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since when do we say yes to love?

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December 2016

Yoongi is stuck at some bullshit Bar Association Christmas event that he's been forced to attend because he has to be on good terms with the judges and other lawyers in his district. It makes it easier to get decreased sentences or even reach settlements when the other party at least recognizes his face. At least that’s what Hoseok says. And Hoseok has always been better at PR. 

So Yoongi is standing in the corner of some hotel conference room in his nicest suit -- partially obstructed by a fake Christmas tree -- and conveniently close to the open bar that the Association is paying for. He’s scanning the room for anyone he knows, desperate to have at least one bullshit conversation before he flees, but there doesn't seem to be anyone familiar. He spots someone talking to the judge who always goes hard on Yoongi’s clients, never reducing their sentences or anything. Yoongi scowls almost reflexively.

The lawyer’s shoes are too shiny, his watch too expensive, his smile too slick in front of the judge. Yoongi hates him immediately. He had to deal with enough of those assholes in law school, and now at the Bar Association and in court. Assholes born with a silver spoon in their mouth who never have to work for anything. He watches in horror as the judge ruffles the lawyer’s hair. Jesus, the guy is more lapdog than lawyer, Yoongi thinks. 

He knew that becoming a lawyer would mean dealing with the elite; people who became lawyers because of their powerful family, or so they could take over a company or a position on a board of directors. It doesn’t make dealing with them any easier though.

Especially as a public defender, helping those who can hardly afford a lawyer. Other lawyers, especially corporate lawyers for the big companies, like to think that they can walk all over Yoongi and his clients which means he has to work harder to prove them wrong and win his cases. Which is why he’s unfortunately forced to attend these kind of events. But he doesn't enjoy them. 

He decides it’s time for another drink at this point, and makes his way over to the bar. 

Namjoon -- somebody he finally recognizes -- is standing at the bar, talking to a lady lawyer Yoongi vaguely remembers from court. He doesn’t bother them, just orders himself a whisky, something fancy from Japan that he can only afford if someone else is paying. If he’s going to have to actually talk to some of these silver spoon leeches then he needs alcohol. He can talk to Namjoon later if he needs to. He stares at his phone, at the wall, at the bartop. Anything to keep him from making unwanted eye contact with anyone. 

After a few moments, someone comes to stand next to him at the bar, despite the fact that there are other places to stand. Yoongi doesn’t look up from staring at the slightly sticky bartop to see who it is.

“Nice stuff huh? I picked some up the last time I was in Japan.” The stranger says and there are hands with long fingers gesturing to the bartender pouring the whisky in a glass and handing it to Yoongi.

“It’s free, that’s what really matters.” He says lowly and the stranger laughs, a funny soft laugh.

“Cheers to that.” The stranger says and Yoongi finally looks up. It’s the asshole lawyer that he saw talking to his nemesis judge before. Up close Yoongi can see how perfect his skin is, how immaculate his hair is, how tall he is. Privilege is practically dripping off the guy.

Fuck him, Yoongi thinks and takes a large sip of his drink. The stranger waves the bartender over and orders a glass of the same whisky.

“So, what brings you here?” The guy asks, looking intensely at Yoongi. He probably thinks he's coming off as commanding, intimidating. Yoongi thinks he comes off like an asshole.

“Work.” The corner of the guy’s lips raise just slightly. Yoongi really hadn't been trying to make a joke. 

“It’s so nice for the Bar Association to have these events. They’re a perfect opportunity to meet new people.” The stranger says, like Yoongi is actually cooperating with his conversation. 

“I suppose so.” Yoongi replies slowly.

“I’m Jeon Jeongguk.” The stranger says with a smile far too big to be genuine. 

“Min Yoongi.” Yoongi says, unsmiling. Jeon Jeongguk smiles even wider, if that was even possible.

“So Min Yoongi-ssi, where do you work?” Jeongguk asks, slipping carefully into polite honorifics. 

“I have my own practice, I’m a public defender.” Yoongi says defensively, waiting for the jibes to come. They always do. 

“Ah wow, your own boss! That must be nice.” Yoongi just nods and so Jeongguk continues, “I work for Hongsim Group. I’m in charge of mergers and acquisitions.” He waits for Yoongi to look impressed. Yoongi can practically see Jeon Jeongguk's chest puff up in arrogance. Yoongi takes another large sip, forcing himself not to cough. 

“That must be nice, being simultaneously up someone else’s ass and having other people’s heads in your ass.” Yoongi says, before he can stop himself. He knows as soon as he says this that he definitely should not have, but Jeongguk laughs anyways. It’s mostly strained.

Jeongguk tongues his cheek, looking at Yoongi from under his freakishly long eyelashes, and it shouldn’t be attractive, considering how rude Yoongi just was to him, but it is. Yoongi chastises himself for even noticing.

“You’re the first person to say that to me after just meeting. You even know who I work for.” Jeongguk says with a half-smile. Yoongi isn't sure if that's a threat. He half-hopes it is. 

“I can't stand bullshit.” Yoongi says with a shrug, because he's accepted his fate of having another person not like him. Jeongguk won't be the first, and he certainly won't be the last. 

“I can tell.” Jeongguk says, but before he can say anything else he’s being tugged away by some other corporate lawyer type. Yoongi doesn’t know if he’s relieved or disappointed. He finishes his drink quickly and orders another. 

Namjoon sidles over a minute later to take up the spot at the bar where Jeongguk was standing.

“Hyung! I didn’t know you were here! Hiding somewhere again?” Yoongi glares at him.

“I was just standing behind the Christmas tree, not hiding. Asshole.” Namjoon grins at him.

“Ah Yoongi, you’re always the same.” Yoongi rolls his eyes. He doesn’t know why everyone always says that. He has no reason to change. 

He and Namjoon stand in silence for a moment, watching the crowd around them. 

“Do you know that guy over there?” Yoongi asks carefully, pointing to where Jeon Jeongguk is standing talking to a shorter guy in a ridiculous burgundy suit and sunglasses. 

“The short one in the sunglasses?”

“No, the tall one. With the nice suit.” The nice everything, Yoongi thinks but it’s probably best if he doesn’t voice that out loud to Namjoon.

“Not really. I’ve met him before in court a few times. Nice guy. Jimin? Jinyoung?”

"Jeongguk." Yoongi mutters. 


"Nothing." Yoongi says."He's really nice?" 

"Yeah. Smart too." Namjoon replies, and Yoongi hums noncommittally. 

Namjoon sounds serious so either Jeongguk was a cocky asshole just to Yoongi or Namjoon is the worst at reading people. Either option is possible. On one hand, Yoongi does hate corporate lawyers and he knows it shows, but on the other hand, Namjoon thought Yoongi was in love with him for a period of time. It doesn't mean anything necessarily. 

Yoongi takes another sip of his free whisky and goes over to harass Seokjin, pushing the strange encounter out of his mind.