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Attack Rock

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"What is this?" Pugsley asked, opening his box.

"It's a pet rock," Wednesday informed him. "I got it just for you."

Pugsley grabbed the rock and looked at it from all sides. "What does it do?" he asked.

"Nothing," his sister replied.

Pugsley eyed her, knowing that there had to be more to this gift.

"You don't have to feed it, or walk it, or anything," Wednesday finally continued. "And it can do tricks."

"It can?" Pugsley asked. How could a rock do tricks?

"Watch." Wednesday picked up the rock and looked around. Lurch was standing nearby. "Rock, attack!" she commanded before heaving it at the butler. The rock hit him square on the back, causing the man to grunt.

Wednesday turned back to Pugsley. "See, it's an attack rock too," she said smugly.

Pugsley grinned. "Cool! This is the best pet ever!"