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Ignis Fulgur

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      Harry was startled when he suddenly came upon a cringing, terrified man, a corpse, and a small floating baby with a snake halo. Which… What. Harry inanely wished that being magical would help him be inured against spontaneous weird things. Potter Luck should really have made him jaded against this sort of occurrence, but he was enjoying be lost in Athens. Can’t he wander around some beautiful, ancient, winding Greek alleyways without stumbling across a crime scene in progress? And his wandhand is preoccupied by a bag of the local tea, ‘Tsai tou Vounou’ the old grannie called it. He wanted to drink it, dammit, not use it as a distraction.

      “Mou~ What are you doing here? Hmm, doesn’t matter. There is nothing interesting here, perhaps you should take a walk.” The small floating child seemed to writhe with dark bluish purple fire and Harry felt a sensation like a cold imperio settle into his head. Weariness dragged at his limbs and the fact that he really didn’t know what was going on and this was none of his business. He’s on vacation, ahem, sabbatical isn’t he? Why should he care?

    Harry was torn being bemused, angry, and worried. On one hand, it’s been a long time since anyone has even tried to use mind control magic on him, but at the same time the little prat was trying to mind control him! But the worst part was that Harry didn’t recognize the blue fire spell, which meant that he was dealing with an unknown technique. If he wasn’t very careful everything could go very very wrong.

It was a shame that he was terrible at being careful.

    He threw his already mourned bag of tea at the floating toddler (was it even human? It is floating) and snapped his hand out to bring out his wand. There was no way that this is a muggle mugging (his inner Hermione gave him an unimpressed eyebrow), and he was grateful to be able to use his best weapon.

    The child wasn’t holding a weapon for him to disarm, so he spat out a quick Finite to see if he could cancel what was keeping him? her? them. them afloat. They stayed up in the air, and suddenly it felt like reality decided to take a spontaneous day vacation with common sense as its companion. The steps became a river of lava, shadowy tentacles sprouted from the walls to strike at him, and the sky seemed to suddenly disappear into a terrible abyss. A irritable, wailing keen sounded through the air, increasing his disorientation.

    There was an immediate flurry of shields, ice, conjured rocks to create stepping stones, and hexes as Harry fell into the defensive. Harry had more power behind his attacks, he noted, but he couldn’t even hit his target. Everything that made it past all the obstacles and actually hit sailed right through them. But that was alright. Not ideal. He would prefer to knock them out and brusquely get them handed over to the Greek Aurors, but the most important goal needed to be taken care of.

    As soon as he was in the right spot, he used his wand to whisk around the steam from the ice combating the lava to create a concealing mist. Lunging, he snatch the wrist of the terrified man and hauled him up and behind him. He darted down the step-stones he made in the lava river, wondering how long they were going to last. The man was gibbering in language Harry didn’t know, so that wasn’t very helpful.

     The floating devil child materialized before them, causing Harry to halt suddenly, almost tipping over in the lava river. His shoes are never going to be quite the same anymore, though.

    “Mou~ Running is useless, you are in my territory. You cannot leave. You will be answering all my questions satisfactorily and pay me for wasting my time.” Something that small with cute, chubby cheeks should not be that ominous, Harry decided.

    “Let him go, then we talk.” Harry bargained back.

    “No.” Short and indifferent, it startled Harry. He was a bit more use to melodramatic bragging from his opponents.

    He also felt a knee jerk anger rise up, “Why not? If you don’t let him go I’m not saying anything!” Harry spat out. Not that he intended to say much, just stall, then apparate. He still had no idea how the entire environment was changed, it wasn’t anything like he had ever seen magic do before. And slinging out Bombardas and other more destructive curses is such a bad idea in the muggle side of town.

“It doesn’t matter. You are trapped.” They smugly replied.

    Harry went still. He hated being trapped. Trapped by the Dursley’s crafted reputation, the damn cupboard, the Wizarding World’s expectations, unwanted contracts, life- threatening secrets, Malfoy Manor. His life has been a series of traps, and there was few things he hated more.

A strangled sound came from the man he was holding on to, Harry didn't take his eyes off the child but gave what he hoped was a reassuring hand squeeze.

Someone's life was depending on him.

He was Not going to end his life in a trap.

    (Unbeknownst to him, his eyes glowed a piercing bright orange at this moment. This caused his Misty opponent to stiffen in surprise, giving Harry the split-second he needed)

    He made a sharp upward motion with his orange fire wreathed wand, made a very precise complicated gesture, and whispered a furious Ignis Fulgur. There was silence for a second, then a massive orange lightning bolt shredded through the previously endless abyss forcing his opponent to break their concentration on anything besides defense. While they were distracted, Harry made sure that his grip was firm, then apparated.

    The toddler wasn’t floating anymore, and their snake was now a frog. They stumbled awkwardly as they tried to recover from near death by Sky Flame lightning bolt. They’ll track down their target later, but they did manage to gain some interesting news. One, someone British that could easily resist Mist compulsions. Two, he could fight back against Illusions with a strange weapon with flexible abilities. Three, proved himself to have a soft exploitable heart. Four, he can teleport without using any Mist Flame. And five…

    “Mou~ A civilian Sky. What a valuable piece of information.” Mammon mused out loud.