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Maybe They Did Know What They Were Doing

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Harry was feeling claustrophobic, he was in the middle of what Mad-Eye Moody called ‘a protection detail’. Which in reality, was six people standing all around him, making him walk too slowly to be entirely comfortable. He hated it. He hated that however he swung his arm, it brushed against someone. He hated that he had to constantly look down so he didn’t tread on Kingsley’s shoes. He hated how he could barely see where he was going. 

He looked out of the tight circle of his ‘protectors’ to see Ron and Hermione walking freely. Ron was even laughing at something someone had said to him. 

No-one was talking to Harry. 

Those surrounding him were taking their job too seriously to pay him any mind and his friends couldn’t get close enough. He huffed and tucked his hands under his armpits when his hand brushed against Dedalus Diggle for the umpteenth time. He felt very put out about the whole situation.

Harry had refused to stay behind in Grimmauld Place - where he was constantly plagued by thoughts of Sirius - and did not want to miss out on coming to Diagon Alley. 

He needed to get out and breathe some fresh air. 

After being cooped up at his relatives and then again at the Orders Headquarters, he just wanted to get out and see the real world for a bit. Buy an ice-cream in this oppressive heat or gods, even fly. He seriously doubted he’d even be able to do the first thing though, let alone the second. 

Merlin, he missed flying, all he wanted to do was get on the broom Sirius had brought him and see how high he could go.

He snuck a glance at his jailors, even if he berated himself for thinking of them that way, he wouldn’t be able to appeal to any of them. Maybe Tonks, but she wanted to prove herself useful too much to really be swayed by any argument he might make. They marched up the stairs to Gringotts and Harry, once again, marvelled at the white marble. 

He had always been a little awed by the Goblins, they were a fascinating race, so militarily run and big on respect, but they also made the most beautiful things. The sword of Gryffindor, Harry often thought, was a perfect metaphor for the Goblin race, beautifully crafted and yet deadly. Something that commanded respect. He had read quite a bit on Goblins over his years at Hogwarts, they were really quite interesting.

Harry walked up to a teller with the key that he had made Mrs Weasley give him that morning. She had wanted to hold on to it for him but he insisted that as it was his and he was more than old enough and responsible enough, that he could hold onto his own property. Besides which, not only did it allow access to his vault, it was one of the few connections he had with his parents. That had been the argument that had made the matronly woman cave.

As he approached the desk, with two of his detail following him, Harry gave a short, quick bow to the Goblin sitting there, he remembered reading about it, it was supposed to show respect by efficiency. Time was money after all. 

“The day's greetings to you-” Harry quickly glanced at the nameplate on the desk, "-Sideaxe, I’m here to make a withdrawal, please.”

The Goblin looked him over with a calculating eye and held out his hand for the key. After verifying it he inclined his head towards Harry.

“The day's greetings to you as well, Mr Potter, if you’ll excuse me a moment.” 

Harry nodded at the Goblin and Sideaxe called over another of his race. Speaking fast in Gobbledegook the other Goblin quickly bowed and left. 

“Mr Potter, if you would follow me please, I will take you to your vault.”

Harry thought it a bit unusual that the teller was taking him personally, but shrugged internally. He set off after the Goblin, Bill and Tonks following him, but they were stopped when they came to the door that led into the bank proper. 

“Mr Potter will enter alone,” Sideaxe said. 

Tonks started to make noises of protest and Bill narrowed his eyes thoughtfully. 

“This is due to a new security measure in this time of unrest in the Wizarding World,” Sideaxe told them.

“Tonks,” Harry interrupted the pink haired witch, "I’m going to be fine, if I can’t be safe with the Goblins, inside of Gringotts, I won’t be safe anywhere. They have the best security after all. Besides I’m a client, they wouldn’t let any harm come to me.” 

He saw Bill and Sideaxe give him appraising looks, Sideaxe’s mixed with grudging respect.

Tonks sighed, "Very well then, Harry, but don’t take too long okay? You shouldn’t really need more than twenty minutes.” 

Harry nodded and walked through the door after the Goblin, he glanced over his shoulder to see Tonks and Bill trying to calm an obviously worried Mrs Weasley. He just gave them a small wave as the door closed.

“Well, Mr Potter, your Account Manager Blunttooth would like to see you,” Sideaxe told the wizard walking beside him.

Harry stumbled slightly as he followed Sideaxe through the twisting stone corridors of the bank. 

 “I have an Account Manager?” 

He was surprised, from what he had read only very privileged clients had personal Account Managers, Account Managers were sworn to each family to hold their secrets, well, so long as those secrets didn’t go against bank policy.

“Of course, Mr Potter, we at Gringotts have been waiting for a chance to get you on your own, especially as you have never answered one of our owls,” Sideaxe replied.

Harry swallowed, suddenly a little nervous, "Erm- Sideaxe, I’ve never received an owl from Gringotts before. Why do you need to speak to me on my own?”

“Account Manager Blunttooth will explain it all to you, Mr Potter. Though it is interesting you never got our mail. That will be something we need to look into.” 

Stopping at a door he knocked and when a sharp ‘Enter!’ was heard, he pushed it open. He led Harry inside and spoke quickly to the Goblin behind the desk, as they spoke in their native tongue Harry had no idea what they said, but he saw the older Goblin straighten up in surprise. 

Blunttooth dismissed Sideaxe and beckoned Harry forward. Harry repeated the greetings he had given Sideaxe, his bow a little deeper this time around.

“The day's greetings to you as well, take a seat, Mr Potter, I’m sure you’re wondering why you’re here,” Blunttooth said.

Harry nodded as he sat, he looked at the older Goblin with curiosity, the Goblin wore what appeared to be an expensive suit and had tufts of white hair sticking out of his ears. He was completely bald on top and his long nose almost touched his lips. He had very sharp and shrewd eyes, and as Harry examined the Goblin he felt the Goblin examining him too. 

“Erm, yes, sir. I didn’t know I had an Account Manager. Or that you’ve been trying to get in contact with me. I’m sorry about that, I don’t want it to seem like I’ve been ignoring you on purpose.”

The Goblin hummed for a moment, before clasping his hands together on the desk in front of him. 

“Yes, Sideaxe told me you were surprised. Mr Potter, there are actually quite a few reasons we have been trying to get in contact with you. The first is the matter of your parents will, it has yet to be read and it can only be read if you request it to be so. This is because both of your godparents are either gone or mentally incapacitated and at the moment you now have no legal guardian to do it on your behalf.”

Harry held up a hand, "Sorry, Blunttooth, both of my godparents? I thought I only had Si- Sirius.” 

He stammered a bit on his godfather's name. He hadn’t spoken about Sirius since the Ministry.

“Yes, your godmother Alice Longbottom, as she is currently undergoing care at St Mungo’s in the ward for those with severe mind issues, she is incapable of caring for you or making legal decisions on your behalf. I would actually recommend to you that you emancipate yourself, your title as Lord Potter and as Lord Black would allow you to do this.”

Harry was confused, Lord Potter? Lord Black? What was Blunttooth talking about? 

“Hang on, again, sorry. What’s this Lord business?”

Blunttooth looked at him in shock. 

“Mr Potter, your father is from one of the oldest wizarding families in England, your family was ennobled by the Royal Family, many, many generations ago. As such the title of Lord passes to you. Lord Sirius Black made you his heir in his last will and testament and so his title passes to you as well.”

Harry sat there quietly stunned for a moment, "Okay,” he said slowly, “I’m not really sure what all this means?” 

Blunttooth considered his next words carefully, “It means, Mr Potter, that you have a political future ahead of you, as well as a vast family history and considerable wealth and assets to look after. You are entitled to seats on the Wizarding Council, or what the Wizards call the Wizengamot, and you have many businesses and properties to manage.” 

Briefly stopping to ensure the young wizard was taking it all in, he continued. 

“When your parents went into hiding after you were born, your father asked me to look after the family interests in his stead. He stipulated that if he died and then subsequently when you turned fourteen, I was to start keeping you informed of happenings within your portfolio. He wanted you to be aware of your responsibilities before you became of age. These messages are what I have been sending you, to which you didn’t respond. As well as your monthly statements.”

“So what? I’m some sort of- some sort of bloody aristocrat like Malfoy?” Harry asked incredulously.

The Goblin chuckled darkly, “Oh, the Lord Malfoy could only wish that to be so, Mr Potter. You are quite exceptionally more wealthy and powerful than he, his family is only a Noble family. You now have the Black name behind you as well. The Potters and the Blacks are both Ancient & Noble families, which means you hold more votes on the Wizengamot and are of a higher class than the Malfoys can hope to achieve in even the next ten generations.”

Harry blinked, he couldn’t believe what he was hearing. How could he not know about any of this? Why hadn’t anybody told him? He asked the Goblin these very questions. 

“I don’t know Mr Potter, you should have been brought up with this knowledge, you are a pureblood after all.”

“Am I? But my mum-” said Harry surprised again.

The Goblin looked at him through calculating eyes, “Mr Potter, I am beginning to think that whoever it is that has been looking after you, they have done you a grave disservice. Both your mother and your father were magical. This means you are a pureblood, on your father’s side this goes back many, many generations. Your mother does not dilute that all, she was a very fine witch.”

“You knew her?” Harry asked softly.

Blunttooth nodded, "I did, I knew them both quite well, as well as your grandfather Fleamont and your grandmother Euphemia. I have been the Potter Account Manager for nearly sixty years.”

Harry nodded dumbly, this was the first time he had met someone who knew his grandparents. Or at least someone who had actually told him their names. 

“Okay, um, so obviously I have no idea about any of this. I need a minute, so let’s just, pause this and come back to it yeah? Let’s read my parents will.”

The Goblin wasn’t sure what the wizard meant by ‘pause’ but he understood the intent. 

“Of course, Mr Potter.” 

He pulled out an orb from a desk drawer and placed it on the table. Tapping the orb it cast a projection and started to speak.

Harry gasped as he saw his father’s face appear and heard his voice.


“My name is Lord James Charlus Potter and this is my last will and testament. This version is to be shown should Lily and I both not be in this world anymore. To my friend Peter Pettigrew, I leave 500,000 galleons. To my dear friend Remus Lupin, I leave 1,000,000 galleons, you can’t argue with me Moony, I’m dead, you can’t argue with the dead, and you’ll need it more than me.

To my best mate Sirius Black, I leave you my most precious possession, my son Harry James Potter, look after him Pads, tell him about all the things we got up to, tell him about me and his mother. Tell him how much I love him and how proud I would be of him. I have set up a trust vault for Harry from which you can draw whatever you need to for his care and his school fees are already paid. Make sure he knows what he needs to, for when he comes of age. I have had Blunttooth promise me to look after the Potter assets until Harry is fourteen when he will start to involve Harry in these affairs.

If Sirius Black is unable to take Harry, then we leave him to his godmother Alice Longbottom. Alice, we know you will look after Harry like he was your own.

To my son, Harry, I leave everything else that I own, all my possessions and wealth. I know that it cannot make up for us not being there for you like we should be, son, but please know that I love you and your mother more than anything in this world (yes even you Pads) and I would do anything for you and her. There are letters for you for when you are old enough to read them. Please forgive us for not raising you Bambi, but know that we are always watching over and that we love you with all our hearts.


The projection flickered off then and Harry was suddenly aware of the hot tears rolling down his cheeks. He hastily scrubbed at his face and cleaned his glasses, after a few moments he looked back up at Blunttooth. 

“Sir, do you have to honour the will exactly?”

“It’s Blunttooth, not sir, and you can contest it if you like,” the Goblin replied.

Harry nodded, “Good because Peter Pettigrew was not their friend, he was their secret keeper and he betrayed them to Voldemort and he shouldn’t get anything from them.”

Blunttooth raised an eyebrow, "That certainly is not an act of a friend and I can be sure your father would agree with that request, do you have proof?”

Harry nodded, “I can give you a memory of Peter Pettigrew alive and admitting to it.” 

Both of Blunttooth’s eyebrows were raised now, as he passed a phial to Harry. Harry put his wand to his temple and drew a copy of the memory from his third year into the phial.

Blunttooth nodded, "Do you wish for the request to Mr Remus Lupin to be carried out?”

Harry nodded, “Please.”

“Very well, now there is the matter of Sirius Black’s will.” 

Harry nodded again and took a deep breath as Blunttooth took out another orb. Sirius gaunt face rose out of it.


“I, Lord Sirius Orion Black the Third, record this, my last will and testament. 

I reinstate my cousin Andromeda Aurora to the Black family along with her husband Theodore Tristian Tonks and their child Nymphadora Alderose. I leave Andromeda 1,000,000 galleons, for Nymphadora, I leave 500,000 galleons.

I cast from the Black family, Bellatrix Bianca Lestrange for her horrendous crimes and rightful imprisonment in Azkaban and reclaim her dowry paid to the Lestrange family for their involvement in that.

My cousin, Narcissa Druella Malfoy, should she bear the Dark Mark is to be cast out as well. If this is not the case she receives 1,000,000 galleons. Narcissa, should you ever wish to leave your bastard of a husband, I have left directions for the new Lord Black to dissolve your marriage and to bring you under his protection.

My nephew, Draco Lucius Malfoy, should he bear the Dark Mark, he too is cast from the family, if not, he is entitled to 500,000 galleons upon his maturity.

To my friend, Remus John Lupin, I leave the little cottage home just outside of Cardiff, Wales and 2,000,000 galleons. You’ll never have to work again my friend.

To my godson, and son of my heart, Harry James Potter. I emancipate him and I name him my Heir and leave him everything, all of my possessions and all that belongs to the Black family. Harry, your great-grandmother was a Black so there is a legal precedent for this. I have left you a letter explaining quite a few things. Pup, I want to urge you to take up your Lordships as soon as possible. I think you will need them, I’ve explained more in the letter. I love you pup.”


Harry choked back a small sob as the recording finished. This was turning out to be a very emotional visit and here he thought he was just going to be withdrawing a few galleons to go school shopping. Taking a few calming breaths he nodded at Blunttooth to show he was okay and could continue. 

“Is there anything you would like to contest there?” the Goblin asked.

Harry shook his head and leant forward with his elbows on his knees. “No, no, Sirius knew what he was doing. It’s fine.”

Blunttooth made a noise of agreement, "Well, would you like to do as the late Lord Black suggested? Will you take up your Lordships and emancipate yourself?”

“I’m not really sure what that means?” Harry replied.

Blunttooth harrumphed and shifted he wasn’t annoyed at the young man in front of him, but he was annoyed with whoever thought it best to leave his client in the dark about who he was. 

“It means, Mr Potter, that you would be legally considered an adult. You would be able to take your seats on the Wizengamot and you would be allowed to practice magic without the Ministry breathing down your neck for underage use. You would be able to live on your own, care for yourself etc.”

Harry gaped at him a little before he answered enthusiastically, "Yes, please! How do we do it?” 

Harry was excited, just being able to use magic outside of school without getting into trouble would be fantastic. He would be able to protect himself and practise a lot more this summer than he would have been able to do otherwise and living on his own? Getting away from the Dursleys for good? He was sold.

Blunttooth hid a smile at the exuberance, it wouldn’t do for a Goblin to show that kind of emotion, especially in front of a client, he pulled out some forms 

“You just need to sign these, I took the liberty of having them drawn up in preparation for your arrival, as I thought it would be a possibility that you would need them. They stipulate that you have no available guardian and that it was your last guardians wish you were to be emancipated upon his death.” Harry nodded, looking at the piece of parchment he saw what Blunttooth said was correct. Harry signed along the bottom and watched as the parchment flashed gold. He raised his eyes to look at Blunttooth. 

“It is all in order, Lord Potter, you are now a legal adult, magic had accepted your request for emancipation.”

Harry nodded, not quite understanding what he meant by magic accepting it, but going along with it nonetheless. There was a knock at the door and a Goblin poked his head in to speak to Blunttooth in quick Gobbledegook. Blunttooth raised an eyebrow and turned to Harry. 

“Lord Potter, the people you arrived with are apparently getting restless and wish for you to join them. Do you want to leave right now or would you prefer to continue?”

Harry bit his lip in thought and giddily cast a tempus charm, knowing he wouldn’t get in trouble for it now. He was surprised to see they had already been talking for almost an hour. 

“Let’s continue, I don’t know when I’ll be able to get a chance to come back again and I would rather know everything important now. That way if we need to talk later it will be easy enough by owl. Could I please have a bit of parchment? I’ll write them a quick note, they will probably take it better from me, that I’m staying longer, no offence.”

“None taken, Lord Potter, I understand,” Blunttooth said as he passed Harry a quill and parchment. 

Harry penned a note to Mrs Weasley saying he was going to take longer than he expected and to go and finish their shopping. That he would send them a Patronus when he was done and they could pick him up from the bank. Passing the note to the other Goblin he sat back down at the desk.

“They probably won’t be very happy but-” he shrugged and put it from his mind, he’d deal with any fallout later. “Right, okay, so I’m emancipated, what’s next?”

“Next we verify your heritage and you take up your Lordship rings,” Blunttooth replied as he removed a different piece of parchment and poured a potion onto it. He passed Harry a silver dagger and gestured to the parchment.

“Er, sorry what do I do?” Harry asked.

“You need to spill a few drops of blood onto this parchment, normally a Lord will pass the rings directly to their Heir, either at death or by stepping down, but in cases where an Heir is missing or absent upon death the rings return to their vaults in Gringotts. In these cases, it is protocol to ensure the person taking up the rings is who they say they are. This is called an inheritance test and will show your lineage as well as any titles you are entitled to. It will show you as Lord Potter and Lord Black, it is a formality only.”

Harry nodded once tightly. Steeling himself he drew the dagger across the tip of one finger and pinched the appendage to squeeze out a few drops of blood. When Blunttooth indicated it would be enough he stuck his finger in his mouth to clean off the blood before casting a mild healing spell. Smiling to himself that he could perform magic. Looking back at the Goblin he saw that Blunttooth appeared to be in a state of mild shock. 

“Erm, Blunttooth? Are you okay?”

The Goblin shook himself. Once. Twice. Before passing over the parchment to Harry. 

“Yes, Lord Potter, you should see this, I’m sure you’ll find it as surprising as me.” 

Harry took the outstretched parchment and looked it over, eyebrows disappearing into his hairline even as his mouth fell open.


Harry James Potter

Son of James Charlus Potter and Lily Jane Potter

Lord of the Ancient and Most Noble House of Potter

Lord of the Ancient and Most Noble House of Black

Lord of the Most Ancient and Noble House of Peverell

Lord of the Most Ancient and Most Noble House of Gryffindor

Lord of the Most Ancient and Most Noble House of Slytherin (by conquest)


“I’m- I’m- what?” Harry sputtered not understanding in the least.

“Yes it is quite interesting, we have never had to test the Potter line before and so it is understandable why your father or his predecessors were not aware of the Peverell and Gryffindor line.” 

Blunttooth rapped a pattern on his desk and another Goblin appeared. There was another discussion in their native tongue which Harry ignored as he stared at the parchment in his hands. This was obviously some kind of joke, there was no way that he was a descendant of Gryffindor! And who was Peverell? And how could he be Lord Slytherin?

He suddenly recalled talking to Dumbledore in his second year ‘ I suggest you take a closer look at the sword Harry, no ordinary Gryffindor could have pulled that from the hat. ’ No ORDINARY Gryffindor, did Dumbledore know? Or did he suspect? Why hadn’t Dumbledore told him? Well, why hadn’t Dumbledore told him about any of it? 

Harry still wasn’t sure why no-one had told him anything. Not even the Weasley’s had mentioned it and surely they would know? Arthur worked at the Ministry and they were a pureblood family. Harry bit his lip. He wasn’t sure he wanted to go back to headquarters if it was full of people who lied to him. Pushing the thought aside, for now, he looked up when he heard the door open again.

A young female Goblin walked in with a few books, as well as several small boxes. She placed them on the desk and walked back out again. Harry looked at his Account Manager. 

“Blunttooth, how am I, Lord Slytherin? I thought Voldemort was the Heir of Slytherin.”

“He was, it says there that you are by conquest, this is decided by magic, you must have bested Voldemort three times in mortal combat or ended the line. May I ask how?”

Harry thought about his answer, "Erm, there was when whatever happened when I was a baby.” 

The Goblin nodded and Harry continued, he went on to explain what happened in his first year when he found the Philosophers Stone and then told the Goblin about what happened in the Chamber of Secrets. He found himself telling Blunttooth about his fourth year and briefly informed him of the fight between him and Voldemort at the Ministry only a few months before.

The Goblin rubbed his chin thoughtfully, “I would say, Lord Potter, that the first three incidents would be the ones that made the choice. Voldemort did not walk away from those battles.” 

Harry bobbed his head in acknowledgement of the Goblins words. 

“Now, we have here the Head of House rings or the Lord rings as they are more commonly known. There is one for each family, and each of them has various enchantments and protections on them. You can wear them on different fingers or you can have them blend into one and display only which one you wish too. They are also charmed to be invisible at your desire. You wear your main family ring on your right ring finger, as for the others, it won’t matter the placement.”

Harry swallowed thickly and reached for the box that was labelled ‘Potter’. Cracking open the lid he saw a beautiful golden yellow ring with a large square ruby inlaid. There were small black stones on either side of the ruby and Harry could make out the letter ‘P’ engraved into the crimson stone. He slid it onto the finger Blunttooth had indicated and watched as it resized itself to fit. Blinking at it for a moment, he reached for the next ring box and slid the Black ring onto his middle finger. The Black ring was a platinum band with an oval onyx stone in the centre. The band was adorned with diamond shaped engravings.

The next ring Harry opened was the Peverell Ring. He placed it on his right pointer finger and the metal was made of rose gold and it was inlaid with a white opal, there was a strange design etched into the stone, a triangle cut in half with a straight line up the centre and a circle enclosing it. The coloured flecks sparkling in the torchlight. 

The ring of Gryffindor came next and Harry placed this on his left pointer finger, it was similar to the Potter ring, heavy yellow gold with a ruby centre. It had a delicate golden lion standing rampant over the ruby though. Last of all was the ring Harry was most nervous about, the Slytherin ring. 

His hand shook slightly he opened the last box and stared at it for a moment, it sat flush against black velvet lining, the bright silver was decorated with a Celtic design and the stone, of course, was an emerald. There was a silver snake wrapped around the edge of the emerald. Harry took it and shoved it onto his left middle finger. Sighing silently when nothing happened except it resizing.

He looked down at his hands and the mess of rings. Perhaps it would be handy to meld them into one, but he left it alone for now.

“Okay, so wills, done, emancipated. check, Lord of FIVE bloody families, done. What’s next Blunttooth? Is there more?” Harry said glibly and rubbed his scar out of habit.

“There is,” said Blunttooth slowly, "But can I ask? Is your scar hurting?”

“Huh? Oh no, well not at the moment, it does sometimes. It’s well, it’s sort of connected to Voldemort and it hurts when I’m around him or when he’s feeling something strongly.” Harry told the Goblin.

The Goblin frowned, "Would you mind if one of our Healers took a look at Lord Potter? I am assuming you would prefer Lord Potter over the mouthful Lord Potter-Black-Peverell-Gryffindor-Slytherin?”

Harry gave the Goblin a half smile, “Yeah I would prefer that, though I don’t know that I want to go public with any of it yet. Why do you want a Healer to look at me?”

“Understandable, Lord Potter, no-one will hear a word of your new station from Gringotts. I would like a Healer to look at you, as scars should not be able to connect two beings as you described.” Blunttooth replied.

Harry thought it over for a moment and then shrugged, he knew Dumbledore had said it was a side effect of the killing curse but really what was the worst that could happen? They said they couldn’t fix it? Well, he already knew that.

 “Yeah okay, if you want.”


Blunttooth quickly knocked on the desk again and said something to the Goblin that entered. Once the Goblin had left he picked up the three books the female Goblin had dropped off earlier as well as two others that were sitting on the desk. 

“These books contain all of the information pertinent to each Family you are now the Head of,” Blunttooth opened one and Harry leant over it, “Looking at this one, the Potter book, you can see it lists your total wealth and all the properties that you own as well as separate pages for each of the business you own outright and pages for the shares in other businesses.” 

Blunttooth flipped through the book showing Harry various things. 

“It would be best for you to peruse these at your own pace as there is actually quite a lot for you to go over.” He said gesturing to the other four books.

Harry made a face, "You’re giving me homework?” he mock-whined. 

Really he was actually quite interested in reading them all, he was quite curious as to what he now owned and quite a bit nervous as to what he was in charge of. Merlin, he hoped he would do alright.

Blunttooth saw the spark of interest and maturity in the green eyes sitting across from him, so he ignored the fake petulance that came out of the wizard's mouth. 

“If you have any questions, Lord Potter, you only need to owl me.” Harry nodded absently as he trailed a finger down one page.

“It says here I own 24% of the shares in the English Wizarding Press Company, isn’t that the publisher of the Daily Prophet and Witch Weekly?” he asked.

Blunttooth nodded, "It is and yes the Potter's own that much, let me check the Black book, I am sure they own a percentage too.” The Goblin flipped through to the corresponding page and nodded, "The Black Family owns 20%.”

Harry started to grin, he reached for the other books and started to flip through them. He found that the Peverell family owned 2%, though neither Gryffindor or Slytherin owned any. Harry’s face fell slightly. Blunttooth took note of the young man’s face and asked about it.

“I was just, well, I was hoping maybe if I owned a majority of the Prophet I could get them to stop writing about me,” Harry replied.

Blunttooth grinned, “If you like, I can look into purchasing additional shares for you? Say an additional ten percent?”

Harry looked up and saw the predatory grin, a matching one spread across his own face as he replied, “Blunttooth, I think that’s a wonderful idea.”

They quickly drew up a form that would authorize Blunttooth to negotiate on Harry’s behalf up to a determined amount and Harry signed it. Blunttooth would keep Harry informed of his progress.

“Is there something in particular you would like done once you have the majority, Lord Potter?”

“Oh there are lots of things, and please call me Harry,” Harry said, grinning wickedly, “But for starters, I want to get Rita Skeeter fired.”

Blunttooth returned the grin with one as wicked as his own. The Skeeter woman was a menace to anyone and had written many insulting things about the Goblin race in the past. It would be Blunttooth’s pleasure to help make the woman destitute. 

“Might I recommend a good lawyer then Lo... Harry?”

Harry nodded and the Goblin wrote down a few details onto a piece of parchment, “His name is Mr Stentworth and he is a full partner in the Stentworth and Brown Legal Practice, if my facts are correct, and they usually are, he is the solicitor that your grandfather used.”

Harry took the piece of parchment and after looking it over, tucked it into the Potter account, bookmarking the page. 

“My grandfather? Not my father?” he asked.

The Goblin nodded, “Your father was not Lord for very long and had no occasion to call upon them I believe, though I could be wrong.” Blunttooth replied.

“Right, okay,” Harry scrubbed a hand through his hair, seeing the rolls of parchments still in front of the Goblin he asked, “What else is there for us to go over?”

Blunttooth was about to respond when there was a knock at the door and a Goblin dressed in Healers colours walked in. Harry stood and bowed politely to the Goblin Healer.

“The day's greetings to you, Healer,” Harry said as he straightened.

The Healer looked him over, "And to you as well, Lord Potter, my name is Dagrowth, now what is it I am here for?”

Harry let Blunttooth answer, “Lord Potter informed me that his scar hurts when he is near to the one who gave it to him and that he also sees visions and feels feelings from the other, at times of great emotion or stress.”

Dagrowth’s eyes widened, "Well, Lord Potter, if you’ll lie down,” the Healer quickly conjured a bed and Harry did as she instructed.

He watched as she cast numerous spells upon him. Some he recognised from Madame Pomfrey and others he didn’t have a clue about. After a few of the more usual tests, the Healer focused on Harry’s head. All of her results were recorded on a piece of parchment that floated in the air beside her. Harry tried to remain still as she worked but he quickly grew bored. Finally, when it felt like he had been there for an age, the Healer stepped back and scanned her paperwork, her eyes growing round and horror and disgust lit upon her features.

“What, what is it?” Harry asked, her reaction had him really worried, had she found something horribly wrong with him?

“Lord Potter, I- I don’t know what to say, in all my years I’ve never seen, let alone heard of something like this-,” 

She trailed off still looking at the parchment in disbelief. She started again when Blunttooth cleared his throat. 

“Well, there are a few factors which lead me to believe you have suffered from malnutrition and neglect. Your height, weight, bone density and eyesight for starters. This can all be fixed with a rather extensive potions programs and a few spells to kick-start the process.” 

Harry swallowed, that was surely because of the Dursleys treatment, he never got enough to eat when he was there. 

“What is truly shocking and disturbing though is,” she looked up, "You have a Horcrux inside your head.” She said frankly. 

Blunttooth gasped but Harry just looked at the two of them confused.

“I’m sorry hor- Horcrux? What’s that?” he asked.

Blunttooth was the one who answered him, “It is a foul, vile piece of magic, Lord Potter, it is literally a piece of someone’s soul that is purposely split off from the whole, through disgusting and horrible acts. The ‘purpose’ of this ritual is to extend one’s life.”

Harry's brain spun, putting the pieces together quickly, “Voldemort, it’s Voldemort’s isn’t it? That’s why we are connected.” 

He wanted to throw up, he had a piece of Voldemort’s SOUL in him. His stomach heaved drily and he clamped a hand over his mouth. 

“Can you get rid of it?” he asked once he had gotten a hold of himself.

The Healer hesitated and exchanged a look with Blunttooth before she replied, “The only way I know how to get rid of a Horcrux is to completely and irreversibly destroy the container it is within.” 

Harry paled rapidly at the words, “You mean, I would have to die?” he asked, the words feeling strange on his tongue as he spoke.

Dagrowth nodded, “I will start researching other ways immediately, with your permission of course, Lord Potter.” 

Harry nodded numbly, “This is why he keeps coming back, isn’t it? He’s got this Horcrux which keeps him tied to the living. I bet he’s got more, this isn’t the only one.” The thoughts and words coming unbidden to his mind and tongue.

The Healer nodded at Harry’s quick leap in logic, "I would be inclined to agree with you, Lord Potter, the size of this Horcrux, it’s not very big. I would say that he has quite a few, the ritual literally tears the soul in half. What is inside you is definitely less than half a soul, considering the few I have had the experience to see.”

Harry swallowed thickly, “Okay, I want this- I want him out of me, if you want to fix my body at the same time, I would appreciate that as well.”

Dagrowth made a noise of agreeance, “Of course, we can do that part here and now if you like, it shouldn’t take too much out of you, energy-wise. It will be myself that will be most drained. There will be little recovery for you and I think it would be best if we keep the number of people who know about this small.”

Harry grinned weakly, “Good, I hate hospitals,” he said as he lay back on the bed. 

“The spell I am about to cast will immediately correct your vision. The others will stimulate the processes in your body for growth and development. I will prescribe some nutrient potions which will speed up your growth, as well as give you a diet and exercise program which I would ask that you adhere to as much as possible. The more you stick to the plan the fewer potions you will have to take.”

Harry grimaced but nodded as he fell back with a soft thump. Dagrowth started to cast again and Harry felt a sensation like cool water flowing over his skin and into his body, he shivered lightly. Soon she was done and she helped to sit up. Blinking rapidly, Harry realised his vision was blurry, startled he felt his face and realised he was still wearing his glasses, chuckling softly, he pulled them off and looked around. Everything was so clear! There was more detail than he had ever been able to see before, he smiled at Dagrowth and hugged her. Bouncing back sharply when he realised what he’d done.

“Sorry, it’s just, this is amazing!” he exclaimed. The Goblin blushed lightly, turning her green skin an odd colour.

“It is no problem, Lord Potter, I was just doing my job. Expect to see a bill in the mail.” 

Harry just waved her off as he looked around the room with new eyes. Seeing the distinctions in colours and the texture of the stone.

Dagrowth laughed quietly at him and turned to Blunttooth, speaking to him in Gobbledegook before leaving. Blunttooth managed to regain Harry’s attention and they sat down. Harry vanished the pair of glasses in his hand, no longer having a need for the ugly frames. He frowned slightly as he thought his magic felt easier to access than normal. Turning back to Blunttooth he gave his Account Manager his full attention.

“Harry,” the Goblin started, “Healer Dagrowth informed me that she also removed some blocks and wards on your person, one was a mail ward which ironically, redirects all your mail to a vault here in Gringotts, we will find out who the vault belongs to so we can find out who put the spell on you. The second was a magic suppressing charm which was probably placed by your mother or father.” 

At Harry’s look of surprise, he explained. 

“This is a somewhat common practice, parents will place such a charm on a particularly powerful infant or toddler to bind part of their magic. It is usually released once the child reaches an age where they can understand how to use their magic or at least have some conscious control over it, generally around the five to seven year mark. It is not considered harmful, as it does not bind all of the child’s magic. Only limiting the access the child has. This makes any bursts of accidental magic less dangerous to those around the child.”

“I thought my magic felt a little easier and freer just now, though I don’t know about either of those things,” Harry told the Goblin.

Blunttooth nodded, “Yes well the first was obviously cast by someone who did not want you to receive any correspondence from the wizarding world.” 

Harry frowned as he tried to think who could have had such a motive.

“Now, there are a couple of other things we need to go over and then your vaults also await your inspection. What would you like to do first?” 

Harry cast a tempus and saw that he had been inside Gringotts for almost three hours, the Weasleys were probably starting to fret. Shrugging off that worry he got to his feet. 

“I’d like to see the vaults first if that’s alright?” he rolled his shoulders, "I have a need to walk around.”

Blunttooth smiled, "Quite right, follow me.” 

He led Harry out of the office and down a corridor to the carts.

As they were getting settled in one a thought occurred to Harry, "Blunttooth? How many vaults do I have?”

Blunttooth looked back at Harry as the cart started to move, “There are plain monetary vaults set up for every business, though any profit above 1,000,000 galleons a year is placed back into the main Potter vault. That is the specific set up for all the Potter businesses, though it is a common enough practice. Then there is, of course, your personal vault, which you have seen before, and then there are the Family vaults. One for each of the rings you wear. Harry glanced down at his hands that meant there were at least six for him to visit today.

He grimaced again, “Can we merge my personal vault with the Potter vault? Now that I’m head of the family I don’t see the need for it to be separate.”

Blunttooth nodded as they veered sharply around a corner, “That is easily done,” he said over his shoulder.

A curtain of water was up ahead and they plunged straight through it. Harry watched as it parted for them. A moment later they pulled up in front of a vault. They stepped out and Blunttooth informed him this was the Black Vault. Harry nodded and walked up to it, when he reached it he turned back to Blunttooth.

“Erm, I don’t have a key” he said.

“As you’re the Head of House you need only to lay your hand with the Black Ring on the door and it will open for you,” Blunttooth informed him. 

Harry turned back to the door and did as instructed.

Smiling when it worked, he whispered, “Magic is wicked.” 

Walking into the vault he was really sure what to expect but it certainly wasn’t this, the vault was HUGE! It was at least three stories high and as big as a mansion! Off to one side, there were veritable mountains, of galleons, sickles and knuts. On the other, there were numerous paintings and portraits, armour, clothes, trunks overflowing with trinkets and treasures. There were bookshelves filled with books and artefacts, glass-faced cabinets displaying jewellery of all kinds. Harry was afraid to move, he could barely comprehend what was here, this was all his? And this was just one vault? He gazed around in shocked awe and moved amongst the priceless treasures. After a few minutes of looking around, he decided to come back another day. There was no way he could even begin to sort this out in his head. He decided to just have a quick tour of the rest of the vaults if they were anything like this he could spend days here.

“Blunttooth? I think,” Harry’s throat was dry, he swallowed trying to work some spittle down it and tried again, “I think we’ll just have a quick look in each, leave the Potter vault for last though okay? I’m going to have to come back, there’s no way I have the time now to give this the proper attention that it deserves.” 

He said as he waved a hand to indicate what he was talking about.

“Of course, there are books that are linked to each vault if you would like them? They are self-updating and have an itinerary of what the vaults contain?” Blunttooth told the messy haired wizard as they settled back in the cart.

Harry sighed in relief, “That sounds like a wonderful idea. I can go over them at home and wrap my head around what’s in there before seeing it all again.” 

Blunttooth merely nodded.

They came to the Peverell Vault next and it was much the same as the Black Vault though Harry noted the artefacts were quite a lot dustier as if it hadn’t been disturbed in a while. He frowned in thought as they made their way to the Gryffindor Vault. Harry was a terribly excited as he walked into this one, though he immediately started sneezing due to the amount of dust. He cast a bubblehead charm and started looking around.

Poking around the bookshelves he came across many journals that once belonged to the founder, beyond excited he took them down, looking around for something to put them in he found a small trunk filled with candlesticks, dumping the candlesticks on the ground, he placed the journals softly inside, he cast featherweight and cushioning charms before shrinking the trunk down to fit into his pocket. He looked around a little more and vowed to come back soon.

Blunttooth took him next to the Slytherin Vault, Harry was nervous, what if there was another basilisk inside? What if Voldemort had hidden things in there? Harry quickly voiced the last concern to Blunttooth. 

“Voldemort has never held a vault within Gringotts and he never claimed this one. I don’t think he ever thought to try.” Blunttooth told Harry.

Harry nodded, slightly mollified. Wiping his sweaty palms on his trousers he pressed his left hand against the door. It opened for him and Harry shut his eyes waiting for the tell-tale sound of scales on stone. When it didn’t come he breathed out a sigh of relief and walked inside. It was much the same as the Gryffindor one, the only thing not covered in dust was the money. Harry had figured this was because of all the interest and earnings that regularly came in. Recasting the bubblehead charm he made his way to the bookshelves, wondering idly if Salazar Slytherin was a journaler like his co-founder.

It turned out journaling must have been a common past-time back in the day and Slytherin kept more than Gryffindor had. Harry took out the trunk that he gotten in Gryffindors vault and resized it. Placing the Slytherin journals in there, pausing when he saw the locks on the sides of the books. They were snakes twined around each other and no visible keyhole, they were probably locked in Parseltongue. 

Taking a deep breath he whispered ‘open’ at the lock to see what it would do. He watched wide-eyed as the snakes smoothly untwined themselves from each other and the book fell open in his palm. Feeling elated at the knowledge of being able to read possessions from the Slytherin Founder, ones Voldemort himself had not thought to find, he relocked the journal and put it inside the trunk with the others. Shrinking the trunk once more, he walked out with it in his pocket.

The last stop on the Vault tour was the Potter one and Harry was beyond excited to see what his ancestors had once owned, things his father had probably touched or used. He found himself leaning forward in the cart in anticipation. They finally reached their stop and Harry almost tripped over himself in his excitement, he thought he heard his Account Manager snicker at his behaviour but he really couldn’t care less.

Slamming his hand against the vault, he hurried inside, spinning as he tried to take it all in at once. Running from shelf to shelf and cabinet to cabinet he tried to slow himself down but he felt like he was being pulled in all directions at once. That was until he came across a trunk, it didn’t appear to be anything special. Though it was a very nice looking trunk, the gold corners and metal fittings were highly polished and the dark chocolate leather was well looked after. It was of a decent size and there were twelve locks across the front, similar to Mad-Eye Moody’s trunk from fourth year. But what had Harry stopping in his tracks were the initials, J.C.P. James Charlus Potter. It was his father’s trunk.

Kneeling reverently before it he ran his shaky hands over it, he grasped the lid and was surprised as well as grateful when it opened. The first compartment contained a mess of robes and clothes. Harry spotted Gryffindor colours and realised this was the trunk his father had used at school. Smiling he opened another compartment, he found letters and correspondence. Another held books, and on and on it went until Harry came to the last one, the last lock held items and journals, bits of paper and various potions. Opening one of the journals he found it blank until he looked at the front page and saw the ink prints of two different canine paws, a tiny rat print and a cloven hoof mark. He mumbled the incantation ‘I solemnly swear I am up to no good’ and suddenly the book filled with words and spells and joke potions.

Harry grinned and shifted on his knees trying to get comfortable, his arse hit the floor and he was suddenly reminded of where he was. Sighing he put the book back in the trunk and after locking it, decided to shrink this one down too and take it with him. He could spend the rest of the summer going through it and he could take it to school with him later. A huge smile on his face, he proceeded to do just that, he stood up and brushed his hands over his bum and dusted off his knees. As he straightened his eyes settled on another trunk, this one was much more delicate looking. The silver detailing’s were softer and the leather was a honey colour. The cursive initials burned into it were made by a much more feminine hand. L.J.E. Without even hesitating Harry shrunk that one too. He was going to be able to get to know his parents!

Slightly giddy and sad at the same time, Harry walked a little more slowly around the vault. He took in the portraits that were charmed to sleep, and the various jewellery cases, there was one cabinet that only held rings and Harry, intrigued, was a little pleased to find out that they were all specifically engagement and marriage rings. He noted that some of them had been used more than once throughout his family, he sort of liked that idea, that continuity. Blushing as he realised what he was thinking about he turned to leave the vault. Stopping at the huge stack of galleons before him, he remembered his original purpose for coming to Gringotts today. Finding a leather bag he filled it, not even hesitating to make the bag full. Shaking his head at the thought of all the money that was now his, it would take him lifetimes to even make a dent he thought and that was if it stopped coming in.

He bit his lip as another thought crossed his mind, maybe, maybe if the Dursleys knew about this, they would have been nicer to him. Pinching himself when he felt tears prick his eyes he shook the thought from his head, no use dwelling on what ifs. He put the small sack of gold in his pocket and cast a silencing spell on it so it wouldn’t clink. He made his way back into the cart. Blunttooth took in the expression on the young man’s face and decided to leave him to his thoughts for the ride back.

He led Harry back to his office and they resumed their seats from before. Blunttooth summoned a lower Goblin and directed them to retrieve the Vault books for Harry’s vaults. Clearing his throat and interrupting the wizards introspection he spoke.

“Now there are only two more pressing matters for us to go on with, the first are the letters from your parents and your godfather. Normally, I would ask that you read them privately but your godfather insisted that you read this one before you left the bank.” 

He passed the letter to Harry, it was rather thin. Harry pursed his lip, trying not to feel put out, he had hoped his godfather's last letter to him would be rather more substantial. Sliding his thumb under the seal he now recognised as the Black crest he pulled the letter out.



Don’t push that lip out at me, this isn’t my last letter to you. This is a warning, these last few months I have been getting weird vibes from Dumbledore, I don’t think he has your best interests at heart. Or mine for that matter, I just found out that he was the one who pushed for a no trial.

You know I have a few holes in my memory but I have recently been regaining some. One was the fact that Dumbledore was the one who cast the fidelus charm on the house in Godric’s Hollow, this means HE KNEW Pettigrew was the secret keeper and not me and yet I spent twelve years in Azkaban because he didn’t speak up.

I don’t trust him, Harry, get yourself emancipated as soon as possible, trust that the Goblins will help you. Even if they don’t like you, they’ll do it for gold and you have plenty of that, especially if you’re reading this. It was my hope that I would tell you this when you finish school this year but apparently, that wasn’t meant to be.

Anyway, like I said, get out from under Dumbledore’s thumb, go to the Potter family mansion. You’ll be safe there and the house-elves will look after you. The wards on that mansion are impenetrable. I’m sorry I can’t be there to guide you and that I don’t know more about what’s going on, well at least at the time of writing this. I will tell Moony everything, Dumbledore can’t read his mind, it’s a werewolf thing. Don’t trust any other adults who are close to Dumbledore, he is held on too high a horse for them to see him clearly. Contact Moony if you can and let him know where you are. He will come to you and help.

I love you Pup.

Your dogfather



Harry’s hands were shaking with anger as he read the letter a second time. Leaping out of his seat Harry started to pace the office. He thrust the letter at Blunttooth as he couldn’t articulate what was wrong at the moment.

“Ah, I see, well at least someone has seen that Albus Dumbledore isn’t the great man everyone thinks he is,” Blunttooth said calmly when he finished the letter.

Harry shot a glare his way, silently asking him to go on. 

Blunttooth shrugged, “The Goblin nation has tried many times to improve our relations with the wizarding world. But whatever we try to get put through the Wizengamot, it is always overturned, by people swayed by his arguments.” 

Harry stopped suddenly, shocked at this news.  

Groaning Harry slumped back in his chair. “Blunttooth, I don’t know how much more I can take today.”

Blunttooth looked at the wizard with sympathy, everything the wizard had been excited about today had something to do with freedom, whether the ability to do magic when he wanted, the ability to live wherever he wanted, the ability to have someone fired to make his life easier. 

This last bit of business though. This was going to be a blow to some of that freedom he had gained. He wished he didn’t have to tell the young man, he had actually become quite fond of his client in the short amount of time they had spent together. 

As he was about to speak and was interrupted by the Goblin he had spoken to earlier. He came into the office and placed a box and five books on the desk. Blunttooth opened the box and saw that it contained a great deal of potion phials and a note from Healer Dagrowth explaining their use and outlining the health plan she wanted Harry to follow.

Nodding to himself and dismissing the other Goblin, Blunttooth pulled a leather satchel from his desk. He placed the Vault books, Account books and the box of potions inside it, as well as the letters from Harry’s parents and the other letter from Sirius Black. Satisfied that all of his client's things were inside the bag he cleared his throat to get Harry’s attention. He wondered how he was going to explain this to his client, particularly because his client didn’t seem to know any wizarding traditions.  

Harry opened his eyes wearily, remembering that Blunttooth had one last thing to go over with him. He conjured up a glass of water and sipped at it as Blunttooth began to talk.

“Many, many years ago your great-grandfather Charlus Potter sat down with another Lord. They wished to merge the families to sustain mutual growth, blood purity and cordial relations. Part of their agreement was that they would back each other in the Wizengamot. They shared many of the same ideals. The issue was they didn’t feel as though they could trust one another not to betray the other, so they wrote up a contract that would bind their two families together.” 

Harry nodded when Blunttooth paused, to show he was following so far. 

“Well, this contract was a contract of marriage, to ensure trust in one another they tied the families together as one.”

“Okay, and what does this have to do with me?” Harry asked slowly.

“The contract has yet to be fulfilled. You see the contract stipulated that next compatible Heirs - meaning one male and one female - of the families that were born within a five-year range of each other, would be married. So far when your family and the other have had children they have either not fallen within the timeframe nor were both of the right genders.” Blunttooth explained, he saw the moment his client understood, as his nostrils flared and his eyes hardened.

“Are you telling me that, my great-grandfather has, essentially, married me off to someone I don’t even know?” Harry said, his voice barely belying the roiling emotion underneath.

The Goblin shifted in his seat, “I believe you do know them, at least by name or sight, they do attend Hogwarts with you after all.”

“Who?” Harry growled.

“Parkinson is the other name on the contract,” Blunttooth replied, hoping that the girl was at least pretty for the wizards sake, and perhaps his own if the look in the young man’s gaze was anything to go by.

Harry blinked hard for a moment as he took in the words that the Goblin had said before exclaiming loudly, “ PANSY?!?!