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A Villains' Victory

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A Villains’ Victory

There were villains, and their number was four.
They sought to destroy. They knew what was in store.
A meal or two… Nay! What was fine was four course,
And for that, there would be no remorse.

But in time, it was decided against recourse,
That these villains would take the next step and retort.
For the Queen of Hearts, the Evil Queen, Ringmaster, and Hook’s resort,
would declare themselves victors of a sort.

They took the book’s pages without a morn,
For it was their decision not to grieve or mourn.
They did it! They won this battle, redecorating a mort.
Their new homes remained in fine state, not coarse.

But it was not to last! Jiminy Cricket undid his tort.
He sought to the battle and won, the pages untorn.
For the villains lost and the heroes victorious, the pages assort.
For not much is left to say, except the villains had their day in court.

The End.