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Monster High:Project For Two

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ng new was hard win you came to monster high. Not only where you a mortal or how you learn from most of the monster around you, a normie is what you have been called sents you got to monster high. From what you have heard it was a insult, it hurt a little at first but you slowly learned to deal with the insults and the stares from the other students and go about your day in peace. Well some times you got confronted by some of the other more how you say,aggressive student?. But you easy got around them by using different routes to your classes. 


But you did like it if you blocked out the bullys it was a nice place. You didn't know many of the monsters , really only the ones that messed with you. You know some by just seeing them around school and hearing there names around the classroom. You found your self in close proximity of your class mates more often than you would have hoped for. You also saved a few of them at times but where never seen during these times, like win you had save the boy 'Holt' From being smashed by a speaker at one of the school dances or the time you had saved the young princess 'Cleo' from falling down the stairs at school after she lost her footing going down them.


But you where never thanked at the end of it, but you didn't mind. In the end you just wanted to help the kids of monster high. But back to the moment, you had just walked well more like was pushed through the doors of monster high. You luckily made your way though the crowed without being pushed over and was able to get to your locker.  You quickly got into your locker and grabbed your books for class. 


Before you could get your last book from the top shelf of your locker someone behind you bummed into making you crash into your locker. You groaned in pain as you looked behind you trying to find out how had bumped you. You found no one making you sighed and frown. You got up and grabbed your book before slamming the locker shut and head towards your first class of the day. Well you where pretty good at your first class then most monsters where, your first class was Dead Languages. Most monsters found the class boring and hard not to mention the teacher to be mean and annoying, but to you it was one of the most interesting classes you have ever taken. Not to mention Mr.Rotter was really cool and nice to you.


He was really nice and after talking to him you found him to be vary funny. 


As you walked to class you made a effort to take the back way after seeing Manny hanging out at the end of the hall way. You hated this, the way you had to exclude yourself from the other students of monster high. It made you sad that you could not have fun like the other monsters and with the other kids of the school. You frowned and let a tear good down you cheek as you walked down the hall not knowing that one nice green ghoul was watching from her locker. 



Frankie Stein smile faded as she looked down the hall and spotted Y/N walking her way, she smiled and waved at the girl but only got a small glimpse of her face that was in a sad pout and she could swear she could see a tear run down her cheek as a sob left her chest. Frankie frowned before turning to her group of ghoul friends that stud behind her. " I can't stand to see poor Y/N be sad like this all the time. Monster high is a place to get along and be happy with one another, not sad and depressed all the time!" 


Lagoona piped in saying " Yeah mate I don't know why Ghouls have to pick on her, it's just not right." She crossed her arms with whine. Draculaura bounced around saying " Yeah! She is so adorable how can they be so mean to her all the time!" She ended with one last bounce and a cute little pout. Everyone agreed that the way the monsters where treating Y/N was wrong. Even Cleo, with a small blush spoke up saying " She is the most prettiest normie I have ever seen, not that she is better then me, uh!" She turned crossing her arms.


Just as Cleo said that, a light bulb popped up in Frankie's head. Frankie jumped in excitement saying " I know what we can do! come on guys I have a plan...." All of the female Ghoul's huddled together to hear Frankie's plan.



You had finely made it to Dead Languages and was happy to find a empty seat in the back. You would love to sit in the front but you didn't want to be messed with during class by the other students. You sat down at the desk and sat your stuff down beside your desk and got out your notebook and a pen for notes. The bell rang and monsters piled into the classroom making you wince at the sound of yelling and laughter of the kids coming in. 


Before the class started Mr.Rotter gave a small wink at you as the two of you made eye contact. You smiled and waved back making the old ghoul smile, but like always the bell rang and the smile faded into a frown that made wrinkles appear on his face. For a moment you felt happy but like always someone had to mess it up, as you looked down at the stage someone balled up a piece of paper and chucked it at your head making it hit you straight in the forehead.  You looked down at the paper that was balled up now on your desk, you slowly unravelled it only to find the words " Normie's are fithy! Get out of our school loser!" 


Your eyes welled up with tears that where about to spill out of your eyes but before they could spill down your cheeks Mr.Rotter  started to talk. " OK today class we will be starting a new class project, it's a bit different but I feel like it will help the class know more about our history. For this project you will be put it groups of two. Lest start off with-" You started to panic for a moment,  almost ever in this class didn't like you, what if you got someone that picked on you all the time?. You tryed your best to stay calm, you stuffed the paper with the words on it into your notebook and tryed your best to stay calm and listen to Mr.Rotter. 


After a few minutes just about everyone had been paired up with someone. You where relived for the moment thinking maybe he had forgot about you and you would just have to do the project yourself. But all good things have to come to a end at some point.


 Mr.Rotter spoke up as he pointed his pen that he had been tapping on his chin, he said " Oh and let's see miss. L/N, let's put you with-" You held your breath before he moved his pen to point at.......