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Power Behind a Mask; Charmed or Cursed?

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"Harry," Hermione's voice sounded stern. "you're gonna be late for Transfiguration if we don't leave now. And she's as critical about tardiness as Professor Snape."

Harry's thoughts had been wandering since the train incident. He nodded his head with a silent groan as his two best friends left before rising from the Gryffindor table himself. He dreaded going to Professor McGonagall's class as he walked out of the Great Hall and into the Entrance Hall. He knew his grades weren't too good in his Head of House's subject, though slightly better than Snape's own class in the dungeon. The young Potter was startled when he noticed he only had ten minutes and paced himself in a run. The young Gryffindor would have made the trek across the castle had he not collide into another student; school bag flying out of his grasp while all three fell to the floor. You could hear the shatter of his ink wells as Harry's bag was ruined with ink all over his parchment, used and unused, covering every inch as it seeped out. Ink was soaking into his school books and a tear from the shards had sliced through the thin material like a well placed diffindo. "Just what I need," Harry thought bitterly. It was then he realized the student he knocked down was extending a hand while the thirteen year old remained on the floor. It was then Harry studied the fifteen, almost sixteen year old Hufflepuff before him; black Hogwarts robes outlined with gold trimming with the Badger emblem as the crest, black trousers, gray undershirt with gold on the neck trimming, and a gold and black tie to match. Cedric's hair was swept back in a wave, mix between a dark brunette and auburn with sterling grey eyes. His cheekbones were defined with a sight tan where his eyes shone with mirth. 

Harry's breath was caught but pushed the feeling aside as a side effect of their collision. But he couldn't deny the Weasley Twins' words, 'pretty boy, Diggory.' A fool could see that Cedric was stunningly attractive and green eyes met grey, darting to his full red lips and back to his eyes. 

"Thanks," Harry mumbled as he let the Hufflepuff pull him to his feet and flush to his chest. Harry flushed as he took a step back. Cedric only responded with a soft smile as he replied.

"It's not a problem, I wasn't looking where I was going. You're Harry Potter, correct?"

The young Gryffindor winced slightly, "Yeah," he whispered quietly. He knew like everyone else who had met him, they'd only asked to see his scar and resorted to stare. 

"I've seen you play Quidditch, very impressive. You may have the chance to go professional."

Harry almost gapped at the older Hufflepuff, it was the last thing he expected. "You're pretty boy, Diggory." The words were blurted out and the Gryffindor instantly wanted to smack himself as his cheeks turned pink.

Cedric only raised an eyebrow as he grinned, it didn't escape his notice either that Harry's blush was adorable. Secretly pleased the younger boy knew of him as he took note were Harry's gaze went to his lips and almost sighed in relief that he wasn't the only one to find the other attractive. "Hmm, is that what they're calling me?"

Harry ducked in his head in embarrassment, "The twins." 

Harry didn't need to elaborate, Cedric knew the twins very well especially for being in the same year. The Hufflepuff bit his bottom lip as he rested a hand on Harry's shoulder as the boy in question darted his gaze to the older boy's. Harry could see grey eyes swimming with emotion as if debating internally, yet it made the Hufflepuff appear even more attractive. 

Cedric suddenly looked sheepish, "Oh, Merlin! I made you late for Transfiguration."

Harry looked alarmed for a moment before his shoulders slumped in defeat. "I'm so getting detention. Better than Snape."

Cedric kept his grin as he snorted in laughter, "Not so, I'll accompany you."

Harry gave Cedric an incredulous look yet fell in step with the grey-eyed boy.