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Sugar & Spice

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"Baby--" You whined. Eijirou's razor like teeth dug into your shoulder, pricking your skin. He lapped lightly at the wound. You groaned as his playful growl rang in your ear. Every rough thrust of his hips knocks the headboard of the bed into the wall. You are grateful for living in a single family home. The loud, consistent smack of skin against skin is almost louder than the creaking bed.


Eijirou's hard body presses into you, his body weight pinning you flat. Your nails dig uselessly into your sheets as his slick cock slides in and out of your wet heat. His hands pin yours at the sides of your head, his palms burning hot. Vaguely do you feel the drool running out at the side of your open mouth, dampening the fabric.


He buries himself deep, stilling inside you, and a particularly loud moaning escapes you. He's chuckling, lightly, voice light. You feel him leave you, and you whimper, hazy mind starting to catch up and wonder why he's stopped.


His body weight shifts on top of you, he's almost straddling you, and you realize he's kneeling over. You feel his hands at your ass, spreading you wide, and cool air hits you, but before you can tense, his cock plunges into your ass. You cry out loudly, gasping at the sudden, wonderfully painful intrusion.


"Oooh, Eijirou~!"


He sighs blissfully, resting his forearms by your neck, pressing down to keep you still. He's leaned down, at ear level, warm breath fanning it before his lips sucks and harshly nips the shell of it. "Hmmm~ Alittle harder?" He hums, before his hips smack against your ass, balls deep in your ridiculously tight hole.


One his hands end up fisted in your hair. He pulls out, guiding his dick, briefly slipping in between your soaking folds and lightly brushing your clit, before he's entering your ass again. Your moans are muffled when he roughly yanks your head back pushes you nose first into the bed. Your eyes almost roll into the back of your head as he fucks you hard and fast.


He's doing this so right and it's driving you insane. Desperately you want to touch yourself as he plows into you, but you don't. You feel those teeth again, digging and burning their mark into your skin, his groans sweet and addictive to hear.


"This is the manliest thing ever, right? Me, making you take it up the ass." He laughs, voice gravelly, earning another needy whimper from you. "You're doing so well, Y/n~" He licks the blood bubbling up on your shoulder, before sucking hard. 


You hear him gasp lightly, and feel the twitches of his raw, thick cock inside you, before you feel his filling release. He ruttes into you again, not ready to pull out just yet. He hums, kissing your neck. "It's too bad you didn't cum. Maybe next time?"


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"Mr. Midoriya, you've been spacing out in class alot today, it's unacceptable."


The boy looks guilty, finding it hard to make eye contact. "I-I--Umm..." He swallows, nervously. Blushing at the thought of what you might make him do this time; it's too hard not for him to shift his weight from leg to leg, his palms getting sweaty, and quickly getting an erection. He watches intently as you slowly come around and lean on your desk in front of him.


"I know you're a good boy-- aren't you a good boy, Izuku?" You ask, softly. Izuku slowly nods his head, eyes wide, bottom lip caught between his teeth. "Unbutton those pants, show me how hard you are already..." You order, voice growing huskier and a faint smirk curling up your lips, you add, "Hurry up, and I'll let you touch me this time."


Your quirkless, adorable student does as you tell him, the metal of his belt buckle and quiet shuffling of his clothing echoing in the near empty classroom.


With his uniform pants pushed down mid-thigh along with his boxers, he shyly held onto his alittle above average in size but nicely girthy cock, the tip already beading with pre-cum.


When you beckon him forward, Izuku hastily shuffles forward, tripping and almost falling until he catches and steadies himself with the edge of the desk, pinning you in-between. He stares up at you with, cheeks pink, his soft lips parted and trembling; brain still processing an apology for the position.


Silently, you grab him roughly by his scruffed up, wrinkled collar. The young boy's breath hitches loudly as he is pulled up and brought close to your face.


"I'll let you use my thighs today, be grateful." You say, standing straight, hand on your hip and the other threading in his soft, green hair. Izuku whimpers guiding his dick to your slightly closed thighs. You sigh feeling the tip of it dampen your skin, you tighten your fingers, unconsciously.


He wastes no time in sliding it in, his hips twitching and trembling as he bucks into you amateurishly. "Ahh-ahh...senpai...!" He moans, wantonly. You hold back a groan as he thrusts feverishly into you. You rub your thighs together causing him to gasp loudly, his face lands in your chest briefly before he's reeling his head again. "Ahh--S-sorry...!"


You yank his head back again, exposing his neck and he grunts in pain. With fast fingers, you unbutton your top, showing him your mouth watering cleavage. Izuku looks at you in shock. Without a word, you push his face in, almost suffocating him.


He moans loudly enough for you hear clearly, his hot panting helps to moisten your skin. You bit your bottom lip to conceal a moan when the tip of his tongue peeks out to taste you. "You're abit too forward, Mister...don't make me punish you. You'll get detention if you do that again."


The little shit nips the skin of your breast causing you groan. Izuku sucks it, wetly, his tongue soaking your skin with warm saliva, unknowingly turning you on. You squeeze your thighs again, and rubbed them together, his throbbing cock took the brunt of the pressure. You feel his sucking cease, warm breath puffing against your skin as he moans.


You feel him pump furiously to his inevitable orgasm. You hold his head close, whisper softly, telling him how good he is. He whimpers, cock throbbing and hips slowing in pace as he cums. "That's right...let out every last drop, Midoriya..." You say, softly, feeling your own clit throb as his seed dirties your thighs.


When he's finish, you let him go, commanding him to clean up his mess. Izuku tiredly sinks to his knees, shyly pushing up your skirt to lick his essence off your skin. The wet strokes of his tongue makes you sigh and makes more knots of pressure gather in your abdomen. He leaves behind cool trails as he continues; it takes everything in you not to grab him by the hair and stuff his cute, little face into your clothed pussy.


Izuku pulls away, finished, cringing at the bitter taste lingering on his tongue. Your hand comes down on his head again, causing him to slightly flinch. Massaging fingers has him sighing softly, leaning into your touch.


"Midoriya, do you want to help me grade some tests for extra credit?" You ask, curiously. Izuku's cute blush is still transparent on his features. He licks his lips, gulping, and gives you a soft nod. 


"Yes, ma'am. I' to." 

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You didn't know what caused the uncomfortable feeling in your head. It could have been your headphones or maybe you hadn't eaten enough. It wasn't a painful feeling, it just felt like tension. Not even laying your head on top of your boyfriend's lap helped. 


Hitoshi felt you twist and turn. It was alittle annoying as he was trying to focus on the television. When a loud sigh erupted from you that is when he decided to ask what was up. 


"I think I have a headache."




"Don't have any."


"Try going back to sleep."


"Don' wanna.."


"Well, I tried."


"Wait, I got a better idea."




"Use your quirk on me."


"No. Don't be stupid, Y/n."


"I want you to though."


"I doubt my quirk cures headaches."


"Don't know until you try."


"I rather not."


"I guess I'll just try to take my mind off of it." You muttered, messing with his fly. Hitoshi scoffed, face heating up.


"Tch, seriously?"


"Are you complaining about getting a blowjob?"


He blushes. "Y-you aren't feeling well, right?"


"I will soon.."


Hitoshi tensed, breath getting shallow as he felt your fingers release his half erect member from the confides of his jeans. You experimentally flick your tongue against his tip, hand slowly stroking his shaft. But you go no further than that. The boy above you sighs, glaring down at you softly. "Y/n..."


You stop all together. "Use your quirk then. Tell me exactly what you want me to do." You press your lips against it, nudging his hard flesh with your nose. From the way his fingers dug into the armrest, you could see he was struggling. 


"This isn't...fair.." He sighs, shutting his eyes in frustration for a moment. You hold back and wait for him to give in. The warmth of your breath hitting him, makes his hips twitch up. Hitoshi finally gives in. Planning to give you more than you bargained for. "Take all of it, in your mouth..." He mutters, blush tinting darker on his pale skin. You hum happily, body moving not of your own free will. It feels exhilarating to be controlled like this, so much that you feel the desire to squeeze and rub your thighs together, but you can't and that just seems to rail you up more. 


Hitoshi groans, throwing his head back as you take his entire cock into your mouth, he hits the back of your throat making you gag slightly. The vibration of your soft groans feels incredible, his jaw clenching as he holds back a sound of pure pleasure. His fingers tangle in your hair. "...Hn..suck harder, use your tongue on the underside..." He breathes, feeling close already. He feels the harsh suction of your mouth and feels your hot tongue gliding right where he wants.


He dares to lean down, just to watch you. The sight of you drooling around his dick with a lidded, hazy gaze pushes him over the edge. "Oh fuck, swallow...swallow it all!" He grunts, his eyes almost closing from the intensity of his orgasm. You have no choice but to, your face flat in his lap as he pushes down your head, lips touching the base, his tasteless cum hitting the back of your throat. 


His control over your body wavers, but he holds you there with jerking hips, panting until he's done and can no longer take the overstimulation. His fingers uproot from your hair and you bolt up, trying to regain your breath. Hitoshi looks at you apologetically, but raises a brow when you start to chuckle, airy, wiping your mouth off with the back of your hand. 


"..feeling better?" He asks, feeling guilty about the rough treatment. "Sorry--" You cut him off with a unexpected kiss. The lustful sound he makes when your tongue runs over his is definitely now one of your favorite noises in the world. Hitoshi pulls back though, fighting against the haze in his mind.


He's looks at you and you finally give him an answer. "Yes, I'm fine. It's okay, I really liked it."


He smirks alittle. "What about your headache?"


"Still roaring. Maybe if you return the favor it'll go away... "



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"I'm stronger than you are, you know. My quirk is superior to yours." You said, calmly, not showing any weakness to the spikey haired boy in front of you.


You were tired of him bothering you for a fight. You weren't really interested in dealing with someone whose quirk was explosions; not that you couldn't handle it, but for the sake of your hair, you wouldn't even fathom it.


Currently, you were both in an empty classroom. It was once filled with several students plus yourself for your after school club, but Katsuki managed to scare everyone off when he stormed in, shouting at the top of his lungs, challenging you to a fight.


With clenched fists and piercing, angry eyes, Katsuki begged to differ. "What the fuck are you talking about? You say that like it's a motherfucking fact!" He shouts, and you hope he doesn't touch anything. You won't have club privileges anymore if he causes property damage.


You rolled your eyes, and moved to sit up on a desk. "This is a waste of time. Please go away. I need to get back to my club activities." You say, but honestly you know the members went home, they weren't coming back for the day. You couldn't blame them. This guy had a short fuse and most wouldn't want anything to do with it.


"Fuck that noise." He growled, stepping closer. "Stop being a pussy and FIGHT ME!!!" Katsuki yelled in your face, spit flew, alittle bit landed on your cheek. With a passiveness that made his blood boil even more, you wiped it off with the back of your hand.


"Is that suppose to offend me, Mister Bakugou? I mean, you are what you eat, and I don't like that dish." Was your reply. It was a response that had the anger almost completely dissipating from his face, confusion taking it's place.




You took a deep breath, picking your next words carefully. You were going to spin around this whole situation to your liking. "...You aren't a virgin are you?" You ask, eyes narrowing, judgingly.


Katsuki was a stuttering mess for a moment, face turning red. He caught himself, mouth fixing into a scowl, glaring at you. "I'm not...a virgin." He says, gruffly, before raising his voice. "Why are you asking me that shit all of a sudden!?"


You think he may be lieing, but you shrug. "That means you've eaten pussy before, no?"


Katsuki seems to be silently seething, cheeks flushed, staring at you for a long moment. You watch him piecing it all together with that little brain of his. He must be stupid if it's taking him this long to get what you're saying.


Maybe he should have just called you a coward instead. Sometimes, he doesn't think before he speaks. Not that he'd admit to such a thing.


When he's roughly yanked forward by his collar and pulled in between your legs, skirt pushed up your thighs by the new position, is he taken out of his thoughts. His hands hit the desk loudly, his breath hitching slightly as your faces are brought close together. You peer into his sharp eyes, admiring how they burn brightly.


To your surprise, his hands end up on your hips, gripping hard. He smirks, eyes narrowing now. His voice makes you shiver with anticipation. "That's what you want?"


Bingo. He's forgotten about the fight.


"Maybe..." You flirt, voice hushed. Katsuki let's you run your fingers in his soft, spiky, ash blonde hair. You lean in for a kiss, to which he wastes no time in returning. His lips are soft, warm, and unchapped. You try to deepen it, but he pulls back abit only to nip your bottom lip, roughly and gets a groan out of you.


Katsuki hands were everywhere at once, groping and rough. He tore open your shirt, causing the buttons to fly and scatter on the floor. "What the fuck man!? I can't walk out of here like this!" You complain, while he's busy sucking your neck.


You feel him sigh, warm air warming the cool saliva he leaves behind on your skin. "Shut can wear mine." He grunts, voice lazy and scratchy.


Even though you're still teed off about him ruining your top, the feeling of his mouth trailing hungry and desperate open-mouthed kisses down the valley of your chest to your stomach is enough to take your mind of it. You feel blunt finger nails scratch your skin, Katsuki unbuttoning and unzipping your skirt with clusmily fingers. He kisses his teeth when the zipper gets alittle jammed, and your giggling doesn't help.


"Shut the fuck up, Y/n..." He growls, finally able to pull the zipper down. The article ends up on the floor. You whimper, biting your bottom lip when you feel his teeth graze your skin, taking the line of your panties between his teeth. The way he's looking up at you and the way he's dragging them off with his hands, has you second guessing the assumption that he's a virgin. Or perhaps he's seen this somewhere and is coping it.


Once you're bare, he throws your legs over his shoulders. He squeezes your thighs roughly, before pressing his face between them. He flattens his tongue, licking a stripe up your sex that has you mewling. Katsuki holds your legs tight, so tight that there will be prints after. A shrill cry is torn from you when his lips lock around clit, sucking hard, making you shut your eyes.


Your fingers tangle in his hair, pulling harder than you meant to, he groans quietly. He chuckles as he feels the tremble in your thighs. His teeth graze your clit and you whisper, hoarsely. "Don't you dare...bite me.."


Just for spite, he gently takes it between his teeth, tongue immediately working it over, before he's sucking it and just using the tip of his tongue. Katsuki makes you almost jump when the tops of his finger probe your opening, the pad of his fingers brushing against your labia, before entering you.


He pushes two fingers inside, forcing another desperate noise from you. His knuckles are brushing against your opening, before he starts curling them.


The action has you arching into his touch. He smirks.


"Since you won't fight me, I'll put all my effort into fucking you."

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"What two colors do you mix to get green?" You purred, abdominal muscles clenching as the cute boy under you shook with lust and restraint.


Izuku groaned, softly, his freckled cheeks pink and eyes lidded. The sight of him alone had your lips dry and had you digging your nails harder into the sheets next to his head. A short roll of your hips had him arching and whining.


"Hmmm... be a good boy, and tell me..." You said, lowly before leaning down and whispering in his ear, your words making him nip his bottom lip. "Be good for me and I'll let you fuck me as hard and fast as you want..."


Izuku huffed, wracking his dazed mind for an answer. He honestly didn't know what colors make green. He'd probably do better answering today's math lesson. The sounds of pots and pans clambering downstairs helped to make his heart race. 


"Hurry up and answer. Wouldn't want your mommy to come up and find you balls deep inside your teacher would you?" You teased, sucking his lobe into your mouth. Izuku whimpered as you tightened around him, turned on by the idea of getting caught.


"Ahhh..Uhm... e-eh--i-is it red and blue?" He gasped.


"Nope, try again." You sang, voice airy as you cupped your breasts, hard nipples between your fingers. Izuku nibbled his bottom lip as he hungrily gazed at your chest. 


The boy almost swore under his breath. "U-umm...Uh. What-- yell-- ohh--" He whined as your grinded against him. "B-bluuee..?" Was his breathless answer.


A firm thrust was his confirmation.


Izuku grasped your hips as you rode on top of him, his cock already pulsing and ready to spurt inside you. With a few grinds of hips the boy beneath you trembled and whimpered, his eyes shutting tight as he released himself inside you.


"Geez...Midoriya, already? I didn't even say you could..." You purred, feeling his warmth. A melodic chuckle rang in his ears as he cracked his eyes open to look at you. "You poor thing..." You whispered, leaning down to press your lips gently against his. 


Izuku boldly kissed you back, which was uncharacteristic of him thus far. His little show of confidence had you smiling against his mouth. His breath hitched as he felt the wet press of the tip of your tongue swipe across his lip. He opened up immediately, breathing heavily, letting you trace every corner.


A small movement of your hips had him groaning into the kiss, his shy tongue starting to press against yours finally.


With a cute grunt he surprised you with a sharp thrust upwards, and was rewarded with a sultry sound. 


However, before he got ahead of himself you made sure to slam back into him significantly harder, making the bed rock back into the wall as you did. Izuku almost shrieked into your mouth as you clamped around his still sensitive cock.


Tenderly and slowly you withdrew, pinching his slightly swollen lip with your teeth as you did. Your student's eyes fluttered, fighting to keep eye contact, his body succumbing to oversensitivity.


You brought a loving hand to his cheek, soothing it into his messy hair, before they knotted and tightened into a foreboding fist in his hair. He swallowed nervously as your eyes narrowed at him.


"Don't get too carried away now."

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"You sure are one filthy bitch, Y/n. You ruined my pen..." Bakugo practically hisses as he tries to whisper. You both sit at the back of the classroom as Eraserhead teaches with his back turned, writing something on the board while lecturing the rest of the students.


Damp, trembling thighs part slightly as Bakugo withdraws his pen, sighing with mock exasperation as your juices coat it, making it shine and glisten in the light. "Fucking gross." He glares at you, fighting back the urge to smirk at your breathless and flustered expression.


He quickly brings it to your lips, roughly brushing the wet tip against them. His wordless glower is all you need to open your mouth and lower it onto the pen.


Bakugo breath hitches slightly as you suck on the pen, cleaning off your mess. He rips his eyes away to quickly scan the room, checking to make sure no one has noticed you two.


When the coast looks clear his burning orbs flash back to you, catching you just in time as you suck down close to the writing part. He snatches it out, hurting you slightly. He's unapologetic as he holds the soaked object between his fingers.


His scowl turned upside down, haughty as ever as he stares at your face. As you come down from your high do you start to feel embarrassed. You look away and Bakugo grabs your face, forcing you to look at him.


"You must practice that alot, huh?" He asks, huskily. "When class is over, I'm gonna tear off that stupid ass uniform and give you something you'll choke on you kinky little bitch." He threatens, tightening his hold on your jaw alittle more before releasing it to firmly pat your cheek.



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The irritating buzz of the alarm clock next to your face should have woken you up. Shouto, being the early riser that he is, woke up at dawn. 


He could hear the dull noise from upstairs as he sipped his coffee, but after three minutes of said noise, it was safe to assume that you were still out like a light. 


Today you both had an appointment and it was somewhat troublesome that you were still asleep.


Being the caring and responsible husband that he was, he made his way up to the master bedroom and found that you were indeed asleep with your face almost totally concealed by your pillow, comforter kicked off, and sheets tangled around your legs with the rest of your naked skin uncovered. Because of his heat you usually found it difficult to sleep in anything. 


The mix between a snort and a snore startled him slightly as he stared at you.


Yes, you were quite the sleeping beauty. 


Shouto sighed, before strolling over to you. After he turned off the alarm, he gently grabbed your shoulder and nudged you, but he gets no response. He tried giving you a firm shake with the stern call of your name, but he received not a peep of consciousness from you.


"Y/n!" He says just below a shout, and still nothing. As he continues to try to wake you, he tries to pat your cheek with a horribly cold hand. And even that doesn't work, besides earning a soft grunt.


Todoroki growls quietly with annoyance. You shift onto your back fully, exposing your bare chest and stomach, arms above spread slightly. Unashamedly, his eyes lower from your face to your rising and falling breasts. With little thought, he decides that he'll wake you up in a more enjoyable way.


A warm hand cups and firmly squeezes your soft breast, his thumb brushing over your stiffening nipple. You shift slightly but he withdraws to undo his tie and unbuttons his shirt. He knows he'll need another shower after this. 


If you were awake at all, he didn't know as he straddled you. The tender caress of his lips provokes a slight tremble of your own. His tongue gets to resistance as the kiss is deepened by him. He feels your own moving slightly against as you shift beneath him, possibly in your sleep.


He shrugs off his shirt and breaks the kiss. He sees that your eyes have started to open, looking at him sheepishly. He smirks as he pulls the tie from his neck and grabs your wrists as you start to move forward.


He ignores the confused look on your face as he quickly bounds your hands together. You taste the slight tang of caffeine on your tongue as you fix your mouth question your husband.


"It's too early for this..."


He shrugs. "You brought it upon yourself. You wouldn't wake up."


You narrow sleepy eyes at him as you lazily pull against your restraints. "Untie me," is your stern demand. However, icy hot is unaffected. "Seriously..."


He observes you for a second. "You still look tired." He mentions and you are ready to say something pretty sarcastic. But, before you can Todoroki's cold hand lightly travels from shoulder, neck and pinches your nipple.


All he gets is a short grunt, which is rather unsatisfying to him. His mouth replaces his hand and in no time he receives the tantalizing reaction he set out for. A breathless moan rings through the room as his teeth grazes your tender bud and his cheeks hollow as he sucks your skin.  You shift beneath him as he attacks your chest with licks and nips, the differing temperatures of his hands driving you crazy as his clothed groin rubs against yours.


You completely hated the fact that you were unable to touch him back. Although you voiced that between noises of pleasure, your wish was ignored. In exchange for his clothed dick, you get his lovely chilled fingers. He smirks when you jump, your sexy gasp only encouragement to mess with you further. This is undoubtedly his favorite part. 


Your back arches up off the bed, thighs quaking as you soak his fingers with your release. Before you can open your eyes, his fingers are forced into your mouth. So mean, you think. "Lick them clean or else."


His threat only excites you, he didn't even have to ask. Shouto holds back a moan as your warm, wet, and slippery tongue shows him a show that he's all too well acquainted with. However, no matter how many times you've taken his cock in your mouth, he feels like it's the first time. 


Without warning he takes back his hand to undo his fly. You aren't able to guess what comes next. You watch in awe as he pulls out his throbbing cock. Taken a back when he climbs up to straddle your chest, the leaking tip ready paint you lips.


He feels so desperate he could beg, but that's not his role right now. "Open your mouth." He's commands you, warm hand on your cheek and his other holding his length. You moan, hot and bothered by his authoritive tone.


He's so happy that you aren't challenging him like you usually would, opening your mouth almost immediately. The width of his cock forces you to widen, and before you know it your nose is pressed against the smooth fabric of his jeans and his cock almost gagging you.


He let's out a quiet but shaky breath, his hips twitching before he pulls back just to thrust back roughly into your throat.


"We-- we're going to be late and it's all your fault...!" He growls, hitting the back of your throat. You gag alittle while trying to surpress your reflex. "You stupid, irresponsible slut!" His foul words make you feel as if you never came at all just a moment ago.


Shouto's hands grabbed the sides of your face for maximum control. His heart beat as erratic as his thrusts. He wouldn't last much longer. You squeezed your thighs together, hoping for some relief but it wasn't enough. 


Your whimper felt electric on his cock as it plunged back and forth into your makeshift onahole mouth. "Next time, I won't even try to wake you. You...don't," He groaned, his hips moving faster. "Deserve it. I'll fuck your face until you're wide awake!" His admission set you ablaze and you couldn't even touch yourself.


Shouto rode your face to completion soon after, his cock hardly leaving your throat. Generous amounts of saliva coated his dick and ran down your chin, wetting his pants and your sheets. He seemed not to care in the least as he selfishly chased his own orgasm. His usually clean mouth muttering nasty words. "Fuck, fuck fucckk...!" He groaned out your name as he stilled, stuffing your mouth full and unloading his frustrations down your throat.


He pulled back to let you breath, his messy cock resting on your cheek as you coughed and sucked up as much air as you could. The soaking frustration between your thighs dismissed by him as you rubbed them together. He mouth his length back to your lips. "Clean it up." Another, cold order as he glared down at you. You couldn't believe this. "Now."


You shivered, opening up your mouth to lick up and clean his cock as much as you possibly could. When satisfied with the results, he lazily patted your head before he pulled himself away and fix himself up.


As he got off the bed with a tranquil smile on his face, and started to leave the bedroom, did you try and and clear your throat. "W-wait, that's it?" You squaked, rubbing your neck, stomach coiled up with warmth. You feel irritatingly disappointed. 


He continued out of the room. "Yup. I'll see you downstairs for breakfast. Don't take too long."


What a great husband. Fucking your face before making you breakfast.

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Being the new kid was never easy, especially when you had to introduce yourself to the class. 


The bored looking teacher blinked his eyes and raised an eyebrow like he expected you to say more than "Hi, my name is ____." Like, how old were you? You should know that you gotta say more than that at this point in your academic life. But maybe you're shy.


Eraserhead sighed, "Please, tell the class your quirk...or would you rather surprise everyone?" He supposed that could be more interesting. However, you looked even paler than before when everyone's eyes seemed to start analyzing you even harder.


You glanced anywhere but at the class ahead of you, their whispers giving you the worse case of butterflies. You felt sweaty, which wasn't good. You didn't want to smell. You were nervous enough as it was. Unbeknownst to you, your silence seemed as though you had taken the latter suggestion the teacher had provided.


"Do you breath fire?" Asked a pink skinned, horned girl. She scowled alittle, tapping a finger to her chin when you said no.


Many guesses were thrown your way, but a particularly rude one literally shouted at you by some spiky haired asshole made your blood boil. 


"Bakugou! That's not very nice! Apologize!" A brunette with pink cheeks chided him. However, this Bakugou guy seemed unfazed, openly ignoring her and sneering at you.


He folded his arms. "It's probably a shitty quirk anyway!" As mad as you were, you remained quiet with eyes glued to the floor, blushing in fury and embarrassment. You wanted to die...or at least sink into the floor and never be seen again.


"Enough, Bakugou." Eraserhead said firmly, giving the boy an annoyed look before giving you his attention. "Whatever her quirk is, it was impressive enough to get her where she is now. Don't underestimate her."


A boy with square glasses raised his hand. The teacher nodded his head for him to ask his question. " do know what her quirk is, right?"


"Of course."


A obviously very short student cut in. "THEN WHY DON'T YOU TELL US?"


"Because it wouldn't be fun, Grapeboy!" Said the pink horned girl from before. "Let's just keep guessing!" She glances to Bakugou. "..Or wait til Bakugou scares it out of her..." She mumbled to herself.


Eraserhead calmed down the chatter of the class before sending you to the only seat in the back. You felt like such an outcast back there but atleast you weren't in everyone's cross hairs at the moment.


After class was over, most of your fellow classmates left except for two boys and a girl, who seemed to be waiting for you at the front of the empty classroom if their stares were any indication. Wait, maybe they were just still kind of curious and didn't really want to actually talk to you. Yup.


"Hey, Y/n!" The one with wild red hair waved at you as you slowly walked in their direction. You gave him a shy smile and greeted him back softly. "I'm sorry about Bakugou, he's kinda rough around the edges, you know?" He scratched the back of his head, chuckling. 


"Uh, yeah...rough around the edges.." The green haired boy next to him muttered. The brunette with pink cheeks smiled jovially, agreeing with her friends.


"Don't worry about him. He's habitually grumpy. I'm Uraraka, by the way. That's Eijirou and Izuku! We're happy to have you in our class!" 


You swallowed, a slight lump in your throat. Why did you have to be so damn nervous? "I'm happy to be here, thank you." Still, you were happy for this welcome. No one's ever greeted you into a class like that before.


"You wanna have lunch with us, Y/n?" Eijirou asks with a friendly grin; that's when you notice how sharp his teeth were. Suddenly you were pretty interested in finding out what his quirk was. His sharp tooth grinned only widened as you nodded your head with a sweet smile.


"That's great." Izuku smiled and turned to hurriedly walk out of the classroom, Eijirou almost on his heels as he followed suit. You looked on with widened eyes when Uraraka grabbed your hand and pulled you with her out the classroom.


"C'mon Y/n! We better hurry before all the good stuff is gone at the cafertia!"


When you finally got there, the cafertia was packed, it was a little amazing to see probably the whole school, packed with teens with powerful quirks all eating in one place.


Everyone from your class sat together, some gobbling down their food and others taking it slow while they chat. Uraraka guided you to the end of the table to sit down next to floating clothes..wait... an invisible girl. "I'll be right back. I'll get you something too. Today's lunch is rice and--" She paused as you cut her off.


"No, no! It's okay. I'm not really hungry." And you weren't really, thanks to the constant butterflies in your stomach. But Uraraka shook her head.


"You can't skip meals if you want to be a strong hero! I'll get you something I know you'll like!" And with that she rushed off before you could counter with another excuse.


After she left your side you noticed how quiet the table was, you dare glance to your left to see everyone looking...and glaring at you. 


"I'm gonna be sick." You thought. "Oh God."


"So, you're Y/n, huh?" A blonde, who wasn't Bakugou asked. "You're pretty cute!" He smiled. A girl next to him with a ponytail rolled her eyes at him. You didn't know what to say...maybe thank you? But you didn't have a chance to muster the courage to speak up before Bakugou spoke up. 


" idiot. Stop lying! She's pretty fucking average...and that's putting it nicely." He hissed. Ouch. Again, painfully, you said nothing. Why was he being so mean to you?


Denki sighed, waving him off. "Nonsense!" He winked at you. "You look awesome in your uniform." It seemed like the others agreed. A different blonde, a flamboyant looking boy agreeing with him and 'Grapeboy' as well. 


"Bakugou's just mad because he has even more competition. Ribbit." Another girl commented, before sucking from her straw, unflinching when the one mentioned slammed his fists on the table and started yelling at her.


Soon enough everyone in 1-A had introduced themselves to you, telling you about their quirks and even mentioning a few trials they've gone through so far at this school. 


When Uraraka came back with two trays, Eijirou and Izuku right behind her, they were greeted by half of the table talking with you like you were an old friend. Your smile a total 180° from that nervous frown you wore before.


You hadn't spoken very much, more interested in listening to everyone around you. Even Bakugou chimed in, even if it was only to brag. You hadn't noticed Uraraka until she placed a tray in front of you. Eijirou sat down next to Bakugou and Izuku sat down next to Shouto which was across from you and Uraraka.


You looked at your tray and what you saw was things you actually liked. The grateful smile on your face was all Uraraka needed to know she did a great job. Even though you felt a bit nervous about eating around people you weren't use to, you tried to chill out and enjoy it. But after awhile, the inevitable reared it's ugly head again. 


That question.


"So, what's your quirk, Y/n? If you don't mind me asking." Shouto asked. He hadn't talked much more than you, but he seemed like an okay guy. Everyone's voices grew hushed. 


The same butterflies in your stomach were coming back in full swing again but you tried to relax. 


"Please, tell us your lovely power, mademoiselle."




"The anticipation is killing me."


You swallowed the apple juice you had been nursing. "Ah, well. My quirk is a pheromone that, um...makes others sick. It usually only works when I'm really, really nervous or upset. I--I can't control it properly yet." As far as you're concerned it'll work whenever you really need it to since you always seem to have anxiety.


"What do you mean by sick, L/n-san?" Izuku asked with big, cute curious eyes.


"It's like they get dizziness, their temperature goes up, it can be little mind altering, someone passed out once...I don't...really know a lot about it. But I think it could be useful once I master it." You said the last part with more confidence, not daring to mention the sweating factor. That was your goal; master your quirk at this school and use it to make the world a better place. 


Bakugou crinkled his nose. "A pheromone? Sooo, you stink up the place and make people sick when they smell you?!" He started cracking up. "That's so fucking lame!"


Eijirou frowned. "Dude, chill out.." Bakugou flipped him off and got up, leaving his tray behind. "Whatever. If guys wanna fucking sit here next to this motherfucking skunk, suit yourselves."


Lida sighed. "What a uncouthed nuisance.. "


Everyone watched Bakugou go, all of them happy he was gone. An invisible hand squeezed your shoulder. "Don't worry about him! Your quirk sounds pretty cool. I can't wait to see you in action!"


Mineta's eyes narrowed at you. "Hey, Y/ are you feeling right now?"


"Oh my god, really, Grapeboy?" Momo flicked his nose, making him flinch. 


You honestly didn't like what he was insituating. "I'm okay." You said, softly, looking down and picking up something from your tray to finish off. Bakugou was just some person that just liked being a jerk. You were use to people like that more than anything else.


Izuku sympathized with you. "I apologize for Bakugou. He's not all that bad..." Eijirou shrugged his shoulders before taking a big chomp out of his apple. "You gotta ignore him sometimes. Don't take it personally, ok?"


"Yeah, sure."




School was over with before you knew it and even though you had a bad experience with Bakugou, everyone else in your class were really nice, even the few that didn't talk much.


You were walking through the halls to leave out the main entrance. Foolishly, you weren't really paying attention, looking down at your phone. It felt as if you collided with a damn wall when it happened. You dropped your phone and fell on your ass; wincing from the impact.


"What the fuck!?"


Damn it, Y/n!


"S-sorry, my bad--" Oh, wonderful. It's him.


"Oh, it's the fucking skunk. Watch where the fuck you're going! I don't want your disgusting smell getting on me." Bakugou growled. You glared back at him, your heart raced as you felt the need to say something back. However, you couldn't think of anything clever. His eyes burned into you as you stared at each other. "What the fuck are you staring at, huh!?"


"Nothing. Nothing at all." Well, that was clever. Although, it was possible he didn't get it as he silently watched you get up and pick up your phone. When you started to turn on your heel is when you started to hear that distinct popping sound.




You turned to see him seething at you, eyes shadowed by the fringe of his hair, fists clenching and smoke coming from his palms. If he was trying to intimidate you, it was truly working.


You took off running in the unfortunately empty halls as fast as your feet could take you. For some reason you looked back and what you saw almost made you wet yourself. 


That lunatic chasing you with a bloodthirsty look on his face. His shouts haunting you as you desperately ran out of the halls to the outside. "YOU'RE GONNA PAY FOR THAT YOU SHITTY BITCH."


Wow, first day of school and someone wants to beat you up. A guy no less. Definitely a new record. 


Bakugou pushed any and all students that were outside of the school out of his way. For a weakling, you were good at running...well at least running away. 


You didn't get too far before he blasted off with the use of his exploding quirk, barreling straight towards you at an alarming and dangerous speed. You dived down into some nearby grass, narrowingly dodging him.




Perspiring profusely, you crawl like hell to hide behind some bushes. You feel like you can't even breath as if you were on the verge of hyperventilating. You get up on shaky feet to hide behind a tree. You lean against the rough bark, trying to be quiet even though the sound of your heart beat sounds like it's travelling out your ears.


You tremble in fear as you hear the predatory crunch of grass beneath his shoes. Why did he have it out for you like this? What was fucking wrong with this guy?


"Come out, come out where ever you piece of shit!"


He sounded so close, and for a moment you think you should just take him head on. The worst that could happen is that you end up in the hospital and he gets in big trouble. But you don't want to end up mangled in pain at the hospital though. You'd never live it down if some school bully beat you up on your first day at wouldn't be able to show your face again and your hero dreams would be totally quashed. 


Before you even realize it, Bakugou is right next to you. His sizzling hands grabbing you by the collar and pushing you up against the same tree you hid behind. The sheen of sweat on you made your skin gloss over in the sunlight. A almost nauseating sweet smell coming off you invaded his nostrils. 


Bakugou sniffed cautiously, eyes narrowing at your shocked expression, tears pricking the corner of your eyes as you kicked your feet uselessly. "Let me go, you asshole!" You weezed, flinching as his grip tightened. You could smell your uniform burning. Your fear, anxiety went into overdrive. You felt sick. You were going to definitely throw up.


Then it happened, like it never did before. 


Bakugou's eyes widen in shock as he is unceremoniously blasted by a powerful mist that comes out of your mouth. He makes the mistake of not holding his breath and he gags. The smell coming from your pores help to choke him further. He let's go of you immediately. "W--wha- ACK--!" Panic lines his face as he dashes away from you.


You let out a noise of pain as you were dropped. You continued to vomit out the strange gas. It went on for a few minutes until your racing heart started to slowly slow down. Tears finally running down your cheeks as you started to come back to reality and your surroundings. 


It took you way longer than usual to get home. And when your parents got home, you didn't dare tell them what happened. If they found out you'd never be able to go back to that school again.


You sat in your bed that night, in the dark, considering on whether you'd go to school tomorrow or call out sick. You finally decided it wouldn't make a difference. You had to face Bakugou sometime and it would look really bad if you called out on your second day of class.




When morning came, it took everything in you to get up and get ready for class. The thought of what might happen, your mind creating different scenarios. That bastard will have probably told everyone what happened before you got to class. You had a feeling this school experience would end up like the rest. Depressing and ultimately friendless. 


On the way to class, you dragged your feet. It's like you were on your way to be put to death. A part of you knew you were being silly. None of what happened yesterday was your fault and you promised yourself that you would defend yourself if you needed to.


Upon entering the class, most didn't give you any special attention besides Izuku and Uraraka who greeted you a good morning. Everyone else either half asleep or talking to a peer. Bakugou who had been in the middle front row; he glanced away from a chatty Eijirou when he heard the pair greet you. He had a strange look on his usually grumpy face and looked away quickly.


Now that was interesting.


You reached your desk and set down your things, readying yourself for Eraserhead's lessons.


Throughout the day everything was normal, and nothing about yesterday was brought up to you; no weird or judging looks from anyone. Bakugou seemed to be himself, and seemed to make it a point to ignore your existence. Which was a great outcome, but you still felt bad and quite embarrassed about what happened. You couldn't wait for yesterday to be a distant memory.



And for awhile it seemed like it did.



You had been attending U.A. for three months, having little to no interaction with Bakugou. The latter still adamant on ignoring you. 


You were happily wearing your hero costume, listening to All Might talk about striving to be best pro hero you could be and some other positive things. When it was over he wanted everyone to pick a partner to spare with. Even though this was an exercise he had everyone do every so often, you still couldn't seem to shake off how it made you uneasy.


You were going to pick your usual partner, Tsu, but she was already paired with Eijirou who was currently being yelled at by a seething Bakugou. 


"Dude chill out! I know we're besties but we can't always just practice with each other!" He reasoned, a slightly nervous smile on his face as his friend growled at him.


"Bullshit! Anyone else here that's even close to fucking decent is taken! UGH." Bakugou shouted, noting how that anyone and everyone has a partner except him....and...fuck.



Tsu shrugged her shoulders. "Sorry, Y/n-chan. We gotta change it up every now and then anyway." She noticed your line of sight behind her move, immediately knowing what you were worried about. The obvious loud clown upset about her partnership with Kiri the cause of concern. 


You shrugged in kind. "Yeah, you're right." No use in being a wuss in school, he can't try and murder you while All Might and everyone else is around. Tsu walked away, meeting Eijirou halfway to pick a spot to spare. You and Bakugou both watched them go until your eyes met, that strange look on his face like last time.


Bakugou felt the overwhelming urge to avoid you; maybe he could cut in and pick a fight with deku or Todoroki. However, it would probably seem odd now since the cause of his problem is already fucking walking in his direction. His stomach drops, that irritably and dare he say 'nervous' feeling creeping up on him. It happens every single time he looks at you. He doesn't quite understand it himself but fuck dealing with it.


"Hey." You greet, quietly, arms folded under your chest. Bakugou barely opened his mouth but you think he said the same. "Where do you want to--"


He folded his arms, kissing his teeth. "Don't care. Let's get this over with."


You blinked your eyes, half expecting him to call you a skunk at the end of that sentence. "Okay."


Bakugou grumbled, following you to a clear area, away from everyone else in the field. You didn't think you'd be good sparing partners at all. But he took it easy on you, not using his quirk. Maybe because he didn't want to get the same reaction as last time.


As you fought, the thought to apologize about what you did crossed your mind. The memory of panic on his face that time making you feel guilty for some reason even though he totally deserved it. While in thought, you didn't pay attention and Bakugou was able to knock you down, hard.


The surprised shout and groan of pain making his hard look slightly soften. You were absolutely taken aback when he came closer, the tiniest bit of concern in his eyes. " okay?" Bakugou asked, the words on his tongue feeling strange. He offered you hand to which you stared out momentarily before awkwardly taking. 


"Thanks..." You muttered once you got on your feet. "I'm alright." However, your body felt the opposite.


Bakugou's very warm hand lingered on yours before he released your hand. The weird tension between you interrupted by All Might's announcement for everyone to stop their sparing.


You noted that Bakugou seemed disinterested by the angry huff that he puffed out while the pro hero spoke. All Might had everyone's attention until he was interrupted by yours truly. "And that's why--"


"Oi! Y/n's not feeling well. I'm going to take her weak ass to nurse lady."


"Uh, don't you mean Recovery Girl?" Some dipshit asked. Bakugou shrugged his shoulders.


"Whatever the hell her name is! C'mon Y/n!" The hothead again grabbed your hand, surprising you once more. You couldn't tell who's palm was sweating though...which was cause for obvious concern.


As he started to drag you away you spoke up. "But I'm fine..." He ignored you, and at the pace he was dragging you you almost tripped over your feet. "Bakugou!"


You were just outside the entrance to the gym, out of everyone's line of sight when he stopped. "Just shut up already! I just had to get away from those idiots." Bakugou sighed, folding his arms.


"Why?" You asked, starting to wonder if he did this just to beat you up without anyone seeing.


"I...uh, I...I wanted to tell don't look like total shit in your costume." He looked away, nervously scratching the back of his head. Wait, Bakugou... nervous? What the fuck. The look on your face is obviously pissing him off.


"What!? I meant that as a compliment!"


Compliment? He doesn't ever do that. Ever.


"Are you okay?" You asked, slowly. Maybe he was sick or something? This was really weird. "M-maybe we should go see Recovery Girl." You offered. Bakugou groaned.


"I'm fine, damnit! I don't need to see anyone about shit!"


"Okay, can we go back then?" 


Bakugou looked ready to pop a blood vessel or two. "No." Then what did he want? The awkward silence felt so long even if it were only a few seconds. Soon, enough he was sighing again, a conflicted expression on his face. "I need to talk to you about something..." He muttered, you've never heard him this quiet before. It must of been important. 


"Ok, I'm all ears..." Like you had a choice. Bakugou releases his folded arms, opting to drop them at his sides. But he hardly looked relaxed, fists flexing every so often.


He seemed to be hesitant, opening his mouth before closing it and sighing alitte. You honestly couldn't believe it. The highly esteemed, powerful, unapologetically great Bakugou Katsuki...shutting his eyes and---




"I'm sorry."



This moment should be recorded.



You blinked your eyes, unbelieving. You actually heard right though. Bakugou seemed to let a weight roll off his shoulders after saying that.


But you had to milk it. You had to play dumb. "About what?" His eyes shot open, his normal pissed off gaze returning. He groaned.


"Don't act like you don't fuckin' remember your first day of school, dumbass!"


You shrugged. "It was awhile ago..." You continued, foolishly poking the rabid bear that was Bakugou. You had to. Said rabid beast was fuming until something dinged in his head.


The smirk crawling onto his lips looked anything but wholesome and heroic, his half mask helping to make him look unholy and utterly villainous. You couldn't evade the hands that shot out to grabbed your biceps. Easily, he switched places with you, pressing you up against the wall.


"So, you said when you get nervous your quirk works? Like the last time.." He stated with a low tone. He was so close to your body, he was about an inch from being up against you; you never noticed the color of his eyes before. You gulped nervously, and began to stutter incoherently the closer his face got.


"Maybe a similar situation will help you fucking remember..." He practically hissed, warm breath fanning your lips.


You've haven't gotten a good hold on your quirk yet, which is disappointing to you, but realistically speaking it's only been three months. Your train of thought shuts down when his hands end up on your sides, his hands holding you tight. You feel like you can't breath and your heart is beating so fast. What's---why is he doing this or acting like this?


You feel that funny feeling in your throat, the unpleasant kind. Bakugou watches you with an almost morbid curiosity. He notices the bead of sweat rolling down your forehead. His smirk turns into alittle evil, sultry grin before he unceremoniously presses his face into your neck. Hot puffs of breath on your skin and the sound of a deep shaky sigh leaving his lips.


You definitely weren't use to this kind of thing but to say it didn't feel pleasant was a lie. You found most of the boys in your class attractive, even Bakugou, but with him being a total asshole, the thought of anything romantic never crossed your mind.


"You smell so fucking good..." He mumbled into your skin. Bakugou ignored....or just didn't want to answer your question of  'What!?' He just continue to breath deeply, his fingers digging into your sides. "Don't remember at all? What you did to me?" His soft lips brush against your skin as he spoke. You gasped, an almost invisible fume leaving your mouth.


"You basically burped in my fucking face." He explains, and your cheeks start to burn in embarrassment. Did he have to say it that way? Hopefully as you master it, you'll just blow instead of anything so gross and classless. 


"After that, all that head was fucking spining. I felt like I was losing my mind...couldn't stop thinking about you, it made me feel sick." Bakugou recalled the things he did to try and stop the hazy symptoms your quirk induced. Cold water on his face, hit his face against the wall even, and cold showers. Then he got those thoughts late at night, but whenever he saw you, if he looked at you long enough he'd pop a boner. It was more than problematic. He would never tell you that though. What would you think? Wait, why the fuck would he care what you thought of him; some lowly, stupid, useless quirk having bi--He gasped, rubbing his face into the side of your neck. You could feel his lips part and close against your skin. You were speechless. 


Bakugou drew away his face from your neck to look at you with half lidded eyes, blushing. He still looked somewhat frustrated, if that was a good sign. "Uh, I-I'm sorry about what happened...just let me--"


"You already apologized! And I accept it, but holding me against my will isn't--" His irritable groaning cut you off.


"I'm not holding you against your fucking will!" Bakugou's grip loosened, but that's it. He wasn't interested in letting you go or having you out of his sight at the moment. "Just hear me out, okay?"


You nodded your head and waited for him until he finally finished his train of thought. 


"I need you to make this stop or you'll just have to deal with this. All the time."


 "I don't know what to do. I can't fix you!" How could you do anything with a unmastered quirk? "Besides it shouldn't be affecting's been months!"


Bakugou shrugged, confused himself. "I don't fucking get it either but this is your fault."


"Huh? That's not fair for you to say considering you started--"


"Shut the hell up! You have to take some fucking responsibility here!" He literally shouted in your face, making you wince. "But no one can know, got it?!"


This situation was definitely not something you wanted to share, with anyone. 


The hothead's face was suddenly close to your own again, before his lips brushed past your cheek trailing to your ear. You couldn't stop the pleasant shiver that ran down your spine at his next choice of words carried by a husky voice.


"This is our dirty little secret."



Bakugou gave you literally no choice but to follow him into the boy's bathroom where he pulled you in like a fiend desperate for a fix. He shut the door and locked it tight from the inside just before pressing you up against a nearby sink and have you sit on the edge, ignoring any and all verbal attempts to convince him from not almost tearing off the bottom of your costume just to press the bridge of his nose under the apex of your panties. 


He couldn't hear your gasps or warning tone you used to call his name; your delirious smell clogging his nostrils, and making his head swim. However, somewhere in his fogged up brain he really thought to ask. "You're a virgin, right? I'm not gonna fuck you in here, so quiet down..."


That was definitely a concern quelled but still, you could get caught. As thrilling as this is, you really don't want to get seen like this. Alas, the throbbing between your legs betrayed all thoughts of reason. Bakugou's fingers hooked at the edges, pulling them down none to gently, labored breath warmed the skin of your thighs furthering the frenzy of hormones plaguing you.


 It felt as if you were on fire and when Bakugou's wet appendage slithered between the lips of your pussy it did nothing but make it more intense. Your hands flew to clutch at blonde strands that seemed hell bent on slipping through your fingers, making you grip harder towards his scalp. You hadn't meant it but the rough treatment only encouraged him if the growl that rumbled up his throat and blunt fingernails that bore further into your flesh meant anything.


 Bakugou had actually never done this before, before you. The thought to have anyone in a position like this rarely, if ever on his mind. Why should he waste his time with such base desires when he could be focused on becoming the best pro hero? But this, this whole situation-- being here in a fucking public bathroom of all places to his mouth being on you to you whimpering and making those stupid pathetic noises that he's really starting to not mind so much to the point he hopes someone actually hears; this whole situation is ludicrous and he wished he'd done it the day after you basically poisoned him or whatever the fuck. 


"Please Bakugou...! You don't have to--" You shut your eyes tight in embarrassment and pleasure as his tongue delved sloppily against your core, his heavy and labored breathes and moans alone making your head spin. He'd probably tell you to shut the hell up if he wasn't busy licking up every drop you had to offer. You struggled to sit on the sink, occasionally slipping because of your squirming. Bakugou's lips found themselves around you clit, followed but a experimental suck. The reaction proved fruitful when you pushed your hips forward. A finger soon brushed up against you, probing and slipping into you. He wasn't totally clueless; one finger sliding into the tight entrance. The noise you let out made his immense self control wavier, his cock throbbing in the tight confides of his pants. A hand left his hair to grab the cold, hard metal plate at the shoulder of his hero costume. Bakugou's finger became two fingers and then three up to the knuckles. At first of course it was uncomfortable but as he tends to your clit, soon enough his thrusting fingers feel like bliss.


It's almost painful not touching himself as you soak his fingers and mouth, muscles of your thighs tensing and body fighting to keep still above him. He feels as if he's just started when you start shaking, your walls tightening and quivering desperately around his fingers. The cry of his name you let out almost making him come without touching himself.


He pulls out his fingers, quickly licking off your juices before he's licking up your pussy, careless of your sensitivity. Your musky scent clouding his mind as his hand races to the zipper of his pants. You're dazed at this point and honestly wished you were laying on your back in bed right now. You don't even notice that Bakugou has stood up, leaned over you with his cock in hand. Hot hands grab your own and by the time your eyes focus, your fingers are wrapped around Bakugou's throbbing length. 


His scoffs weakly, intense eyes not so intense right now as he looks at you expectantly. "You can't expect me to do all the fucking work. You can at least do this..." And of course you can after all that. Bakugou's hand slowly leaves yours to rest on your thighs, his face back in the crevice of your neck as your quickly jerk him off, his leaking member making it super easy. You vaguely wonder if anyone's looking for you two as his hot breath comes out in puffs against your skin. He thrusts wantonly into your hand and soon after, his mouth latches onto your skin. A mixture of a growl and moan rumbling up his throat as he sucks and nips mindlessly at the side of your neck. He only stops when he starts to come, hips moving desperately as he releases in your hand. "Fuck, fuck, fuck..." He whines as his come squirts onto your costume and of course that's going to be a problem in a few minutes, but at that moment you don't really care.


Bakugou leans up against you,  his forehead on yours, his eyes closed as he regains his breath. Then he's opening his eyes, making brief eye contact with you. You looking pretty stupid with that a little breathless smile on your face and he really just can't keep looking at you, it's too much right now. So, he looks down and sees how gross he got your costume. "Shit!" His exclamation makes you jump. Bakugou fixes himself up as he gets some paper towel from the dispenser next to the sinks. You watch him curiously as he damps it with cold water. He carefully wipes the fabric of your clothes, ridding you of the stain, leaving a damp mark behind. It'll do until you can get it washed properly at home.


"Thank you." You felt like you should. Bakugou looks at you strangely like you shouldn't be thanking him for that. There's no reason for you to thank him about shit. None of this was worth you thanking him for, if anything you should be angry.


"What? Was I suppose to let you walk out of here with cum on your costume!?" He throws the balled up paper into a nearby waste basket before going to wash his hands.  


"...I guess not." You mutter, sliding off the sink before fixing your own clothes up. You follow his lead and wash your own hands. Bakugou waits impatiently by the door, eyes cast anywhere but at you, worry and irritation spread across his face. You walk up to him and he glances up at you to see that same stupid smile on your face you had on earlier. 


"What?" He spits, half expecting blackmail or something equally fucked up for what he just did.


It took you a moment, this was...a lot. "Uhm, if you want we could do this again. You know...until you feel better or we just figure out how to fix it." You offered, waiting for a response as he just stared at you. Burying his hands in his pockets, he nodded, unusually silent.




Oh, wow. Another break through. You surpassed a chuckle as you moved passed him to open the door. Bakugou's hand shot out and grabbed your arm. You looked at him with question as he looked at you like you were crazy.


"We're in the boy's bathroom you fucking idiot! Let me go out there first!" Bakugou barked, actually pulling you to the side gently, a total opposite to the tone of voice he used. He opened the door slowly and peeked out to see the empty, quiet hallway. He imagined that everyone should be back in class. 


Bakugou made it a point to remind you not to say anything and to let him do all the talking if anyone questioned you both. Before getting to your next class, you both changed into your regular uniform. On your way there, locking arms like a couple would crossed your mind as you stole a glance at Bakugou, who had his hands in his pockets. However, you thought that was a foolish thought considering the circumstances. Why embarrass yourself by trying? How much did he really like you? The only reason you were here right now with him was because of your quirk. It wasn't and couldn't be genuine feelings he had for you. 


As you were almost at your destination,  Bakugou stole a glance at you, catching your gloomy expression and for some reason he cared enough to ask; seeing you look so downtrodden really irked him even if it didn't sound like it. He stopped walking, his hand again gently catching your arm to get your attention. "What the hell is wrong with you? And please for fuck's sake don't say nothing."


As grumpy as he looked and sounded, you heard his concern. "Don't worry about it." And that was basically saying it was nothing. Bakugou glared at you before rolling his eyes. 


"Well, you need to cheer the fuck up really soon before we get to class." He warned but still you seemed stubborn with miserable expression. Then he remembered your a chick and maybe you might need some coaxing. It took you by surprised when Bakugou pulled you into a chaste but sweet kiss, his soft lips cushioned against yours. You didn't want it to end. He pulled away, but his hand on your shoulder maneuvered it's way to holding you hand. He sighed as he tightened his hand firmly around yours. 




"Katsuki." He muttered before turning on his heels to walk forward, pulling you along. "No more last name shit. We basically almost fucked in a public fucking bathroom. So....just.. Katsuki."


Between you still reeling from the kiss, hand holding, and his crude words all you could say was, "Okay." 


Katsuki? That's cute. You could get use to saying that.


Bakugou hadn't even bothered to unwrap his hand from yours when entering the classroom. He lead you inside, his grip firm even when you made a move to pull away. Your heart beat fast in your chest as the door closed behind you and the chatty classroom went mostly hush, eyes on you both for a moment before the regular volume returned.


You guessed one of the perks to being more than a friend to Bakugou Katsuki was little to no embarrassing questions. 


You could definitely get use to that too.

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"D-don't you dare stop..." You whined, eyes crossing as Denki smirked, watching your face contort in pleasure; you looked one short straw of crying. "Oh fuck.."


"I wouldn't dare." He muttered, the late bell ringing didn't phase either of you, totally deaf to your environment. Denki sighed with pleasure, just getting off alone on your reactions and noises. 


The girl's bathroom door was locked tight. You sat on top of a sink, the bottom of your uniform skirt keeping your skin from touching the cold porcelain. Denki had pushed up the front and pulled your ruin panties down your to your ankle just to send tiny electric shocks to your center. A thumb on your clit and knuckles deep in your pussy.


His fingers worked you with practiced technique, hitting all the right spots. He pressed his forehead against yours, pressing extra pressure against your sensitive clit. His other hand running up your shirt and slidding under the cup if your bra to fondle your breast. You whined needly as his index flicked and teased your bud with the electricity carefully running to his finger tips. Denki moaned quietly as he felt your warm walls constrict wetly around his digits, his assault driving you off the brink. 


He doesn't anticipate your rough, clumsy kiss as you melt in his hands. He groans as your teeth knock carelessly against his. Its easy for him to dominate the kiss, your tongue retracting back into your mouth and his following. His fingers ildly pump you through your orgasm and his thumb giving you tender circles until you grow too sensitive. He stops when you push his hands away, the tiny, giddy tremors of his electric shocks still filtering through you as you cool down.  


Denki hopes you're still up for more. "My turn..." He smirks, hands squeezing your wet thighs. You nod with a dreamy smile. But the carefree mood is interrupted by a knock on the door.


"Ugh! Why's the door locked!?"


"Get a teacher, I guess!"


Oh no.


Denki pales as the door knob moves frantically up and down. You get off the sink with shaky legs and quietly walk to the last bathroom stall.


"C'mon." You whisper, glancing back at him expectantly. "You want to finish, right?"


He looks apprenshive until the door knob clicks. He literally runs to you and closes the stall door before anyone comes in.


"You have to hold your arms."




"They can't see four legs...." You explained with a sigh. Denki nodded, understanding your plan. You were so clever! You put your arms around his neck and he picks you up. After your legs hug his waist, he carefully turns around to lean you up against the stall's door to help support your weight. 



You hear the voice of a female teacher and the female students before you hear footsteps. You whisper for him to hurry up and to be quiet. Denki struggled to remain quiet as you pressed your wonderfully nice lips against his own. The footsteps echoing as students came in.


" someone's in here..." 


"Hey! Jerk what's the big idea locking the door!?"


"Relax...stop yelling."


You felt Denki's stiff body against yours and inwardly sighed. You released his mouth, clearing your throat. "Sorry...I really wasn't feeling well. You know what I mean?"


All you got was silence. Nuff said.


As one of the door stalls next to you open, another question was asked. "What's....with those pants?"


"Seriously? ...Yeah....I-I know we're in a bathroom... but to ask me something like that is weird... Maybe I don't feel comfortable wearing skirts..."




"Dude...stop being so nosy in the really is weird..."


"S-shut up!"


Denki stiffled a laugh as the girls bickered. "Hurry and do something..." You said quietly enough so only he could hear. Your boyfriend smiled apologetically before slowly unzipping his pants. You braced yourself before he entered you, trying your best to stay quiet.


Again, you pressed your lips against his own as he started to move inside you. Denki moved as carefully as he could against the door. The sound of the girl peeing in the next stall over not turning him off at all. Strangely enough it only made him want to pump into you faster. 


One by one the girls left the bathroom, talking amongst themselves and then again you two were alone. Denki groaned as he thrusted into you with all the strength he had been holding back before, making the weak door hinges raddle. 


You sighed as you finally felt the warmth of his orgasm fill you. Denki pressed his hot face into your neck as he comes down from his high. He can't tell you how hot having another girl close by using the bathroom was. You'd totally think he was gross, hate and dump him.


"Okay." You said, softly, lovingly running your running through his blonde strands. 'How do we get out of here without getting seen....well you...anyway."


Denki choked. "Uhh..." Well, he guessed you could only be so clever.