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Desperate times call for desperate measures

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Harold was sitting in his office. He observed the screens showing their hundreds of codes. It was very late, even he began to get tired. He sank into his seat. Then suddenly behind him, he heard two heavy steps. He turned around and saw Nathan, a bottle of whisky in his hand. He seemed to have already drunk it's half, and staggered on the ground. Harold frowned.
" Nathan what happened to you ? "
" It's her. "
" Her ? Her who ? "
" Her Harold. Olivia. "
" What is it ? " Asked the small man in a sigh, getting up towards his friend. He seized him under his shoulders and pulled him near his office.
" As usual. She criticizes me again and again. Whereas we're divorced ! She's going to kill me. " He said holding his tears.
" Come on ... Don't say this. You'll be fine. " Nathan enclosed him of his arms.
" Thank you Harold. My Harold. You've never left me down." He said in gripping the jaw of the small man of his strong hands. " I know that I can lay on you. "
Harold smiled to him and his beautiful blue eyes illuminated his face. Nathan bent forward and put his lips on Harold's. The small man turned his head and took the hands of his friend to slowly push him away.
" Oh oh, Nathan, I think that'll be all. "
" What .. ? Harold ... "
" Come on, no, stop, it's enough. Sit and drink a little water. " Harold sneaked far from the arms of Nathan and got back two cups behind his desk. He poured a little coffee inside and came back seeing his friend, profoundly sat in his seat. He turned in it, observing Harold. " Stop it or you'll end up sick. I don't want to clean after you. "
" Harold relax a little... " He said catching his bottle of whisky. Harold seized it by the neck but Nathan pulled him against him. Harold fell on his thighs. Nathan approached his face but Harold pushed a biscuit in his mouth and tightened a cup at Nathan. Then he got up. Nathan ate his biscuit and drove his seat behind the small man. " What's wrong ? "
" I don't know what you're talking about. "
" Why you are like that? Stretched out. "
" I worry about you. " He answered annoyed, turning. " You behave as a kid. You can't let yourself sink like that. "
" You believe that I am satisfied by this situation ? You think that, that I don't love my wife anymore ? You think that it's what I wanted Harold ? " The small man turned to his screens.
" What's done is done.. " Nathan clenched teeth.
" You don't want to help me ? "
" Of course I do. But I can't bear to see you coming drunk every three evenings. I don't want to lose you Nathan. You are my only friend. " Nathan got up and came to squeeze Harold against him. He held him and cried while Harold tried to stay still.
" Don't leave me. I need you. I love you. " Harold shook the hands on his belly.
" I call you a cab... "
The small man tried to move away but the blond pressed him against him, kissing his nape of the neck. Without saying a word, Harold pursued his effort to run away but Nathan tightened him too hardly. He let his free hand slide between the legs of the small man and caught him through the luxurious fabric. Harold squeaked trying to push away his hands but slid forward on his desk, Nathan began to caress him.
" I remember when we were young. In our room. I masturbated in front of you, and I told you that you could do the same. But you always remained wise. " He kissed the neck. " I heard you during the night, seizing your limb and slowly pulling, trying to suppress your squeaks. " He said while he took great care to excite his friend.
" Nathan that's enough! "
" Stop moving " he blew in his ear. Harold was stuck and could not move. Nathan unbuckled slowly the belt of the small man. " I always wondered what you looked like. If you were huge. "
" Nathan... "
" Shhhh, I promise you that you will like it. "
" Nath -- " All of a sudden, Nathan seized Harold's cock at its base and held it strongly. Harold trampled and tried to recover. " Why do you do this ? I'm ready to help you but there you overpass the limits. "
" The only limits you have are the ones in your head. I need it Harold. Do me this favour. Harold... Please... " he kissed his cheek.
" Pay you a whore. "
Nathan released him and turned Harold. He seized him by the collar of his suit and stared at him, furious. The small man had rarely saw him so angry but the bottle that he had drunk was only making him more aggressive. It wasn't always good for him to drink. Harold knew that he could not physically defeat him.
" You're the only whore I want to fuck. " Nathan bit his lips and prevented him from moving. He grabbed him by his thighs and put him on the desk, then he tore the shirt which wore Harold and came to catch his chest of the hands. Harold pushed him but Nathan made him slide, stretching out him on his desk and came to cover him with his body. " I am sorry Harold. " And he kissed him. Harold suffocated almost running out of air. His efforts to push away his friend were vain. " I am sorry. " He put his head on the hairy chest of his friend and lowered his hand again between the thighs. He kneaded slowly the balls of his friend, of a soft and regular movement. Harold panted by feeling his strengths leaving, he was going to give up, Nathan knew well too much how to do it. In a last hope he moved away his legs to push him away of his whole body.
" Nathan please stops... "
" You don't even believe it yourself. " And Harold gave up. His muscles loosened while Nathan caressed his cock from the bottom to the head. He gripped it and brought it out of the luxurious pants. He watched his cock swelling with blood and caressed the head of the thumb. He continued to excite Harold while licking and biting his neck. The small man liked it but did nothing to ease him the task, his pride prevented him from telling "yes" moreover because his friend was drunk. He didn't want what was happening but he had no choice. Nathan caught him by his hips and shoulders and lifted him against him. Harold thought that it was finished putting foot on the ground but Nathan turned him and lowered his pants. Harold wanted to move but Nathan stuck his neck of an arm, licking his other hand which he slid between the buttocks of his friend.
" No, Nathan I forbid you to do that. "
" Shhhh. "
And one more time he pushed him forward, moving away the thighs of the small man the best he could. He slid a finger in Harold's anus which began panting louder. The tall man turned the finger, pushing it at the edge. He removed it a little and added another finger. Harold gripped the arm which held him and felt these fingers moving in him, very fast followed by another one.
" Nathan, Nathan, don't do this. " The tall man removed the fingers and unbuckled his belt. The small man felt Nathan's cock swelling against his ass. " Nathan, I still ready to forgive you, I ready to forget all this if you stop now; please give up! "
" I am sorry Harold. My Harold. But I want you so much. "
By saying it he pushed himself in his friend very slowly. Harold bit Nathan's arm as to prevent a scream to come out. Arrived at the edge of his friend, Nathan froze and let his head falling against the shoulder of his friend. Both held their breath. Harold thought he was dying. He bent his back and stuck his forehead against Nathan's arm. Tears escaped his eyes. He cried. In his lamentations he managed to stammer:
" Nathan stop... "
But these complaints seemed to wake up Nathan. He came out and back in more strongly, sticking against Harold. The poor man squeaked, breathlessly. Nathan slowly began a movement of goes and come while his lover grumbled in every new thrust. Then he accelerated, as he caught Harold's erected penis and strongly held it, masturbating in step with his penetrations. The small man didn't know what to do anymore, he was split between pleasure and suffering. But while he tried to control himself, he felt the head of his cock leaking Nathan recovered against his ear and came to kiss his neck. Harold raised his head while he kept crying and panting, feeling that he would hold no longer. Nathan pumped Harold's dick in his hand, caressing it's extremity more and more cruelly. He obliged Harold to turn the head and kiss him and Harold came in his friend's hand flowing his cum in the hollow of the palm, Nathan came almost at the same moment. Both men panted in the mouth of other about few minutes while an irresistible friction still excited them. They soften very slowly but did not break the link which maintained them. Finally, Nathan withdrew very slowly. Harold recovered carefully while his friend had taken his bottle once again. He tried to stand up straight but collapsed on his office.
" How could you do that ? "
" Harold ... I'm sorry. But at least I had you coming."
" Is that you apologizing ? Because it's not sufficient . "
" I love you Harold. "
" So... So do I, but not like that! You're a brother for me. The only real friend whom I have. You can't do that to me." Nathan drunk by closing his pants and Harold felt sick.
" You should be satisfied."
" Satisfied ?! " He exclaimed by turning around there. " Why I--... oh, oh my God " he felt slowly the Nathan's cum leaking outside him. He held against his desk and panted. Headaches. " Why ? Because you're the only one who wants me? THAT'S IT ?! Well let I teach you something: I love somebody who also loves me. And you, even if you lost Olivia, you always have your son and he counts on you! I shall not let you destroy us ! "
" Is this the way you takes it ? Just because I demonstrated you my love ? "
" You raped me Nathan, it's nothing like love, and let go of this bottle ! "
" Come and take it. "
Harold stopped closing his pants and went to the man. He caught the bottle. Nathan grabbed his arm but Harold defended himself by slapping the hand of the tall man. Nathan seized Harold by his collar and squeezed him but the small man stuck him of his arm and pulled the bottle. Nathan pulled him too and to avoid the fall Harold put the knee on the seat and fell over forward. The chair cracked under their weight and they fell on the ground. Nathan rolled on the top of the small man and blocked him. Harold tried to push away Nathan away but he undid his tie, grabbed the little man's wrists and put them on the top of his head and hung them with the tie.
" What you say now ? "
" That is enough! " Harold took the bottle behind him and broke it against the skull of his friend. He collapsed on the small man and cut his breath.
Harold felt a liquid against his cheek. He hoped for it to be spit but the red drops on his glasses convinced him that it was something else. He tried to move the man but couldn't move his body. His wrists were too solidly attached so that he cannot move. After few minutes, he succeeded in sliding one of his legs out, controlling Nathan health at his breathing. He pushed to extricate himself from under his friend and freed himself. Then he turned Nathan and tried to wake him but nothing to do, he was sleeping off. But Harold felt the cell-phone of his friend vibrating. He took it and looked. It was Olivia. He began to switch off the phone but he perceived the subject. He was the subject. Harold's name was not specifically mentioned but he was nevertheless the subject. He unlocked the phone and went back up the conversation with an unhealthy curiosity.
" You spend your nights outside for this woman, you have never dedicated me so much time! You drink all night and you are not even there to sign papers! "
" I would do it if I could but I need this. And what I'm building is really important."
" It was so important that that it broke our marriage. I loved you Nathan and you wasted everything."
"I have never stopped loving you."
" And nevertheless it is with her that you spend your nights. It is in her arms that you drink. Be right on time tomorrow morning or you will have enormous problems."
" I will do my best."
" Olivia I need you. "
" Nathan what's wrong with you ? It's one am! "
" I don't care what hour it is, I don't want us to be apart ! "
" Does your lady agree with this ? "
" She. Is nothing, nothing compared to you. "
" You're drunk. Leave me alone. "
" Why don't you believe me when I say it to you ? "
" Because you talked of her with Harold. Poor man, someone as good as him, you drag him into your descent in hell. "
" She wouldn't be here without him. "
" Than he is to blame too. That's it. I don't want to hear from a cheater, liar and drunk man anymore. Leave. Me. Alone. "
" Nathan, agents passed at home and looked for you. I told them that they would find you to the office, probably drunk with her. You'd better go there and sober if you don't want to have any bigger problems. "

And Harold jumped, Nathan here at this hour, searched by the government while the Machine was on and while he was dead drunk, he had to find a solution immediately. He got back a bottle of water behind him and began to code a temporary extinction of the Machine, then he watered the face of Nathan. The great man coughed a little while Harold pulled him.
" Come on, stand Nathan. "
A small beep behind them informed them that people had penetrated the building. Harold was surprised, both by the speed of the agents as by Nathan who even drunk had thought of deactivating and of reactivating the alarm system.
" Nathan get up! " he said shaking his friend, trying to mop his blood and his spit.
"Harold ..." murmured the blond with difficulty.
" Come on hurry, people are coming! "
Harold pulled his friend by his shoulders and tried to raise him on his feet. Nathan stumbled while he leaned on his friend.
" Harold what's going on ? "
" Agents are here to see you. You have to wake up." He said helping him to get on his feet.
" What time is it ? "
" Late ... or early, it depends on the point of view." Answered Harold by jumping everywhere trying to clean the best he could.
" What are you doing ? "
" I have to leave."
" Why ? "
" The government must not see me next to The Machine."
But the bell of the elevator rang. Harold jumped on the legs of Nathan and kissed him, mouth fully opened. Nathan fell on the desk and was split between the desire to push his friend away and hold his thighs to prevent him from sliding. Four agents came behind a tall slim woman. She jumped by seeing both men.
" Oh! Forgive us for interrupting your intimacy but who allowed you to come in this building sir..? " she said abruptly to Harold.
" Wren. " Answered Harold wrongly embarrassed. " Mister Ingram needed my services then I came to join him. " In these words Nathan tightened the thighs of the small man. He seemed t get the importance of the situation. he had to protect his friend who surely was drunk for kissing him this way. Harold laughed closed mouth looking at his friend, pushing his nails in the fair hair of Nathan.
" Buy yourselves a room... Are you drunk ?! "
" So little... " answered Harold by squeezing the arms around the neck of his friend.
" In this exceptional case we let you leave. Now. But you should not reappear in this building. And you Ingram try to hold yourself in the future, nobody can know what we are doing here. What would say people if they knew what you were doing with this man ? "
Harold looked at her, sulky appearance and turned to Nathan, putting a light kiss half-heartedly on Nathan's lips. The strong man caught the back neck and pulled him to kiss him more deeply. He felt alcohol in his mouth and thought it was Harold's taste.
" They won't say a thing, because I'm sure mister Wren won't remember this night. "
Harold got up and pretended to lose his balance by moving forward to the exit.
" You should pay a taxi to my friend. Having drunk so much, it's not safe for him to get back alone. " Said Nathan by pointing at the tiny man.
" Oh don't worry about that, we won't let your friend get back alone. We need to be sure, as you say, that he won't remember this night. "
Harold shivered while a man caught him by the arm and accompanied him below. He was afraid to be killed, that his plan hadn't work but the man seemed not to carry any weapon. That said, Harold knew that no weapon was required to break his neck. They got in a cab and he pretended to be drunk. Finally, he vomited in a bag it wasn't a hard task, he had wanted to do this since Nathan had gotten out from him. It help the man into thinking that he truly was drunk and that he wasn't a threat.
Harold had managed to save his ass and if he had not played the lover, he would certainly have been arrested for diversion. Accused to have given drugs to Nathan to obtain information. The only thing left now was to hope that the traces of whisky and broken bottle on the ground, as well as the bump which had grown behind Nathan's skull, would arouse the suspicions. But the strong man seemed too vague to be able to say anything. The agents would leave and they would be both saved. At least he hoped.