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The Stories May Change You

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No turning back now, I'm moving ahead toward the way out.

I smirk as I blast the oncoming Galra ships. They blow up after I iced them with my cannon. I used my sonic boom thing, and more ships blew up. The rest of the team was also fighting the Galra. I could see they were doing more than I was. The voices from my head were creeping up on me. I shook my head, as I moved around, leading the Galra towards me.

I huffed as a bunch of them, did move to me. Maybe they knew how horrible I am. The mistakes I've been doing. I started to shoot them down, one-by-one. I smiled cockily, cheering as I destroyed them.

Maybe I could capture one, and start using some machines to torture the information out of them... No! I was surprised of my thinking. I mean, I do hate the Galra, but not to the point of torturing them. Right? I gritted my teeth, and started to fight again, ignoring my thoughts as I went.

Don't you hate how, We get left behind in the fallout.

"Come on guys! It's time to form Voltron!" I hear Shiro say over the comm. I moved my lion over to where the team was and we all formed Voltron. We begin to fight the bigger ships, destroying it, piece-by-piece. 

Look at how happy you feel, when you see these disgusting animals die. They were about to kill all these innocent people, Lance. Kill them before they kill everything. I smiled, a bit more sinister than I was used to. I could see my reflection in the mirror. My eyes were turning purple. I gasped in shock, standing from my seat and away from the control. The blue lion turned off-line, and Voltron disbanded. 

I struggled to stay upright, as the others exclaimed in confusion. What just happened?

"Lance! Can you hear us?" Keith asked, worry evident in his voice.

Listen to them Lance. They need you only for Voltron. Other than that, you're worthless to the team. I struggled to catch my breath, but I did so anyway. 

"Uh, yeah. Blue just turned off-line. No reason why," I laughed nervously, as I sat back down. Blue turned back on-line. The others gave a sigh of relief, and we formed Voltron again. This time we finished the battle.

I won't stand down, As I feel the ground begin to crack now.

I get out of the Blue, as we arrived in the Lion´s hangar. I saw the others complimenting each other. Nobody said anything to me. Not surprised.

You see Lance! Nobody thinks about you. Just leave, and they will not notice at all! I sigh, walking away from the group. I walked, heading to the training deck. I locked the doors, so no one could come up and see me. I growled. I had my bayard on me already, so I set up the gladiator to fight me. Level ten.

I put on my music too, so I could fight with that. I did not like my mind talking to me, at all. 

Gladiator after gladiator I defeated. I fought with long distance, as short distance was with the whole group. I do not need this anymore. I do not need to feel the pain of rejection.

So I cry out, the same call to arms but with a new sound.

I am in my room. 

I found a sharp object when I was looking around. 

It was Keith´s bayard. 

It turned to a blade. 

Not like the Blade of Marmora.

Similar, but it was as thin as the blade, but the hilt thick. Short, not long. Good enough.

Let hope be everything that you need, t o march to a victory.

I should do it quickly. 

I should end it. 

I had enough with no one noticing me.

I look down at my wrist. 

The scars from over the years. 

The scars I made.

Tears quickly pour down my face. 

The silence is hurting me.

When you can't feel the difference between, an inch and infinity.







I started to make new scars, as crimson liquid came out of the now palish arms.

Every part of me catches on fire underneath, when I ignite, you'll see.

I hear the voices of Coran and Hunk outside my door. I quickly hurt myself more, the pain subduing my numbness. 

They are talking about me. I quickly grab the blade. I want to end my life. I want to end everything. 

I am worthless.

Maybe I can light the way, I can light the way back to me.

I stabbed myself, and twisted the blade around. 

The door slides open, and shouts of worry and despair reach my ears. I drop.

I look at Hunk as he grabs me. He does not touch the blade that is in my stomach at the moment. 

He runs with Coran to the pods, tears silently pouring down his face. He looks down at me, and I give him a weak smile.

Before we leave the room though, I see the words painted on the wall with my pure blood.

They go around my head, circling my last thoughts. Those are the last three words I ever think. I will ever write. My last breath leaves my body, and so does the warmth.

Back to me.

I am worthless.