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A Blast From the Past

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Topic: Case Study: Compatability 
Subjects: Tuxedo Mask and Aya. Both subjects are known to suffer from SAD (smother Angst disorder) and NPD (no personality disorder) 
Test: The Meeting 
    Tonight's mission was simple - assassinate a minor villain, retrieve the jewel he stole, go home, no big deal. So who was this stupid Sailor Moon bitch who was interfering? Moon jewel, what the hell is she babbling about? And what was she doing, tripping over her own feet during her entrance? Aya’s hand twitched convulsively on the hilt of his katana…the Moon brat would have to be dealt with first, before her speech of justice bullshit pissed him off any worse. 
    Tuxedo Mask waited in the shadows, calculating the wind direction and velocity, so that he'd know exactly where to enter the scene from. If he didn't come in at just the right place, his cloak wouldn't snap back just right, and everyone knew entrances were very important. Lost in thought of trajectories and vectors, he nearly missed Sailor Moons cry of pain. Checking his rose, he leapt out of the shadows into view, his cloak rippling behind him in the wind. 
    A rose flew through the air, and was sliced apart by a flash of light. Tuxedo mask blinked, his night vision ruined, wondering who has so deftly cut his flower. A formidable enemy clearly awaited him. As shapes resolved themselves, he first saw the shape nearest him, a villain of some sort lying in a puddle of blood. Looking down the scene, he next saw the Sailor Scout lying unmoving on the ground, unconscious. A call died in his throat as light flashed again, this time the flash resolved itself into a long katana. He slowly followed the length of the sword to it's owner. 
    Aya was impressed by the man before him. Now, that was an entrance. IT required preparation and thought. He watched the man, though, and was disappointed. He knew how to make an entrance, but damn was his costume stupid. Not like Aya’s own, slick, pre-planned outfit. He stared at the man, and waited for some sort of reaction from him. Nothing happened. Time passed. Nothing happened. Then, like a lightening bolt from the clear sky, their eyes met. 
    Tuxedo Masks eyes follow the katana up it's length, all the way to the face of the man wielding it, and their eyes meet. Aya dropped the sword. Somehow, he understood the man before him. Somehow, everything made sense. All that unnecessary angst had a purpose, for here was a soul mate. Tuxedo Mask stared into Aya's eyes, and saw that there WAS someone with more personality than Sailor Moon in the world, that here was someone who could truly understand him. The katana dropped to the ground as they ran to each others arms, to live happily ever after, wallowing in each others angst and attempting to give each others personality-less existence's meaning. 
Conclusion: Angst Loves Company