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through my actions

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Padme could never find the words to thank Sabe. Nothing she said felt like it was enough.
She tries to show the depths of her gratitude through actions instead. Combing her hair at night, brushing hands lightly while Sabe was in the Queens makeup. Bringing them both extra tea in the evenings and watching Sabe sigh as the warmth seeped outwards. Curling together in the suite's bed.

Waking up with their legs tangled and her nose pressed against the messy braid curled around Sabe's neck was a chance to anchor herself. To remind herself of the support network she had. Sabe played so many roles, and she was grateful for each and every one. She breathed deep and gave one soft kiss to that space before rolling away to meet the rest of her handmaidens and begin preparations to face the day. They were stronger together, and while Sabe insisted it was a handmaiden's job to serve the Queen, Padme wouldn't let her friend do anything she herself would not. So, she continued on with the gestures. Sabe would smile and indulge her. After all, a Queen's word must be followed she'd insist, seriously, before they both dissolved into giggles.