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  Izaya's P.O.V

  I look around. Everyone is living their daily life. I smile. I just can't wait till they make a move. Some people do things that are stupid, indeed, and some do the most curious things. My legs dangle off the side of the building.  A high building, enough to kill someone when you fall. Most people come here, to commit suicide. But like I said, people can do curious things. I twist my body so I can stand up. I race down the stairs and skip the last five stairs and land on the ground. People are walking towards different places. I walk towards Russian Sushi. Simon is there.

  "Oh. Izaya, long time no see. We have a discount on ottoro. You want some?" he asks in his usual assent. 

  "Simon, as you can see I do want some. That's why I came here." I say. I walk inside and so does Simon. He then tells Dennis.

  "Izaya, want some ottoro." Dennis nods. I sit on one of the tables. Infront of Dennis. As he hands me the ottoro I grab it and say.

  "Thank you!" I grab the chopsticks and start eating. 


  Shinra's P.O.V.






  Toc- The door bell rings. I happily get up and head towards the door.

  "Hello~ Celty!" I chirp as I open the door. Surely enough Celty is standing in the door way. 

  She types in her Pda.

  [Hello Shinra.]

  We walk towards the couch. Celty sits down. So do I.

  "Soooo. What do you want to do Celty?~" I ask her. She tilts her helment to thd side. She puts a hand on the helment's chin.

 She snaps her fingers. 

  [How about we play a video game? I would love to play with you.] She shows me the message. 

  "Okay then!~ Come on, lets get started!" I turn on the tv and connect the electronic to the tv. The screen pops up. I hand a control to Celty, she takes it. We play the video game. Oh, how much, I love my dear Celty!


  Shizuo's P.O.V. 

  I was walking down the streets of Ikebukuro. Tom-san walking by my side. 

  "So, Shizuo. Want to get something to eat?" Tom asks. 

  I think about it. And nod.

  "Sure. How about Russian Sushi?" Tom nods. We walk towards the Restraunt. As we near the Restraunt, I smell something bad. Really bad. It smells just like, the flea? I growl. 

  "Oi, Shizuo? Are you alright?" My boss asks. 

  "No. It smells...just like that flea!" I snap. I stomp inside, nearly breaking the door. Just like I thought. That stupid flea is in there. I growl. 

  Izaya turns his head, and looks at me. Hands holding chopsticks, mouth stuffed of ottoro. He swallows the food and then smiles.

  "Why hello there Shizu-chan!~" He stands up. Gives a handful of cash to Dennis then looks back at me. Dennis counts the money. He nods. 

  "Now I know why it smells so bad!" I snap. He laughs.

   "I didn't think you liked me that much! If you can smell me then that means that, you like me. Right?" he asks.

  "Like hell I do!" I yell. He laughs. 

  "Ummm...Shizuo I think you should not do this." Tom says. He puts a hand on my shoulder. I brush it off. 

  "Now, if you can. Try to catch me if you can!" Izaya throws three knifes at me. I catch one with my teeth, one stabs into my shoulder. I dodge the last one and it gets stuck on the door, in the back of me. And so, the fight starts.


   Erika's P.O.V.

  "Dotatchin! Look! Look! It's Iza-Iza and Shizu-Shizu!" I say as I hold onto Dotatchin's arm. He looks at me and then at them. Obviously, Shizuo and Izaya are fighting again. But today is gonna be different! Today is going to be the day that Shizuo and Izaya confess their love for eachother!

  "Hey Erika." says my friend, Walker. "Are you thinking about yaoi?" He asks. My eyes shine. 

  "Of course! Everyone knows that the number one couple of Ikebukuro is obviously Shizu-Shizu and Iza-Iza!" I say. 

  "Don't." say both Dotatchin and Saburo. I look at them.

  "Why not?" I whine.

  "Because. You know that is never, and I mean never going to happen." says Dotatchin. I give him a light punch.

  "You're no fun at all, Dotatchin." I say. I look at the streets of Ikebukuro from inside the van. Shizuo throws a vending machine at Izaya, he dodges it. Suddenly a truck speeds by. 


  Shizuo goes flying out. The truck stops late. The truck is now underneath Shizuo. A man comes out. He screams.

  "I-I'm sorry!" he runs back inside the truck. Izaya walks up to where Shizuo's feet are laying on the ground. He laughs.

  "Look! Look! Iza-Iza is going to tell Shizu-Shizu that he loves him! KYYAAAAA!!!!!" I scream. Walker looks at me.

  "I don't think that is about to happen. Wait! Look!" I turn my head back at the fight. 

  "Well, well. I didn't think you would fall for the same trick. You haven't matured at all. Shizu-chan." says Izaya. 

  The ground shakes. The truck is lifted up by the monster of Ikebukuro. 

  "Whooo, hasn't maaatttuurrreeeddd at all!" yells Shizuo. He throws the truck backwards. He stomps over to Izaya. 

  "Izaya!" He stops infront of Izaya. Their foreheads touch. 

  "KKKYYYYYAAAAA!!!!!!!!" I scream. I then have a major nosebleed. I faint onto Walker's arm and the last thing I hear is Shizuo saying, Izaya.


  Harima's P.O.V.

  "Look!" I say as I grab my boyfriends, arm. Shizuo and Izaya are fighting, obviously they are trying to kill eachother but this also means that true love exists!

  Seiji looks then smiles at me. 

  "This shows that our love is the best in the world! Right, Seiji-kun!" I chirp. Seiji smiles.

  "Right." he says. We keep on walking and pass through Raira Academy. Not bothering to look at anyone but look at my love's eyes.


  Anri's P.O.V.

  "Hey, Ryugamine-kun." I say as I run up to him. My boobs shake, they go up and down. I stop infront of him. He blushes then looks at me.

  "There you are. I was looking for you. By the way, do you know where Masaomi is?" I ask Ryugamine. 

  "Actually, I don't know where he is, vut he did send me a message that he was going to stay after school to do something." says Mikado. 

  "Oh." I say. 

  "But hey, want me to take you home?" he asks. I smile.

  "Yeah sure." I say. A small blush forming on my cheeks. We start walking towards my home. As we start heading there, Harima Mika and Seiji Yagiri pass by. I smile at them but, Harima is only focusing on her lover. I shake my head. Those two really do love eachother.