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Balancing Hearts

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Title: Balancing Hearts pt. 1/?

Authors: Deathangelgw and Sarit

Disclaimers: None of these characters are ours. We only toy with them mercilessly!

Warnings: AU, Crossover/Fusion, Slash, Het, Lemon/Lime, Sap, Angst, Dark, OOC, Some M/s.

Rating: PG-13 up to NC-17

Pairings: Ryo/Tamahome/Miaka, Nuriko/Seiji, Shin/Hotohori, Shu/Yui, Nakago/Rajura, Soi/Shuten, Ryo/Seiji/Touma/Shu/Shin, others to come xD

Timeline: Just after Arago's first defeat in the YST series and before the FY series begins.

Summary: When the Troopers met Miaka and Yui, little did they know how integral the two would become to their lives. And little did any of them know that their picture just got a whole lot bigger. Will love help bring balance?

A/N: So, a long while back, we wrote what we called affectionately our 'Epic fic of Epicness' which is a crossover fusion of Fushigi Yuugi, Yoroiden Samurai Troopers, and Gundam Wing. No, we didn't add in Sailor Moon. Deathangelgw woulda gotten shot by Sarit! XD But we kinda burnt out on it, but loved the fusion, so we thought we'd try again. Here it is. Completely separate from our other collab, we hope you enjoy it! Oh, and please review ;)



/telepathic speech/


It was a warm sunny day, but Miaka didn't even seem to notice. She'd just left the others in the living room and headed to her boyfriend's bedroom. Yui had come over as well, chatting with Shu, Touma, Shin, and Seiji while she went to check up on Ryo. Opening the door, she slipped inside and shut the door behind her quietly.


Byakuen looked up, then let his head fall down again with a thump as he watched her. He glanced over at the deeply asleep Ryo, growling slightly in distress. Miaka smiled softly at the tiger, patting him on the head reassuringly. She wasn't afraid of him, strangely. She didn't know why, since she didn't know many people that kept a pet tiger around. She sat on the edge of the bed and took one of Ryo's hands in hers, just watching him sleep.


A bit later, the rough tan fingers curled slightly around hers as his eyes fluttered open. Ryo blinked slowly and turned his head, smiling as he saw his girlfriend. "Hey," he tried to say, but grimaced at his dry throat.


"Hey. How are you feeling?" Miaka asked softly, brushing his black hair from his face.


Grimacing as he licked his chapped lips, Ryo rasped out, "Tired," before making another face. Byakuen chuffed in amusement as he gave a large tiger grin.


"Tired. He wakes up from who knows how long a nap and he's tired," Miaka rolled her eyes, but then winked at him and Byakuen. She helped Ryo to sit up before offering him a glass of water. Taking the glass shakily, Ryo smiled slightly at her as he tried to drink. "Slowly, you're still weak," Miaka cautioned, helping him as much as she could.


His eyes glittered with a 'Duh you think?!' look as he finally got to drink. He sighed in relief as the cold water raced down his throat and he relaxed against his pillows as he handed her his glass again. "How are you?" he whispered.


"Fine. Worried sick, but fine," Miaka said loftily, then took one of the pillows and thwapped him on the arm with it. "BAKA!! Worry me half to DEATH!!"


Grinning as he leaned away, Ryo put his hand up defensively. "Hey! You knew the risks!" he protested.


She growled, still glaring at him. "Hai, I did, but I didn't expect my boyfriend to be a complete baka and actually give up! Grrrr. I swear, if you do it again, I'm going to get my own armor and kick your ASS!"


Laughing slightly before coughing, Ryo shook his head. He grabbed her hand and used what was returned of his strength and pulled her to him to kiss her deeply. "Arigato, Miaka..." he purred against her lips.


She smiled and leaned into him, returning the kiss. "Douitashimashite. Now rest beloved. You need to regain your strength."


"Stay? Just...just for a bit. I-I missed you..." Ryo whispered as he cupped her cheek.


"Hai, I'll stay." Miaka smiled and scooted onto the bed. There was just enough room that she wouldn't fall, or hurt him. Wrapping his arm around her, Ryo turned to his side and snuggled close, falling asleep almost immediately with a small smile on his lips. Byakuen huffed and purred as he went back to sleep, content. Miaka smiled at the two. She gave a little yawn, and then wrapped her arms around Ryo and joined the two in a peaceful sleep.




Seiji tilted his head as he felt Ryo return to sleep, smiling softly. Shin caught the look and grinned. "Leave it to Miaka-chan to put him to sleep again," he commented teasingly, snickering as Touma continued to tease Yui on subjects from school.


"Well of course she can," Yui replied with a roll of her eyes. She gave a sigh then smacked Touma with a pillow. "Will you stop it?!"


"Iie! Not till you admit it!" Touma protested with a grin as he tickled her. Shu snorted as he mowed on some more hamburgers as Nasuti cooked them up.


"I'll never admit it!" Yui retorted, retaliating and tickling him right back.


Laughing as he grabbed her and pinned her, he purred softly, "Yui-chan, you can't beat me and you know it..." The three other young men rolled their eyes. Touma was always trying to get the girls to join in their other 'fun'.


Yui rolled her eyes and arched an eyebrow up at Touma. "You have two seconds to get off before you become more girl then boy."


"You are no fun, Yui-chan..." Touma pouted as he sat them both up before ruffling her hair and dashing off. He was in very good spirits that day.


Seiji cocked an eyebrow and sighed. "He is going to be impossible to deal with later..." he muttered before sipping his tea.


"You can't blame me." Yui smirked, sticking out her tongue at him.


"Hai, we can. He only gets that when you are around. Genuis similarities and all," Shu muttered through a semi-mouthful of food, causing snickers from Shin and a glare of disgust from Seiji.


Yui rolled his eyes, and then smirked and winked. "Hai, but I'm much smarter than he is."


"I'd like to see that happen..." Shin replied with a smirk as he handed her some tea.


"Oh you will when finals come around." Yui stuck out her tongue at him before accepting the cup of tea.


"All you do is talk," Shu growled out before swallowing and adding. "I think you two will be tied."


"Tied in what?" Touma asked as he sauntered back in, smirking as he caught Shin's eyes looking him up and down slowly in appreciation. He had changed into his tight blue jeans and black t-shirt.


"Tied? Please! Everyone knows girls are smarter than boys," Yui said with a wink and smirk at Touma.


"Not in this room!" Touma shot back with a cheeky grin.


"You know, I can't wait to go back to school," Shin commented with a smile as he stretched back.


"Oh? Why?" Yui asked absently, sipping her tea.


"Just being back to what we call normal, I guess," Shin replied with a shrug and a smile. Yui and Miaka were the only ones who knew about them and their duty. They had even helped Nasuti and Jun.


Yui nodded, nursing her cup of tea. "I can understand that. Maybe now that it's all over you guys can actually take a rest."


"That'd be nice..." Shu sighed as he relaxed, sinking in his chair. "Those bakayaro youkai. I hope they rot..." he growled out half heartedly.


"Considering they live in hell, they probably will," Yui teased him, drinking the last of her tea and setting the cup on the table.


Sticking his tongue out at her, Shu huffed and rolled his eyes. Seiji placed his cup down and sighed. "We should at least get our books and uniforms. Yui-san, are they still at your house?" he asked softly as he gazed at her.


"Hai, they are. All packed away safely in one of my trunks in my closet," Yui said with a wink. "You boys should come over and try them on and make sure they still fit."


"Cuz we've bulked up!" Shu stated as he puffed up his chest, earning laughs or eye rolls from his best friends.


Yui arched an eyebrow upwards with a smirk. "Oh really? So should I sell tickets to the floor show you boys will give then?"


"Of course! We can make money while we're testing!" Shu scoffed, earning snorts and laughter again.


"You? I was thinking of me," Yui smiled innocently. They all laughed at that and went back to their tea, chatting amiably.




"It's a good thing okaasan and otousan are gone on a holiday," Yui said as she unlocked the door to her home.


"Yea. Imagine explaining how four hot hunks are coming into your house with you and Miaka-chan," Shu commented with a leer as he patted her butt.


"Oh? Where are they? I don't see any," Yui said, smacking Shu's hand before it could connect.


Miaka snickered. "It's a good thing you didn't include Ryo in that, Shu-chan."


"He's the best of us!" Shu protested as he nursed his 'injured' hand. "Mou Yui-chan! Must you be so mean?" he whined.


Shin snorted as Touma smacked Shu upside the head. "Perhaps if you treated her like a woman instead of a sex toy, you wouldn't get smacked," Seiji commented with a smirk.


"Listen to him, you might learn something," Yui sniffed indignantly, opening the door for them. Once everyone was inside, she closed the door.


"Eh, he's just a fuddy duddy. Too fixated on his-itai!" Shu rubbed his head as a twitching Seiji smacked him while the other two laughed. Yui smirked impishly, heading for her bedroom. She opened the door and went straight to one of the trunks near the far wall. She knelt down and started pulling out school books and uniforms. "Aw man! I didn't know we had to wear these ugly things!" Shu protested as he made a face while holding up a shirt. He glanced over, making a face again as the other guys had started stripping to try on their uniforms.


"They aren't that bad," Yui said, watching with slightly wide eyes. She shook her head and got up to sort through the books, keeping her eyes on what she was doing.


"Yea says you. You get to umph, wear a skirt..." Shu grumbled as he took off his t-shirt and pulled on the good shirt. He laughed as Shin hopped around as he pulled up his pants.


"So? That means what exactly?" Miaka asked, her hands on her hips. She didn't even comment on her friend. If it wasn't for the fact that she had feelings for Ryo, she'd be near drooling herself.


"It's easier to wear skirts!" Shu finally finished as he put on his jacket. They all looked at themselves, checking the fit.


"Not bad. Looks like they did that better this year," Touma commented as he flexed.


"Oh really? And how would you know that, Shu-chan?" Yui asked with a smirk, finally looking up now that it was safe for her sanity.


"Cuz the other ones were a lot tighter," Shu replied smugly, then frowned as he saw a tear in his shoulder. "Aw man!"


"Good one, baka!" Shin commented with a laugh.


"Oi, well you're going to have to wear it like that till end of school tomorrow, baka!" Yui growled, her hands on her hips while she glared at Shu.


"Mou. I need to sew this up..." Shu pouted before returning Yui's glare. "Why are you glaring at me?" he demanded, sticking his tongue out.


"Because I feel like it. Oh fine, you big baby. Take it off and give it to me." Yui sighed, holding her hand out.


Eyes shining, Shu crowed. "Arigato, Yui-chan!" he cried as he took off his jacket, albeit carefully so as not to rip it anymore, then handed it to her.


"You baby him, Yui-chan," Touma commented fondly.


"I do not," Yui huffed, sticking her tongue out at Touma. She pulled out her sewing kit and set the items she'd need around her. Shu stuck his tongue out at Touma as well as they set about getting changed. Yui sewed up the rip in the shirt expertly, her eyes never leaving the material. Miaka smiled at her friend and shook her head, sitting down on the bean bag in the middle of the room. Picking up some of the books, the guys commented on their classes they were taking, Shin teasing them about being underclassmen. "There, all done," Yui said, handing Shu back the jacket. "Make sure you don't tear it this time."


"Hai hai," Shu grumbled good naturedly as he smiled at her thankfully before folding it.


"Should we head over to the school to see on our schedules?" Seiji asked as he stretched.


"Nah. There should be some envelopes in the chest," Yui said, sitting back. She winked at Miaka.


Miaka snickered and winked back. "Well, get dressed guys! We have school!"


"Not till tomorrow!" Shu protested, whining as the others laughed or groaned.


"Nope, today!" Miaka crowed, bouncing up and down with glee at the look on his face.


"That's right! It's orientation," Yui grinned with a mischievous smile.


"Mouuuuuuuuuu!" The Troopers fell over, groaning at the injustice. They had just saved the day three days before! Miaka and Yui smirked in triumph. They loved springing things on them like this.


"Why does Ryo get out of this?" Shu grumbled as they got up to get going.


"Cuz he's out like a light and couldn't stand up long enough to listen to his name being called, much less his schedule?" Shin commented as they started out.


"Well that's not fair! Why can't we skip?!" Shu demanded as he stomped his foot.


"Because we are responsible. Now knock it off, Shu," Seiji commented quietly as they waited for Yui to lock up things.


"That's right. And it won't hurt you any," Yui said with a smirk, locking things up. She nodded to Miaka, who stood up and led the way out of the house.


"So, can we get something to eat on the way?!" Miaka asked.


"Hai! Can we get something to eat?!" Shu chimed in as he held his grumbling stomach, earning laughs or groans from his best friends. Yui shook her head, though she grinned. It was nice to have their friends back again. They stopped at their favorite cafe before heading towards the school for orientation. They met up with some more of Yui and Miaka's friends as they went in.


"Mou...I'm still hungry," Miaka whined, causing Yui to snicker.


"Honestly, Miaka! You had nearly twice what Pig Boy had!" She winked at Shu, letting him know she was teasing.


"Oi, I resemble that!" Shu growled back with a grin before scarfing a burger down. He swallowed the last of his soda and tossed it into the garbage as they walked towards their school.


The four young men stopped, staring up at the school with soft smiles. "Time to be normal," Shin whispered softly, happily as they nodded.


"Hai." Miaka smiled at them. She took Shin's arm and led him inside. Yui shook her head and winked at the others before following her best friend into school. The others grinned and followed the girls inside, looking around. The orientation went quick and they headed out, talking excitedly about what will be going on this year.


Yui shook her head at her friend, who was still red in embarrassement. "I can't believe you hit the sensei with your desk!"


"Gomen! It was a dream!" Miaka protested.


"Musta been some dream to hit sensei with that desk..." Seiji commented as the others snickered in amusement.


"He was taking my food away!" Miaka whined, and then blushed crimson.


Yui snickered, shaking her head. "Only you...well you guys want to come with me? I have to go to the library to return a book."


"Sounds good. I need new material anyways," Touma commented as he fingered his own books.


"Our own nerd of the boys," Shu teased his friend, laughing as he was swatted.


Yui sniffed, rolling her eyes. "I'm not a nerd!"


"Yes you are!" Shu teased Yui as he ruffled her hair, earning some more laughs from the others as they went inside. The four stopped suddenly, looking up at the building as they felt some kind of disturbance.


"'s so big," Miaka said in awe, staring up at it. "And impressive! It's so...well...National!"


Yui snickered, shaking her head as she led the way inside. "It is the National Library, Miaka. I'll be right back."


"Matte, Yui-chan," Touma said quietly, breaking them out of their thoughts before following her inside. They had felt something deeply disturbing that they couldn't describe. Hopefully it wasn't something they couldn't handle...


"Oi, you guys worry too much," Miaka said with a wave of her hand. She looked around her, sighing. She was hungry. Maybe they had a juice machine around somewhere.


"Yea whatever..." Shu muttered as they went inside, his eyes worriedly on Yui as the two geniuses left their view. Shin and Seiji looked around steadily, intently searching for whatever had set off their senses.


"Oooo...look! A juice machine!" Miaka giggled, heading down a little corridor where some vending machines could be seen. She dug into her pocket and pulled out a coin.


"Oi, Miaka-chan! Be careful!" Shu called down distractedly as they looked up the hallway. Suddenly, a light trilling surrounded them followed by a strange red bird floating by. They watched in shock as it went by them, then up the stairs.


"Nani? Ooooh..." Miaka dropped the coin. She watched the bird fly by and head up the stairs. Strangely, she wasn't afraid of it.


"Oi! What are you guys doing here?" Yui asked, poking her head in the hallway.


"What's wrong with-oi!" Touma cried as the three other Troopers raced up the stairs, eyes intent as they followed where the bird had gone. Miaka headed up the stairs, almost a dazed look on her face. Yui frowned, looking over at Touma before shrugging and going after them. Touma followed as well, understanding what his friends/lovers sent him through their link. They came to the room where the bird had gone and snuck in, looking around intently.


"Miaka?" Yui asked, poking her head in the room that Miaka and the others had gone into.


"Eh?!" Miaka turned and gave a relieved sigh. It was only Yui and Touma. This place had started to creep her out.


"What are you guys doing in here? You'll get in trouble," Yui said, though she did come into the room herself.


"There's a presence here..." Seiji murmured as he and the other three looked around warily, searching the aisles slowly.


"What kind of presence?" Yui asked in curiosity. Miaka walked along the wall of books, running her fingers along the spine of some books. She jumped, giving a surprised sound. One of the books had fallen out of the shelf and landed on the floor. It was an old book, red with white binding.


Hearing the sound, the four ran over, then breathed a sigh of relief. Shu looked over at Yui, his face filled with concern. "Something...different. Not evil, but still...not of this world," he murmured.


"Oh?" Yui frowned, walking over to the book. She knelt on the floor, Miaka coming to sit next to her. "Shin Jin Ten Chi Sho...the Universe of the Four Gods?"


"What is it?" Miaka asked, watching as her friend opened the cover.


"It says it's an ancient Chinese novel," Yui said, looking over the ancient Chinese writing.


"Ancient novel, huh? Ne, Touma, what can you make of it?" Shu called out, then blinked as he looked at it. "M-Matte. I recognize the writing..." he whispered softly, shocking his friends.


"What does it say?" Miaka asked, turning to look at Touma.


Yui frowned, tracing a finger along the text. "This is the story of a young girl who single-handedly gathered the Seven Seishi of Suzaku and gained the power to make all her dreams come true. The story itself is an incantation and whomever reads it gains the main character's power to have their wishes granted. This is because, once they turn the first page, the story will become real and begin." Yui frowned and looked at her friend. Miaka shrugged. She didn't know what any of that meant either. All of a sudden, a bright red light came from the pages of the book and surrounded the two girls. They both cried out, but to no avail.


The book fell to the ground, both girls gone.


"What does that me-Nani?!" Shin cried out along with the other three as a red light flared up, surrounding the two young women.


"Yui-chan! Miaka-chan!!" Touma shouted as they ran to the book and he picked it up, shaking it frantically. "Yui-chan!! Miaka-chan!!"


"What the hell just happened?!" Shu demanded, shaking with shock.