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The Art of Knowing You.

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After hours of ferocious love making, Danny and Margot were laying down under the soft Egyptian cotton blankets on Margot's bed, with Margot laying in between Danny's legs and her head on his shoulder. She felt oddly at peace like this, a feeling she has never felt before not even with Ben.

"What are you thinking?" Danny asked as he kissed her neck gently.

That question made Margot's lips transform into a soft smile, the way that he made her feel as he worshipped her body was unlike anything anyone has ever been able to fully accomplish on her. She could tell that he was different from all the others, the first major difference being his essential goodness.

The way he just cared about people even criminals hence him being with her now, that is a quality that the people she has associated with lacked. Danny was everything she wasn't, he actually asked her of her thoughts unlike her previous lovers whom either fell asleep or left right after.

The others wouldn't be holding her to their chest, curling their fingers in her hair in the most delicious of ways or asking what she is thinking as Danny was doing now.

Margot didn't know how much she had longed for that or liked it this much until she was laying across his broad chest, sated and with a blank mind and an easy smile playing on her lips.

She also deep down liked how he wasn't afraid to say what he thinks about her in her face as he proved only hours ago before he took her in every corner of the hotel room. Making her scream his name in ecstasy when he brought her to new heights of pleasure and for mercy when the pleasure become too much and she needed to catch her breath. The private detective also doesn't bend to her like all the others before him did, he doesn't just follow her every command, a quality that both impressed her and irritating her to no end.

He challenged her and Margot Bishop loves a challenge.

"I'm thinking that after what we just did, you officially graduated to the 'A team'." Her words coming out in a whisper as she responded to his inquiry.

She heard Daniel chuckle behind her and lay a subtle kiss on her hair. She was about to pull his lips to hers when they both heard his phone ring, with a sigh she reached for it since she was closer and read 'Sophie' on the screen. Margot passed the phone to Danny a little too forcefully, a feeling that she hadn't felt since Ben left her for Alice showing it's ugly green head ... she felt jealousy. Although she didn't know why, but the pesky feeling was there and she didn't know any other way of handling it than walking away from him.

So Margot swiftly moved away from Danny's embrace and got her nightie, put it on then walked toward the couch where the dinner she had ordered sat waiting to be consumed. Her face set in a scowl as she heard him move to the bathroom for privacy. The phone call lasted for about five minutes, not that she was counting of course (she totally was), when she heard the bathroom door slid open and Daniel walk out she briefly turned her gaze to him as watching him walk towards her with just his boxers on, the sight of his body bringing back that tingly sensation once again.

"Sophie says that they might've found a new lead on the women."

"Oh! Wonderful then." Margot replied tightly, her eyes turning to focus on the food she had no interest in consuming.

"She also says that Alice would like you to go tomorrow to talk about the next step." Danny says slowly, he could tell that something was bothering or annoying her. So after a minute of her not responding to what he said, he let out a deep sigh and walked fully into the couch area and closer to the most infuriating, complex woman he has ever met and asked, "what's wrong?"

Margot shot up after hearing his question, and not wanting to talk about it or let him know of the ping of jealousy she felt. She shrugged her shoulders and replied, "what ever could be wrong? I am delighted that you people have finally found a new lead on my 'would be killer'."

"Come on, Margot I know that you probably pride yourself on hiding your emotions but I can see right through you. So just tell me."

"I do not wish to speak of it Daniel and believe me nobody sees 'right through me', I am also very fatigued, please show yourself out." With those final words, Margot got up from the couch and was about to make her way to her bed when two strong arms wrapped around her waist and she was slimmed into Danny's awaiting chest.

"If you don't want to talk about it fine, but do not kick me out Margot."

His soft voice in her ear caused the millionaire con-artist to close her eyes and involuntarily rest her head on his shoulder.

Whatever words she was about to say were cut off by his strong voice in her ear.

"I'm not one of those guys that you can play with, I'm not going to let you be all hot and cold on me every second. So tell me ... do you really want me to go? If so, I will but I'm not coming back. It would be the end of whatever this is."

'He's giving me an ultimatum.' Margot thought in surprise. She knew that he wasn't bluffing that Danny was honorable and would honor his words, whatever fun they started tonight would end if she kept treating him as she would any other bedmate, she also knew that she hated when people had an edge on her, hated when someone, anyone had the upper hand.

Could she really give up her control for whatever it was Danny and her had just started tonight?

Danny saw and also felt the hesitation and stiffness in her body that was pressed to his, taking that as her way of telling him it was over, with a slightly heavier heart Danny removed his arms from her soft and warm body and made his way to Margot's bed to get his clothes.

It took Margot a full minute before making her move. The woman that almost if not all who knew her thought of as heartless, practically ran to her bedroom and threw herself at the younger man's arms. As soon she wrapped her arms around his neck, Danny moved his hands under her thighs and lifted her up.

Margot immediately wrap her legs around his strong and muscular middle whilst her hands rested around his neck.

She kissed him with all she had, Margot felt her heart pick up when she felt him respond back with the same amount of passion as she was giving.

After a full two minutes of heavy making out, right next to Margot's bed, the Brit completely wrapped in Danny's arms, she pulled back and laid her forehead to his.

"You are the only person in the world that I've apologized to for my snarky behavior." Margot said breathlessly.

"You haven't actually said the words yet." Danny responded with a half smirk, looking into her beautiful blue eyes which he saw give him a glare.

"You're insufferable but fine, if I must ... I'm sorry."

"For ..." Danny baited, wanting to see that fire in her eyes that he had come to become very familiar to in the last week of knowing her.

Margot sigh and pitched his neck a little which provoked a soft chuckle from the man who was still currently holding her to him and finished her apology, "for acting so 'hot and cold' as you've put it with you, I know that you're not like the others that I've had because you actually are a good guy and I shouldn't treat you like I've treated them."

Danny couldn't help but kiss her softly on the lips whilst walking to the bed, he sat down on the edge of it with Margot straddling his lap. As their lips parted Danny gave the older woman a soft kiss on her nose a tender gesture that created a half confused, half soft smile on her lips.

"See? I knew you could apologize." Danny said with a chuckle.

"Yes well, don't get used to it darling. Me apologizing for anything is rare." Margot replied with a lot less edge to her voice as she planned.

"Oh! Of course it is, you're highness." Danny said mockingly with a smile and a glint in his eyes.

Margot rolled her eyes and told him, "you're such an idiot."

"Yeah?! Well this idiot is about to take you to round four." And with those words being said, Danny flipped them so he was on top and Margot laying in the bed and started trailing kisses down the now very familiar paths of her body.