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The first time Jimin met Jungkook is at the freshman welcoming party in college.

It took place in the second week of the semester and since it was a welcoming party, many upperclassmen showed up to greet the new students, maybe even make new friends or just to have a fun night out before all the studying occupies most of their time.

Jimin was standing at the makeshift bar at the far end of the auditorium, red cup in hand, chatting animatedly with his best friend and mutual omega Taehyung. They were both freshman, very new to the whole college thing and very happy to share this experience with each other. They were roommates, of course. Sharing a room at college had always been their dream when they were in high school talking about their future plans. Luckily, they got into the same college, even if they didn’t share the same major. Jimin was proud to have gotten into the dance department, had worked his ass off in his senior year to get that scholarship. Taehyung settled for general business, he didn’t really know what he wanted to do later on and business just kind of sounded easy, too.

Jimin remembers giggling hard when an alpha came up to him complementing on his outfit and he got so shy that he buried his nose in Taehyungs shoulder to hide his red cheeks and flustered expression. The alpha had tried to start a conversation but Jimin just kept giggling and hiding so he soon gave up. He remembers his best friend shoving him playfully saying he’s too shy for his own good, which only made him chuckle more.

What came next, though, is something Jimin remembers as if it happened yesterday. Or even an hour ago. The doors to the auditorium had swung open and in came three tall guys that took Jimins breath away. The light from the hallway behind them illuminated them like halos and their confidence radiated from them like expensive cologne. Taehyung had squirmed next to him, pulling on the hem of his button up and squeaking like a school girl. Jimin felt like he was inside one of those popular dramas like boys over flowers, the only thing missing was a cheesy soundtrack playing in the background. He loved these shows and he was definitely not the only freshman (and most certainly not the only omega) who was whipped for these three guys. They had turned all heads, alphas and betas looking at them with envy, omegas with flustered puppy eyes.

The three crossed the hall easily, people making way for them like they were some type of celebrities. Jimin felt his heart stop when he realized they were directly walking up to the bar. Where he was standing with Taehyung, who was practically drooling now. The closer they came the closer Jimin was examining their appearances. The one on the right was the smallest, but he was still taller than Jimin by a couple inches. He had an oval face and light brown hair that was parted neatly down the middle. His shirt was colorful with cute flowers, a little uncommon for an alpha or beta (Jimin was almost sure he’s a beta, just by the look in his eyes) and the top two buttons were undone, exposing his collarbones and part of his undoubtedly muscular chest. He had a slight jagger to his walk and a bright smile on his lips and gave off a very friendly and approachable aura (definitely beta, but still intimidating to some extend).

The one on the right was quite the opposite. He was the tallest amongst the three, towering Jimin by at least a head and gave off a sophisticated vibe that screamed alpha like no other. He rocked an undercut even if it was not in style anymore, the silver color making it look like it should always be on the cover of barber shop magazines. He wore a white short sleeved V-neck and had a grey blazer flung over his shoulder. His dress pants matched it in color and design and those shoes were definitely polished, black sparkling in the fluorescent lights.

The guy in the middle caught Jimins attention the longest. He was an extremely handsome alpha. Taehyung would later call him “sex on legs”, and Jimin would shove him so hard on that comment, that he bumped his head on the lockers while blushing furiously.

His face was truly a work of art. His features were sharp and defined, cheekbones high and prominent, nose long and slender and eyes big and bright. His messy dark brown locks fell onto his forehead carelessly and Jimin held his breath when he ran a hand through it. The way his black leather pants hugged his thighs had Jimins mind going into overdrive. I wouldn’t mind choking in between them. The thought send a deep red creeping up Jimins neck and he was suddenly grateful for the dim lighting of the room. Complementing the pants (if that’s even possible, those are a killer for sure) was the black button up that was just slightly too tight on his upper arms, showing off his biceps and Jimin doesn’t want to think about what kind of other strong muscles he was hiding under the fabric. He looked the fittest amongst the three, and certainly the most confident. His strides were long and self-assured, clearly knowing where to go and what to do. And he definitely knew the kind of effect he had on the people around him. He flashed a few smiles here and there that had omegas squeaking and almost falling unconscious.

Jimin was frozen in place when they stopped in front of the punch bowl, suddenly blocking out all his surroundings. He didn’t even notice Taehyung taking a step behind him (who’s the shy one now?) and clutching onto his shirt for dear life. He had grown roots and wasn’t strong enough to pull them out of the ground anymore.

The three were talking now, certainly not noticing the two omegas ogling them from the side when two girls, also omegas, tiptoed to them and offered to pour them punch while giggling in the palms of their hands. All three of them smiled, the beta surely said something funny because the girls broke into a ringing laughter but Jimin didn’t catch it. Sure enough after the girls made the first move, suddenly a crowd emerged around the three. Many omegas buzzing around them like flies being pulled in by a light source. Jimin and Taehyung got shoved to the side of the table and when an especially eager omega runs past he brushed Jimin and sent him stumbling backwards to land on his backside hard. He frowned and looked at the feet in front of him, expression showing pain and embarrassment. He had always been a little clumsy when he was walking or standing. He hated it, mostly because he was doing perfectly fine when he was dancing. Sometimes he thought it would be easier to just dance through the hallways than walk in a straight line tripping over his own feet.

“You okay?”

Jimin expected Taehyung to speak these words, but the voice was unfamiliar. When he saw a hand appearing in his line of vision he looked up and immediately regretted it. In front of him, offering him a hand, was standing none other than Mr. gorgeous alpha himself, curly hair hanging down into his eyes and Jimins breath got caught in his throat. He swallowed hard trying to get the lump down that was forming and forced his gaze away from the strangers face towards his hand. Jimin knew it would be considered rude to refuse the man’s help, but he considered it anyway. He was almost sure his legs would give up if he let this beautiful creature take his hand and pull him up from the ground. He fought his internal battle for a second too long, considering how the strangers eyebrows were furrowing and he asked again, in this dark voice that sent a shiver down Jimin’s spine.

“You okay?”

“Y-Yeah. I-I’m fine. I’m fine.” Jimin managed to somehow choke out. He tried hard to ignore the stares on him. He was sure the whole freshman year and maybe even sophomore and junior year was looking at him now. He propped himself up on one hand and without further thinking about it grabbed the guy’s hand.

What he didn’t consider was the alpha’s strength. Jimin had given himself a push up so that the other wouldn’t have his whole weight to pull up. But he got yanked up so fast and easily like he weighed nothing and it sent him stumbling again, though forward, this time. When he stopped his eyebrows went skyrocketing and his heart was sent into overdrive. He face was now only inches apart from the alpha’s and he could smell his intoxicating scent. Jimin had never smelt anything comparable. It was rich and heavy. A mixture of fresh peeled apple and the crispness of fallen leaves—it reminded Jimin of fall, his favorite season. There is also a dash of lemon zest and a hint of pumpkin and it makes him think of an afternoon on a gorgeous autumn walk in the park. He couldn’t believe someone could smell this good. He caught himself breathing in a little too long and his vis-à-vis smiled a crooked smile that was not quite a smirk. Jimin realized he they were still holding hands.

“Hi there, cutie.”

The words hit him hard and he wanted to be swallowed by a hole in the ground. He was embarrassed but also incredibly flustered and flattered and he was almost sure the alpha could feel his heart beating out of his chest. He pulled back immediately, face bright red, palms sweating and knees wobbly. He turned around hastily, grabbed Taehyung, who had been standing frozen, and jolted out of the auditorium and down a few hallways before he had to stop and catch his breath.

“What was that?” asked Taehyung in disbelief, staring at his friend with a mixture of awe and third-person embarrassment.

“I have no idea but I think I want to die now.”