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You remind me of the mage...

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Scene 1:

(Hawke’s mansion. Library. Anders sits at the desk writing his manifesto. Fenris sits in front of the fire, struggling to read a book called “The Labyrinth”, a Tevinter fairytale that Hawke gave to him.
Hawke is about to go on a mission for the Viscount together with Varric, Isabela and Merrill. Fenris is ordered to stay at the mansion to protect Anders from Templars. They have been very busy searching for mages in Darktown in the last weeks.)

Fenris: (reads, muttering to himself)
“Give me the child.
Through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered I have fought my way to the castle beyond the Black city to take back the child that you have stolen.
For my will is as strong as yours and my kingdom is as great.”

Anders: (snorts from his seat at the desk)

Fenris: (glares at the mage’s back for a moment, then continues)
“You have no power over me!”

Anders: (bursts out laughing)
Sure, you can tell yourself that!
(turns around to face the elf, grinning)
Will you continue reading to yourself all night, or can I have a quiet moment to work on my manifesto?

Fenris: (ready to snark back, embarrassed)

Hawke: (enters)
I’m not even out of the house and you’re at each other’s throats already!
Stop that! Both of you!
(fixed gaze at both)
You will try to get along until we’re back. Kirkwall is not save for mages at the moment and you (looking at Fenris) will make sure the Templars won’t find him here!

Fenris: (nodding, stern look on his face)

Anders: (sighs)
Alright Hawke. I will do my best… don’t want to be killed by our elf, anyway.
(winking at Fenris)

Fenris: (ignores Anders pointedly)
Good luck with your mission. If anything happens, send for us… or me!

Hawke: (already turning to leave)
We’ll manage, no worries! No killing (adds jokingly) or sex on my carpet!
(is out of the room, followed by the sounds of the main door closing)

Anders: (laughs nervously after a first second of shock, turns to his writing again)

Fenris: (speechless, stares after Hawke, then at Anders’ back)
(disgruntled) Unbelievable!
(blushes and quickly exits the room)
(muttering angrily) Hawke has no idea we actually did get along better till he had to start flirting with Anders! Damn Hawke… no damn Anders, for charming everyone! Damn that stupid mage!
(stops his flight from the library halfway up the stairs at Bodhan’s curious look, when suddenly:)

Anders: (yelling from the living room)
Aren’t you supposed to guard me Fenris?!

Fenris: (face heats up with anger)
Fasta vass, that mage is annoying!
(returns to the living room, his book still in a firm grip)
I hate you! I hate you!

Anders: (momentarily stunned by the anger in Fenris’ face)

Fenris: (standing in the door, stares at the mage)
Can’t someone just free me from your annoying presence?!
You want silence?! You can have silence!
(already on the way out again)

Anders: (completely clueless why Fenris is angry)
Fen…Fenris? Wait!

Fenris: (turns, almost glowing with rage)
What for?
(he thinks about the story he has just read and feels weirdly compelled to phrase his own anger in the language used in the story; he starts sneering)
You know once upon a time it was all well… I even maybe started to like you. But then suddenly Hawke turns up and oh… wonderful surprise, he finally returns your precious feelings. Now I have to babysit a mage, who is spoiled enough to think he can have everyone for themselves. And all because your boyfriend has something better to do and thinks “let the slave return to his bodyguard job again”.

Anders: (shocked)
Fenris… that’s wrong… and unjust…

Fenris: (crooked smile)
Oh Justice again, of course. Well wouldn’t he be pleased to get rid of the mage hating elf!
(laughing coldly)
I would be pleased if he just got rid of you!

(The feeling of a magical lightning bolt flushes through the room and leaves both men startled for a second.)

Anders: (eyes wide and sad)
You… don’t mean that…

Fenris: (back to his normally stern expression)
I do!
I wish Justice would come and take you away… (turning to leave) …right now!

(An electrical shock springs from the book in Fenris’ hand, it falls to the floor as his fingers spasm in sudden pain, and the whole room goes dark in a flicker of blue energy. Followed by complete silence)

Fenris: (dazed)
(takes an unsure step into the room)
Anders! Are you alright?
(desperately trying to activate his tattoos to see anything but it doesn’t work, the book has disappeared)
Kaffas! Why don’t you say anything?

(Something shifts in the dark. Rustling like someone brushing against the curtains, movements along the book cases, snickering laughter that doesn’t really sound human or even mortal. The window opens with a strong gust of wind sending blue sparks into the room.
Justice appears, still wearing Anders’ form, but not really. Something seems off about the spirit. Magical cracks flickering over his skin like always but a mirthless smile resides in the glowing blue eyes.)

Fenris: (stares with open eyes and mouth)
Justice! And only Justice!

Justice: (grins at the realization in Fenris’ eyes)

Fenris: (moves closer, growling)
I want Anders back!

Justice: (crossing his arms in front of him, his voice a booming version of Anders’)
What’s said is said!

Fenris: (comes to a halt)
But… I didn’t mean it!

Justice: (raises an eyebrow)
Oh, you didn’t?!

Fenris: (growing angry, still not able to activate his tattoos)
Kaffas! Where is he?!

Justice: (contend smile)
You know very well where he is!

Fenris: (growling)
Bring.him.back!... (through gritted teeth) please…

Justice: (huffs slightly and walking closer to Fenris)
Fenris… go back to your mansion. Enjoy your wine. Forget about the mage.

Fenris: (alarmed by the proximity of the free Fade spirit)
I can’t!

Justice: (a crystal appears in Justice’ hand)
I’ve brought you a gift.

Fenris: (clenches his teeth even more)
What is it?

Justice: (twirling the crystal around in his fingers)
It’s a crystal… nothing more. But if you activate it, it will fulfill one of your biggest dreams.
Freedom from the aching pain of the lyrium branded into your body.
But this is not a gift for an ordinary elf… who cares about a whining mage.
Do you want it?
(holds out the crystal towards Fenris)
Then forget the mage!

Fenris: (his eyes linger on the crystal for a second, then he takes a step back)
I can’t! I appreciate (he snarled the word) what you’re trying to do for me, but I want Anders back!

Justice: (a threatening glare in his empty eyes)
Don’t defy me!
(throws a magical blow against Fenris that has the elf staggering backwards a few feet and sets the lyrium brands ablaze)
You’re no match for me, elf!

Fenris: (panting from the sudden hit, determined expression)
But I have to get Anders back!

Justice: (moves aside from the window that has widened into an archway, pointing outwards)
He’s there, in the Fade!

Fenris: (walks past Justice to see if he can make out anything in the distance)

Justice: (stands close behind the elf)
Do you still want to look for him?

Fenris: (turns with unease as he realizes he’s no longer in Hawke’s mansion but a place somewhere in the Fade, amidst swirling forms and vague light and a looming labyrinth before him)
Is that a castle inside the Fade?

Justice: (moves closer)
Turn back, elf! Turn back before it’s too late!

Fenris: (straightening his posture)
I can’t! Don’t you understand that I can’t! It’s my fault and I’ll get him out!

Justice: (smiles coldly)
What a pity!

Fenris: (turns towards the labyrinth and the castle beyond)
It doesn’t look that far!

Justice: (suddenly appears directly next to Fenris’ ear)
It’s further than you think.
And time flows differently in the Fade.
(pointing towards a clock that appears out of nowhere)
You have 13 hours in which to solve the labyrinth in the Fade before your mage becomes one of us forever.
(vanishes into thin air)
Such a pity…

Fenris: (turns towards the labyrinth again)
The Fade… it doesn’t look that hard. Done that before… (admitting to himself muttered under his breath) and failed… I can’t allow it this time!
(Moves closer to the thick wall of ethereal stone, noticing his lyrium brands being active and humming slightly)