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What goes around, comes around

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The man glares at the visitor irritated; this was the third time he'd had to deal with this brat and his incompetence.
Donald Pierce was usually good at finding and getting things, but he'd now failed his task twice, and Steve was running out of patience.

"It's not my fault they upped the security! Why'd you even want to get something from that place?"
"It's none of your concern. You need to start producing results if you want to keep your head, boy." The older male growls at him and Donald backs away slightly not liking the atmosphere around the mob boss one bit.

"Just give me more time, I'll get what you wanted as per usual; this was just a small bump at the road." The man promises, trying not to show his fear too much.

"You had 72 hours last time we spoke. You've used up 36." Steve states matter-of-factly, and the red haired woman glances at Tony beside him; they both could tell the punk was in trouble.
Suddenly, the door opens and everybody turns to look at the intruder.

Steve's irritated face switches into a pleased smile the second he sees the man who enters.
Donald stiffens, as he recognizes the person.

He’d met the man last time two years ago, when he’d first dealt business with Rogers; Donald had tried to get more money out of the mob-boss, but his hell-hound had appeared and broken his arm, making the message clear.

Don’t try to outsmart Rogers; you’ll just get yourself screwed.

"Did I interrupt something?" The brunet asks casually, and then walks past the scruffy criminal, sliding to sit on the armrest of Steve's chair. Usually an action like this would be considered beyond disrespectful for any Mafia leader, but it was very clear Steve was not bothered the slightest, as he just grasps the man's hand and kisses it.

"You're early."
The brunet laughs a bit, resting his free arm at the top of the chair's backrest, looking down at Steve with mirth in his expression.

"Didn't take that long to smoke the rat out; I need ta wash my jacket though." The brunet showcases his sleeves that had bits of dried blood on them. Steve tsks at that, seemingly having forgotten that Donald was present, all his attention on the brown haired male sitting beside him.

"You need to take better care of those; I got it tailored for you specifically."
"Sorry about that, doll." The brunet coos, kissing his cheek.

The scruffy man watches this exchange with a mixture of confusion and tenseness. It just showed how insignificant he was to the mafia boss, given how he near forgot he existed the second his right hand man - and clearly a partner - walked in.
Steve’s underlings weren’t as confused, as Natasha just rolled her eyes, and Tony kept shifting nervously like before.

" I was saying..."

The man stiffens as Steve's expression turns serious again and his gaze locks with the young man's. "You're running out of time. Get me what I need, or you'll find yourself at the bottom of the river the next day." Steve then turns to Tony, who instantly stops his nervous shifting and straightens his posture.


"How significant is this intel for your task?"
The younger male sighs and rubs his eyes.
"It’s pretty important."
Steve looks back at Donald.
“You heard him; Get. This. Done.”

"...Yes sir." The man manages to croak out, and then slips out of the room, nearly running.
Natasha almost laughs at the sight, but is quickly silenced by a look from Steve, who then turns to look at Tony.

Bucky watches the exchange, not quite sure what was going on; all he knew was that Steve was working on some sort of personal project regarding to Tony.

Apparently this personal thing was the reason Tony was under his wing; that was all he knew about it though. Despite being there for five years now, Steve was still secretive of his underlings, mainly Tony though. Bucky felt a little miffed that Steve did not let him in on a secret that others seemed to know, but the blond always reassured him that he’d tell Bucky everything if he concluded the man would be needed for whatever he was doing with Tony.

He'd asked multiple times why exactly Steve couldn’t tell him now, but the man had just shushed him with a kiss, and after that Bucky would always be too preoccupied to question it further.
"Let's hope Donald finally delivers; I'd rather not ask Bucky do this instead."

The brunet whips his head around and looks at Steve questioningly.

"Wait, what?"

Steve just shakes his head, giving him a 'later' look, so the man doesn't ask any further questions.
"Well...I feel it would be the better idea at this point; Barnes is much better at thieving." The woman points out, gaining a slight chuckle from the blond, who glances up at Bucky again, such an adoring expression in his face that the aforementioned brunet almost wanted to melt.

"I cannot deny that." Steve whispers softly, grasping Bucky's hand again and kissing his wrist.
Then, he turns serious again.

"...But, this is again something that Donald should be able to do. If he cannot bring it within the remaining hours, we'll have a problem to deal with."

Natasha just nods, whereas Tony stands there tensely, rubbing his arm. He was clearly a little uncomfortable now for some reason, though Bucky doubted it was the kill order; Tony had done and seen deaths under Steve before, this was something else.

"Magpie, why don't you go and clean yourself up? I have few more things left to do, but I'll be there as soon as I can." Steve brushes his cheek, and Bucky grasps the hand, holding it for a moment, before slipping back to his feet and walking out to Steve's - theirs - private quarters.


Once Steve finally arrived, he found Bucky sprawled to their bed, shower-damp, with only comfy sweatpants on. He was scratching his hair absent mindedly, while his tattooed arm rested on his belly.

He looked like a large, relaxed feline lying there, and Steve spent a moment just to rake his gaze all over his lover. Bucky was gorgeous, Steve had not changed his mind during the past five years. In fact, his infatuation had only gotten worse.

There were times he still feared that Bucky would leave him, like everybody else before him, but the second the brunet sensed this, he'd tug the blond into his arms and reassure him he was not going anywhere.

"You know, if you keep staring me like that I'm gonna start thinking you want to eat me."
Bucky remarks suddenly, and the blond shuffles to sit beside him, caressing his tattooed shoulder.

"Define 'eat."

The brunet rolls his eyes and tilts his head towards Steve, kissing his fingers once the man brings them near his lips.
"Sorry 'bout the jacket."

The blond huffs, then slumps beside Bucky who instantly rolls over to rest on top of him, head pressed against his chest. He was warm, and still a little damp. Steve starts mingling his fingers into the long hair, undoing any knots he found as gently as he could.

They just linger there for a while, until the temptation gets too big, and Bucky shifts up to press their lips together, kissing Steve until they both were breathing harshly.

Without a word, the blond flips them around, nuzzling Bucky's neck and leaving wet kisses across it, making the brunet beneath shiver and grasp the canvas of his shirt tightly.
He makes his way down Bucky's chest and stomach, tasting the damp skin with his tongue and lips. Finally, he reaches the waistband, and dips two fingers under it as a tease.

"You're hopeless, Rogers." The brunet laughs, and then gasps as Steve bites his skin, silencing him.

He tugs Bucky's pants down, and nuzzles his already half-hard member, giving it a quick lick that made the man beneath lean his head back and drop his lips open with a moan.

"You're awfully sensitive today."
Steve whispers casually, kissing the sensitive skin, letting his breath brush over it.
"Guess what I was doing before you came in."
The blond looks up at him with a slight pouty look.

"You're too impatient; starting without me."
The brunet rolls his eyes at Steve's playful expression, then gasps again as he feels the pink lips ghost over his arousal, dragging a line up before mouthing at his tip.
"Oh, I got it recorded, doll; don't worry."

The blond takes in a sharp breath of air as he hears Bucky's purring tone.
He knew all too well how good the man was with making sultry videos just for him. They were almost as good as doing this with him physically, almost.

Steve shakes his head and focuses his mind into this moment for now.
“I still think you deserve a punishment for that.” he comments casually, reaching for the silk rope they kept at the nightstand cupboard. He grasps Bucky’s arms and ties them to the headboard, making sure the rope was firm but didn’t hurt.
“Well then; I just keep ending up in these situations.” Bucky snorts, a playful smirk dancing at his lips. Steve leans down and kisses him, letting out an agreeing hum.
“I told you not to; you oughta learn how to listen.”
The brunet snickers at that, then gasp as he feels Steve shift down and slip him back into his mouth. Bucky tugs at his bindings, pleasant chills running up and down his body until he was breathing harshly, head thrown back against his arms and eyes closed in utter pleasure.
The blond is tempted to go all the way and suck him until he came, but he had other plans for tonight. So, once he feels Bucky start tensing, he slips away, leaning up to kiss the man with a slow drag of lips.

"You gonna leave me hanging?" The brunet asks from him, though he could tell the blond was planning something by stopping him at the edge.

It actually hurt a bit, needing to release but not quite being able to.
Steve just gazes down at him for a while, the darkened eyes, the shiny red lips, and the way Bucky was staring up at him with utter want. It was one of his favorite sights, only losing to Bucky's charming smile.

"Hang on there, will ya." He whispers into Bucky's ear, nipping it, making the form beneath gasp and arch against him involuntarily.

Steve plants a hand to his chest, forcing him to lie back down against the mattress, and then unties the rope to flip him around, making the brunet whimper out a bit at the friction against his throbbing arousal caused by the bedsheets.

"Shhh, hang in there." Steve whispers against his skin, kissing his lower back before tying his hands up again. He then pulls Bucky off the bed a bit, making him kneel while using his tied hands as another support point.

The brunet understood what Steve was up to now, and shuddered with anticipation, hanging his head against his strained arms. When he feels Steve's tongue swipe in him, the man gasps, tugging at his restraints.

Steve keeps licking him, taunting him while his hand ran across his own arousal, slicking it up for what he was going to do next. Eventually, the blond's tongue vanishes, and he shift up, kissing the brunet's back one last time, before pushing into him.

Bucky gasps as he feels it, his entire body shuddering with the contact.

Steve moves his hips slowly at first, holding onto Bucky's hips to keep him steady.

Overtime however, his pace fastens, and Bucky reaches up to grasp the headboard, moving his hips in rhythm with Steve to get the man deeper into him. He was panting, gasping for air, and once Steve reaches his hand around Bucky to stroke him, the brunet moans out his name, throwing his head back.

The blond keeps moving faster, his free hand reaching up to grasp Bucky's hair and tug on it, making the brunet groan, pleased about the sensation.

After few more hard strokes with Steve's hand, Bucky finally comes with a loud gasp, shooting all over Steve's hand and the sheets.

The blond slips his hand away and licks it, before placing it on Bucky's hip, thrusting into him hard while grasping his hair tightly. Finally, he felt his body go rigid, and Steve moans out loudly, still tugging on Bucky's brown coils of hair as an orgasm washes over him.

After that, he lets Bucky drop to the bed in a heap, panting harshly, his hands still tied to the headboard. Steve reaches over to untie his arms and turns Bucky around gently, shifts to lie down beside him, tugging him close and kissing Bucky’s slightly reddened wrists. He then places an arm against the panting man’s chest, right above his thundering heartbeat.

They just lie there for a moment, enjoying the afterglow in silence, until Bucky shifts and turns around to his side in order to snuggle against Steve's neck.

"You know, it’s kinda hard not to end up in this situation when you clearly enjoy tying me up." Bucky comments, gaining a low chuckle from Steve.

"I suppose; I don’t hear you complaining though, not usually.”
"I wasn’t complaining, just pointing out your bullshit."

Steve huffs with a smile, rubbing Bucky's scalp with his fingers. He loved the velvety feeling against his touch, and it had become almost like a compulsory habit to feel and rub Bucky's hair afterwards, enjoy its scent.

"For real though; what's up with the thing with Tony?"

Steve sighs, knowing Bucky would ask since his name had been mentioned now, and he’d been curious about the whole deal for ages. The man shifts and rolls them, until Bucky was lying on top of him, head resting on his chest again.
"He's trying to get back something that was stolen from his family."
"By stealing it back?"

"It's....more complicated than that." The blond man sighs, mingling trough Bucky's hair again.
"What he is trying to get back is not a physical object, but rather his family honor. But he needs proof."
Bucky just hums, not knowing what to say to that.

"The object that Donald was supposed to steal was data Tony needs to prove what he needs to prove."

"Why sent somebody incompetent then?"
The blond huffs and Bucky lifts his head to look down at him, only to be kissed the second he does. The brunet lets out a pleased sigh, but gives Steve a stern look once the man pulls back.
"Usually Donald delivers. Plus, he's harder to link to us and easier to get rid of."
The brunet hums, nodding slightly.

"But...I may have to ask you to fill in for him if he cannot get his act together." Steve sounded reluctant at letting him steal whatever this was, and Bucky lifts eyebrow at the man.
"It's...dangerous. Donald is more expendable than you, love." Steve whispers softly, petting his cheek with his knuckles. The touch made Bucky shiver, and for a moment he was tempted to lean down to have a round two, but he restrains himself.

The saying ‘being crazy in love’ did apply to them both pretty damn well, but Bucky wanted to still keep most of his dignity intact.
Most of the time anyway.
other times he didn’t care.

"You let me do a lot of shit." Bucky points out instead, gaining a sad smile from the man beneath him.
"Things I know you can handle. It doesn't mean I don't worry."
Bucky huffs out a sigh, and shakes his head with a smile.
"Again; you're hopeless."
Steve couldn't deny that.


The rugged con stuffs his belongings into a bag in a hurry; there was no way in hell he'll stay in town when Rogers was breathing in his neck.

Donald Pierce was good at his job, getting stuff done, and it showed in his record; he had been able to deliver his promises to the man so far, but this last task was ludicrous; barging in Stane estate was no small feat.

In fact, it was beyond crazy, and he was not gonna bother with it.
Rogers could go and sent some other hound after what he needed, he'd skip town.

The man knew he had to hurry, as the time the mobster had given him was up now, and he'd probably send one of his men to off him.

He slinks into the crowd after leaving his run down hole, and slinks into the subway, trying not to attract attention. Donald sits into a subway cart, and pulls out his phone. His mates were watching the surroundings as well as the mansion, warning him for any activity.

So far he had not gotten any warning signals, so perhaps he'd make it out in time.

He steps out on the next station, and enters into a small bar; his contact would not be picking him up until an hour later, so he had time for a drink. This bar also wasn't one of the usual ones he frequented, so finding him would be harder, not to mention it was in a cleaner area, so most likely it had no ties to gangsters.

Still, this was Rogers he was dealing with.
He was the most fearsome mob-boss around now that Red Skull hit the dust and Hydra was scrambling to make by.

Donald orders a whiskey, and the lady quickly brings him a glass, looking at him a little suspicious. Yeah, he did not exactly look like he belonged here with his rugged look and messy mop, but as long as he behaved, he'd be fine. The woman seemed to be the only one at work right now, which was understandable given how quiet it was at the moment; most people would not hit the bars here until after six. Not to mention the weather was crap right now.

As he glances at the lady serving the few customers more closely however, Donald suddenly has a deja vu; the brunette looked familiar. He was fairly sure he'd never met her before thought.

Donald drinks his drink, glancing around a bit tense. It was a risky move, to try and run away, but he had no choice. Reasoning with Rogers was not an option.

The woman fills his glass again, still looking at him a bit suspicious.
He says nothing to her however, so the woman moves away to serve the few other customers, before entering the back to get something supposedly.

That's when Donald feels a chill down his back, and hears footsteps head his way.
After a moment, somebody slinks to sit beside him, and as he glances at the man, Donald sees the tattooed wrist peeking from underneath the leather jacket.
"Goin' somewhere?"

The rugged man glances up, finding none other but the fuckin' hell-hound himself; Rogers had actually sent his right hand after him.
It was almost flattering.

"You don't usually hang around here, do you?" The man's voice was chatty, and he brushes through his sleeked back hair. No weapons were visible, but Donald knew the man probably had a gun hidden somewhere beneath the jacket.

"Steve's pissed."

Donald huffs; way to state the obvious.
A hand lands on his shoulder suddenly, and the blond male looks up, feeling his blood freeze in his veins; the fucker showed him the gun slightly from beneath his jacket, giving him a sharp look.
"Try anythin' and you'll have a hole through your skull."
He then yanks the man up to his feet, clearly intending to escort him out of the place.
Donald looks around for a way to escape, and that's when he notices the woman come back, looking at them confused.

The man suddenly shoves the brunet and jumps over the counter, grabbing the woman and holding her in front of him with a blade on her throat.
"Wasn't your boss against extra casualties?"
The brunet just glares at him angrily, then glances at the woman and frowns a bit, almost confused for a second.

"Get me outta here." The man barks at the lady, and starts backing away with her, slinking back into the storage area.

The hell-hound watches his every step, but doesn't try to come after him for some reason.
Once in the storage, he shoves the woman forward, demanding her to show the way to the backdoor. The brunette obeys, clearly scared, and leads him through the shelves, and out to the back.

Once she opens the door, the man shoves her down and sprints towards the exit from the alley, only to realize his path was blocked by a black car.

The man curses and tries to run to other direction, only to find that the red haired woman was standing in his way, gun ready. He grabs the brunette again, making her whimper in fear, and holds the blade at her throat, backing away towards the door again.

Except, that's when the hell-hound steps through it, blocking his last path to freedom.

"Nice try, but you oughta know when Steve wants something, he gets it."

The hell-hound reminds him with a sly grin, but he keeps glancing at the woman he was holding for some reason.

Suddenly, a door opens, and Donald turns to look at the figure stepping out of the car.
Holy hell, it was Rogers himself. Why the hell hadn't his mates warned him that the whole lot was chasing after his tail?

"In case you are wondering; Bucky already took out your little friend watching the manor." Steve says calmly, crossing his arms as he examines the man from head to toe. The woman Donald was holding gasps and starts shaking even more now, clearly recognizing who Rogers was.
"I ain't gonna bother trying to get that damn thing Rogers! It's insanity!"

The mobster just paces towards him, hands in his pockets and a bored look in his eyes. He did not need to hold out a weapon, his presence alone was enough to terrify people.

It did not help to have his right hand man breathe in his neck too, let alone the red haired bitch.
"I asked you if you could do it. You said you could." Steve reminds him calmly, now just few feet away from him. Donald backs away, heading towards the redhead as she'd probably be the easiest to take out. The woman tugs on his arm around her neck, trying to free herself.

"Well maybe I changed my mind!"

"So you lied?"

The rugged blond goes quiet, noticing the way Rogers' eyes shifted into a predatory mode. Lying was a cardinal sin in his book. You don't just promise shit to Steve Rogers and not get it done.
"Look, I can even give you back the money you gave me: just get somebody else to do this."
Rogers tsks, and cracks his neck, looking at him pointedly.
"You know how I feel about lying, Pierce."

The man curses, and then shoves the woman forward, sprinting towards Natasha, who simply moves to kick him harsh in the gut, making him stumble to the ground in agony.

"This discussion is not over yet, Donald." The woman scolds him, and then kicks him again as the man tries to get up.

Steve sighs, sounding quite irritated about the situation, and then glances at the woman who'd crawled back towards the door, only to realize the brunet man was still standing in her way.
"Get up." He orders the woman, who shakily stands up, then almost stumbles again due to her fear, only for Bucky to grasp her arm and hold her upright, still frowning.

"You never saw what happened here, if you care about your life."

Steve's tone was cold, but Bucky knew somewhat it was really for show; he was not the type to go after an innocent person accidentally dragged into their business. He just did this intimidation thing for the lady’s own sake, so he would not have to do it.

The woman just nods, still shaking, and Steve lifts his gaze to Bucky. His expression softens by a fraction as their eyes meet, but he keeps his tone ordering.
"Bring her back in; you know what to do from there."

The brunet just nods, and gently coaxes the shaky woman back inside the storage area, while Natasha hauls the scruffy man at the floor of Steve's car, swiftly tying him up and knocking him out for the trip back.

"That was quite the pesky situation." She comments, gaining a hum from Steve who sits back in.

The woman was still shaking as Bucky made her sit down to a bench. They were alone in the storage area, but the man knew that after what happened, the few other customers probably called the cops. He looks back down at the woman, who was clearly terrified of him.

Except, now she was also looking at him with a slight confused frown; it felt as if she'd seen him before, or thought she had.
"Alright, here's the deal; once the cops show up, tell 'em that there was just a small misunderstanding, and the guy who got a jump at you escaped already."

She just nods, examining him quiet.

"It's for your own sake you don't mention us: Steve doesn't like going after innocents who just get dragged into this mess, so don't give him a reason, alright?"
The woman nods again, and the man hums satisfied, then turns to leave.


The word freezes him on his tracks, and Bucky glances back at the woman, who was now standing up, reaching for him cautious. As she notices Bucky's stare, the woman pulls her hand back, but keeps looking at him with widened eyes.

Eyes that Bucky had seen before.

"Jimmy, is it really you?" The woman repeats her question shakily, and the brunet turns to face her properly, just staring at her. He suddenly moves forward and grasps her chin, examining every inch of her face for a moment.
It couldn't possibly be...
His question is met with a shaky smile, and she places a hand on his cheek, a touch familiar from years ago.
"Oh my goodness, it really is you."
Bucky just stares at her, unsure on how to react.

Then, he hears commotion at the front, and quickly sprints off, entering the car waiting for him. As he closes the door and Natasha starts driving, Steve notices his pale face and wide eyed look, and squeezes his shoulder concerned.

"Did something happen?"
Bucky just shakes his head, having no words right now.

It couldn't be...

But it had to.

Only one person in the world used that annoying nickname about him.
Except that, this person was supposed to be dead.
"Bucky?" Steve shakes him a bit, now with a stern voice.
The brunet shakes his head again, and just leans back in his seat, closing his eyes as his thoughts raged in his head.

Steve kept looking at him the whole way back, but didn't say anything as Bucky slinks into their private wing, as he still had to deal with Donald. Plus, the blond respected that Bucky needed some time to process whatever was troubling him.

Once Steve comes back to the wing later in the evening, Bucky was sitting on his laptop, looking keenly at something. It wasn't that unusual, as he sometimes used the laptop to record things for Steve, but his frowning expression was worrisome. The man walks beside the brunet, and places a hand on his shoulder. Most others would be intimidated by this gesture from him, but with Bucky it was meant for comfort rather than establish control.

"What happened?" He asks softly, and glances at the screen.

Bucky was looking through some old news files regarding to...his family murders?

"It can't be. It just cannot!" The brunet muses, rubbing his eyes as he leans back in his chair.
Steve just waits, until the brunet sighs and looks up at him with a helpless look, something uncharacteristic to his fierce and brilliant partner.
"The woman."

"What about her?" Steve asks calmly. He could feel the confusion and shock emit from Bucky, and did not like nor understand where it was coming from.

"She....I think she's my sister."
Steve blinks, then his eyes widen, and he looks at the screen again.
"You said they all were killed."

"They were! At least, when I got home, they all were..." Bucky swallows down hard and gets up abruptly, pacing around. Steve could hear his breathing quicken, as if he was starting to have a panic attack of sorts. He sighs and grasps Bucky's arm, tugging him into his arms, and he lays them both to the bed, petting the brown locks until the man calms down enough to continue.
"When I got there, they all were...I called an ambulance, but it was too late for 'em."
"Did the medics tell you that?"

"T-they said...pops was dead already, ma was near death and my....they were all in critical condition."

"Did they bring them to the hospital?"
"Yeah, they did...they said all of 'em died despite..."
The brunet starts shaking, and Steve tugs him closer, letting the man sob quietly against him for a moment.
"I...when I went home, they were waitin' for me. I suppose they wanted to finish the job, so I fled."
"Why would they bother going after you too?"
Bucky snorts, looking up at him.
"I guess you never met Red Skull. He was fuckin' ruthless; never leaving a stone unturned."
"That's...honestly a waste of resources."

Bucky just shakes his head and leans back down, cuddling up against his boss-slash-romantic partner.

"...Then was there perhaps a way that you just...missed the info that your sister survived?"
"That's what I'm tryin' to find out. There's barely any info in the news reels though. It's like...if she did survive, they hid it for some reason."
Bucky was really unsure about anything right now; he could not…he could not ignore the off chance that his trauma had altered his memories of the events somehow. Maybe he’d just forgotten the info and kept thinking Becca was dead?

Steve hums, still petting his hair.
"Are you absolutely sure it was your sister?"
Bucky snorts, and then laughs. It sounds shaky and wet.
"Only Rebecca would fuckin' call me Jimmy."

Steve lifts eyebrow at that, and the brunet sighs, rubbing his eyes with his hand.
"Guess I never mentioned my full name yet: James Buchanan Barnes. Bucky's just a nickname that stuck, and I’ve preferred using it for the past years for obvious reasons."

Steve hums, now realizing that he indeed had never known Bucky's full name; he'd assumed it was just Bucky Barnes. They lie there for a moment, with Steve petting his hair as Bucky tries to gather himself back together.
"....If it concerns you so much, I can ask Tony to try and dig intel on this woman and what happened back then."

Bucky hums thoughtfully, warm hand pressed against Steve's chest.

"....I don't know. If it is her, I'd rather not involve her into this."
Steve could understand; if he'd ever had a little sister or brother, he would have wanted to keep them out of his criminal activities as well.
"But...I do want to know if it's really her. Just..."
"We won't harm a hair of her head Bucky, I swear."
The brunet chuckles a bit, nuzzling his neck and planting a kiss there, which makes the blond man shiver with delight.

"Know that Rogers; but I appreciate that you voice it."
The blond smiles at him and Bucky reaches up to kiss Steve gently, except that it soon evolves into something more as Steve tugs the man on top of himself, slipping a hand under his shirt.


"So you want me to look into this random lady you stumbled across?"
Steve just glares at him, and Tony swallows down nervously.
"Right, okay. No problem. I was just wondering..."
"It's for Bucky; he thinks he may know her."

Tony looks up, surprised to gain an answer. Then again, after Barnes had shown up, Steve had become a bit less cold and stern towards him and Barton in general.
Not that Tony had minded it in the first place; he had always been aware the man was nicer than he let on.

"Alright. What are you gonna do with the rat by the way?"
Steve sighs, rubbing his eyes: Donald was currently trapped in the basement, tied to a chair with a big bump on his head.

"Admittedly, the task may be too difficult even for him to handle, but I cannot look his attempt at fleeing with the money through my fingers."

Tony hums, not asking further questions. He did not really care what happened to the guy anyway; he just needed the thing Donald Pierce had been tasked to steal.
"Alright; I look into it, should take less than a day with my expertise. I mean, We already have a beginning point as we know where the lady works."

Steve hums and nods.
"Glad to know somebody is reliable in this place."
Tony tried not to beam too much over that compliment.


Steve had left for some sort of meeting, taking Natasha with him as per usual. Normally Bucky would go as well, but the blond had given him some time off due to the fact he was still a little shocked. Currently, the brunet was floating in the swimming pool on his back, trying to relax and calm his raging thoughts. He'd been jumpy and uneasy the whole day, replaying the events from the past in his head to the point it was making him crazy.

He slips underwater for a moment, just listening to the steady sound of his own heartbeat, and the muffled noises of the water, before springing back up, sleeking trough his hair.
The man sighs as he gets out of the water. He walks into the shower and turns the hot water on. He seriously needed something to distract himself, because thinking about the lady made him go crazy right now.

Was it really his sister?
If she was not, how'd she known about the nickname?
Was there a guy who looked like him who just happened to share the same name?

Bucky sighs and rubs the shampoo into his hair. There was no point in dwelling into this. Tony was apparently looking into it, if there was anything to know. He should just find something else to distract himself with.

As he gets out of the bathroom, Bucky notes that the laptop was still on.
Drying his hair a thought pops up in his head.
He cannot stop but smirk at the idea a little bit.

Bucky shifts the laptop so that the camera was facing the bed, and after he was happy with the angle, makes it record.

He dims the lighting in the room, and then chucks off the towel, sitting on the bed naked, crossing his legs. At first he just closes his eyes and places his hands on his knees, counting to ten in his head.

Then, he slowly brings his hands up to sleek back his hair, sliding his fingers down his neck and shoulders, making sure he moved slowly, keeping the touch feather light. It did not have the same effect on him like Steve's hands would, but it was not about how he felt; it only mattered how it would look like.

He tilts his head back a little, exposing his throat, drawing a line down with two fingers, stopping at his collarbone.

Bucky slides his right palm down his chest and belly; tilting his head down a bit to note he was already growing hard. Despite his body expecting his own touch, he'd always been able to do this with himself.

A natural talent, which had always been helpful in the bedroom; Steve especially was overly pleased about this, though he would’ve been impressed by anything Bucky did at this point.

Bucky runs his hand back up, massaging his neck gently, then brushing trough his hair slowly again, tilting his head back in same motion, parting his lips and flicking his tongue over them.

He'd kept his gaze away from the camera, but now as he slowly tilts his head back, he looks at it directly, and brings his tattooed hand to his face, licking it while he kept his eyes at the camera.
Bucky knew from experience that he didn't really need to go further than this to get the mob boss hot and bothered, but he liked to go the extra way anyway.

Bucky slides the now damp hand down his body slowly, and unfolds his legs, spreading them across the bed.

He leans his weight back against his other arm, and swipes a finger across him, before slowly wrapping his hand around the aroused member, giving himself a slow stroke.

He repeats this a couple of times, making his whole body shudder, and once he feels first bits of liquid cover his hand, the man brings it up, trailing it across his body and leaving wet marks on his skin, before slowly licking his palm clean. He flicks his tongue over each fingertip individually; making sure his expression was as sultry and pleased as he could.

The man slides his hand back, and starts working himself faster, feeling the pressure build up rather quickly as he shuddered.

Then, as he felt the orgasm hit him, Bucky tilts his head back, exposing his throat to the camera, and he arches off the bed a little, lips parted in a pleasure filled moan. Once it subsides, he doesn't lift his head up yet, just slides the stained hand up his body, bringing it up and over his face to lick it clean again.

Then, he lowers the arm against the bed, and slowly tilts forward, leaning his head down so that his hair hangs over his face. He then uses his both hands to slick it back, tilting his head up along the way, sliding his fingers off his hair, down his neck, and puts his hands down onto his lap, before he finally looks at the laptop again.

He flashes a smirk at it, and then shifts to crawl forward and turn off the recording.

Glancing out, the sun was setting. Steve would probably be back soon. Bucky turns the laptop so that he'll know to look into it, and gets up to go and wipe himself clean properly, before slipping under the silky covers, satisfied.

His mind was pleasantly blank from confusion and worry for now, and he could not wait to see Steve's reaction.
Except, he ends up falling asleep in his drowsy state.


When the mafia head comes back, he notes that Bucky had already curled under the blankets, face in a peaceful slumber. He also notices the way the laptop was left, and knows Bucky had made something for him.

Steve hums a little amused, and walks to the bed to plant a soft kiss to Bucky's cheek, before going to take a shower. He was going to watch the video later, as right now his mind was too preoccupied with other things, namely the burning issue of what to do with Donald, and how to get what Tony needed if the small time con couldn't deliver.

There was also the personal issue with Bucky, but Steve had full faith that Tony could figure that one out, so he did not worry over it too much.

Once he gets out of the shower, Steve tugs on comfy pants he often slept in, and grasps the laptop, walking to the couch and placing the device to the coffee table as he sat down.
He clicks play and leans back, watching what goodies Bucky had left him this time.

One could say they both were hopelessly dirty-minded, but Steve did not watch these just for the obvious sexual gratification he gained.

He was genuinely awed how Bucky managed to make every single move he did look so tempting, and how much effort he put into his little showcase of skill just for Steve.

It wasn't your average dirty video some couples would do to spice up their bedroom antics, it was much more sensual, and had special kind of intimacy to it. Namely because Bucky put a lot of focus on things he knew Steve liked, such as his hair, or the long line of his neck.

The blond watches the video again, feeling a swell or pride and possessiveness settle around his heart. He felt proud to be the one receiving this special treatment from Bucky, and possessive, because he hated the thought of somebody else having his attention like this.

Eventually, he puts the video away, and glances at the sleeping man.

Part of Steve wanted to wake him up and have his way with him, but Bucky deserved his rest right now; whatever had happened with that woman had greatly disturbed him, and he had to be mentally exhausted.

Steve closes his laptop and brings it back to the table, then slips under the covers, noting that Bucky was naked. He ignores the temptation for now, just tugging the man into his arms, nuzzling against the back of his neck with a satisfied sigh.

After a moment, Bucky shifts around to snuggle against his chest, and Steve tightens his grip around the man, enjoying the warmth he radiated.
"Just sleep for now, little Magpie; we'll handle everything for you. Do not worry." Steve whispers into his ear, gaining a small hum from Bucky who shifts even closer, making the blond man smile.


The next day, Tony informed Steve that he had news. The blond man could not stop but smile pleased; the genius had never let him down, and neither did he this time.
He turned serious however the second he saw Tony's uneasy gaze.

"You...might wanna consider if you tell Barnes about this." Tony began, closing the door to Steve's office to talk in private. The blond just crosses his arms, nodding Tony to continue.

"It's her. The woman really is his sister."
"So she survived..."
"Yeah, not just that; she was put in witness protection program afterwards. She was supposed to testify in court back then about what happened."

"Why didn't she?"

"I'm guessing they didn't have enough evidence or something, but that's not what concerns me."
As Steve keeps looking at him, Tony swallows down hardly and continues his explanation.
"I found out that Hydra's looking for her again. Apparently they found out she's alive, and want her dead for some reason."

"What about this makes you think Bucky should not know about it?"
"Because he'll want to get involved, boss, and you know what that means."

Steve goes quiet, understanding Tony's dilemma; getting involved into this could potentially put his syndicate and businesses in danger. It could even cause an all-out gang war, given how Hydra was already miffed about Bucky due to him shooting their original leader. The only reason Hydra had not attempted to go after him for the past five years was because their new leader was not so keen on making a brutal conflict to spread all over the streets, just like Steve.
The message his few surviving members had delivered was clear; touch Bucky and Steve would personally break your neck.

But...Steve knew situations could change. If Bucky gave them an excuse now...not to mention Steve had heard rumors that the gang had been strengthening its ranks, so all they potentially needed was a trigger.

".....What do you suggest we should do about it then?"

Tony blinks, probably surprised to have Steve honestly ask his opinion.
"Truthfully? Lie. Tell 'im it's not her. If he finds out, he will try an' help her, and that can lead the whole city into chaos in the worst case scenario – if the rumors about Hydra are to be believed anyway."

"And if I tell him the truth, what could happen?"
"Best case scenario? He might get killed, or thrown in jail. Worst, as stated before."

Steve did not like either of those options. He sighs and walks to his desk, leaning against it as he considers his options. Steve hated lying to Bucky, but there were more things at stake than just the life of one woman.

He could not risk it.

"I can...I can break the news to him instead if it helps."

Steve shakes his head and turns to look at Tony. He then walks closer, making the shorter male stiffen for a second. The blond then squeezes his shoulder, but not in a usual, threatening manner.
"Thank you Tony; you did good job as per usual."

The dark haired man blinks, then struggles to nod and state he was just doing his job as Steve said. Steve pats his shoulder, then turns his back again, indicating that it was time for Tony to slip away, so he does, leaving the blond man to make this hard decision himself.

Bucky enters Steve's office, finding the man in deep thought, sitting on his desk and leaning his head to his crossed hands. He was frowning, as if trying to make a hard decision. Bucky walks to him cautiously, unsure on what was going on; Natasha had just informed him to go and see Steve in his office.

He walks past the table, and cautiously brushes Steve's shoulder. The blond sighs and leans back, then gestures Bucky to sit on the armrest like he usually did. Once he does so, Steve places a hand on his thigh, rubbing it a bit. His face was still weighed, as if he hadn't fully decided on what he wanted to do.

"Steve?" Bucky questions, brushing trough his short hair now concerned.
After a moment, the blond sighs and looks up at him, an apologizing look in his eyes.
"Ts' not her."
"Tony got his results?"

"Yeah. The woman ain't your sister. She probably mistook you for somebody else."
The brunet sighs, unsure on how to feel about that. The blond shifts, and then pulls him to sit on his lap, caressing Bucky's back gently.

"I'm sorry."
He says sincerely, and the brunet wasn't quite sure what he was apologizing for.

"Hey. It's not your fault. Mistaken identity is mistaken identity; I was unlikely to be her anyway." Bucky caresses his cheek, and Steve grasps his hand, kissing it gently. He presses his lips against Bucky's palm for such a long time that it was almost strange.

"Still. I'm sorry. You must've felt...hopeful about it."

Bucky nods, unable to deny it; he sags against Steve with a disappointed sigh, and the man keeps petting his back, still looking guilty. Bucky nuzzles his cheek, telling him yet again it was okay, and Steve tilts his head to kiss him in turn.

It was sweet, but yet again felt like an apology.

Sure, Bucky was disappointed, but Steve was being overly guilty about it. As he rests his head there, against the blond's broad shoulder, Bucky could not stop but wonder. Has Tony gotten it right? He knew the kid was good, but something in his gut told him the woman was Rebecca.
His sister.

If it was true, why would Tony lie to Steve about it?
Or....why would Steve lie to him?

The brunet glances up at Steve, who was gazing ahead with glazed eyes, thinking about something. He did not want to think that his lover was lying to him, but...Bucky just couldn't shake the feeling that something was off.

Steve was not telling him the whole truth.
Bucky didn't want to believe it, but his gut instinct was rarely wrong.