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Sing Your Heart Out To Me

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(Y/N)? Can you promise me something?” You look over at the figure next to you and smile, your eyes glimmering in the darkness.

“You know I will!” you promised, turning your ten year-old body towards your companion.

“Promise me that whatever happens, we’ll always be best friends,” she spoke, her eyes filled with hope. You reached your small hand over to grab hers, giving it a gentle squeeze.

“I promise.”


You sat up, covered in cold sweat, your heart racing and your breath short.

Just a dream, you thought, taking deep breaths to calm your heart. It’s just another dream. Glancing at your clock, you sighed. Instead of hoping for an hour or two more of sleep, you only had five minutes until the damn thing went off. Deciding to just get up, you turned off the clock and crawled out of your bed. The air was slightly chilly, but you found it comforting as it was unusually warm for the beginning of spring.

“Miss (Y/N)?” You glanced over to see your butler, Arnold, standing at the door. “Shall I prepare you some breakfast?”

“No, thank you,” you replied, fishing out a bra and underwear. Arnold shifted to his right foot.

“Are you sure, Miss? It’s your first day at the academy, you know,” he informed.

“I’m very aware of that,” you mumbled under your breath, staring at the clothing in your hands. “I’ll be fine with a slice of sourdough toast and butter with watermelon juice,” you said out loud. Arnold nodded and bowed, closing the door silently behind him as he retreated to the kitchen. Your mind buzzed with your recent dream as you walked into the bathroom to shower. With the air soon filled with steam, you stripped of your pajamas and stepped into the shower, a familiar yet foreign face burning before your very eyes. With a sigh, you washed your hair and body, taking your time before you had to leave.


The academy was certainly bigger than you anticipated. You shifted, feeling uncomfortable in the yellow school uniform. You never were one for dresses, and the thought that you’ll be wearing this terrible thing until you graduate sent a shiver of disgust down your spine. With a deep breath, you walked to the main entrance of the large school.

Inside, girls gossiped and boys talked about sports, everyone seemingly glowing and ignoring you, not that you minded. You were here to fulfill a dream that wasn’t even yours, and making friends seemed like a distraction. Besides, in your mind, it was you and them. You against the world. No one could ever understand you. The only person who could…

You shook your head. Now wasn’t the time to think about her.

Biting your lip, you glanced at a wrinkled piece of paper that held the schedule you were to follow until June. With the academy at least three stories tall, you were sure you’d get lost within ten feet. Hearing every girl in the direct vicinity gasp, you turned, only to see seven extremely attractive boys walking down the hall. With an eyebrow raised, you looked at the girls surrounding them.

Huh, they must be the popular kids, you thought, wrinkling your nose. You watched as the tall blonde in front lift some girl’s chin with his finger, getting so close he could kiss her. The others seemed to do the same, except for the short blonde kid. Was he even a high schooler? He looks like he’s five.

“Ah, good morning, Princess,” the tall blonde turned to you, a soft smile gracing his features. You bit the inside of your cheek and fought back the urge to roll your eyes. “You must be new here. What’s your name, Beautiful?”

“And why should I tell you?” you snapped, clenching your hands. The boy looked surprised, almost as if he expected you to melt to a puddle at his feet. You heard the girls murmuring around you, but frankly, you don’t give a shit.

“Well,” he said, composing himself and hiding his shock with a smile, “I’d like to know the name of the beautiful maiden standing before me. Is that such a bad thing?” You snorted, narrowing your (E/C) eyes at him.

“Yes, because you’re bothering me.”

“Boss,” a ginger said, somehow next to the first boy.

“Let us handle this,” another ginger finished. You instantly realized that these gingers were twins, a scowl adorning your face. The first twin, Thing Number 1, you decided to call him, smiled slyly at you, moving to your side.

“You’re new here, aren’t you?” he purred, wrapping an arm around your shoulder. You tensed, feeling your face turn red with anger.

“Either you get your arm from around my shoulder, or you’ll have a broken arm and all your teeth will be knocked out of your skull,” you hissed, turning to glare at him. Thing Number 1 blinked before moving his arm. “Let me get this straight with you idiodic assmunches. I’m not here to be flirted with man-whores, and I especially don’t want anything to do with twins,” you spat. The hall was silent as everyone stared at you. You hadn’t felt this amount of attention since…

Before you could finish your thought, you shoved through the crowd, storming off to find your first class. Every student backed away, murmuring rude things about you as you walked off. Not that you care, though. You planned to spend the rest of your high school career alone.

It’s you against the world.

Your first few classes were a breeze. When the teacher introduced you, you gave a false name.


The teacher would nod and point to your seat, to which you silently took. They found that as a second year, you were incredibly smart and ready to learn, but you preferred to keep your distance. Your health teacher would describe it as you ‘avoiding everyone as if they had the plague.’

Of course, you didn’t mind. You knew what you were here for, and nothing will change that.

As you avoided everyone, everyone avoided you. You heard their whispers behind your back. You felt every glare and curious look that was thrown your way. No one attempted to talk to you, nor did you attempt to talk to anyone. Three of the seven boys were in your class, and that was something that bugged you greatly. You felt their eyes on you throughout the morning, though it was tempting, you didn’t stare back. The twins, you noticed, whispered to each other as they watched you.

You stared straight ahead.

It wasn’t long before the bell rang for lunch. Instead of following everyone out the door, you remained seated, staring at your folded hands. You thought of all the classwork and homework you had to catch up on, but it wouldn’t be a problem. You thought of the teachers. They were nice enough, you concluded. Your classmates? You could care less.

“Excuse me?” You looked up to see one of the seven males standing in front of your desk. You frowned.

“May I help you?” you responded coldly. The male didn’t even blink.

“My name’s Haruhi. Would you like to eat lunch with me and my friends?” Haruhi asked. Your frown deepened.

“And why would I do that?”

“Well, you look like you could use a friend. My other friends wouldn’t mind you sitting with us at all. Just ignore their flirting,” he asked. You studied him for a moment before standing.

“Just this one time, got it?” Haruhi cracked a small smile.

“I don’t think you’ll have lunch with us just once. Come on. We eat in Music Room 3.” You wordlessly gathered your belongings and followed Haruhi. Girls stared at you both, gawking at the sight of you, a new nobody, with one of the most handsome guys in the academy. You rolled your eyes, half heartedly listening to him as he talked about his friends and some club he’s in. In all honestly, you could care less about whatever club he’s talking about.

“Ah, there you are, Haru-chan,” a tall male with dark hair and glasses spoke. “Is this the same girl from earlier?” You felt his cold eyes examine you as the room grew silent. Still, you kept your chin up.

“Yes. This is Leila. Leila, this is Kyoya-sempai,” Haruhi introduced. Kyoya stood and bowed slightly, the girls in the room going wild. You only scoffed.

“What a pleasure to meet you,” Kyoya said, straightening. You pursed your lips, noticing the other ‘club members’ walking over to meet you.

“Since everyone’s here, let me introduce you,” Haruhi said. He gestured to each member. “That tall blonde is Tamaki, the short blonde is Honey, the tall ravenette is Mori, and the twins are Kaoru and Hikaru. As I was saying, we’re the Host Club.” You looked at Haruhi, frowning.

“A host club,” you deadpanned. “You can’t be serious.”

“I’m afraid we are, beautiful maiden,” Tamaki said dramatically. Rose petals seemed to float from around him. “We are a club dedicated to making girls happy and-”

“Where’d the rose petals come from?” you murmured to Haruhi as Tamaki blabbered on, striking dramatic poses. Haruhi sighed.

“I’ve been wondering that since the day I joined,” he mumbled back. You nodded slightly, watching the blonde, clearly unimpressed.

“And that is why we are known as the Host Club!” Tamaki finished, huffing proudly.

“Are you done yet?” you asked. Tamaki’s confidence seemed to deflate as he stared at you. “I’m not here for the weird club thing you have going on here. Haruhi only invited me for lunch.” You watched, confused, as Tamaki sulked in a corner. “What’s his problem?”

“Boss is just over dramatic,” one of the twins said. You noticed he had a soft voice, and his hair was parted to the left.

“So don’t mind him. This happens all the time, especially with Haruhi,” the other said. His voice was deeper, and his hair was parted to the right. You made sure to make a mental note of that. Twins liked to be identified correctly, even if they acted like they didn’t. Haruhi shot them a glare.

“Can you two please knock it off? I’m trying to make her comfortable.” A small tug on your dress caught your attention.

Oh, you thought. It’s the man baby thing.

“What’s your name?” Honey asked, blinking up at you with large brown eyes. Once more, you felt everyone’s eyes on you. Even Tamaki paused his sulking to look over at you.

What is with this school and staring at people?

“Leila (L/N),” you replied, sounding bored. “May I go eat my lunch in peace, now?” Without waiting for a response, you walked over to the corner of the room, sitting on the window sill to enjoy a small lunch packed by Arnold. You pulled out your homework and began working on it as you ate, unaware of the Host Club members watching you closely.

“She doesn’t like people, does she?” Honey said after a moment of silence. Mori nodded.

“It surely seems that way, doesn’t it?” he said.

“Is it just me, or does she seem to hate us?” the twins asked in unison.

“Maybe she has a thing against twins?” Tamaki suggested, shrugging his shoulders.

“No, I don’t think that’s it,” Haruhi said, tilting her head. “Perhaps you both went on her too strong. She is new here, you know.” Kyoya stayed silent, the gears in his head turning.

“Leila (L/N)...” he mumbled after a few moments, gaining the attention of his fellow club members. “I feel as if I’ve heard that name before.”

“Really? Where?” Haruhi asked. The genius looked down at the girl, his expression unreadable.

“Just somewhere. I’ll look in on it right away.” He looked up at you with a frown. “Though, I don’t have a good feeling about her.”

“How come?” the twins asked once more. Kyoya pushed up his glasses and turned away, his laptop under his arm.

“I just do.”