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Obsession & Abduction

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Obsession, the wish to have him at his mercy. The only one, who had the right to dominate the shy, but powerful Slytherin, Severus Snape. Even as he had met him on their first journey to Hogwarts, James Potter knew exactly what he wanted in his life. And what a Potter wants, a Potter will usually get. But it was so difficult to get his wish. Severus was stubborn and hated the Marauders with every fibre of his soul.


Maybe this wasn't so a big surprise. After all the Marauders had made his whole life at Hogwarts a living hell. Nothing was sacred, when they could use it to humiliate Severus or Snivellus as Sirius Black had called him first, after all the slimy Slytherin deserved it.


For James it was much more than a simple wish to make Severus' life at Hogwarts a living hell. He was fascinated by the smaller boy who had so much passion and emotion but only showed his true self to a few chosen confidants; one of which had once upon a time been Lily Evans. She came from the same hometown as Severus Snape and their relationship ran deeper than just simply being childhood friends. James had eavesdropped on the girls, as they talked about their life before the letter came.


It was Severus who taught Lily Evans everything that she had to know if she wanted to stay in the Magical world, such as: the rules, traditions and so much more. The shy Potions Prodigy who only really smiled, when she was nearby.


Therefore for James was the strategy simple – destroy their friendship, and he will get the boy for himself. She couldn't be a real friend, when had she ever done anything for him? She exploited his abilities and bragged in Potions Class, even when Severus was the better brewer of the two.

It had been a big surprise for the whole school when Lord Abraxas Malfoy came to Hogwarts in their first year during the Halloween Feast, and announced publicly that he now had the sole custody of Severus Snape.


The boy wouldn't return to his old home in Cokeworth, instead he would spend his holidays with the Malfoy Clan and learn the duties and privileges, which would be expected from any scion from noble birth.


In those first two years; Severus had seldom been alone, either Lucius or one of the older house members were always with the shy boy. Even when the slimy ponce had graduated, he had ensured that one of the older students looked out for Severus.


This was the reason for creating the Marauders' map. How should James have a chance to taunt and humiliate Severus, when he never got the chance to meet him alone? During classes he always sat with his house, except in Potions.


He had erected a protection shield around his workstation, so that they couldn't sabotage his potions. And Sluggy had praised him for his cautiousness.

The Shrieking Shack incident on the past Full moon on the 20th October 1975, had scared James deeply. He had almost lost his Slytherin, because Sirius was such a big idiot and found it funny to lock him into the Shrieking Shack with a Werewolf, soon after the Moon had risen on the night sky.


Yes, James had saved him, and according to Dumbledore, Snape owed him a life debt, but even James knew this wasn't true. He hadn't wanted to save the Slytherin, but his two best friends. Should Snape be killed or turned by Remus, the Werewolf would have been put down without mercy and Sirius Black could have ended up in Azkaban.


The Headmaster had even tried to blackmail Severus, but this had backfired spectacularly; as some of the other Slytherins had already informed Abraxas Malfoy, that Severus wasn't in the Slytherin dorms' and Lord Malfoy had come at once to Hogwarts and stopped the meddling old coot.


James had used that night while Severus had been asleep in the Hospital wing; after a combination of Calming Draught and Dreamless Sleep, to snoop a bit in Severus' medical file. What he had discovered changed his life forever. He couldn't believe his eyes. Severus, the boy he was obsessed with, yes he could openly admit it to himself, was a male bearer. He could have his children and this lead to his latest lunatic scheme.


James never would claim to be a good person, he was rather dark, even when his parents were blissful ignorant about the fact. He didn't have a lot of empathy for other students or people. Muggle didn’t interest him at all, even when he and Sirius enjoyed to use their magic on them when they slipped away to Muggle London. “We only prank them, we don't do Muggle Baiting”, were their excuse for the last few years. Both young men could be very mean, and it was enough to exist to land on their blacklist.


James would even swear his fealty to the Dark Lord Voldemort, if he could keep his elusive Snake for himself; after all, every recruit had the right to ask for one boon from the Dark Lord and James had only one wish: to own Severus Snape for the rest of their natural lives.


Sirius always claimed not to be like his family of dark & slimy Slytherins, but he was in fact the male copy of his Mother Walburga. He just didn't want to admit that he often succumbed to darker urges. He hated Severus Snape with a passion when they first met on the train, just because he was an ambitious student.


“I want to be in Slytherin like my Mother and be a great Potions Master!”, he had answered them freely.


Of course, this was the wrong statement to make in Sirius' presence. He saw the world in black and white: Slytherins were evil, slimy snakes and Dark Wizards and Dark Witches in the making. It doesn't matter that Merlin was once a member of Slytherin House too. If you want to be in Slytherin, then something isn’t right with that person.

After his discovery, James had planned his next steps with caution. The first step is to find out all there is to know about Male Bearers. He went to the library where he found a small tome with the legends of Aries & Anteros. In the restriction section, he got lucky and found a book which would change his life forever. It was written by the ruthless and infamous warlord Albion the Scourge, who should have lived in the 15/16 century and had ruled over Wizarding Europe with an iron fist, before he had been killed by a rabid mob. The book had the title: “How to tame a male bearer” and was a cornucopia of knowledge.


This book was the final key to make Severus his forever and he had found it, just in time. When he thought back, he was still furious about what he had heard by accident. Okay, he shamelessly eavesdropped on every conversation that Slytherins held, but who could blame him, they were so tight-lipped when any of the Marauders were nearby.


Abraxas Malfoy planned to send Severus to another school – a private institute in France, which even had a connection to a private Potioneer' College. A transfer, how dare that slimy snake try to take away his elusive snake. Severus was his property and tonight he would ensure that nobody else will ever claim the shy boy.


He had even found the right spell in this helpful tome. Without any further thought, James took both books with him after learning the required spell by heart. How lucky, that you could use it without a wand, you just have to ensure that your prey will be pinned under your own body when you use that spell.


He only has to put the last parts of his plan in motion and then nobody would be able to separate them ever again. Yes, he knows that the Slytherin won’t be happy with his plan, but he wouldn't be asked. James had waited long enough to claim him once and for all. He wasn't willing to lose him to any other Slytherin. He had seen quite often how some of their Slytherin year-mates looked at Severus when they thought nobody was watching; with one of those distasteful smirks, as if they knew something that others didn't.



Hagrid had been so helpful, and wouldn't remember it. Thanks to his bad habit of spilling secrets when he is drunk, James had learned of a hidden Safe House in the Middle of the Forbidden Forest. It had been used in the War against Grindelwald and would have been probably used again, should the war against the new Dark Lord escalate further. After getting all information and had being shown to the Safe House by Hagrid, he had obliviated the Half-Giant as they reached the border of the Forbidden Forest.


Another trip to Knockturn Alley was beneficial too, he found a weak-willed and broken Charms Master, who would do almost anything for a handful of Galleons. If he would do a little job, James had promised him 500 Galleons in cash to cast the Fidelius Charm for him. The Man agreed quickly and was led to the Safe House and performed the Fidelius with James Potter as the Secret Keeper. True to his word, he paid the man, but obliviated him, too – after appareting him back to Knockturn Alley.


Now everything was prepared to catch his elusive Snake. He would be so tight, James greedily licked his lips. Yes, tonight would be the night, where Severus Snape met his destiny. Later in the Common Room he would tell Lily Evans what he really thinks about her. He would love to humiliate the shallow cow in front of some of the greatest gossips, who ever attended Hogwarts.


His fellow Marauders would be knocked out with a strong sleeping draught. He had it hidden in the Honeydukes chocolate selection, which he gifted his friends. Nobody should be able to stop him, before it was too late.

At dinner, everyone was shocked when Abraxas Malfoy and his son Lucius entered the Great Hall uninvited. They had waited for Slytherin House to appear, before entering the Great Hall and a quick Sonorous ensured that everyone would hear, what he wanted to say.


“Good evening to all of you. I have come here today to warn you. I will no longer stand idly by and watch as your Headmaster plays favourites and destroys anything Hogwarts once stood for. You always blame anything bad on Slytherin, but I’m sure Headmaster, that you would be hard pressed to name another famous Slytherin, even when all of you used his name practically daily. MERLIN was a member of Slytherin House, why do you not mention it more often, instead of using the name of an infamous member of Slytherin to allow your prejudiced mind to poison our youth.”


“You have let your Gryffindors running wild – rules should be valid for everyone, be it a lion, a snake, a badger or a raven. However under your headmastership, Hogwarts has been ruined. I will no longer accept that you blatantly disregard what happens under your crooked nose Headmaster. Even attempted Murder, when done by one of your lions, is handled as a mere prank. No more, Headmaster. My ward Severus Snape-Prince, yes he is the Heir of House Prince, in case you have it forgotten, will be transferred for the start of the next trimester after Yule, to a better school. He has already undertaken the entrance exam and scored the highest score they have seen in ages. During the summer he had successfully earned his OWLS – 10 O's and 2 A's. He will enter the NEWT-Courses at his new school and will probably earn his Potion Mastery before he is 20 years old. He managed all of that, even with your futile efforts to break his will.”


“I have evoked a Magical Restraining Order for the following people – Sirius Orion Black, James Charlus Potter, Remus John Lupin and Peter Eustace Pettigrew, it will be valid on the 15th November 1975. The next time you try to hex or to attack my ward, you will end up in Azkaban and none of your relatives or the meddlesome Headmaster will save you from this overdue punishment.”


“Severus, pack your things; Lucius will spend the night at Hogwarts and bring you home, tomorrow morning! There is no need to waste any more time at this school, son.”


“Yes, Sir. I'm going to pack everything after dinner. Lucius, will you sit with us? And you, too, Lord Malfoy?”, wanted Severus to know.


“Indeed.”, replied Lucius, before he led his foster brother to the Slytherin table. He was very glad that Severus wouldn't be at Hogwarts any longer. The Murder attempt of the Marauders had shocked him and his father. This was one of the reasons, why they wanted Severus to leave Hogwarts. He should recover in peace and have private meetings with a mind healer, who had been chosen personally by Lord Malfoy. The Malfoys didn't only have a staff of personal healers, but other professions as well.


The rest of the meal went over without any other surprises, although James had gritted his teeth infuriated as he heard how Yaxley, Rosier and even Avery had spoken to Lord Malfoy about a possible bonding contract between their families. Especially as they hinted that Severus had been advised to wear a glamour during the school year to avoid unwanted advances from brutish class mates. Only the Slytherins, which have been acquainted with the Malfoys have ever seen his true looks.


This had been advised for all male bearers, so that they will be protected during their schooling years, when homeschooling isn't possible. They should stay pure until their bonding to their intended.

James would buy his time, read the legend of Aris and Anteros once more as he will wait with the Marauders Map, hidden under his invisibility cloak, that Severus Snape will left a last time the Hogwarts' Library. There was a hidden alcove near the library entrance, which was always good, when you want to prank someone unexpectedly. However he would first meet with the other Marauders and their guest in the Room of Requirement for their special brand of fun.


James was sure, that Severus still have to return some of the books, which he had borrowed some weeks ago, and he would never forget it. The library had been a sanctuary for the shy boy, as Madame Pince had always a close eyes on every student who'll enter it, so that nobody can be hexed, while he or she is studying for their courses.