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100 Ways to Say

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It’s nearing four in the morning and they’re still an hour out from the city, another three from their actual apartment, when Izuku awakes up. He blinks sleepily in the faint light of the car, silent except for the faint roar of tires on asphalt. The countryside is incredibly dark, Tokyo a vague glow in the distance. And there’s more stars in the sky outside the windshield than he’s ever seen.

Beside him, Katsuki’s glaring at the dimly lit road as if he wants to set it on fire. When Izuku had offered to drive four hours ago, he’d been met with a prideful sneer and an adamant refusal. To be fair, Izuku rarely drives because he gets so nervous. Katsuki enjoys it, like he enjoys his new car, flashy red but compact enough for tiny side roads and quick enough to match his patience. But after nearing eight hours on the road, Izuku’s sure that Katsuki’s nearing the end of his rope.

“Kacchan,” he calls softly. Katsuki jerks a little, glancing wildly to the side at him before glaring even harder at the road.

“Fuck, Deku, don’t do that,” he hisses, his knuckles white on the steering wheel. “I thought you were asleep.”

“Sorry,” Izuku says. “Kacchan, why don’t you pull over. Let me drive for a while.”

Katsuki’s silent for a long moment, evidence to how tired he really was. They’d been up the entire day before, finishing with a undercover case in a separate prefecture that Izuku had been called in on the week before.

“You don’t like driving,” Katsuki mumbles, finally. “Too damn nervous.”

Izuku gives him a small smile. “It’s early still, so their won’t be a lot of traffic, even by the time we get home. I’ll be fine.”

With a sigh, Katsuki relents and pulls over onto the shoulder, grumbling as they switch seats. Izuku takes a deep breath of the summer night before climbing behind the wheel. He smiles as Katsuki yawns widely and leans the seat further back. He tugs at Katsuki’s sleeve, meeting a tired glare with a sheepish grin until Katsuki begrudgingly leans up and pecks Izuku on the lips.

“Don’t fuck up my car,” he says around another yawn, flopping back.

Chucking, Izuku turns the radio on just a little, music playing quietly in the background. “Good night, Kacchan,” he says, softly. Katsuki doesn’t reply, already nodding off beside him.

Izuku pulls off, singing a little under his breath whenever a song he knows comes on. Above the treetops, the stars wink out one by one as the sun rises and the sky turns pale pink and yellow. The trees themselves thin out and the wooden houses begin to grow closer together. By the time they reach Metro Tokyo, the street lights are flickering off and early morning commuters join him on the road. Izuku nervously navigates around traffic, and breathes a quiet sigh of relief when he reaches their neighborhood.

When they're finally parked in their parking garage, he leans all the way over and smooshes a kiss into Katsuki’s cheek. “Wake up, Kacchan, we’re home!” he whisper-yells, cheerily grinning when Katsuki blinks up at him.

Katsuki groans and wraps his arms around Izuku, nearly pulling him out of the driver’s seat. “Let me sleep, Deku. Just a few more minutes.”

“You can have a few more minutes here, or the rest of the day in bed,” Izuku offers, struggling to get out of Katsuki’s hold. “I’ll even carry you up the stairs.”

Katsuki groans again and releases him. He kicks open his door before turning to look at Izuku expectantly, taking the pro-offered set of keys. Izuku huffs a laugh and gets out of the car, bypassing the trunk with their travel bags and gear. He can come down for them later. He rounds the car, smirking at Katsuki’s tried glare before crouching in front of the open door. Katsuki practically falls out of the car and on top of him, arms wrapped securely around his shoulders as Izuku hefts him onto his back. They look more than a little ridiculous, with Katsuki’s long limbs hanging off him. But Katsuki doesn’t seem to mind, burying his head in Izuku’s neck as Izuku nudges the door closed with his hip. Izuku gently bounces him a little further up his back before heading to the stairwell, crouching again so Katsuki can unlock it for them.

“Why don’t we have a fucking elevator from the damn garage,” he complains into Izuku’s neck, even though Izuku barely jostles him as he lazily jogs up the siz flights of stairs, past the level with the elevator. When they reach their door, Katsuki drops the keys on the carpet. “Oops,” he says, without any remorse at all.

Izuku huffs, bending double so Katsuki can pick them back up to unlock the door. He tries not to trip as he toes off his shoes and Katsuki struggles out of his, despite still being on Izuku’s back.

“Tatoru,” he calls. “We’re home!”

His greeting is met by a soft mrow, and a tortoiseshell cat shyly peeks around the corner at them. Izuku obligingly bends over again, so Katsuki can gather her up against Izuku’s chest to coos at her as Izuku carries them through the apartment. He glances a welcome home note from Ochako, “I’m going to steal your cat next time I have to babysit her! She’s way too sweet to live with Bakugou,” along with the spare key on their counter, before heading straight for the bedroom.

Katsuki slides off his back, gently dropping Tatoru on the ground and faceplants into the mattress with a loud groan.

“Never. Fucking. Again,” he yells into the sheets.

Izuku snorts, shucking his jeans. “You’re the one who wanted to drive there.”

Katsuki growls, face still pressed into the mattress. “Thought it’d be fun,” is about the only thing Izuku can decipher from the muffled complains. When Izuku climbs under the covers, Katsuki uses him to pull himself the rest of the way up the bed, before sprawling across Izuku. He smacks him gently on the face with is palm. “Good night, nerd.”

Izuku snorts, squirming to get comfy. Dawn has left them behind and the sun sits brightly in the sky, streaming through their windows. Totaru leaps onto the windowsill, her tail curling around her feet, and watches them from her perch.

Happiness flutters in his chest, and he can't stop the wide smile growing on his face. “Good night, Kacchan,” he murmurs into Katsuki’s flyaway blonde hair.

Katsuki snores in response.