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Piece of Cake

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William saw Dru approach Buffy, saw Buffy run off in the direction of the restrooms while Dru made her way over to the omelet station.  He launched himself out of his chair and stormed over to where Liam sat, back turned to the buffet area, oblivious.

“You need to keep a bloody leash on your wife, you idiot.”  Liam looked up, surprised and confused, and William didn’t give him the chance to speak the question on his face.  “Do you care so little for your ex?  Or are you just that daft?  You can’t leave Dru to wander off, not with Buffy around.”

Liam craned his neck around, scanning the buffet, a frown upon his handsome face.  “What are you talking about?  Dru’s right over there.”

“And so was Buffy a moment ago, until Dru happened on her.  God knows what she said to the poor woman, but now she’s run off again.”  William shook his head in disgust.  “I should’ve known better too.  Gone with her.  Run interference.”

“Shit.”  Liam rose, his face white.  “I keep thinking things’ll be normal now, with the baby and being married.  That we’ll be an average – sort of average – married couple.  But it’s never going to happen, is it?”

William snorted.  “Says the man with the vibrating ass.  Normal?  Not in this lifetime, mate.  You always gotta be on your toes with that one.”

Shit,” he repeated, gazing at his bride’s back.  “I’ve got to hand it to you, Spike, I have no clue how you stayed with Drusilla for so long.  You know I’ll do whatever it takes, but I forgot what it’s like.  Especially after…”

“After you had proper normal and fucked it up?”

“Yeah.”  He fixed accusing brown eyes on William.  “So, Buffy.  She stayed the night.  With you.”

“None of your business, mate.  You’re the one who left her.”

Liam stared down at him, trying to intimidate him, but William held his ground.  He wasn’t the one in the wrong here.  Liam seemed to realize it, too.  He sagged back into his chair.  “How is she?  Is she okay?”

“Okay is such a vague word.  She’s coping.  She has more strength than she knows.”  William considered telling him the truth about Dru’s subterfuge, but decided he’d find out soon enough.  He deserved to sweat it for a while.  Realize just what he’d lost.  That way, if Buffy did take the cheating sod back after his mockery of a marriage fell apart, maybe Liam would appreciate her properly.  Stay faithful.  He glared at the other man.  “Just worry ‘bout Dru, all right?  Don’t screw that up too.”

He turned on his heel, not sure whether to poke his head in the restroom and check on Buffy or wait for her at the table.  Waiting her out won, though he was hard pressed to sit still.  He drummed his fingers on the edge of his plate, and bounced his leg under the table, poised to leap up at any moment.  Twice he rose and forced himself to be seated once more.  As long as Dru stayed away from the restrooms, he’d let Buffy have her privacy.  She’d come out when she was ready.  He hoped.

And there she was.  Head held high, she made her way to him, her poise confident.  William could see the telltale signs of tears as she came closer, but she smiled brightly, and he grinned in return.

“Come on,” he said, taking her arm and leading her back to the food.  “We’re going to get you fed yet.”  Buffy glanced over her shoulder and William, glancing with her, saw Drusilla and Liam together at their table, Liam’s hand on his wife’s shoulder. 

“I don’t need you guys to protect me,” she said.  “She’s done her worst.  I’m not afraid of her anymore.”

“Glad to hear it.”  Still, he stayed with her, encouraging her to pile her plate with delicacies by filling one of his own.

They’d barely sat when Buffy said in a matter-of-fact voice, “So.  Say you didn’t have a remote-controlled vibrator handy.  What other kind of kinky fun could you have in a public place like this?”  William was glad she’d spoken before he’d taken his first bite, otherwise he might’ve sprayed his food into her face like some wide-eyed virgin.

He took a moment to compose himself before answering, cloaking himself in the mantle of ‘expert’ Buffy expected him to be. “The most obvious is to play footsie under the table.  With wandering feet, of course.”

She nodded.  “Thought of that.  And, of course, being suggestive with your food.”  Buffy picked up a sausage and almost demonstrated, though her cheeks flamed and she couldn’t quite go through with it.  William held his smile in, enchanted by how absolutely adorable she looked but certain she wouldn’t appreciate him being amused at her expense.

“Nice, love.”  He leered at her, chose a cherry danish from his plate, and thrust his tongue into the filling.  Eyes half-closed, he swirled his tongue, moaning low in his throat.

Buffy’s blush crept down her neck, while her eyes grew huge.  She made a sputtering noise.  “Oh.  My.  God.  Stop it!”

Ignoring her plea, he drove a pair of fingers into filing, pushing them in and out in a suggestive manner, then slowly withdrew and cleaned the stickiness off with delicate flicks of his tongue.  “Delicious.”  She peeked at him from between her fingers, breathing heavily, and William winked and made a show of licking all the cherry filling from his lips.

“Okay, yep, food is erotic,” she squeaked, and fuck if he didn’t want to eat her up too, she was so damned cute.

He dropped his voice to a low rumble.  “That’s not all you can do with food.”

“It’s not?”

“’Course not.  I could feed you, and you me.”  He picked up a strawberry and held it out to her.  “Go on, have a nibble.”  Buffy leaned forward and ate it in tiny bites, her lips just grazing his fingers, her eyes never leaving on his.  William had managed to hold his attraction to the small blonde at bay for most of the morning, but it came rushing back now at the feel of her soft lips brushing against his skin.  He shifted a little in his chair, and shifted again when that didn’t relieve the pressure.

“Now you do me,” he said.  Buffy licked her lips, but she gamely plucked a strawberry from his plate and thrust it towards his face.  Rather than nibble at it, he enveloped both fruit and fingers in his mouth, tongue sliding against her fingertips with deliberate sluggishness.  He used his tongue to mash the strawberry to a pulp against Buffy’s quivering digits, then chased the juice as it trickled towards her palm.  She whimpered, and he had to physically adjust himself before something was permanently damaged.  When she snatched her hand back, then licked up a bit of pulp he’d missed, eyes still fixed on his, he groaned.  “Yeah.  Think you’re getting the hang of it.”

She dropped her gaze to her plate and tore into her food with a sudden gusto.  “Mmm.  Look at all this goodness,” she said.  “I am starved.” 

William chuckled and let her pretend she hadn’t been affected by their little dance.  He waited until her plate was close to cleared before saying, “Ready to know what else we could do?”

Her hands trembled, and she darted a glance at the newlyweds.  “Sure,” she said, her voice steadier than her hands.  “Definitely.”

Buffy’s furtive look and ready willingness confirmed for William that Dru had played on her insecurities earlier, and made her feel as if her inexperience was the reason Liam had left her rather than Liam’s idiocy.  “You itching for a little payback?” he asked, just to be certain.  “Prove Drusilla wrong?”

“How strongly can I say yes?”

“All right then.”  For the briefest moment, he wondered whether it was what Buffy really wanted, especially after her earlier outburst about playing mind games, but decided this was more about helping her restore her self-confidence than anything else.  William searched her face and saw nothing but determination, and his mind was made up.  If he could talk Buffy into doing something a little – or a lot – kinky, he was certain her confidence would soar the minute she realized she was capable of more than she’d thought.  He leaned closer and lowered his voice.  “This goes well beyond the introductory package, but there’s no need to actually do it.  Pretending’ll be good enough if it’s just to get a reaction.”

“So we’re expanding on my career as an actress?”

“’Less you wanted to do it for real.  I certainly wouldn’t mind.”  William added a leer to emphasize his point.

“I don’t even know what it is yet.”

He plucked a dusky purple grape from the bunch on his plate he’d saved just for this purpose and held it aloft, between his thumb and forefinger.  Even with his repertoire of experience, he had to summon a bit of his alter ego, Spike, in order to speak his next words.  William wasn’t the sort to speak such crude, earthy words to a pretty girl he hardly knew, not even in his role as Buffy’s teacher, and he had to fake the confidence he intended to project.  He leaned closer yet, his voice no more than a silken whisper.  “You take this bit of fruit, here, and dip it into your pussy.  Play with yourself, get all hot and bothered.  Coat the grape with your honey.  Then offer it to me.”

Buffy reacted as though he’d suggested they strip naked and have sex right there on the table.  “What?”  She pushed away from the table, chair screeching loudly against the floor.  “No!”

Well, that had certainly grabbed the attention of everybody around them, including the pair whose attention they’d wanted in the first place.  “The whole idea is to be subtle about it, love.” 

She blanched, and peered around, then pulled her chair back in and hid her face behind her hands.  “Well, that settles it.  Everybody’s staring.  No way I can do… that now.”

“The gawkers have already lost interest, pet.  Only ones still watching are the happy couple, and you want them watching, remember?”

“I still can’t,” she hissed under her breath.

William adopted his most persuasive tone of voice.  “Not even pretend?”




Buffy peeked between her fingers at William.  He was still holding a grape out to her, waiting patiently on her answer, and she didn’t know whether she was more mortified by his suggestion or by her own mortification at his suggestion.  She didn’t want to be a prude, but it seemed like she couldn’t help it.  Of course, William had said it was beyond the introductory package.  So it was okay to be shocked, wasn’t it?

The more embarrassing question was whether it was okay to be aroused by the idea even as it disgusted her.  She didn’t know the answer to that.

“Just pretend?” she asked, squirming in her chair.

“Just pretend.”  William stretched his arm out a little farther.  “Know you can do it, love.”

His eyes were warm and reassuring rather than lecherous, and the calm confidence he projected had her lowering her hands and reaching out to take the grape from him even as her own eyes dropped to her plate.

He brushed his hand against hers.  “Want me to talk you through it?”

Did she want that chocolate baritone narrating her every faked move?  Buffy shivered at the thought, and suspected that if William used that silky voice of his on her, he could easily talk her into doing it for real.  She felt a rush of moisture between her legs and wondered if he actually would enjoy the taste of her slick wetness.  She swallowed, realizing just how aroused she’d become.

“I – I…” 

Buffy shook her head.  She already knew he was attracted to her.  And enjoyed sexual acts she would have called perverted and disgusting only hours ago.  If she couldn’t be frank with him, then there was no hope for her.  She raised her eyes and looked him squarely in the face.  “If I were to do it for real, would it actually turn you on?  I mean, do you like… girl juices?”

William chuckled, although Buffy could see the faintest trace of a blush about his cheeks, and it made her feel infinitely better.  Knowing he wasn’t completely uninhibited made her own inhibitions seem less prudish.

“Not something I want to drink a big, tall glass of with breakfast.  But, yeah.”  He rubbed the back of his neck.  “A woman’s scent.  Her taste.  It’s arousing.”  He frowned a little, and added.  “The right woman.  Have to be attracted in the first place, obviously.”

His answer had her rubbing her thighs together even as she considered his words.  William’s kinky suggestion was, she told herself, not that disgusting.  He would put a grape in his mouth.  He would put her in his mouth.  Why not at the same time?  It was like mixing peanut butter and chocolate.  Maybe she found it gross, but other people enjoyed the combination.  With that thought it mind, Buffy found the nerve to at least pretend – and maybe, just maybe, more.  She swallowed and dropped her hands below the table.  “Are they looking?” she whispered.

William threw his arm over the back of his chair, casual as you please, and popped a grape from his plate into his mouth, rolling it around before biting down.  He cocked his head, and Buffy saw how he turned it just enough to observe the others without appearing to look.  Tongue curled, he nodded.  “Showtime.”

The blush that felt like her constant companion grew more heated, but Buffy drew on some reserve of daring she hadn’t known was there until this moment.  She edged the tablecloth over her lap and then wriggled around as if she were undoing her slacks beneath it.  William’s eyes darkened, and the rise and fall of his chest grew more rapid.  His obvious arousal inflamed her own, turning her mouth dry and her skin feverish.  When his sock-covered toes brushed against her bare ankle, she gasped. 

He smiled encouragingly at her and leaned forward to murmur, “You’re doing fine.  Now remember, take your time about it.  You’re pleasuring yourself under there.”  Buffy stiffened, eyes wide, before she realized he didn’t know what her fingers were actually doing.  Slowly, hesitantly, she resumed rubbing herself through her clothes, trying to relieve the lust she’d been battling for the last several minutes, but it only made her more frustrated.  Still, it made it easy to pretend she was pleasuring herself when she actually was doing it, although not in the way her tutor was imagining.  She sighed, and panted, and twitched in time with the pulsing of her clitoris, growing wetter and more desperate. 

When William’s left hand crept below the table and stayed there, his arm moving in a lazy rhythm while his pupils overtook his irises, she was overcome with pride.  She – proper, innocent little Buffy – had driven this man to pleasuring himself in a public place.  A warm glow spread through her body, out to her fingertips, and she shuddered in quiet release.

“Bloody hell,” he whispered.  “Did you really just…?”

Only enough to take the edge off, but she nodded anyway. 

He threw his head back and groaned, and Buffy darted a nervous glance around at the other patrons, hoping they weren’t being too obvious.  Nobody seemed to be paying any attention; nobody other than the newlyweds, that was.  Though Drusilla sat on his lap, Liam’s gazed was riveted on Buffy.  She couldn’t read his expression.  Was it disappointment?  Or desire?  She couldn’t tell.  Not wanting to examine it too closely, and not wanting to deal with emotions the sight of him invoked, she turned her attention back to William and kicked him under the table.  “Hey.”

His eyes, when he focused them on her, were clouded with lust.  “Whuzzat?”

“I – the grape.”  She proffered it to him, and he snatched her hand and guided it to his lips, mouthing her fingers eagerly.  “Uhhhhn,” Buffy said, and her desire came roaring back.  She took one look at the slice of cake still on her plate, and pushed it away.  “Can – can we go?  Now?”

That seemed to snap him out of his lust-filled haze.  “Why, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong.  It’s just...  I’m done eating.  Too much else going on to enjoy the food properly.”

William’s face fell.  “Oh, Buffy, I’m sorry.”

“What?  No, it’s not you – well it is, but not in a bad way.”  She licked her lips.  “I want to go because I want to go back to your room.  With you.”