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Love and Lust Between Heroes

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The Hall of Heroes is a grand place. A truly magnificent wonder of architecture, it seems to stretch high into the clouds, and can be seen for miles. All in the Askr Kingdom know of its beauty, and all understand its value. From here, the Order of Heroes brings champions from all the realms, in order to combat the evil of the Emblian empire. To any person, this must be the greatest building ever created.

To Kiran, the Summoner and least combat oriented member of the Order, it pales in comparison to what he has seen in his world.

Kiran doesn’t remember much of his own world, sadly. He remembers a light, a portal, and a voice...and suddenly he was staring at Anna, the leader of the Order of Heroes, the spry, red-haired axe wielder who was, understandably, just as confused as he was. He could barely remember anything, but he knew three things. One, he was nineteen years old. Two, he was adorned in splendid white robes. Three, there was a person with an axe coming to kill them.

Anna panicked, tossing some sort of strange weapon into his hands, and somethig clicked. Miraculously, his mind knew what to do. He understood tactics, placement, weaponry, everything needed to succeed in battle. Since that day, he has led many heroes against the forces of the Emblian empire, even against their own friends, family, and sometimes themselves. Those times get a bit awkward to explain.

Now, however, Kiran was walking along the balcony of the Hall. He looked out onto the Kingdom, seeing the capital city in the distance. Rolling green hills, crystal clear lakes, beautiful sky. This place was cleaner than...wherever he comes from. He still can’t remember. His hood is pulled back behind his head, and let the wind move through his short brown hair, unkept. Robin, one of the heroes he has summoned, told him that they appear to have similar hairstyles. Clearly just a coincidence.

“Kiran!” a voice calls out from his right, high-pitched and female, “Oh, sorry, I mean Summoner! Hi!”

Kiran immediately knows the voice, and turns with a smile. Before him is a girl, or rather young woman, with blonde hair and beautiful green eyes, dressed in the armor of the Order of Heroes. A bright smile adorned her face, and she had the look of someone who was always excited for anything. Sharena, princess of Askr and sister of Alphonse, stood before him, hands clasped in front of her.

“Sharena,” Kiran says with a nod, “Good to see you. What are you doing up here?” Sharena was one of the first people he ever met in this new land, after Anna and Virion. A kind and well-meaning girl, she was nevertheless one of the best fighters with a lance she’d ever seen. Her skill with Fensalir was, to him, unmatched. Sure, there were plenty of other lance-wielding Heroes, but he had known Sharena for longer, had been in more fights with her by his side. He trusted her with his life.

“I was looking for you, Summoner!” The girl’s braids flutter in the wind, and she pops onto her toes for half a second in excitement.

“I told you, Sharena,” Kiran sighs, with no ill intent behind it, “You can just call me Kiran. We’re friends, you’re not my subordinate.”

“S-sorry,” she replies, tilting her head. (“Was that a blush?” he thinks) She clears her throat, ready to speak again. Kiran can’t help but notice her. Not just seeing her, but actually paying attention. The way that her hair is braided looks a little like a bunch of yellow hearts, and she has a large ponytail behind her head. Her uniform is scaled, and is seemingly loose on the sleeves and half of her neck. Somehow, he never saw the massive shoulder armor she wore on her left shoulder. Her face is rounder than his, and she has a soft complexion, like you could just reach out and feel pillows on her face. It was almost like she was made out of a cloud, that’s how soft she looked.

She’s also really cute, Kiran found himself wondering. He was surprised at himself. Sharena was his friend, his teammate. They had known each other for the...Gods, how long has it been, now? Weeks? Months? Years? It feels as if he’s known her for that long. And just now, together on this balcony, all alone....he felt strange.


Her voice brings him back to attention.

“Yes, Sharena?” he feels a waver in his voice, but she doesn’t notice. Her face is reddening now, and it seems she’s trying to find the words to say. Kiran swallows, realizing his mouth has gone dry. Sharena purses her lips, looking...nervous?

“I...There’s something really important I wanted to talk to you about.”

“Are you okay?” Kiran asks, worried, “Look, let’s go back inside, it’s warmer, we can take a seat.”

“No!” Sharena suddenly says, causing Kiran to take a step back in surprise. The Princess’s eyes open wide.

“Sorry!” she squeals, covering her mouth, “I mean...I’m good here, we’re okay talking here.” Kiran pats down his clothes, regaining his composure. They look at each other for a second, and Kiran gestures for her to continue. She clears her throat again.

“Well, Kiran...all this time we’ve spent together...fighting together...I’ve realized something important. You’ amazing addition to the Order of Heroes, and you are a valuable team member, and-”
Kiran steps forward, placing his left hand on Sharena’s right shoulder. The girl jumps, startled, a blush on her face again. Kiran’s hand gently lays on her as he kindly smiles, looking into her eyes.

“No need to be so formal, you know,” he assured her, “It’s just us two. Say what you need to.”

“Well...Kiran, I’ve come to see you...not just as a teammate, but as a friend...a really close friend! An amazing, bestie, top of the crop, awesome best friend, and maybe…” Her voice trails off a little. “Maybe...more than a best friend…I-I mean like a super best friend! Close! You’re really great!” Her face is almost beet red, and she seems to be crying. She sniffles, wiping the tears away.

“Aw,” she mock-pouts, smiling, “I’m made me cry, you silly goose!” Her voice makes this all sound like a joke, but something in her seems restrained, or nervous. Kiran, heart threatening to burst from his chest and stomach full of every single butterfly in existence, puts his fingers on Sharena’s chin, bringing her gaze back to him. The blonde spearman’s eyes are teary, but bewildered, and her mouth hangs open slightly. Kiran again smiles, pausing.

“Sharena,” he whispers, able to be heard only due to the lack of wind on the balcony, “What do you really want to say?” The young woman’s lip trembled, as she tried not to cry. Sharena took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and gulped.

“I,” she starts, eyes still closed, “I like you, Kiran! I really like you, and you’re an awesome friend, and I don’t know why I feel like this, and I’m afraid of what this could do to the team, and the Order, and what Anna will think, and Alphonse, and if you really care at all, and-!”

Her yells are cut off by Kiran’s lips pressing against hers.

She couldn’t help but yelp a little, at the contact. There were still some tears in her eyes, despite them being wide open. Kiran’s lips were a bit chapped, probably from the air, but they were still smooth. Sharena’s, however, felt as soft as a cloud. Kiran felt like he could get lost in them, lost and never found again.

Kiran, holding her cheek in his right hand, pulled back, looking into her eyes as their lips parted with a soft smack. The two weren’t at the same height. Kiran was about half a head taller than her, so he had to bend over slightly. To him, though, that just made this better.

“Kiran…” Sharena whispered, still absolutely dumbfounded at what just happened. The Summoner’s smile turns to a look of surprise too, realizing what he had just done. He started to think, wanting to say something. Sharena was right, what would Anna think? Alphonse? What kind of friction would this make in the team? He couldn’t do this, he was certain.

“Sharena…” he starts, ready to tell her that that was a mistake. Then he sees her eyes. Not the front, but inside. He feels like he can see into her, into her thoughts. The hint of a smile curls her right lip, and she looks happy. Elated, even. Kiran’s heart is thumping harder now, and the butterflies in his stomach have turned into wasps. So, he does the only thing he can think of, what he’s sure is the right decision to take.

He wraps Sharena in his arms and kisses her again, his arms and hands hugging her and holding her up. And this time, the blonde girl responds in kind, her arms around his neck to hold herself, her lips gently pressing to his. Deciding to take precautions, Kiran leads her to the doorway, entering, all while still locked at the lip. Being in the shadow, away from the wind, Kiran brought her against the wall, his hands lowering to her sides as hers pulled his neck in closer.

Sharena was the one who pushed first. Kiran felt her soft tongue against his lips, begging him to let her in. He complied, parting his lips and increasing the intensity of their kiss. Sharena’s quiet moans, coupled with her tongue moving against his, caused Kiran’s mind to overdrive. He gripped her hips, moving closer to her, and she returned the favor, pressing their bodies together.

It was a few minutes before they both stopped and pulled away, gasping for breath. Sharena’s soft white face was blushing red, and Kiran’s was flushed. His hair was still messy as always, but Sharena’s was starting to come undone. It was clear that the time had come to move elsewhere.

“So,” Kiran gasps, chuckling, “Your room or mine?”

“Mine.” Sharena responded without hesitation. She took his hand, pulling him through the Hall of Heroes. Trying not to seem too eager, they nevertheless made sure to avoid all the other Heroes currently there (at one point nearly running straight into Hector, who was having himself some lunch in the canteen). Panting with exhaustion, they arrived at the Hall’s dormitories, where they quickly went into Sharena’s room, locking the door behind them.

Even if the name on the door wasn’t a dead giveaway, the inside of the room was very obviously hers. Like all the other Heroes’ rooms, it is personalized to her. A dresser on the right side has a round mirror on it, with a chair in front. On the left, there is a bookshelf, albeit one filled with more memorablilia than books. Her queen-sized bed has blue sheets, and has poles on each corner and a little “roof”, with drapes over them to shield her as she sleeps. It is a very nice and tidy room.

Neither of them cared, as Sharena’s lips went to Kiran’s again. As they liplocked once more, Sharena’s hands went to Kiran’s cloak and robe, and he helped with the sleeves. Soon, the white robe was discarded, and he was left in his blue vest and white pants, although in the movement his belt was unclasped and dropped. Kiran’s hands moved to unclasp Sharena’s armor, allowing the scaled protection to fall off, leaving her in just her undershirt and white shorts, along with her boots and stockings. Her cloak also fell to the floor, their clothing mixing in a heap. For a pause, they disconnected, seeing each other’s red, sweating faces.

“Well,” Kiran said, keeping his hands on Sharena’s sides, “This isn’t how I pictured the day going.” Sharena giggled, her eyes closing, a gesture that only served to make Kiran’s heart pound harder. Gods, she was amazing.

“Me neither,” Sharena finally replied, “But, it okay if know…” Though her arms were still around his neck, Kiran could see the nervousness return to her eyes. Her lip started to quiver slightly. She had a big question held, but even despite what they had just done, she couldn’t bring herself to ask it. Kiran decided to quell those fears by passing his hand over her face, moving some of her blonde hair out of the way.

“Yes,” Kiran said, displaying that calm smile of his that always seems to win them so many battles, “The answer is yes, if you want to.” Sharena’s blushing face couldn’t possibly get any redder, but it did. Right after that, however, her hands went to the seam of Kiran’s pants, and Kiran’s went to her shirt. They looked into each other’s eyes, and Kiran nodded.

The undressing lasted less than a minute, due to their eagerness. Soon, they stood before each other in nothing more than their undergarments: Sharena’s white undershirt and white underwear, and Kiran’s simple white boxers. Both of them not knowing what to do, they had a very awkward silence. Sharena’s right hand went up, and she placed it on his toned stomach, drawing a sharp intake of breath from Kiran. He returned his hands to her hips, then turned around her. With the bed behind him, he sat on the edge, bringing her onto his lap.

Sharena moved forward onto his lap, moving right up against his already erect dick, causing him to grunt and her to gasp, looking down at its outline in his underwear. Her blush came back, but Kiran put his lips to hers, silencing her worry and drawing her back to pleasure. This time, he pressed his tongue to hers, and she obliged, grabbing his shoulders to bring him in. Kirans hands moved up underneath her shirt, rubbing all over her bare back (clearly bras didn’t exist in this world). His right hand moved to the front, sliding up her stomach and coming to rest at her right breast. Sharena’s were small, but she wasn’t completely flat. It was just her armor that pressed against her.

Nevertheless, the girl moaned, a high-pitched sound going straight into Kiran’s mouth. He brought their lips apart again, keeping his hand on her breast, and moved his lips toward her neck. Sharena’s eyes closed, gasping, as she felt his lips kiss and lick at her neck, causing shivers of pleasure to go down her spine, all the way to her core. She felt a heat rising in her lower extremities, something she had never felt with someone else before.

Kiran’s hands went to Sharena’s undershirt, moving his head away from her neck as he lifted the clothing over her head. Sharena lifted her arms to help him, revealing her white breasts to him, with small, pink nipples topping them off. He couldn’t help but stare for a bit, the scope of what he was doing suddenly coming back to him. Soon, however, he took his mouth and placed it on one of her breasts, sucking on it and twirling his tongue around the nipple. Sharena moaned softly, her hips pressing against his covered dick more, simultaneously rubbing against her, raising her excitement more.

She couldn’t take much more of this teasing, and her hands gripping Kiran’s head demonstrated it. She pressed his face more against her breast, her other hand going down to remove her undergarments. Kiran, sensing the movement, placed his hand on hers, helping her to take off the only bit of clothes she had left. As he did, his fingers passed between her legs, and he could feel the wetness down below. Clearly, she wanted this, and as her hand moved to take off his boxers, something he assisted with, she felt the warmth from his dick as she took hold of it for a second, eyes widening at the strange feeling.

Kiran moved Sharena off his lap a little, allowing them to remove his underwear. Once done, his erection stood tall, his full six inches a marvel to Sharena. Kiran pecked her lips once, to get her attention back, but she pushed against his lips, causing him to fall backwards with her on top. She moved back, crawling down his body to between his legs. As Kiran’s head rested on a pillow, looking down, Sharena’s hands moved to his dick, taking it in one hand. It felt warm, again, and she moved her head closer to it. Kiran, meanwhile, moaned at the feeling of her delicate hand on it. It was warm, a wonderfully pleasing temperature as she began to stroke.

Sharena had never done this before, but she had heard some stories on how it was done. Remembering one of the stories, she reached her head out, giving the head a quick lick. Feeling the reaction from Kiran (and ignoring the weird taste), she licked again, multiple times. After a few more, she went ahead, placing her mouth on it and closing over his head. Kiran gripped the bedsheets, gasping. She moved her tongue around him, keeping the sensation going for Kiran, before she lowered further down, taking in most of his dick before moving her head back up, bobbing up and down slowly, unwittingly causing some slurping noises that only served to make Kiran even more turned on.

“Sharena…” Kiran moaned, looking down at the girl. In the middle of her work, Sharena looked up, her big, green eyes looking straight into Kiran’s as she continued to suck on his manhood. The sight was enough for him to grab her head, caressing her hair and begging her to suck more. She obliged, taking in his entire length into his mouth, seemingly with little difficulty and with added speed.

Her tongue felt wonderful. Just like the rest of her, it felt soft, like wool. Kiran couldn’t believe this was happening, but he was praising whatever Gods this place had that it was. He looked down again at Sharena, feeling himself riding a massive high.

“W-wait!” he said, causing Sharena to stop, removing his dick from her mouth with a pop. The sound was enough to make Kiran’s spine tingle with pleasure, but he composed himself.

“Come here,” he continued. Sharena did so, moving herself up until her face was level with his. She was slightly confused, her beautiful green eyes once again showing it. Kiran took her by the shoulders, kissed her once, then flipped her over, landing her on her back with an oomph.

“Kiran…” Sharena gasped, realizing what he was referring to. Looking down, the summoner guided himself towards her womanhood, pressing his tip to it gently, yet still enough to ellicit a squeal from the blonde, as she covered her mouth and closed her eyes. Kiran’s hands clasped Sharena’s, one on each side, their fingers intertwined as he pressed her hands into the bedsheets. They looked at each other once more.

“Are you…” Kiran started to ask, but his question was cut off by Sharena nodding, once again smiling kindly enough to let him know that it was okay, that she wanted this, that she wanted him. And he wanted her.

He kissed her on the lips, her head coming up to meet him, and he pushed inside of her for the first time. Sharena’s eyes tightened, feeling herself opened up to him for the first time, and she moaned quietly, keeping her lips on his. Her walls were warm and wet around him, as he pushed all the way into her, feeling her expand just a little to fit most of him. He kept himself there for a few seconds, allowing them to get a feel for it. They stopped kissing, and looked at each other. Sharena nodded, and Kiran understood, starting to move himself in and out of her. Every motion caused the girl to gasp, her head tilting to the side, cheek pressed against the sheets with her mouth open. Kiran, while focused on his motions, was entranced by how, even now, she still looked beautiful.

Kiran sped up his movements gradually, hearing a soft smack whenever he pushed in. Sharena, turning her head again to look at him, crossed her legs behind his back, using them to hold him closer. Their hands were still clasped together as they touched their foreheads, both with their eyes closed. Kiran reached a faster speed and stayed there, and Sharena unclasped their hands, leading to a moment of confusion for the Summoner until her arms grabbed onto his back, pulling him in more. In this way, he rested his head on her shoulder, letting her head rest on his, crying out in ecstasy.

Their passion was not to last much longer. Kiran could feel his release building, and he assumed (correctly) that Sharena was as well. She was panting now, all out of breath. Her hands left his back, going to his face and cupping his cheeks. She took a glance into his eyes, then pulled his lips towards her, signalling that she was almost there. Their kiss this time was less careful, and more of a furious making out session. Both of them were moaning, lips and tongues clashing hard. Kiran’s hips pushed less into Sharena, but more forcefully. They were nearly there.

Suddenly, like a dam bursting, Kiran and Sharena couldn’t hold it back any longer. With their mouths pressed together so tight that Sharena was pushed into the sheets, they climaxed. Kiran’s seed remained inside her, their lovemaking juices mixing. As his high wore off, Kiran slowly retracted his movements, until he was finally done, coming out and laying on Sharena for a half second, before rolling off of her and laying beside her. They stared at the ceiling, panting. Sharena’s face blushed again, and she turned herself to face Kiran, who did the same.

“Kiran…?” she asked, her hands laying between them. Kiran emulated her movements, shifting a little closer. He hummed in question, responding to her.

“I...thank you.” Her smile returned to her face, her soft, beautiful face. Kiran smiled back, moving forward to kiss her. This time, the kiss was gentle, the most wonderful kiss they’ve had. His arms enclosed her, and her arms did the same. Their legs intertwined together, and they paused their kiss, foreheads against each other.

“Remember,” Kiran said, chuckling, “We have training tomorrow.” Sharena giggled, patting Kiran on the cheek lightly.

“Shush, you,” she chastised, “I don’t want to think about anything else right now.”

Kiran agreed. He kissed her, as a promise.