
Firefly/ Serenity and related characters belong to Joss Whedon, Fox and


A/N This started at a plot bunny that evolved into a creativity demon. This is a Crackfic and an AU for PotC3. This is what I’d envision the third movie to be like if a certain crew of “pirates” from the 26th century got involved. I told you a crack fic.

The Characters of Jonas, Melchior, Brusque, Hobby, Lady Phoenix, Yan Hui, Gavin, Hooky, Terrance, Whistler, Gusty, Horace, and Jarvis belong to me.

Timeline: set after DMC and over a year after Serenity for Malcolm’s crew.

Pairings Will/Elizabeth, Mal/Inara and Kaylee/Simon.

Browncoats at World’s End

Chapter 1: Dreams and Crashes.



“Time is like the sea,” Tia Dalma set the worn yellow candles down onto the small table, forming a circle. Her guests have left several days prior, already begun their quest to find Jack Sparrow “It flows cannot be stopped, even with obstacles in the way.” She set down a few jars in the center of the table. “Man cannot change its flow and it must be done by nature.” Her dark painted lips pulled up into a smile. “Or what nature cannot explain.”

“Tia Dalma?” A voice brought her attention from the table to the entrance of the hut. He was one of the locals, a youth in his late teens who wore simple clothing including sandals on his feet. “You have called for me?”

“I need you because you have a small and fast boat.” Tia said as she lit the first candle.

“Did you want me to follow after Barbossa and the others?” The youth asked.

Tia shook her head. “Barbossa, William Turner and their crew will need help and you are going to find this help.”

“Who is this help?”

“A different kind of crew,” she brought the flame to the last candle. “Do you know what causes history?” She paused, listening to the boy shuffle his feet before she continued.

“People and Nature. We do not know what will happen until it happened and even if we knew, we could not change it.”

“You know what will happen.” The youth blinked.

“Of course and I know that I cannot change it, but make it happen.”

“I do not understand.”

“You will when it is over.” She went to another room in her hut where she kept a small scrap of cloth like paper. She had drawn the image of the island on it an hour prior. “This is where they will be. Go now.” She handed the scrap to the youth. “By the time you get there they will have arrived.”

“They are not there now?” He stared at her.

She pointed to the door. “Go now.”

“Yes, Tia Dalma.” The boy nodded before he left.

“What will be shall be,” Tia sat back down at the candle lit table. “Take the future to make history happen.” She unscrewed one of the jars and sprinkled a handful of orange dust around the table.



It was a dream. Elizabeth knew it had to be a dream; it was just like the others. She was alone in a long boat, dressed not in the man’s clothes she took to disguise herself, instead she wore a white gown, the same gown she wore when she fell into the sea off the fort at Port Royal and was rescued by Jack Sparrow. The man saved her life from drowning and she had condemned him to die.

“Jack,” she paid not attention to the wind that teased her loose hair and only brushed back her bangs when they obscured he vision. “I didn’t mean what I said. I am sorry.”
She watched as the tentacles of the kraken wrap themselves around the Black Pearl and drag the ship beneath the waves.

“No,” Elizabeth felt her throat become dry while her eyes welled up with tears. “I’m sorry. Jack, I’m sorry!” It was useless to cry out; even if the Pearl were still floating Jack wouldn’t have been able to hear her from the distance she was at.

“El…iza…beth.” A voice called from the side of the longboat.

She knew who that voice was. “Jack?” She wiped the tears from her cheeks. “Jack, where are you?”

“Elizabeth.” Jack repeated again. This time his voice sounded closer. It was coming from the right side of her boat.

“You got free and swam away?” Elizabeth felt her pulse increase and the guilt that rode on her shoulders flew away. “You survived, but the Kraken…” she paused when she leaned over the side and found Jack. He wasn’t trying to stay a float. He was staring up at her from under the water. Just beneath the surface. He didn’t even seem to be swimming, or moving, his clothes were not even floating, but clung to his sides as if he were on land.

“Give me your hand,” she reached into the water. Her fingers grazed a hard surface like glass. “What happened?” she tried to grab Jack’s shoulder but was prevented by the same invisible barrier. “What is this?” She pounded at the glass with all her strength. “No.”

“Elizabeth,” Jack repeated for the third time. His eyes were wide and vacant. “Brown.”

“Brown?” She tried to break through the glass again. “Mr. Brown, the Blacksmith? Do you need his help?”

“Brown Coat.” Jack said before he sank deeper into the sea.

“No,” Elizabeth shook her head. She watched, helplessly as Jack sank further and further into the dark water. “Jack!” She cried out before she jumped out of the boat.

“Jack,” Elizabeth called out the pirate’s name as she sat up. She stared around the room that was barely lit by the lantern hanging from the wall. The only answer she received was several snores from the other pirates on the ship.

She was still on Barbossa’s ship. She wasn’t reliving her betrayal. She was not wearing her white gown, although her hair was undone and a few strands were plastered to her forehead.

She turned at the soft breathing to the hammock next to hers. Will was soundly asleep. One arm was across his chest and the other beneath his head. His mouth was set in a frown and his eyelids were fluttering. He was dreaming, perhaps of saving his father, or their wedding day, but if he was dreaming of their wedding then why was he frowning?
Elizabeth leaned back down into her own hammock. She should get some more sleep and wished there was a hammock big enough for both her and Will. After they find Jack, after they destroy Jones, after they dealt with Beckett they will have their wedding, until then she will have to dream about it. She continued to watch Will as she felt herself drifting off.

“Brown coat.” She had no idea what that meant, but if it would help get Jack back she will not forget it.


The stench of rotting fish burned the insides of James Norrington’s nose, along with the reek from his own body, the mixture of an unwashed human body along with rum and the scents of the pig sty disgusted the former commodore, but the bigger disgust was with himself and what he had become, a pirate. He had let himself go and become a filthy deckhand and followed Jack Sparrow around, every order out of Sparrow’s mouth James had nodded along with an “Yes, Captain.”

Was it the disgust of his physical appearance or what he had done to the crew that had taken him in? He stole that heart and deceived the others into thinking he was doing the noble thing. He ran with the chest to get away from them, but he was true in what he wanted Elizabeth to believe. He wanted to lure those monsters away from Elizabeth long enough for them to get away. He had hoped they survived; at least Elizabeth had survived.

One of Jones’s crewmen laughed at James. It was the one who carried his seashell like head in his hands. “Your bravery is wasted. I shall pry the chest from your cold dead hands.”
James was ready to throw the chest at them when he heard the sound of several people running towards him from behind. He tossed the chest at the headless crewman anyway as he turned around to see a crowd rush towards him.

At the front was a woman. Her face was not clear but she had long dark hair that floated ghostlike around her. She and the rest of the crowd were running slowly as if they were moving around underwater. Behind her were two men in strange dark suits. James blinked when he saw their blue hands. It took him a second to realize they were wearing gloves.

Behind the two men were a group of the most savage looking men, James had ever seen. They were more barbaric than pirates. The carried swords, axes, spears and strange looking weapons that resembled pistols. Scars and long bleeding cuts had decorated their faces.

The woman ran up to him. “Help me,” she whispered before she placed something into his hand and continued to run deeper into the jungle.

“Wait, Miss,” James called after her, but it was no use. She and those pursuing her were gone. Why didn’t he help her? The following question in his mind was the whereabouts of Jones’s crewmen. He turned to where the monsters once stood and they were gone, leaving him alone with the heart and what the woman gave him.

The paper, he felt the small piece of folded paper in his hand. What did she want him to have or to know? He unfolded the scrap and saw a drawing of two discs. The smaller was within the larger and strange symbols running down the center of it. It looked like writing from the Far East.


It was just a dream. He was longer on that island and he was not about to be killed by Jones crewmen. He breathed deeply. There was no stench, not from him or from the aquatic pirates. He ran his hand down the side of his face and only felt light stubble. It was all a dream.
That meant the woman and those who were after her did not exist. He wished he could have helped her in his mind as well as remembered what she looked like, but his mind drew a blank. The only thing he could see when he closed his eyes was the drawing she handed him.


“Those that will be touched have been contacted,” Tia Dalma said as she shook a handful of pebble like stones and rat bones. “It is time to bring them here so they could fulfill the history they already know.” She tossed the collection onto the table. “I see they have their own way to come to now, but I shall bring them here, remove them from their shell and keep them and their shell safe.” She dipped her fingers into a jar full of dark green liquid and painted a couple of streaks down her forehead and grabbed another handful of dirt. This time she did not throw it but brought close to her lips and blew. “Prepare for a new adventure Captain Malcolm Reynolds.” Her hands gasped onto the table edges and she closed her eyes.

2519 A.D.

Curiosity had gotten the better of them, even if she felt they shouldn’t be lifting the lid to the crate. Kaylee Frye stood back in Serenity’s cargo hold and allowed Jayne to be the one who would be responsible for removing the lid.

“I still don’t think we should be doing this.” She said when Jayne peered down into the silver box. “Cap’n is not going to like it.”

“We do this stuff all the time,” Jayne said. “How many times have we looked at the stuff we stole before we brought it to the money?”

Kaylee had to think. There were a few times when they did peek at both the legal and illegal merchandise. “A few times, but they were not experimental.”

“All I know is I wanna see what we stole from the Alliance.” He reached inside.

“I thought you said peek, not touch.”

“I’m just bringing it out you can see it.” Jayne said as he removed the precious cargo. He had to use both arms and a bit of strenght to lift up the black box like object. The center had a raised curved dome with a clear screen and several buttons. “Whatever the hell this gizmo is.”

“It’s shiny, you can put it back now,” Kaylee said.

“I wonder what it does?” He continued to stare at the device as he juggled it in his arms.

“You just wanted to see what it looks like.” She hoped that Serenity didn’t hit any turbulence and cause Jayne to drop it, not that she doubted Jayne’s strength, but she didn’t want to take any chances. “Jonas isn’t going pay us if it’s damaged.”

“I aint missing out on that dinner.” Jayne said as he adjusted the device in his arms, his fingers slid across the keys in the process. “Don’t wanna mess with the man’s art, especially if he is going to give us steak again.”

“I loved the brisket. I wonder if we are going to have that again.” Kaylee had thanked every deity she could imagine that they had met Jonas Hammond months ago. The man was a gracious client who paid them to ship expensive cargo for him. After the job was complete the man would pay them as well as treat the entire crew to a four-course meal. The past times the jobs were legit. This time he had asked then to steal from the Alliance, but on one side Jonas did build the strange machine. In a way it should be his, even if the Alliance paid him to build it for them.

“I personally enjoyed the Quail,” Zoe said as she climbed down the stairs. “Jayne what are you doing?”

“Nothing,” Jayne placed the box back in the crate at a quick pace, a little to quick for Kaylee’s concern. She cringed when she heard the thump. “Just looking.”

“It looked like you were looking with your fingers.” Zoe crossed her arms across her chest. “Did you remove Jonas’s machine from the crate?”

“Just wanted to know what it was.”

“All we know that we need money and Jonas will not pay us if you damage it, and I can assure you that no one in this crew will want to loose him as a client.”

Kaylee ignored their conversation as she looked inside the crate. The device seemed to be intact. It even had numbers on the screen, 1760. It did not seem to be in any pain. She was a bit curious on why one of the lights was glowing. There was nothing she could do. She didn’t know how to turn it off and she didn’t want to risk damaging it by trying. She replaced the lid on the crate.

“May I ask what you are all doing down there?” Captain Malcolm Reynolds stared down at them. His hands held a tight grasp on the railing. Kaylee didn’t even hear him come enter the area. “I believe I have a hired crew. I believe I have hired them to work on my ship.”

“Everything is in order, sir.” Zoe snapped into soldier mode. “The last time I checked we will be within Persephone’s atmosphere within a couple of hours.”

“How are our finances?” the captain asked.

“Slim sir, bordering on anorexic. However after this job we may be upgraded to supermodel.”

“Shiny,” his blue eyes focused on Kaylee. “Kaylee you know where I need you.”

“Yes Cap’n,” Kaylee gave him a salute. “I’m on my way.” She climbed up the stairs.

“Jayne I want you to do an inventory on our supplies.”

“What kind of supplies?” Jayne asked.

“Ammo, fuel, and food.” The captain pointed at him. “And no snacking.”

“Why would anyone want to spoil their appetite before one of Jonas’s dinners?” Kaylee asked as she passed by Malcolm.

“This is Jayne,” he pointed out to her.

“Good point.” She nodded.


Another job and another chance their cash flow would increase past trickling. Malcolm thought it was a good deal and hoped Jonas had even more work for them, not that stealing the contraption Jonas had built for the Alliance was too easy. There were a handful of guards that he; Jayne and Zoë easily took out.

“Captain?” Simon Tam intercepted him on his way to the nearest com-screen. The young doctor was dressed in his usual attire. A crisp and pressed shirt with matching pants and a new vest.

“Anything troubling doc?” Mal asked as he studied the doctor’s face. It was hard to read his expressions. The only ones who knew what Simon was thinking where Kaylee and River.

“I’m getting low on anesthesia,” Simon said. “And a few other things.”

“Take inventory on all your medical supplies,” Malcolm instructed. “When your done give me the list.”

“I have already done that.”

“Highlight the most necessary items that are in low supply.” Mal threw up his hands. “Its all I can tell you until we get paid.” Malcolm continued on his way.

“Malcolm,” the irate clip came from the one woman who annoyed and intrigued Malcolm at the same time. Inara approached him with a determined look on his face. She was dressed in a red gown with puffed up shoulder sleeves and plunging neckline. Golden bands encircled her upper arms and wrists; gauzy orange material was connected to those bands and moved in flowing matter when she moved. She was wearing perfume, Malcolm noticed. It was the blend of jasmine and sandalwood that he liked.

“Is this about the time I got drunk and passed out in the middle of your shuttle?” Malcolm asked, using his most innocent tone. “Because I can assure you that was a one time thing.”
“You were drunk in my shuttle?” Inara blinked. She appeared to have forgotten why she was annoyed with him for a second.

“Technically it was my shuttle at the time. You were at the training house.”

“Nobody told me,” she placed her hands on her hips. “I’m hoping we can spend a few days on Persephone, after your current job is done.”

“Are you asking me out?” Malcolm grinned.

“No. I want time so I can also work.”

“Ah yes, bringing more strangers onto my boat.”

“Into my shuttle,” Inara corrected. “And they are clients.”

“Of course, the best dates that money could buy, except they are buying you.” His smile faded after he saw her exasperated tone. “Sure, we’ll stay a few days for you.”

“And I don’t want you to spy on me.”

“I never spied on you.”

“You did, the last time I took a client.”

Malcolm remembered the last time she had brought a client into her shuttle. “I may have paused outside for a minute.”

“You were eaves dropping.”

“Well one does tend to stop when he hears the word ‘Naked’ being shouted.”

“I’m serious Malcolm.”

“You will have your few days,” He edged past her. “And I’ll stay out of your hair. I’ll make sure everyone will stay out of you hair.”

“I mean it.”

“Of course you do,” He turned to look at her before she continued. He loved toying with her and he knows she loved to toy with him. The ship did seem empty when she was not there. They were all set to take a break on Persephone, but first business.

“This is Captain Reynolds,” Malcolm greeted the screen after he turned on it. “Jonas?”
It was not Jonas but a younger man. “He’s a bit busy,” the man who answered him was Jonas’s personal assistant.

“Melchior,” Malcolm smiled. “Always a pleasure. How are the raffles?”

“Tanked,” Melchior shook his head. The man’s dirty blond hair sported several small braids and dreads along with free flowing hair. He was never without his tinted glasses. He wore a yellow shirt with the faded image of popular musical group from Bellerphron. “Stopped playing them. Too much input and not enough output. I don’t know how Badger can manage.”

“Well Badger has been known to cheat a little.” That was an understatement.

“Hey the boss man is here,” Melchior gave him thumbs up, and moved to the side to allow an older and taller man to join him

“Captain Reynolds,” Jonas greeted him. The man had an olive tone complexion and dark hair, graying at the temples. His chin sported a neatly trimmed goatee Unlike Melchior he chose to dress in a sensible matter, charcoal gray suit with a black silk shirt.. “I have heard the task was simple.”

“There no casualties and just a few flesh wounds,” Malcolm explained. “What is this thing anyway?”
Jonas and Melchior stared at each other before Jonas answered. “It’s a bit complicated to explain but I’ll try. The Alliance have gotten hold of some of my schematic sheets and asked for me to construct a transporter based on the sheets.”

“Transporter?” Malcolm asked.

“It basically transports an item it’s near from one location to another with a press of a few buttons.”

“You developed a teleportation device,” Malcolm felt both upset and impressed by what Jonas had told him. “Might put folk like me out of work, at least for legal jobs.”

“Told you he would say that,” Melchior said before he turned to the screen. “I’ve been fiddling around with it, adding more juice and junk and that lead to its more shiny abilities.”

“What abilities?” Malcolm asked.

“We have been testing it out.” Jonas explained. “Some people have reported finding a few of the items, including the device a few weeks in the past after we sent it off.”

“I held onto once and sent myself two days into the future,” Melchior said proudly.

“Cai Bu shi,” Malcolm gasped. “You managed to build a time machine?”

“Which you can understand why we asked you to steal it from the Alliance.” Jonas said. “We can’t-“ the screen went dark and silent; at the same time the ship shuddered.

“What the hell is going on?” Malcolm shouted as he tried to steady himself. He was answered by another violent shaking that caused him to stumble forward. “River.” He half crawled and half ran towards the front of the ship, making sure it was steady before he stood up all the way and continued to run. The ship shook violently for the third time causing him to fall into the cockpit.

“Gorram it,” Malcolm grabbed onto the floor. “What is going on?”

“It’s not her fault,” the girl in the pilot’s chair answered. River Tam held onto the controls with white shaking hands.

“Not whose fault?”


“What is going on out there?” He struggled to stand up and stare out the front windshield. He couldn’t say any stars, just golden orange light. Were they heading straight for a sun? No that can’t be right. It was not hot enough.

“She needs us for something. She is working with the device to bring us there,” River said. “Once we are there she is going to remove us and put us somewhere safe.”

“Who?” Malcolm grabbed onto to the ships intercom. “Serenity?”

River shook her head. “I don’t know who she is. I don’t want to read her, but she is giving me the message.” Her face scrunched up. No. Now was not the time for her to go into a panic.

“I’ll be by your side.” Malcolm told her before he turned on the com. “Everyone strap down. We are going through a situation and we’ll speak about when we are out of it.” He turned it off and sat himself down in the co pilot’s seat. “Don’t worry, darling we are going to make us through.”

“It’s what she wants.”

What she wants. He had no idea who it is. All he knew was he had to keep Serenity steady. “Hold on tight.” He grabbed onto the other steering controls and tried to steady the shaking ship, despite the fact he couldn’t see where they were going. “We are leaves in the wind.” His body felt numb, loosing all sensation before his vision and everything else went dark.