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Feel it Still

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Jyn Erso wasn’t very into fashion, but damn well she could fit herself quickly into what was in or out. Like at the moment, she stood in the middle of the streets with her oval shaped wide glasses, hair in a medium bun and loose strands to each side of her bangs, grey headscarf band to hold it in order, and dressed in an a-line dress that had white and black stripes for pattern. The german born british woman munched on peanuts, taking now to walking down the strip of stores of eastern germany, before getting to the point where she was supposed to meet her coworkers, scoffing as she imagined what one of them would say already.


1966 was the year. The tensions between Russia and the US of America were still high, and a spy like the woman and her comrades were a common thing. Distrust was everywhere, and to ensure any business was done, her and the other two agents that formed the codename Rogue One. It wasn’t initials to anything, but it described their situation, after their last mission in Rome. Now, her group and she were located in London, staying over at a hotel after their quick mission of investigating a fraud from the Prime Minister Wilson.


She reached the hotel where she was staying with the other agents, after going up the elevator, she went to the room she shared with one of the agents, to find the group in what is the living room of the antique style room. She closed the door softly, hearing the conversations.


“Acid tests?” a scoff was sounded by the same voice with a british accent. “America has gone down the tubes!”

“What do you say, Bodhi, should we check it out?” a man with a thick accent voiced out to the team’s planner.

“We have another important business at the moment. I suppose Cassian could talk with his boss about this so he could probably send agents closer there.”

“What do we have now, Bodhi?” the woman decided to speak out now, giving sings of being there.

“Good God !” Kay, the first man she had heard speak, exclaimed. “what happened to your fingers? Did you just cleaned them in your dress?”

Jyn shrugged. “clothing can be cleaned just like hands. Was eating peanuts…” ‘ as I followed a possible suspect’ she finished in her mind.


Cassian stared, a slight smirk on his lips, while Baze came over with a change of clothing for her alongside Chirrut.

Bodhi ignored it, and continued as if nothing. “Even when World War II has ended, we still have some suspects on South America we should visit. Now, I know our time on Istanbul was semi enjoyable after the Rome mission, this one will be deep undercover of arduous work. We'll be on mountains and--”Jyn interrupted.

“that's nice and all, but will this begin after Grand Prix de la chanson?”

“the what now?” Kay asked glaring.

“Grand Prix de la chanson! Eurovision! It's in March.  We should go, it’ll be a gas!” she smiled.

“... If you lot finish the assignment before March, I guess we’ll be able to go. I still prefer myself the Beatles…” Bodhi continued, before clearing his throat. “Now, as I was saying, Our destination will be Brazil. Some documents and info I found was of nazi sympathizers and some other hidden nazis in the amazons, having escaped through ratlines. Some registries show genetic mutations of the natives there, turning the indians with blue eyes, when there has been no history of this being so.


“Now, Agent Andor, Jyn, both of you will be once again doing the married couple on a retreat, but really, just getting in contact of certain groups there that travel to the locations where the nazis might be hiding. Master Îmwe, Master Malbus, we can’t have you sadly together, military government and all being trouble, so we’ll go with you lot working on expeditions, so it’s easier to help the rest. Agent Tuesso, I’ll need you checking everything in Brasilia. Lovely city, completely man made. You’ll be in charge of verifying if there is registry or direct documentation hidden in their archives of said occurrences. Signs that the government is hooding this all.”


“And you, Bodhi? What will you be doing?” Jyn was already disliking this mission. Amazon? Government targeting? This was so not what she signed up for.

“Why, my dear, I’ll be there, helping you all.” he smirked. “Agent Tuesso, Master Îmwe, and Master Malbus will go tomorrow to the location. I assigned you two to arrive next week. I’ll be taking a flight later this week.”

“Is this all?” chirrut asked.

The british pakistani man nodded, “May the Force be with you all. See you in Brazil, Ate logo !” he smiled.


Both adoptive siblings, having the pakistani been brought to the Erso family from a young age after he lost his family at an early age, stayed at the room instead, and changed into their sleepwears, both sporting matching pants and button up shirts before going to their separate beds for the night. Before they could stay at the hotel, they all had to debug their rooms and clothing, knowing that they would be watched for every movement. They were supposed to destroy them, but as a little diversion and fun, Rogue One team would just throw them in other rooms or people, sometimes giving the American and Russian ones together, making the groups break their heads trying to crack “codes”. Jyn got into her bed, getting comfortable, and watched as the other man took the bed on the other side of hers, about to turn off the lights.


“Brother, dear.”


“Why must Agent Andor and I be paired up constantly?” he stared at her, pausing, but he spoke soon.

“... There’s just something in the force, by how both of you are… I believe.” he smirked and clicked the light off.



Boas-vindas para todos, ao Aeroporto Santos Dumont. Agora, nossos hospedeiros vão estar na saída, para qualquer ajuda que vai necessitar… the voice continued on in the speakers.


Jyn raised her glasses up and met the eyes of her supposed husband now. For the last five missions (without counting the first one they worked at) they had been paired up. Only once she was with Bodhi and it was because the place they were, mexicans weren’t accepted. But now, for Brazil, he actually acted as if he was a native, copying their accent to perfection, while the german born british even if she spoke it, it still sounded like it was learnt, instead of born with it. That was okay for the mission, but she wished she could be better.  Nothing like wanting to do so. Cassian Andor, the perfect agent from US of A, even if he was hated by the country he represented, he still did his work.


He took her hand, gave a warm smile, already in character, and went over out to get their luggage and head to the hotel. She loved the geometrical black and white theme herself, and she displayed it in her bag, while he always opted for warm brown and cream colors, that matched him perfectly. Both took their belongings and out they headed to face colorful Rio de Janeiro. The streets were filled of people, music was playing everywhere, and the european woman thought she could get lost any minute. Her partner took her hand tighter, pulled her closer, and called a taxi, giving directions to the hotel.


She glanced at the man who still had a hold of her, and tried to play along, trying for this to be a game. She was mostly lying to herself, about how attracted she is to Agent Andor. When they met, it was a battle, both distrusting each other as much as a russian despises the americans. But as they worked, trying to save her papa from the nazis and making a bomb, they learnt that trust has to go both ways. It has been almost three years since that first mission together, and even when much has happened, their feelings have been never changing and never spoken.


“So, I was thinking, dear, about a quick walk by Ipanema.” she said in case of bugs in their bags.

“That’ll be swingin’. We could walk and grab a quick bite before so. Lord knows how long it has been since we have eaten.” Cassian answered with a chuckle, that was more like a breath.

She played along with the chuckle. “I’ll say!”

“Nossa, vocês são muito bonito! Quantos anos juntos? ” the cab driver spoke looking back.

“Desculpa ?” Cassian asked, as if he had been distracted by Jyn.

Desde quando estão juntos ?”

Ahm! Levamos como ums dois ou três anos. Verdade, amor ?” he finished glancing to his coworker.

Três anos, carinho. Se sente como mais, né ?” she answered with a hint of her mother tongue’s accent, smiling wide.


Cassian continued to make conversation with the driver, as she watched by the window the place they will be staying for a few days. It reminded her a bit of New York, being a crowded city and many cars, but it was more colorful and warm, displaying a rich culture everywhere you glanced. There were buildings, but they were opaqued by how many mountains and nature existed around. Jyn was loving what she saw, even when she missed her own country. They arrived at their hotel, the Copacabana Palace Hotel, one with much influence of art deco inside and out.


The couple got out the taxi, and noticed how the music outside was muted by the car inside. The cabbie helped them with their bags, and the mexican man payed him before he placed his free hand at the back of his coworker, who did not contain the flush that creeped in her cheeks, all for the effect of a relationship. The luxury of owning her emotions for herself weren’t for her to take. It was all for the mission.


“She loves you, yeeaaah yeaah yeah!”

“She says she loves you, and with a love like that, you know you should be glaaad!”


Well, at least the beatles were popular here…’ she thought ignoring the lyrics to Kay’s favorite band.


The two entered the lobby, slightly empty. Since the Construction of Brasilia, and the capital being moved there, Rio de Janeiro has been in a slight decline in hotels. It was more like a tourist place not many wanted to visit now. Even with how crowded it looked, the hotels and businesses weren’t as good. It was perfect for them, but a bit suspicious. For that, she was home designer, and him an adventurer, or at least that’s what their visas and documentations said for this mission. After their check in, they took the elevator, and onto the suite. It had a  sitting room, and a balcony with an ocean view was their accommodation.


They both dropped their bags and went out to grab a bite in a quaint coffee place, before going over to the copacabana beach, deciding Jyn to visit the Ipanema beach the next day for scouting and him to meet with their expedition planner. She wore her two piece suit under her shift dress, and he took his swim shorts with him to change in a changing room. They lay on the sand with their shades, their casualness throwing the suspicions of the men trailing them. After a few hours, Jyn and Cassian went over to their hotel, and began searching for bugs, while speaking sultry to each other, a technique that both left them frustrated, but a job done. In a few minutes, Bodhi called.


“How’s the room?” as if he worked there.

“Debugged.” Jyn quipped from the single king bed.

“Good. Kay informed me of the tailers. Dealt?”

Cassian nodded,

“Very good, yes. Well, take today off. Tomorrow, early morning. It’ll be a long day. There isn’t going to be a problem with the bed right?” he finished asking, but with a tone of doubt.

The coworkers looked at each other, eyes hiding the truth, and shook their heads.

“Alright, well, We’ll be talking tomorrow. Night to both.” he finished and hung up, Jyn placing the phone back in it's base by the bed. She glanced at her tall coworker, who was currently preparing a bed at the sofa. She scoffed.

“Andor, we have shared a bed before. This won't be the last time either.”

“... I would at least try to keep decency. You know I will always prepare the sofa for bed.”

“And I will keep inviting. You're a respectful man, so come.” she patted besides her. “Bed is big enough for even Malbus and Îmwe to get here.”

He smiled, “doesn't mean it will support us. But will be joining you shortly.”


Cassian went into the fresher, and Jyn had to hold her mind from imagining whatever he was doing there, lest she had to bring her hands to herself. The german born woman didn't know how long she could contain her feelings and heat. She turned to her side and tried as she might to fall asleep, hoping that the next day would be filled with the action she desperately craves.