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A Patronus So Bright

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Cho felt content, lying on the pitch beside Harry, listening to his jokes, his dry wit, watching Cedric, on the other side, laughing, eyes closed, nose crinkling just so, both their cheeks darkening after playing some Quidditch, hers not different, it was an amazing feeling.

She leans forward, towards Harry and plants a kiss on his cheek, getting delighted when his blush darkens, and his fingers spasm in their intertwined hands. Cedric quiets down, sobering up, looks at Cho, their eyes meet, and he plants a kiss on Harry's other cheek, and the blush darkens further.

Cedric looks at Harry, puts a finger on his lips, leans over him, catches Cho off-guard with his lips on hers, making her blush harder as well. The kiss is brief, because both Cedric and Cho are crushing Harry with their weight. He doesn't seem to mind though, his eyes dilated, and when Cedric looks at him, his breath catches, and they both move towards each other. Soon they are peppering each others lips with kisses, soft sighs intermingled in between.

Cho sighs softly and looks at the cloudless sky and smiles, then looks at them and thinks, this is what happiness feels like.