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Blessed are they who stand before the corrupt...

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She was from the Hossberg Circle, transfered to Kirkwall few months ago. She heard the rumors about injustice of this Circle, that here mages are nothing, and templars have too much power, but She didn't want judge before she saw this on her own eyes. Also, she thought that she is untouchable - senior enchanter, her harrowing was using like example. She was libertarian, but not fighting much one. No templar should do any harm her, right? Ohh.. she was so wrong. So idealistic.

Erin heard about mage underground when one of the apostates contact with her, to bring her news, that Meredith don't like her presence in HER Circle. She looked at him not convinced. He looks even so rebelious. Coat with feather pads, she even saw the tevinter medalion on his chest. Rebel for being rebel, with no real case. She doubt that here can be so bad. Nobody will harm her, unless she give them reason. Blond hair apostate tried to convince her, but he didn't have many time. Being in the Gallows was big dangerous for him. He didn't make her run away from the circle, only called her idealist, like that was something bad, told her that she will gonna regret this.

She regret it now.

Erin was woke up in the middle of the night by the Templars, without even clarification they take her to the main hall. She felt how some templar put quickly the lyrium chains and handcuff on her wrist. She tried to escape, to run away. But now, it was to late for that. She was powerless, couldn't defend herself. She charged down like captured beast, trying to free herself.

- Where are you taking me? - she said.

But silence was her only response. She was transported to the Harrowing Room? She guess that. It was similar like this in Hossberg. She know what else templar are doing in rooms like this. No, no, no, no no...

- This is against the law! - Erin cried, looking at the templar's back.

- You don't have any rights blood mage. - she heard the answer said by strong female voice.

The Meredith turn to Erin, and look at her with disgust. Like she was some kind of monster, that should be eliminated. Erin was trying to escape. She knew that was pointless, but she had to try.

- I'm not blood mage! - she answered and trying to cast some spell, but the lyrium handcuffs blocked her magic.

Erin looked and the other templars in this room, there was two templars holding her, Meredith and somebody was standing in the shadow. Watching this from the distance, like somekind fucking act. I pass my harrowing many years ago, they can't just make me tranquil. Or... can they? You are the one in the chains. She looked and the templar in the corner, looking for some help. Little light of rightous in this madness.

- After that night, you will be no harm to nobody. - The knight-commander announced with pround in her voice.

Erin looked at her, and started kick up a fuss. Hoping that somebody will help her. Somebody was trying to help you Erin, that blond mage few days ago. And you just ingnored his words. You could run away that time. 

- Please, help me... I'm innocent, I'm no blood mage. - Erin said to the templar in the corner.

- Rutherford, help hold her. I'm perfoming the ritual. - Meredith said to him as well.

He come to the light, Erin saw him before, in the Gallows, Meredith second-in-command. Cullen come to Erin. She looked at him with some hope, but that dissapeared as she saw the same disgust in his eyes like Meredith had. He put his hands on her shoulders, and pulled her on the ground. He hold her tight, taking her last hope of escaping. 

- Be cursed Rutherford! - this was her last words with some emotions.

She wondered if somebody in this room saw this as not right. But that didn't matter in fact.

Next... was only silence in her mind.

No feelings, nothing. Just empty husk.