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The boats and the birds

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 Tetsuya had to bite his lip and ground himself not to make a noise, as he felt his stomach twitch. His fingers gripped his book and he tried to focus on the text before him but it was neigh impossible when Kagami-kun was in the mood to make him focus on him. He always had his ways of making Tetsuya forget about anything, especially when he used his stupid mouth.

Tetsuya’s eyebrow twitched.

“Taiga-kun.” He said finally, knowing well that he was admitting defeat and he lowered to book to look at his boyfriend who seemed to have a field day.

Taiga pressed one last soft (too soft, too light) kiss to his hip and then another one under his bellybutton. Tetsuya could feel the shape of his smug smile when he realized he had his attention and not the book.

“Yeah?” He asked and pressed his lips this time above his navel and looked at Tetsuya.

Kuroko curled his toes and tried to not give in.

“Please stop that. It tickles.”

Something gleamed in Kagami’s eyes.

“I know.” He said and Tetsuya yelped when he sunk his teeth and nipped gently.

“Stooop.” Tetsuya whined, not being able to hold the noise inside. Taiga licked the small bite and Tetsuya hiccupped and his stomach twitched.

Kagami pressed his face to the smooth skin of his belly and inhaled. Tetsuya thought he’d continue until he tickled the breath out of him, but he didn’t. For now.

Tetsuya petted his hair and mused on how ridiculously cute and annoying his boyfriend could be, when Kagami suddenly crawled up his frame and wrapped his arms around Kuroko’s waist.


“Hm?” Tetsuya asked, still trying to read his book when Kagami pressed kisses to his neck.

“You know what’s today?”


Kagami grumbled and bit his jaw lightly.

He reached for his phone on the nightstand and showed it to Tetsuya. He blinked at the display, staring at it for a moment, before he looked at Kagami with an amused look.

“I see.” He said seriously.  "Are you into strange Japanese holidays now Taiga-kun?“

Kagami’s eyebrow twitched in annoyance, but he still slid his hands under Kuroko’s shirt.

"That’s weird?”

“Is it not?” Kuroko teased back. “Do you need a special day to kiss me?”

Kagami snorted and pressed his fingers into the dip of Kuroko’s spine.

“No, but I heard it’s bad luck not to follow the tradition.”

“Oh really?” Kuroko raised an eyebrow.

“Nah. I just made it up.” He grinned and finally kissed Tetsuya on the mouth while his hands ran over his sides, prodding all the nooks and crannies there.

Tetsuya writhed under Kagami, kicked his legs and dropped his book, regretting that he wasn’t able to bookmark the page.

He made small noises of protest against his lips and fisted the back of his shirt and tried to pull him away.

Finally he tore his mouth free and gasped but it turned into hiccups and helpless laughter.

He knew Kagami wouldn’t give up.

Tears spilled from Tetsuya’s eyes and sunk into the pillow under his head, and when he wasn’t able to laugh anymore, just weakly tremble and hiccup, Kagami took mercy on him and stopped.

He pressed a kiss to his lips and then grinned in such a way which annoyed Tetsuya, but he could only pout.

Kagami moved back to his previous spot and pillowed his head on Kuroko’s flat stomach, but not before he pressed one more kiss to the soft skin on the surface and firm muscle underneath.

Tetsuya sighed and twitched again.

He’d get him back.

In a moment. He thought as he dipped his fingers back into red strands.

In a moment.

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Once in a blue moon, Kagami managed to sneak up on Kuroko.

A little more often though, Kuroko let Kagami sneak up on him.

He never told him that, knowing he’d feel a bit insulted (and even though the childish pout was adorable and tempting for Tetsuya to tease him, he resisted).

Because he feeling of two, strong arms wrapping around his middle and squeezing was more than welcomed.

“Hello.” Tetsuya said as he closed the fridge, and lowered the bottle of pocari from his lips.

Kagami didn’t say anything, merely hummed and squeezed his waist once.

“You smell nice.” He said and buried his face first in Tetsuya’s still damp hair and then pressed his nose in the short hairs of his nape and breathed.

Tetsuya rolled his eyes. He didn’t even manage to put on a shirt, but he could already feel his skin warming up under Kagami’s touch.

“It’s your body wash.” He pointed out.

Kagami scoffed.

“Well it smells better on you.”

Kuroko turned around, small smile ghosting over his lips.

“I wouldn’t know. I think I like it better on you, but mine has run out.”

Kagami’s brow twitched impatiently.

“Can we not talk about that? It’s weird.”

“Then what do you want to talk about?”

Kagami’s eye gleamed and Kuroko gasped when he was suddenly lifted up, bridal style.

“Don’t want to talk. We’re going to bed.”

Kuroko’s eyebrow rose.

“But it’s only seven.” He said, knowing fully what Kagami had in mind. The urge to tease, however was just too great.

“When I’ll finish with you it’ll be way past midnight.” He said gruffly, and looked at Kuroko with a serious expression, brows furrowed. He probably went for ‘smoldering’ but to Tetsuya he just looked confused.

“Is that a promise~?” He teased again.

Kagami stumbled on their way to the bedroom and Tetsuya giggled, wrapping his arms around Kagami’s neck. He probably shouldn’t have laughed by the prospect of having his head cracked against a wall or the floor, but Kagami-kun was just too funny when he tried to be 'seductive’ and failed.

“Don’t laugh at me!” He bristled and glared at Tetsuya, his face crimson.

“I’m sorry.” He bit his lip but the laugh was still there, in his voice and eyes. “I just took a shower.” He said suddenly, trying to rile Kagami up a bit.

Kagami paused and looked at him again, his brow smoothed out a bit, but his cheeks were still red.

“Then you can take another one.”

“You mean we?” Kuroko asked seriously just to clarify.

“Yes.” Kagami answered not missing a beat.

“Well, is that a promise?”

There was a pause before Kagami grinned and Tetsuya’s heart suddenly skipped.

“Hell yeah it is.”

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Tetsuya sighed, stretched, and put the open book in his lap. It wasn’t a bad novel per se, but it lacked a lot for Tetsuya’s tastes to be satisfied. Still he wanted to finish it, but for the time being he felt, well…slightly bored.

He played with the blanket covering his legs for a moment and then looked up to his husband who was doing such fascinating things as scrolling his facebook feed on his phone on the couch next to him.

Something stirred in Tetsuya and he thought he might interest Kagami in something slightly more entertaining.

He carefully bookmarked the page and put the book on the nearby table which he chose to put next to his reading chair and stretched his legs under the blanket.

He then lifted one of his legs and slowly put it on Kagami’s calf. Kagami didn’t react.

Not discouraged by that Tetsuya rubbed his bare toes over Kagami’s jeans and dragged his foot up and further, until he was touching his knee.

Kagami still stayed oblivious.

Tetsuya bit his lip and slid his leg further into Kagami’s lap and tapped him on the stomach.

“Huh?” Kagami finally looked away from his phone and down onto his lap.

Tetsuya moved his foot as if he was ‘waving’ to Kagami.

Kagami snorted and grabbed Kuroko’s ankle.

“What the book’s not interesting enough for you?”

Tetsuya wiggled his toes.

“No.” He paused. Kagami kept reading things on his phone.


“Hm?” Kagami answered absentmindedly.

“Do you remember what you said on our wedding?”

Kagami blinked confused suddenly.

Which thing? I said a lot of things. And what brought this on?”

Tetsuya shrugged.

“Nothing really. Just nostalgia.” He sighed and pressed his toes to Kagami’s palm.

“What I’m referring to is that when you were promising me your faithfulness is that you also said  You can put your cold feet on me.”

Kagami paused and finally looked directly at Tetsuya.

And? You’re already doing it?”

Tetsuya huffed.

“Yes, but that’s not the point.”

“Then what’s the point?” Kagami asked.

“You should give me a foot rub.”

“What?” Kagami laughed. “I never said I’d do it.” He said and Tetsuya felt his whole being ground when his fingers ghosted dangerously over his sole.

“Mm, but it will make them warmer.”

They stared at each other for a while, before Kagami sighed and dropped his head.

“Spoiled.” He murmured and finally put the phone away and grabbed Kuroko’s foot with both hands. “Don’t complain if it’ll hurt. I’ve never done this before.”

Tetsuya rolled his eyes and then squeaked when Kagami dragged his closer to himself by his leg.

Kagami gripped his foot in both hands and started to knead his thumbs from the center, and Tetsuya thought that this was the absolute display of trust – letting someone massage your feet while you were ticklish.

Tetsuya sighed and let his head drop back against the back of his armchair and closed his eyes.

Kagami used small circles starting from the center and moving in every direction. He pressed his thumb under his toes and Tetsuya had to bite his lip not to let out a moan. He didn’t even know he had a knot there.

“That okay?” Kagami asked gruffly and Kuroko only nodded not opening his eyes.

“Y-yes.” He exhaled though his nose. “You can do it a bit harder…” He sighed again when Kagami did just that.

Tetsuya could feel and hear air bubbles pop gently between his bones – it didn’t hurt but Kagami massaged the skin there, relaxing the muscles.

Tetsuya frowned slightly. It was impossible that Kagami never did that before.

One of Kagami’s hands moved to Kuroko’s ankle and rubbed gently and now Kuroko let out a small moan and felt himself blush a bit.

Kagami continued for a moment longer and Tetsuya felt like a puddle of goo. He started to lift his other foot with the intention of getting it also thoroughly pampered but then everything just…stopped.

Tetsuya opened his eyes and had to blink a few times to refocus his gaze.

“Why did you stop?” He asked confused.

Kagami held his foot in both hands. He looked a bit angry with his frown directed at Tetsuya, but the effect was destroyed because of the fierce blush on his face.


“Sometimes.” Kagami started. “I think you’re doing it on purpose.”

Tetsuya blinked.

“Do what on purpose?”

Kagami’s glare turned annoyed.

“You should hear yourself once. Or maybe not.”

Tetsuya stared at his husband in confusion.

And then he saw the subtle shift of Kagami’s gaze which he directed lower, and at first Tetsuya thought it was about his foot but then he saw the real reason and oh…well.

Tetsuya still was taken aback when these things happened.

It was flattering though.

Kagami caught his eye and they both blushed (in Kagami’s case it was even more). He let go of Tetsuya’s foot and expected for Tetsuya to take it away and go back to his book.

He considered it, but then…

Kagami saw the glint in his eyes, but didn’t manage to react before Tetsuya pressed his foot (not too hard to hurt of course, but significantly enough for Kagami to feel it the way he intended) and had to bite his lip again at the mix of an unmanly squeak and a whimper.

“Oi!” Kagami sputtered when Tetsuya rubbed his crotch though his jeans. It was light now and he could probably barely feel it.

Tetsuya smiled coyly at him.

Kagami groaned and grabbed his leg roughly lifting it up in the air away from his lap.

Tetsuya pouted.

Kagami clucked his tongue.

“Don’t start shit if you’re not intending to continue.”

“Who says I didn’t want to continue.”


Kagami opened his mouth in realization and Tetsuya wanted to laugh. Mostly at himself though, because he just had the same reaction.

Tetsuya used Kagami’s dumbstruck state and lowered his foot on the floor.

Kagami recovered soon and they both shared another look, which made Tetsuya feel as if they were having a mental conversation even though it was impossible.

Kagami moved first and Tetsuya followed, not wanting to be left too much behind.

Unfortunately, he forgot he was covered with a blanket which got tangled during the whole foot rub business.

Tetsuya lost his balance and fell face first, thankfully on the couch and not the floor. He could hear Kagami’s amused snort and before he could tell him off or tell him it was rude he was rolled further into the blanket and then lifted up.

Kagami hoisted him up over his shoulder and carried him, most probably, to their bedroom.

All the while tickling Tetsuya’s exposed feet.

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Kagami was the first one to feel the fat drops of rain on the top of his head and soon after on the nape of his neck.

Kuroko was already looking at the sky. Kagami saw how a drop of rain landed on his cheek and Kuroko blinked in surprise as if he didn’t expect it himself.

He opened his mouth to tell him that they should go somewhere just when it started pouring.

They scrambled as quickly as possible, grabbing their bags and the ball and running from the court.

Wet snickers slapped against the wet pavement and tried to avoid the quickly growing puddles until the managed to find a shed with a bench.

All this took them maybe a few minutes at best, but it was enough to drench them to the bone.

Kagami dropped his bag next to the bench and sat down heavily with a sigh.

Kuroko sat next to him, bag next to his legs and ball in lap.

“Summer rain huh?” Kagami muttered to himself.

Kuroko hummed in affirmation.

Out of the corner of his eye Kagami noticed that Kuroko was shivering and he turned to him.

And that was a mistake.

Kuroko was bend down to rummage in his bag and Kagami could clearly see how his white, completely wet t-shirt clung to his side, showing all curves of his smaller body.

Kuroko straightened when he managed to fish out a towel from his bag (it was mostly wet unfortunately) and wiped his face.

Kagami swallowed and looked away for a moment.

“Hey.” He said and Kuroko looked at him. His hair looked darker when wet and it was plastered to his forehead.

“Take this.” He dropped his hoodie around Kuroko’s shoulders.

Kuroko looked at the piece of clothing and then at Kagami.

“But they you’ll be cold.”

“I’m fine. You’re the one who catches colds like an idiot.”

Kuroko’s mouth tugged up.

“If I’m an idiot I wouldn’t be catching colds.”

Kagami’s brow twitched at the unspoken insinuation. Kuroko loved making that joke too much.

“Shut up.”

Kuroko smiled to himself, hid the towel in his bag and put the ball down on the ground.

Kagami was observing the rain, and figured that they would be stuck here for a while when something brushed against his hand.

He looked down and saw pale fingers brushing his knuckles hesitantly, before it firmly covered his hand.

Kagami swallowed again and felt his cheeks grow hot and he shivered when he some of the water from his hair ran down his spine.

He looked up and saw Kuroko looking back, his face red as well.

Rainwater from Kuroko’s hair was dripping down his face. One drop made its way across his cheek and then disappeared in his parted, wet lips.

Kagami didn’t realize they were inching closer and closer until their faces were just millimeters apart.

He stopped and waited. Kuroko didn’t hesitate and pressed their mouths together in a closed kiss.

Kagami’s eyes slipped shut and when Kuroko pulled away a bit, it was his time to kiss back.

Somehow their hands which were resting on the bench tangled together; Kagami didn’t know who initiated it but didn’t matter.

Kagami lazily chased the rain which was still running down Kuroko’s face, licked it into Kuroko’s mouth who parted willingly, and tasted the saltiness, while his nostrils filled with an earthy scent which was characteristic for rains.

Kuroko’s free hand was resting on Kagami’s knee and squeezed when his other hand came up to cup his cheek and tilted Kuroko’s face to make the kiss deeper.

His head was filled with the sound of the rain (or maybe it was the rush of his blood), but he still managed to hear the faint sigh Kuroko made when they parted and then came together again and again.

Soon they slowed down. Wet and messy turned into slow and barely there brushes of mouths until they mutually parted.

Kuroko smiled at Kagami, cheeks glowing. Kagami tried to say something but nothing could come out of his mouth, so he wrapped an arm around Kuroko’s shoulders and pressed him into his chest.

Truth be told, he was starting to get a bit cold himself so he wanted to leech some warmth from Kuroko.

The other boy snuggled closer, wet mop of hair smelling of earth and rain pressed under Kagami’s chin. There was nothing they could do other than to just wait until the rain passed.

The rain took almost an hour to stop and by the time it did Kuroko was dozing off.

Kagami nudged him awake and they took their things and headed home.

The streets were empty and full of puddles which they tried to walk around, but didn’t always manage. Kuroko was still wearing Kagami’s hoodie because he refused to accept it back. The only sound was that of cars in the distance and water trickling down the gutters.

“Kagami-kun, thank you.” Kuroko said when they reached their parting place and he started taking off the hoodie. Kagami noticed that his wrinkled t-shirt was dry at least.

He stopped him with a wave.

“Nah. Take it.”

“But you’re cold.” Kuroko said.

“Yeah, but it’s close to my apartment. I’ll jog. You can give it back tomorrow.”

Kuroko sighed in resignation.

“Fine, but under one condition.”

He rummaged through his bag and took out a small umbrella.

“Take it. It’s a barter.”

“Oka-wait a minute you had an umbrella and you didn’t said anything?!”

“Yes.” Kuroko rolled his eyes. “Don’t you think it’s a bit small for the two of us? Also what do you think it would help in a storm?

“Uhm, right.” Kagami said and took the umbrella.

Kuroko laughed under his breath.

Kagami stepped closer and zipped up the hoodie all the way. Kuroko’s hands tugged at his own shirt and he bend down to kiss him goodbye.

Kagami intended for it to be a chaste, quick kiss, but somehow the same earthly smell and the still salty taste of Kuroko’s lips made Kagami wrap his arms around Kuroko’s waist.

They only jumped apart when they heard a honk of a car somewhere in the distance.

“G-goodnight.” Kagami said and swallowed when his voice came out a bit hoarse.

“Goodnight.” Kuroko nodded and looked at him from the corner of his eye before smiling and making Kagami shiver.

That night rained heavily, and usually Kagami didn’t mind. He paid little attention to the rain on a daily basis, but he definitely never lost sleep because of it.

Now, as he tosses and turns in bed, he can’t sleep.

He gives up on it for the time being with a sigh and lays in darkness, listening to the pitter patter outside, thoughts filled with the sound and the taste of summer.

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“Help me please.” Kuroko whined pitifully.

Kagami did not react.

Kuroko managed to free one hand and wave it desperately to get this attention. Kagami stayed unfazed as he read his magazine, completely indifferent to Kuroko’s desperate situation.

“Taiga-kun.” Kuroko gasped as he managed to free his face and not suffocate entirely.

“Hm?” Kagami finally reacted, if only barely and he flipped a page in his mag, which he balanced on his crossed legs.

Nigou barked happily and snuggled closer, or rather crushed Tetsuya more in his doggy attempt to hug his human.

“You are terrible.” Kuroko said from under the 150 kilos of an affectionate Alaskan Malamute.

“Mhm.” Kagami picked his mug of tea and took an obnoxiously loud slurp.

Kuroko glared at him and Kagami smirked from behind the cup when he caught his eye.

“Kuroko freed his other hand and managed to catch Kagami’s jeans’ pant leg.

Help me.” He whined and shook his leg.

“Hm? But he’s just happy to see you.” Kagami retorted and grinned when Nigou barked and waved his tail happily that he was being acknowledged.

“But he’s heavy.” Kuroko grunted and shook Kagami’s leg harder.

Kagami just rolled his eyes.

“You should have thought about that before feeding him snacks all the time.”

“But he was hungry. I don’t deny you food.”

Kagami just snorted and waved his leg nonchalantly.

Kuroko grumbled something about ungrateful and mean boyfriends and then he stopped. And slid his sneaky hand lower and skimmed it over Kagami’s foot and sole.

Kagami immediately went rigid and Kuroko smirked because he knew he won.

“Okay, okay. Nigou move it.” He said and nudged the huge dog with his foot.

The dog instantly flopped on his side and rolled of off Kuroko. It was a reflex which he learned over the course of living with Kagami who didn’t know at first what it meant when a dog exposed his belly.

Kagami found it amusing and learned to give Nigou belly rubs with his foot which, when he was still smaller would make him roll around like a roll of dough.

Now? Not so much.

“There, better?”

Kuroko didn’t manage to answer because Nigou soon realized that there would be no belly rubs this time around and he was ready to flop back on top of Kuroko.

“No Nigou.” Kuroko warned and pushed against the dog firmly, but he was no match for that weight.

“Here Nigou.” Kagami waved a chew toy in front of Nigou’s face which he just managed to find in the couch.

Nigou barked and Kagami threw it outside the living room.

Nigou of course instantly followed.

“There. You happy?” Kagami took Kuroko’s extended hand and helped him get to his feet.

Kuroko used that to his advantage and flopped hard in Kagami’s lap and made him grunt, when his knee only narrowly missed his crotch. Not nice.

“What the hell? This is the thank you for saving you from your hell hound?”

Kuroko pouted as he made himself comfortable.

Pity save.” Kuroko complained and Kagami rolled his eyes again.

“Yeah well, still counts.”

Kuroko scoffed and was about to say back something snarky when he grunted again and pushed Kagami forward on the couch.

“Hey, what the-Nigou!”

Nigou found the toy in a matter of minutes and came back and was adamant today to show all his love for his humans and sat on top of them.

“Get offa me!” Kagami grumbled. “Both of you!”

Kuroko shook with silent laughter.

“Karma Taiga-kun.”

“Shut up you. Seriously get off!”



“Ugh.” Well great, he was basically at the bottom of a proverbial food chain right now. Fantastic.

“We’re going to die.” He whined.

“Maybe so.” Kuroko hummed and then looked at Kagami straight in the eyes. “But at least we won’t get cold.”

Kagami sighed and tipped his head to look back on the ceiling.

What a way to go.  

Chapter Text

He hums and sighs and kisses back just as eagerly when Kagami walks them back in to the living room. Not what either of them were planning for their afternoon, but neither is complaining.

Kagami loops his arms around Kuroko’s waist and lifts his smaller boyfriend up and carries him the last few feet and presses him against the nearest wall.

Kuroko sighs appreciatively and curls his tongue around Kagami’s making his spine tingle in the most pleasant of ways.

He uses his hands to guide Kuroko’s legs around his waist to hold him more comfortably.

They continue to kiss and Kuroko slides his hands in Kagami’s hair, fingers twisting in the strands and tugging gently.

They get more and more into it and Kagami contemplates taking this to the bedroom when Kuroko bites his lip and Kagami decides that fuck it, he can’t be bothered.

The couch will suffice.

Kagami returns the bite with a deep, long kiss after which they need to part for a moment to catch their breaths, but soon they dive right back.

Soon Kagami’s hands start to go a bit numb from holding Kuroko in one place for so long, so he shifts slightly, never breaking their kiss.

And then they hear an obnoxiously loud and squeaky sound.

They break apart suddenly, shocked and startled.

Kagami shifts a bit and there it is again.  

They stare at each other for a longer moment, blinking and trying to comprehend.

Kagami finally comes out of his daze and looks down.

“What the f-“

And stares at the rubber chicken he’s currently standing on.

He looks up and sees Kuroko also looking down. He rises his gaze and opens his mouth, probably to say something witty or embarrassing or both.

But he doesn’t manage because they both turn their attention to a familiar bark and the sound of claws on the floor when Nigou happily trots into the living room, having heard someone playing with his toy.

He approaches Kagami and sniffs the toy he is standing on before he grabs onto it with his teeth and tried to pull it from under his foot.

“Ow, ow, ow wait, wait goddamn it!” Kagami swears as his balance is challenged and a hard part of the rubber toy painfully nudges his sole.

“Fuck.” Kagami swears as he almost jumps on one foot, Kuroko still being held up and against the wall and who of course is amused by all this.

“Stop giggling moron.” He snaps, but it only makes Kuroko laugh more.

Kagami sighs and tipps his head back to look at the ceiling.

Wonderful mood breaker.


He looks back and Kuroko smiles at him which can be described as ‘fond’ and kisses him a few times on the mouth.

Well okay it isn’t that ba-

“Put me down please.”


“Seriously?” Kagami grumbles.

“Yes. Seriously.” Kuroko says firmly but with a mischievous glint in his eyes. He unhooks his legs from around Kagami’s waist and slides down. Kagami has no choice but to release him.

When Kuroko’s feet his the floor, he tip toes and kisses Kagami’s chin playfully, before turning his whole attention to Nigou, who is happily chewing on his favorite toy, having successfully extracted it from under Kagami’s foot.

Kagami lets out a sigh.

He got him that toy.

“C'mere you.” He grumbles while approaching the two, biggest banes of his existence, that he absolutely cannot live without, and joins them in their playtime. 

Chapter Text

“You are the biggest moron I have ever known, you know that?”

Kuroko was silent, pout evident on his face as he clutched a bag of ice to his eye.

Kagami wanted to be angry at him, and he was, for about total of five minutes, because when that pout appeared on Kuroko’s face and his features turned sour and troubled, Kagami really couldn’t have it in himself to be mad at his boyfriend for his hijinks.

Even if his hijinks backfired and earned him a black eye.

“Seriously.” He sighed and wrapped his hand around Kuroko’s wrist to gently pry the ice bag from his face. “What the hell you were even thinking?”

Kuroko frowned and looked away. The area around his left eye was blue and swollen. It didn’t look too terrible but Kuroko would be walking with a black eye for about a week or so.

“Hey.” Kagami shook the hand he was still holding. “Talk to me dumbass. Why did you sneak up on me?”

Kuroko gave him a look.

“I didn’t.”

“Yes, you did.” Kagami retorted immediately. He did. Kagami was picking a shirt from their closet and suddenly Kuroko snuck up on him and startled Kagami to the point that the accidently elbowed him in the eye.

It was the first time that happened. The elbowing, not the sneaking up. Kuroko would apparently neverstop doing that and startle Kagami, but it seemed Kuroko suddenly forgot that he should move away and avoid an incoming impact.

“No.” Kuroko denied stubbornly.

“Then what did you do huh?”

To Kagami’s surprise Kuroko turned pink and avoided looking him in the eyes again.


The boy sighed and made a small noise under his breath.

“What? Don’t mumble idiot, I can’t understand you.”

“I said, I wanted to hug you.”


Kagami opened his mouth but he didn’t know what he was supposed to say to this.


Kuroko’s pout returned.

“I saw it on tv.”

Kagami blinked a few times and then sighed and dropped his head.

“Well then next time make some noise, so I know you’re behind me.”

“I did.” Kuroko protested. “I thought you heard me.”

Kagami grimaced. He didn’t. Shit okay. It was partially his fault too then.

With a sigh, he cupped Kuroko’s face and rubbed the swollen place under Kuroko’s left eye with his thumb.

“It looks like I hit you.”

“But you did.”

“I meant on purpose!” Kagami blistered. “You’re lucky I didn’t accidently break your stupid nose.”

Kuroko’s mouth lifted in a small smile.

Kagami rubbed his thumb over the swollen place once again and Kuroko closed his eyes with a hum.

He felt like such an ass right now. If he was more observant Kuroko wouldn’t be sporting a black eye because he wanted to hug him.

Kagami shifted and leaned into Kuroko’s personal space. He pressed his lips into Kuroko’s eyelid gently in apology.

“Sorry.” He said and rubbed the tip of his nose over Kuroko’s brow

Kuroko tilted his head a bit, hummed and it felt like he was leaning forward.



“This hurts.” He said and pushed Kagami’s face away.

Kagami blinked in shock at such blatant rejection, while Kuroko pressed the ice bag back to his face.

He didn’t have time to get more offended, because Kuroko leaned over Kagami’s shoulder and made himself comfortable.

He looked up at Kagami and gave him a small smirk.

“Please be gentle with me, Kagami-kun. I am fragile.”

He was silent for and then snorted.

“Make some more noise then, next time dumbass.”

“I did.” Kuroko protested.

Kagami shook his head in resignation and stood up.

“I’ll get you more ice.”

Chapter Text






Will you-“ Kagami bristled and caught a drop of his ice cream that threatened to dribble down the side of his cone. “-quit that out?” He finished and glared at Kuroko.

The boy stopped mid lick of his own vanilla (but of course) cone and looked up at Kagami.

He twitched under that gaze, hoping that the way he swallowed wasn’t too suspicious and licked his own mint chocolate scoop.

“Stop what?” Kuroko said nibbling at his own cone and hummed happily again.

Kagami grimaced.

“This!” He pointed an accusatory finger at Kuroko.

The boy looked at Kagami, licking the vanilla from his own lips while tilting his head to the side.

“My, Kagami-kun is so indecisive. First he offers to take me out for ice cream and now he tells me to stop eating.” Kuroko said, a hint of pout in his voice and he licked his cone once, eyes carefully on Kagami.

“Not that! Eat it, but eat it like a normal person!” He grumbled and bit into his wafer.

Kuroko looked at him for a moment and Kagami felt his ears prickle so he averted his gaze. He knew it was too late because he saw the brief sight of that cocky smirk appear on Kuroko’s lips.

Kuroko licked his cone twice, barely containing his smile. And Kagami didn’t even have to look at him to know that.

“It seems that Kagami-kun is having improper thoughts.” Kuroko said lips nibbling on his sweet treat. “And in public.” He added as if he was disappointed but it was obvious he was making fun of him.

“I wasn’t!” Kagami sputtered and glared at Kuroko who just calmly ate his ice cream.

Well…it wasn’t a lie.  He wasn’t a pervert, but Kuroko had a way of turning something completely non sexual into something suggestive and he usually did it when he didn’t even mean it, and Kagami got annoyed.

Kuroko licked his lips slowly, his tongue was stung red from the cold as were his usually pale lips.

…Okay maybe he had improper thoughts, sue him!

“If you say so.” Kuroko said and circled his tongue around the vanilla scoop, wrapped his red lips around it and pulled.

Kagami wanted to say screw you but he was afraid Kuroko would use that to his advantage so he only sent him a glare and looked away as if he was really mad at him.

They walked in silence through the park for a moment, both eating before Kuroko spoke.


Taiga looked down and saw that Kuroko was raising his cone in Kagami’s direction.

He raised an eyebrow. Ice cream and some other sweets were actually the only food Kuroko never had problems with finishing so this was surprising.

“Apology.” He said in explanation and gave Kagami a small (genuine) smile.

Kagami just stared at Kuroko before he thrusted the cone in his face more.

“Fine.” He said with a sigh and put a hand on Kuroko’s wrist to steady it, as Kuroko raised on his toes, and bend down to have a taste.

It was…well vanilla. Kuroko rarely had something else unless Kagami forced him to, bought a box for both of them or shared his own desert.

By this time he was so accustomed to it, it  was kind of comforting and soothing.

He got lost a bit in the taste and smell for a moment that he didn’t move away in time when Kuroko smoshed his cone in his face.

“What the-!” Kagami sputtered, annoyed at Kuroko who laughed suddenly.

“I’m sorry.” He said and giggled when he saw Kagami’s nose and upper lip smeared in ice cream. I lost my balance. I’m sorry.” He said laughing and took out a tissue from his jeans pocket intending on wiping the mess.

Kagami snatched it from his hand and wiped his face himself, too annoyed to let him do as he pleased.

“Asshole.” He grumbled under his breath and crumpled the tissue. Kuroko gave him a cheeky smile and leaned into his shoulder for a moment.


“Well what?”

Kuroko pouted.

“I want to try yours too.”

Kagami snorted.

“It’s not enough that you stuck your cone up my nose? No.” He grumbled, protecting his mint-choco treat from Kuroko.

“I said I was sorry.” Kuroko pouted more. “It wasn’t on purpose.”

Kagami glared, but he couldn’t tell him no for long so he only sighed.

“Here.” He held out his half eaten ice cream. “You don’t even like this.”

Kuroko rolled his eyes and leaned to have a taste.

And he nibbled at it again.

Jesus Christ. Kagami thought and hoped he wasn’t sweating.

Kuroko was enjoying the mint and chocolate mix (for some reason) when Kagami’s elbow got tired and he moved his hand a bit, accidentally smoshing his cone in Kuroko’s face this time.

The boy made a surprised noise and it was Kagami’s time to laugh when he saw Kuroko getting messy from the ice cream.

“Sorry.” He said snickering, glad for some form of karmic justice. Kuroko rolled his eyes and licked the ice cream from his lips and wiped his cheeks with another tissue.

“Ah you missed some.” Kagami said and leaned forward to wipe the droplet of ice cream from the corner of Kuroko’s mouth.

There was a moment of pause where he didn’t know what he should do next. Should he…lick it? Or get a tissue? What even??

Kuroko gave him again a cheeky smile.

“Kagami-kun is thinking about something lewd again.”

“I am not!” Kagami bristled again while Kuroko wiped his hand with a tissue.

“Yes, whatever you-oh Kagami-kun?”

“What?” Kagami snapped.

“Your ice cream is melting.”

Indeed it was. He squeezed the cone too hard (probably when he was bickering with Kuroko) and the remains spilled in his hand. Kagami eyed the mess of cone and ice cream scoop and with a sigh threw it out into the nearby trashcan.

Kuroko was already holding a pack of tissues but Kagami looked at his messy hand, then at Kuroko and then at his hand again.

He shrugged and grabbed Kuroko’s palm with his sticky one and looked at him challengingly.

Kuroko was unimpressed.


Kagami shrugged.

“This isn’t fazing me at all.” He said calmly, but Kagami could see the mild disgust on his face and he grinned. So what if this was elementary school level of flirting. Maybe even kindergarten.

Kuroko nodded solemnly and sighed.

And pulled Kagami into the opposite direction.

“Where are we going?”

“Home.” Kuroko said. “I see Kagami-kun is suffering from unresolved sexual tension so I will volunteer and help him in resolving it.”

“I do NOT!” Kagami yelled, at the top of his lungs, red in the face. Kuroko didn’t say anything just kept pulling him forward. Kagami sighed in defeat. No point in arguing.

He matched Kuroko’s pace and they headed home, sticky hands still firmly clasped together. 

Chapter Text

The first time Kagami took Kuroko to an American amusement park he was in shock by the sheer size of it.

He saw so many stalls with food (they all had to be checked by Kagami of course and Kuroko would sneakily take a bite from this and that because he wanted to try, but he didn’t want to buy portions this large), various rides (they tried almost everything, except for the bigger rollercoaster’s, because even Kagami wasn’t as reckless to try that on a full stomach) and performances, that his head was beginning to spin.

His favorite though, were the games.

Both he and Kagami did well, just at different types. Kagami excelled when strength or aim were tested and Kuroko was good at those which required precision and a lot of observation.

Problem was that the American amusement parks were mostly famous for the former type, so Kuroko didn’t have many chances to prove himself.

Kagami on the other hand won lots. He was able to ring the bell at the top of the high striker, no problem. He won the one with shooting a basketball into the hoop, on time (obviously) and string ducks out with a baseball ball.

He even explained to Kuroko how to ‘cheat’ the system since the balls were sometimes uneven, but the vendor heard them and told them angrily to leave without a prize.

Not that, that was a problem, since Kagami’s backpack was already filled with key chains, coupons for food and rides and discounts for various stores which would probably go to Alex anyway.

But so far, no prize won by Kuroko.

Specifically, no prize won by Kuroko for Kagami.

“Why are you pouting.” He was pulled out of his thoughts by Kagami’s hand ruffling his hair.

“I’m not.” Kuroko slapped the hand away. “I’m just looking around.”

Kagami didn’t press further. Tetsuya tried to spot an interesting game he could play and win something for his boyfriend as well.

He saw a small stall, next to the hotdog stand. It had a laser tag game. Kuroko stopped to look at the participants. The game was basically like a the one with baseballs, only that you stood on a platform which swayed. It looked fairly easy, but not many people managed to win prizes.

He turned to Kagami to ask him if they could try that one and he saw him already looking at the stall. Kuroko followed his gaze and saw that he was eyeing the big, red octopus plush and he had to hide a smile.

Kagami would never ask for winning a prize for him in the first place and he would obviously try very hard to pretend he didn’t want the toy.

“Let’s go.” Kuroko pulled at his shirt and walked up to the stall. Kagami followed suit and they paid for their game and received their plastic guns.

The game only looked easy, it was actually pretty challenging for both of them. Kagami had good aim, but problems with staying on the platform, while Kuroko could stay on without bigger problems, but as usual his aim was a bit off.

It still was easier than with a basketball or baseballs, but he lost when he run out of time.

Kagami managed to score a few shots, and thus win another prize.

Kuroko couldn’t help but feel disappointed.

“Here’s your prize.” The vendor gave Kagami the thing he won.

“What? Only this?” Kagami said in disbelief when he looked at the vendor. “For that amount of money?”

The man only shrugged and waved him off.

“Get lost kid. I have customers.”

Kagami scoffed in disbelief and Kuroko saw that he was almost ready to argue, so he pulled him by the arm. He had no desire for arguments today.

“What a jerk.” Kagami said when they were a considerable distance away. Not that he’d hear them through all this noise, but you could never be too careful.

Kuroko steered Kagami into the popcorn stand.

“It’s fine Taiga-kun. You told me those games were scams anyway.”

“Yeah but I wanted to win you something better than this!” He said and Kuroko for the first time saw what was the prize Kagami had won.

It was a plastic ring, kind like the ones attached to magazines for little girls. It had a huge, red center imitating a ruby probably in a rim colored in gold.

It looked very gaudy and cheap.

Kuroko could understand Kagami’s frustration since they did pay a bit for the laser tag game.

“Kagami-kun.” Kuroko sighed when his boyfriend kept sulking. “You already won me so many things today.”

“Yeah and?” Kagami said, while playing with the prize.

“And nothing. I think I can manage.”

Kagami suddenly looked sheepish and Tetsuya felt a little guilty.

They were silent for a moment in which Kuroko tried to find the right words and then his gaze fell onto the gaudy ring in Kagami’s hand.

Kagami followed his gaze and flushed slightly.

“I uh, you want me to give it to some kid or something?”

Kuroko hummed and then extended his hand.


Kagami gaped at him for a moment.

“Well? It’s my ring.” Kuroko said and meaningfully looked at Kagami.

“I…you want me to?”

Kuroko nodded.

Kagami looked around for a moment, but no one paid them any mind, despite the sizable crowd.

Kuroko thought the joke would loosen up Kagami, but he didn’t expect for it to have an effect on him.

Kagami took his hand gently, a little too gently, and slipped the gaudy ring on his ring finger.

It shouldn’t mean anything to either of them. Neither even had any mind to consider it, because they were still so slowly getting used to being not only friends, and were constantly learning new things about each other.

Kagami’s hands stilled and when Kuroko looked up, he saw embarrassment.

Kagami coughed awkwardly when Kuroko inspected the ring closely.

“It’s not that bad.” He said. “Maybe I’ll keep it as a keychain.”

Kagami rolled his eyes and the red flush was slowly draining from his face.

Kuroko was about to suggest some snacks for them while he pulled the ring of his hand, but then stopped mid sentence when he felt pain.

“What?” Kagami asked confused.

“I-” Kuroko paused and tried pulling the ring off. “I can’t get it off.”

Kagami blinked while Kuroko kept struggling with the arcade prize, until he made a small noise of pain.

“Hey, hey, stop that. Show me.” Kagami said and grabbed Kuroko’s hand.

“Idiot. You wanna hurt yourself?”

Kuroko huffed annoyed.

“Don’t pout.” He told him and started looking around.

“Come on.” Kuroko was pulled by the hand in an opposite direction from where they came.

Kagami lead him to the nearest restroom stall and they slipped inside.


“I hope this dump has soap.” He muttered and looked around one of the sinks. Thankfully there was a soap dispenser.

Kagami turned on the warm (lukewarm) water and pumped on some of the creamy liquid.

“It’s probably stuck because it’s old.” He said when he soaped around ring on Kuroko’s hand, rubbing it gently.

“That hurts.” Tetsuya complained when the plastic band didn’t want to slide off of his hand.

“Well, that’s what you get for being a little shit.” Kagami snorted and added a bit more soap.

Kuroko rolled his eyes.

“This wouldn’t be an issue if Taiga-kun gave me a ring years ago.” He teased.

Kagami’ mouth dropped and his hand stopped, just when the ring slipped from Tetsuya’s hand and into the sink with a clang.

Kuroko expected for Kagami to sputter and turn red and call him an embarrassing idiot as he always did, but while his cheeks dusted in red, he stayed uncharacteristically silent.

“Taiga-kun?” Kuroko asked a bit alarmed. It was a joke obviously, but he thought that he may have actually hurt his boyfriend’s feelings.

Kagami let go of Kuroko’s hand and rinsed his hands from the suds in silence. Kuroko did the same.

Kagami picked up the plastic ring from the sink and dropped it in Kuroko’s palm.

Finally, he sighed.

“You really think I’d give you a ring from a carnival?”

Kuroko raised an eyebrow at the scandalized tone.

“Taiga-kun it was a joke. Do you not have a sense of humor?”

“I do!” Finally, Kagami was back to his own self, as he raised his voice and threw up his arms in the air.

“It just seems that your sense of humor and my sense of humor are not compatible.“

"You hurt me.” Kuroko said and smiled when Kagami rolled his eyes at him. He hid the ring in his pocket. They wiped their hands on the rest of the paper towels which could be found.

“Done? Okay let’s go I wanna try some other games too, maybe I’ll win you something normal this time.”

“Actually.” Kuroko stopped him as soon as he stopped talking.

“Actually, I thought maybe this time could win something for you.”

Kagami looked at Kuroko in confusion for a long moment.

“For me?”

Kuroko raised an eyebrow.

“Is that so surprising?”

Kagami rubbed the back of his neck and fidgeted, but he didn’t say anything for a moment.

“You don’t like it?”

Kuroko sighed.

“Not the point.” He shook his head.

“The American tradition, I believe,” He started “Is that the boyfriend wins prizes for the girlfriend on a fair, correct?” It was what Kuroko gathered from American movies at least.

“Uh, yeah I guess? I don’t really have any experience so…” Kagami trailed off.

“Exactly.” Kuroko smiled slightly. “And neither of us is a girl. So, don’t you think it should be a bit more equal?”

Kuroko watched as Kagami’s expression went from confusion to guilt.

“I’m not saying I don’t like it. I’m saying I want to do it too. You don’t need to be self-sufficient all the time.”

Kagami sighed and looked away.

“Sorry it’s just…I don’t really have many people I can do this kind of things for? And even when I do, those people are not always around.”

Kuroko gave him a small smile.

“Small things Taiga-kun. We can start with that.”

He shrugged. “Besides there’s nothing I really want anyway.”

Kuroko sighed internally. Not like he needed anything from the carnival.

“I saw how you eyed the red octopus.”

Kagami whipped his head to look at Kuroko.

“No, you didn’t!” He hissed, face red as his hair. “I mean I didn’t!

Kuroko’s mouth curled into a smirk.

“It would be a good addition to your collection.”

“I do not have a collection!” Kagami bristled.

“Ah, I actually won you this tiger one time. Maybe they can be friends.”

“Shut up. That was five years ago!” Kagami sputtered and went for the familiar head grab. Kuroko was ready for a side jab when both of them paused when they heard a sound of toilet flushing and a squeaking sound of door opening.

A man, around fifty, appeared in one of the stalls and gave them a disapproving look. He washed his hands and walked out of the restroom, all the time side-eying them.

The silence stretched for a moment after the metal doors closed, muting the carnival sounds, which briefly filled the restroom when the doors opened.

Kuroko saw a shift in Kagami’s expression and he just knew what was coming.

They burst out laughing at the same time; Kagami loud and bouncing off the walls and Kuroko’s way quieter but just bubbling right out of him.

“What was that?” Kagami asked after he got himself under control and wiped the few stray tears from the corner of his eyes.

Kuroko chuckled and shook his head.

“I guess it’s good that not everyone here understands Japanese.”

Kagami snorted.

“Yeah, still not a place for a conversation like this, don’t you think?”

“Mm, agreed.”

They fell silent for a moment. Kagami moved first and took Kuroko’s hand. He inspected the red bruising the plastic ring left on his pale finger.

“Hey.” Kagami said and laced their fingers together. “Let’s get out of here.”

Kuroko nodded.

“Where to?”

Kagami pondered the question, before pulling him out of the restroom.

“I want you to win me that octopus.”

Kuroko laughed again.

“Anything for you.”

Chapter Text

Kagami dropped heavily on the beach towel next to Kuroko and grinned when the boy grumbled something, shifted away to protect his book from droplets of salty water.

He didn’t stop reading though.

Kagami couldn’t understand what book could be more interesting than a sunny, beautiful day on the beach, swimming in the sea or playing water polo.

Or goddamn spending time with your boyfriend.

Kuroko seemed to have other priorities.

The boy sighed and turned a page.

Kagami didn’t blame him for staying out of the sunlight. Kuroko had fair skin which burned easily in the sun and even if he put a double amount of sunscreen on he still had to be careful.

So he wore light hoodies with nothing underneath and sometimes a straw hat to protect himself from the heat (but none of this was able to protect Kagami from the sheer adorableness of this look unfortunately). He would sometimes venture into the water, waist deep at most to cool himself down, before he’d return to his regular spot under their big parasol and read.

Speaking of sunscreen.

“Hey.” Kagami said and grabbed the bottle of UV lotion from their thermal bag. “When was the last time you put this on?” He asked while opening the bottle.

“Hm?” Kuroko sounded distracted as he turned another page.  “I don’t remember.”

Kagami sighed and with one hand grabbed the top of Kuroko’s hoodie and pulled it down and off. The boy didn’t stop reading even for a second. He only propped the book over his bent knees while his palms rested flat on the towel on his sides to held Kagami slip the article of clothing.

Kagami squirted some of the lotion on his palms, rubbed it for a moment to warm it up and then put his palms on Kuroko’s shoulders and slowly rubbed it down over his arms.

Kuroko hummed quietly, but didn’t move otherwise.

Kagami squeezed a bit more of the stuff and applied it to Kuroko’s back, hands running over his pointed shoulder blades, and then down lower over each bump of Kuroko’s spine until he arrived at the small of his back, where the skin disappeared into Kuroko’s swim trunks.

Kagami lifted his head and saw that Kuroko was already watching him over his shoulder, cheeky smile on his face.

“That’s very distracting.”

Good. Kagami wanted to say but he didn’t and only continued.

“Done?” Kuroko asked casually after a few minutes, but to Kagami it sounded almost like a challenge.

“Your front?”

Kuroko closed his eyes and sighed in fond exasperation as he shook his head.

“I can do that myself.” He said and grabbed the bottle. Finally, the blasted book was put aside as Kuroko started putting on sunscreen on his chest and stomach, but out of Kagami’s sight.

When Kuroko was done he put the bottle away and wiped his hands in a spear towel they had with them.

Kagami moved closer and rested his chin on the top of Kuroko’s head wanting to rest for a few more minutes. Kagami’s chest brushed Kuroko’s back and he sighed in relief. Despite it being probably over 30 degrees, Kuroko still felt a little cool to the touch so the feel of his skin was very pleasant.

“What about you?” Kuroko said, bumping Kagami’s chin gently after a longer moment of silence.

“Later.” He said and bent his head down to press a chaste kiss over Kuroko’s shoulder. Thankfully the skin absorbed the lotion and all Kagami tasted was the feel of salty skin.

Kuroko hummed something and after a moment picked up his earlier discarded book.

Kagami raised an eyebrow.

“Are you really going to read?”

“Mmh.” Kuroko hummed and got more comfortable against Kagami as if he was a beach chair and not a human being.

Kagami looked at Kuroko for a moment, feeling mildly offended and then he got an idea.

He reached with his hand to close the book and before Kuroko could protest picked him up.

“That was rude.” Kuroko protested as he writhed in Kagami’s arms.

“Not more than ignoring me.” Kagami retorted, slung Kuroko over his shoulder and quickly made his way towards the water.

“Kagami-kun!” Kuroko almost, almost yelled and kicked his feet. He most certainly did yell when Kagami tumbled them into water at once.

“Stop!” He protested and splashed some water in Kagami’s face who didn’t wait long to return the favor. In a matter of seconds Kuroko forgot about his dumb book as they launched into a full fledged water fight. At least for a while.

Much as Kagami forgot to apply his sunscreen.

Chapter Text

Whose ever idea it was (he couldn’t remember at this moment), was certainly a grade A moron.

Kagami didn’t want to acknowledge that he might be the moron in question, that actually offered to teach Kuroko how to surf.

The sea was pretty calm today so Taiga thought it was a perfect day for the lesson.


Kuroko didn’t have problems getting the basics, and even though he would shake like a leaf and clutch at Taiga’s hands when he would practice standing on the board or he would get tired quickly while swimming out in the open water he did fine. For the most part.

But he couldn’t keep his balance for long when Taiga would let go of his hands and he would fall into water with a splash.

The first few times it was definitely accidental and Kagami rushed to catch his boyfriend and save him from drowning or just getting a mouthful of salty water.

But because Kuroko was a little shit who had a surprisingly (was it even surprising at this point?) playful streak, and by the tenth time he let out a deadpanned ‘ah I’m falling’ and plopped in Kagami’s arms on purpose, he decided to call it quits.

“Okay.” He let the little shit go and watched him swim around. “Enough of your dicking around.” He grumbled and grabbed his board.

Kuroko’s mouth quirked up in a smirk.

“I don’t understand what you mean.” He said faux innocence in his voice.

“You damn well do.” He grumbled. Kuroko swam up to him. They were out in the open waters but still in within the acceptable range of the lifeguards. the water was still too deep for Kuroko who had to swim in place while Kagami could plant his feet firmly on the ground without much effort.

Kagami sighed.

“Let’s just go back.” He said and went to grab Kuroko by the hand to pull him forward.

Just then a stronger than usual wave hit them and propelled them forward.

Taiga managed to stay on his feet but his heart stopped for a moment when he felt Kuroko’s hand slip from between his fingers.

When he turned around the boy was gone.

Kagami felt his stomach drop and his legs turn weak. He managed to rasp out a scared 'Kuroko’ one time before he heard a weak cough behind him.

“Don’t scare me like this!” Kagami hissed grabbing Kuroko’s wrists and pulled him closer to himself.

Kuroko let him and rolled his eyes.

“Taiga-kun I didn’t even go under. The wave simply hit me by surprise.”

Even?! Jesus Tetsuya.” Kagami sighed and shook his head.

“Okay, you know what? Enough surfing lessons at least for today. Get on the board, I’ll push it.”

Kuroko opened his mouth to say something but then he froze while his eyes widened.

“What? Don’t stand there.” Kagami grumbled and made a move to wrap his arms around Kuroko’s waist. He planned on hoisting the boy up and sitting him down on his surfboard because it seemed he still wasn’t done being a nuisance.

Kuroko’s eyes widened more and he grabbed Kagami’s wrist stopping him.


“What?” Kagami was confused. “Listen we’re not gonna do much here, the waves are getting too strong to practice and I can see you’re tired so just stop and-”

“I can’t go out of the water.”

Kagami blinked.


Kuroko was still for a moment and then he pulled Kagami’s hand under water.

Kagami did not understand what his boyfriend was about when his fingers brushed the smooth, cool skin of his thigh.

His thigh.

His bare thigh.

Hi bare thigh which was supposed to be clad in his swim trunks.

“Wh-” Kagami opened his mouth but he immediately fell silent when he saw Kuroko’s glare and how his face turned pink from embarrassment.

“What the hell Tetsuya.” Kagami couldn’t help but laugh. “Don’t tell me this small wave pulled them off.”

Kuroko glared and blushed harder. He let go of Kagami’s hand and splashed some water in his face.

That didn’t manage to stop Kagami from grinning at his boyfriend.

“Taiga-kun is awful.” Kuroko grumbled and hid behind Kagami’s back when a group of people swam by them. Not like anyone would notice.

“Oh, come on.” Kagami protested. “You know you’d be having a field day if this happened to me.”

Kuroko didn’t answer but he kept sulking. It was true though.

“Okay.” Kagami yielded. “Let’s get out of here.”

Kuroko raised his head and looked at Kagami with his best are you for real? face.

“I can’t go out like this. It would be indecent.”

“It’s not like anyone would notice.” Kagami pointed out the obvious. Well aside from him.

“It is still indecent.” Kuroko protested.

“Then what do you want to do? Hibernate here?”

Kuroko sighed and shook his head.

“You could get me a towel please.”

“And leave you here alone so you can get pulled by another wave? No way. Come here.”

Kuroko yelped when Kagami wrapped one arm around Kuroko’s waist while the other supported the underside of his knees.

He was even lighter than usual like this.

Kuroko glared at Kagami as he tried to cover his intimate spots as if Kagami never saw him naked in his life and he had to roll his eyes. This was a beach. Things like these happened. He saw girls who lost their bikini tops and would laugh about it while they covering themselves. Obviously, it wasn’t intentional (he thought) so no one really cared about it.

“Now okay?”

“I’m still exposed.” Kuroko hissed.

“Then carry the board, Jesus.” Kagami gestured to it with his head and Kuroko reluctantly grabbed the red surfboard he got from Tatsuya for his last birthday.

That wasn’t a very good idea. It would be easier to just carry Kuroko without him trying to also carry the surfboard and cover himself. Honestly it would be even easier if Kuroko would just sneak back to their towel. Tt’s not like anyone would notice him if he was stealthy enough.

But yeah, okay Kuroko was a modest weirdo sometimes and Kagami just had to accept it.

Doesn’t mean he had to accept him smacking his hip with the surfboard.

“Ow! Watch it.” Kagami growled.

“It wasn’t on purpose.”

“It still hurt.” He snapped back and then sighed in relief when they reached their spot. Kagami had a suspicion they were making more of a scene like this.

He managed to only set Kuroko down and he immediately grabbed the largest towel they brought and wrapped himself in it so fast Kagami didn’t even manage to see it much else react.

Kagami snorted and sat down on the blanket next to Kuroko who send him a sharp glare, from under all the folds of cotton. This actually ruined the impact.

That and the fact that Kagami knew he was naked under there.

“Please, stop leering.”

“I’m not leering.” Kagami rolled his eyes.

“Then stop laughing.”

“It’s funny.”

Kuroko pouted and Kagami sighed.

“Get out of that towel, you’re going to boil.”

Kuroko moved away from Kagami’s outstretched hand.

“I am indecent.”

“Seriously?” Kagami dropped his hand and shrugged when his boyfriend continued to glare at him, clearly embarrassed.

Kagami sighed and rummaged through their bags for some water. They sat in silence, and Kagami observed from the corner of his eye as Kuroko tried to put on his underwear while still wrapped in their towel. He would offer his help, but he felt like Kuroko would get even more aggravated so he didn’t say anything.

Kuroko sighed frustrated when the towel kept slipping and he became more and more tangled in it and his clothes.

Finally, Kagami opened his mouth to say something, but he stopped when something caught his eye.

“Hey.” Kuroko lifted up his head to look at Kagami.

“Aren’t those your…” He made a gesture towards the shore and Kuroko followed his gaze and his eyes widened.

Kagami couldn’t help but snort when Kuroko’s cheeks flared, when he saw his swim trunks wash out on the shore.

He gave Kagami another glare.

“I’ll get them.” He said and stood up amused.

Kagami-kun.” Kuroko hissed after him, but Kagami ignored him. He jogged up to the shore, bend down and snatched the misbehaving swimwear. No one cared either way and he had to laugh under his breath.

He turned around and went back to their shared blanket but stopped in his tracks when he saw that Kuroko was missing.

Him and all the towels, their bag and Kagami’s own set of clothes.

“Oi!” Kagami yelled and that definitely turned heads in his direction.

Kagami flushed when some girls gave him strange looks when they saw him holding a pair of swim trunks.

“Asshole.” Kagami muttered to himself and sighed.

Morons. Both of them were morons.

Chapter Text

For this year’s training summer camp Riko managed to secure a better inn for them. Thanks to the sponsors they gained after the winter cup they could afford to go to an inn which didn’t look like it would fall apart if someone barely sneezed and they didn’t have to cook for themselves.

Riko was a bit bummed because of this, but the rest of the Seirin players were happy they could focus only on basketball.

Well, not every player.

Kuroko, and Kagami by extension, would be the two athletes most unhappy with the current summer camp.

Not because they hated camps, not because of Riko’s grueling training and not because they suddenly turned lazy.

It was simply because Kuroko couldn’t play.

Because two days prior, instead of resting as Riko ordered them to, he and Kagami went out in the late evening to practice a new technique Kuroko came up with, but because it was dark and it rained a few hours prior, Kuroko collided with Kagami, slipped, fell and twisted his ankle in the process.

It wasn’t broken thankfully, just sprained, as it turned out later, but it still hurt and would mean Kuroko wouldn’t be able to walk without a crutch for a while (two weeks exactly, which just so happened to be the duration of the camp).

Kagami felt guilty because he wanted to help Kuroko with his new move and if not for him, Kuroko would be able to take part in the camp.

Riko was of course furious and promised Kuroko a practice from hell the moment he would recover.

On the day of the camp everyone was a little sour, Kagami especially but as it turned out Kuroko managed to convince his parents to go to the camp despite his injury.

Riko wanted to protest, but Kuroko actually threatened that if he’d have to stay so would Nigou and their coach caved. It also probably had to do with Kuroko’s typical stubbornness.

Kuroko wasn’t completely helpless thankfully. He could walk with his crutch and dress himself. Even if he was a bit slower than usual, he managed. The worst thing was that he couldn’t play and practice as he wanted to and it dampened his humor.

They arrived in the inn around ten in the morning and Riko checked them in. She said that they would be sleeping in one big room while she got a small adjacent one for herself. She ordered them to get settled and then met her in the nearby gym.

Of course to do that they had to first get to their room and to do that they had to climb a flight of stairs.

Normally, that wouldn’t be a problem for Kuroko, but Kagami saw how the crutch was giving him problems even with a few stairs, but the alternative of him hopping awkwardly on one foot would be more risky.

Taiga sighed as the rest of Seirin members disappeared at the top of the stairscase leaving him and Kuroko at the bottom.

Kuroko adjusted his bag and put his healthy leg forward.

He didn’t make it far, because Kagami put a hand on his shoulder halting him.


Kuroko looked at him quizzically. Kagami grabbed his bag and in few strides made it to the top of the staircase and then back.

“I’ll help you.”


“Shut up. C'mere.”

Kagami took Kuroko’s crutch and set it aside.

“Hold on.” He said while wrapping an arm around Kuroko’s waist and then putting one under his knees and lifting him up.

Kuroko’s eyes went wide for a moment, before he gave Kagami a slight glare.

“What?” he sputtered as he started to climb up. “It’s easier like this.”

“For you or for me?” Kuroko asked and Kagami felt a slight pang of guilt.

“I can still walk on my own.” Kuroko continued when Kagami stayed silent.

“Yeah, but it would took you the whole morning and I guess you do want to see the training right?”

This time it was Kuroko who stayed silent.

He set Kuroko down when they reached the top and then made his way down for his crutch.

“Thank you.” Kuroko said when he took it from him. “And I’m sorry. It’s not your fault.” He picked up his bag.

“Uh, yeah actually it kinda is.” He said and picked his own bag. He let Kuroko move on his own but he stayed close by to make sure he didn’t fall or hurt his leg even more.

When Kuroko swayed Kagami grabbed him by the arm.

“Hm, maybe.” Kuroko said and let Kagami keep his hold on him. “But to me it was more like a team effort.”

Kagami stared at him for a moment. Kuroko gave him a cheeky smile and patted his chest and headed towards the team’s shared room.

Kagami sighed.

“At least let me help you with the futon.”

Everyone knew that Kuroko hated feeling useless and considering his current state he wasn’t able to take active part in the training camp.

That’s why Riko ordered him to note every observation he could catch during every practice game and exercise.

Kagami knew it was partially to give him something to do and partially to make him not think of the guilt which he was swimming in because he was stubborn.

Well, both of them were really.

If anything, Taiga sometimes thought he felt more guilty than Kuroko that’s why he tried to make up for it.

Thankfully, Kuroko was more than capable of taking care of himself, and for the most part he struggles very little with any daily activity.

He even denied Kagami’s help in walking down the flight of stairs the next morning, even if it took him longer than usual and he entered the gym when everyone was already done with their warm up.

Kagami opened his bleary eyes and saw that it was still mostly dark in the shared room. His ears were filled with sleepy mumbles and snores of his teammates, but that still didn’t answer why he woke up. He frowned and then startled when he felt something shift at his back.

“Kuro-” He stopped mid sentence while rolling over when he came face to face with an empty futon.

That woke him up.

“Kuroko?” He said, a bit alerted. He understood that Kuroko could take care of himself, but if he wanted to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night he still should wake Taiga up, because there was no lightin the hallway.

Yeah the inn was only slightly better than the previous one.

“Where are you?” He hissed through his teeth and then to his surprise, the duvet moved and he saw Kuroko’s bed head, laying considerably lower on the futon.

Kagami blinked.

“The hell are you doing?” He said.

“Trying to get comfortable.”

Kagami regarded him for a moment.

“Then where’s your pillow?”

Kuroko wordlessly lifted the duvet and showed Kagami. The pillow magically changed positions and now rested under Kuroko’s foot.

Specifically, under his hurt foot.

Kagami frowned.

“Does it hurt?”

“A little.” Kuroko admitted and dropped his head on the futon with a dull thud. Kagami rolled his eyes.

“Come here.” He lifted his own blanket and moved so that there was place for Kuroko.

Kuroko hesitated for a moment, so Kagami grabbed him by the waist and unceremoniously put him on his own mat.

He took Kuroko’s pillow and folded his cover and put them under Kuroko’s leg. He knew that the higher it would be the better the blood flow and it would hurt less. He knew how it went. He’d been there.

Kuroko shifted so that Kagami would have most of the pillow for himself, but Taiga stopped him.

“Where are you going?” He whispered and tucked Kuroko under his chin.

Kuroko stilled then when Kagami covered them both with his blanket.

“Nowhere.” He admitted after a longer pause.

Kagami grunted and buried his face in Kuroko’s hair.

“Then sleep.” He said gruffly.

The boy hummed while snuggling closer. He couldn’t really turn on his side due to his leg, so Kagami draped an arm around his middle and after a moment they were both asleep.

Next time Kagami woke up it was definitely morning, since when he opened his eye he was blinded by the sun.

Screwing his eyes shut he turned and buried his face in something soft and sweet smelling.

It wasn’t his pillow for sure.

“Hey, where’s Kuroko?”

It was Fukuda and Kagami was suddenly aware that everyone was awake except of him and Kuroko, snuggled in his arms.

Normally, he’d be up even before the sun, but he always slept better (and deeper) with Kuroko by his side, thus he wasn’t the first to wake this time around.

“I dunno, maybe he went to the bathroom?” Koga-senpai said.

Kagami blinked a few times, looked down and snorted quietly. The little dumbass, slid down under the duvet and only the top of his hair was visible.

Kagami lifted the cover and was met with laughing, blue and very much awake eyes.

Kuroko brought a finger to his mouth and made a slight shushing noise before he mouthed five more minutes and pressed his cheek to Kagami’s chest.

It sounded tempting and Taiga gave in and closed his eyes.

The bliss lasted for all of ten seconds before they were found and yelled on by Hyuga.

Well, actually he was. Kuroko was suddenly missing.

And so Kagami was the only one who had to run ten laps before breakfast because of his captain’s single-ness induced jealousy.

“Asshole.” Kagami muttered when he saw Kuroko waiting for him after his last lap at the entrance to the inn.

The boy only gave him a smile and towel and wordlessly took his hand in his and squeezed.

“Let’s go eat.”

Chapter Text

“Goodnight.” Kuroko said into the hollow of Kagami’s throat and after Kagami nodded sleepily, he flipped onto his side and molded his back to Kagami’s front.

Taiga, despite being already half asleep, wrapped his arms around Kuroko’s waist and pressed his nose to Kuroko’s nape, inhaling the faint scent of soap.

It was how they usually slept in Taiga’s bed. It might have been enough space for one person, but two people had to work around and to fit together.

Not that either minded and not like this was some sort of a disadvantage in any way.

Twenty minutes after Kuroko got comfortable and his breath began to even out, Taiga realized that he was not falling asleep.

Something was off.

“What’s wrong?” Tetsuya mumbled into his pillow when he sensed Kagami’s arms tensing around his waist.

“Nothing.” He answered immediately and closed his eyes. “Let’s sleep.”

Kuroko hummed and went quiet.

Kagami tried very hard to fall asleep. Kuroko was warm and comfortable in his arms, his pillow was not too cool and not too hot and he was mad tired after a whole day of practice.

Yet he couldn’t sleep.

It wasn’t unusual for Kagami to have trouble falling asleep before a game or when he had a test or just when something was bothering him, but they didn’t have a game tomorrow or a test and nothing was bothering him, as far as he knew.

Was it Kuroko?

But that was ridiculous.

Kagami himself commented on the fact that since they started well sharing a bed, he slept better than before.

Kagami was considering various options, instead of trying and sleep loosing precious time till morning, when he hear a tired sigh.

Kuroko squirmed out of his grip, sat up and turned on the light which made Kagami squint painfully.

“Kagami-kun. Talk.” He gave Taiga a stern look which combined with his terrible bed hair looked comical.

Kagami shrugged.

“I just can’t sleep.”


“I don’t-” He stopped mid sentence when Kuroko raised an eyebrow.

“I’m not comfortable.” He finished with a sigh when it dawned on him.

“Alright.” Kuroko nodded. “How?”

Kagami opened his mouth and then blushed. Kuroko raised an eyebrow again. Damn it, he was just too sleepy and had no inhibitions.

“Well.” Kuroko looked at the clock at the bedside table. “It is late but if you want we can-”

“What?!” Kagami sputtered when Kuroko grabbed the duvet and pulled. “No!” Kagami said quieter now, feeling like an embarrassed moron that he was.

“How would that make me comfortable?” He said and covered himself again.

Kuroko shrugged.

“I don’t know, but I thought you would-” He trailed off and this time it was his time to blush.

Kagami rubbed the side of his face.

“No. It’s fine. I just….can we change places?”



“Do you want me to sleep by the wall?”

“What? No that’s not what I meant I mean-” He clapped his mouth shut, closed his eyes and sighed and then turned on his side.

“Like this.”  He mumbled and was glad that Kuroko wasn’t able to see his red face. Not like that would be anything new anyway.

He expected to be teased, but then he heard how the bedside lamp was turned off softly, the duvet lifted and a warm, small body pressed against his back.

Kuroko didn’t say anything, just adjusted himself better, chest fitting over Kagami’s back and his arm wrapping over his waist. His breath puffed over his nape and Taiga shivered.

Then there was a kiss and he felt a cold nose brushing over the skin there.

“Your feet are damn cold.” Kagami said when their legs tangled together and Kuroko huffed.

It was strange not having anything to hold so Kagami gripped a pillow.

“Sleep.” He felt fingers raking over his scalp for a moment and then he was out cold.

Kagami slept like a log, warm and safe even though he was almost two meters tall and lifted weights which weighted more than Kuroko himself, yet his loose grip made him feel sort of small but not in a bad way.

He wondered if that’s how Kuroko felt.

Everything was wonderful and comfortable, until a loud thud woke Kagami from his slumber.

He blinked sleepily and looked around the room.

He shivered when he noticed the lack of the additional source of warmth in his bed.

Then there was a noise which sounded like an exclamation of pain.

Kagami looked down and saw Kuroko sitting on the floor.

“Tetsuya? What are you doing there?”

Kuroko sighed and stood on his knees.

“You pushed me.” He said his voice weary and hoarse with sleep.

Kagami blinked and then his eyes widened.

“Oh shit.”

Kuroko huffed in the darkness and got onto the bed.

“I’m sorry.” Kagami said and felt like he wanted to die from embarrassment. “Are you hurt?”

“I’m fine.” Kuroko dismissed him.

Kagami groaned.

“Please move.”

“Ye-huh? What are you doing?” He asked when Kuroko draped his legs over Kagami to get to the other side of the bed, so that now he was against the wall.

“Getting comfortable. Come here please.” He said and spread his arms wide for Kagami.


“I’m against the wall now. I won’t fall. Let’s sleep.” He encouraged him and Kagami had no option but do as he said.

When Kagami finally got comfortable, Kuroko behind him, his arm dangling over his chest and legs tangled and the shorter boy’s breath puffing softly over his nape, that he was able to fall into some semblance of a guiltless sleep.

That is until he woke and realized that he was probably pressing Kuroko quite uncomfortably to the wall.   

“Crap. You okay?” He said and rubbed the sleep out of his eyes.

“Aside from crushed internal organs?” Came the muffled reply.

Kagami moved away like lightning from the wall and when he turned he saw his smaller boyfriend plastered to the wall in a sort of starfish position, but otherwise he looked unharmed.

“Ha ha.” Kagami snapped sarcastically at Kuroko’s smirk.

“Did you sleep well?” he said while sitting up and rubbing his shoulder.

“Yeah. But, let’s not repeat that.”

“Why?” Kuroko tilted his head curiously. “It wasn’t so bad?”

Kagami made a face and turned his head away feeling the awkwardness creeping into his limbs.

“Besides, I enjoyed it.”

“What? Getting your internal organs crushed?” Kagami asked while getting out of the bed.

“Holding you.”

Taiga went silent and looked at Kuroko, one leg out and one still on the bed. He tried to find some traces of teasing in his gaze but he couldn’t.

And that was worse.

“Right.” He coughed awkwardly. “I’ll go start on breakfast.”

Kuroko slipped into the kitchen silently twenty minutes later and wrapped himself around Taiga like a snake.

It made Kagami roll his eyes and pat him on the hand which was gripping his shirt.

“Watch out for the oil.”

There was a nod, a yawn and then a slump.

Taiga snorted.

Seems like someone else didn’t get much sleep this time around.

Chapter Text

Tetsuya was walking out of the bathroom when the door to the apartment opened suddenly and a dirty and bloody Kagami walked inside.

“Hi.” He said and winced when he bumped into the cabinet in the hall.

“Sorry I’m late.” He said and shrugged off his shoes and his firefighter jacket. After a moment of debating if he should hang the dirty piece of clothing on the rack he turned to Tetsuya.

“I think this needs to be cleaned.”

Tetsuya stood there, mouth hanging open in shock. He wasn’t expecting to see Kagami before he went to bed. He supposed he would be back very late at night, maybe even just a few hours before dawn.

Three hours ago, Taiga texted him that they were being called to an emergency and although Tetsuya was a bit anxious he knew what was going on. He purposely didn’t turn on any news. He was calm. He was fine.

But apparently Kagami wasn’t.

“Hey. You okay?” Kagami asked and moved forward. He winced and sighed in pain.

Tetsuya wasn’t often rendered speechless but it seemed this was one of those rare moments.

“Why are you here?” He finally said.

Taiga looked mildly offended.

“It’s my home?”

“No, I mean.” He stooped and swallowed. “You should be in the emergency room.” He finally snapped out of his shock and grabbed Kagami’s hand.

“Where are we going?”

“Hospital?!” Tetsuya knew that his voice was slightly shaking, but he didn’t care.  

“What?” Kagami was thinking slower than usual which often happened after a stressful shift.

“No.” He said and halted Kuroko. “No, I don’t need to. I got patched up see?” He lifted his shirt and showed a bunch of messy gauze and band aid, some with dark spots.

Kuroko’s eyes went comically wide and Taiga wanted to laugh.

Tetsuya grabbed Kagami by the hand again and dragged him to the bedroom.

“Strip.” He ordered and disappeared into the bathroom.

Kagami shrugged and did how he was told, but winced and groaned all the while. He didn’t know taking off a shirt would be so strenuous.

Kuroko came back in a matter of seconds with a huge red box which Taiga recognized as a first (or maybe was it second or even third) aid kit.

“What do you have there? A whole pharmacy?”

Tetsuya didn’t look at him when he was answering.

“Hardly. Let’s hope it will be enough.”

He prepared fresh gauze and band aids, antiseptic and cotton to clean the wounds.

He took off the used dressing as gently as he could, but it turned out most of them covered bruises and the blood mostly came from Kagami’s shirt rather than any wounds which meant it wasn’t his.

Kagami had some smaller cuts which after examining were cleaned and patched well, but the person who was doing that missed a few.

“Who did this?” Tetsuya asked while cleaning the remaining few cuts.

“The guys.” Taiga winced when the covered in antiseptic cotton touched his shoulder.

“Why didn’t you go to the emergency.”

Kagami shrugged.

“Didn’t have time.”

“Don’t lie.”

Taiga sighed but remained silent. Tetsuya didn’t push.

“There was a fire at some big hall or a garage downtown.” He started while Tetsuya was slowly patching him up.

“Some kids decided to make a bon fire I guess.”

Kuroko didn’t interrupt.

“We got called around eight.” Tetsuya nodded to himself. It was around that time he got the text from Kagami. “We managed to control the fire around ten.”

“One of the kids said he forgot something. He went back. Somehow no one noticed him as he was sneaking back.”

“So, I went after him. But of course- ouch.” He Kagami winced when Kuroko pressed the gauze a bit too hard.”

“Sorry.” He muttered.

“Anyway. Of course, he got stuck in some metal construction. I tried to get him out, but then more of the stuff collapsed.” He paused and looked at Tetsuya whose hands stopped working.


“Alive. But his leg got damaged. I dragged him out and that’s why I was so bloody.” Kagami laughed and then coughed.

“You really should have-“

“Yeah, yeah I know.” Kagami interrupted him. “Anyway, everyone is well and alive. You don’t have to worry. I went home, because I was tired.”

Tetsuya sighed and finished wrapping Kagami’s forearm.

“Do you need to go to work tomorrow?”

“Nah. I got two next days off to ‘heal’.”

“Good. Because we’re going to the emergency.”

“What? Why? I’m fine?”

“You have smoke in your lungs.”

Kagami grimaced.

“Fine.” He muttered and Tetsuya took out a cooling gel from the kit.

“For the bruises.” He said and gently massaged the gel into Kagami’s skin. He sighed when he felt the relief Tetsuya’s fingers always brought.

“Fine.” Kagami repeated a lot less unhappy and Tetsuya smiled a bit. He massaged his shoulders since those were the most tense and Kagami grunted and then slumped forward nose nesting between the space between Kuroko’s neck and collarbone.

Kuroko let him, even if Kagami was a bit heavy he didn’t mind supporting him like this.

Tetsuya sighed and wrapped his arms gently around Kagami’s shoulders but it was still enough pressure to make him wince.


“Sorry.” Tetsuya said and relaxed his hold.

“No, you’re not.” Kagami snorted and lifted himself from the crook of Kuroko’s neck.

Kuroko raised an eyebrow.

“I am all bruised and you are laughing.”

“I am not.” Kuroko said but there was laughter in his voice. Mostly it was relief, because Kagami despite being bruised and tired and looking well terrible, with cuts all over, was alive and mostly well.

Kagami gave him an are you serious look.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know you were so sensitive. Do you want me to kiss your bruises better?” Tetsuya teased, to distract them both (but mostly himself) from the intrusive thoughts, but he was taken a back when Kagami didn’t got embarrassed but lifted his chin stubbornly and narrowed his eyes.


Tetsuya paused.



Kuroko blinked and gave Kagami a sort of fond and a sort of amused look.

He lifted his hand and pressed a kiss to his bruised knuckles. Kagami looked at him curiously, face slightly red but he didn’t tell him to stop or that he was embarrassing. Tetsuya suspected he got stuffed with painkillers at the station. They were starting to wear off so the pain was back but his brain was still dulled and he was also tired.

Or maybe he’d gotten more resistant to Tetsuya’s teasing.

Whatever it was it encouraged him to press a kiss to the first bruise visible on Kagami’s forearm.

Tetsuya was as gentle as possible and pressed another kiss to Kagami’s biceps where he had a big, purple bruise. The muscle under it jumped and he muttered an apology.

Kagami’s chest was littered in small scratched and Kuroko kissed each of them before he moved to the other arm, brushed each yellow and green bruise however small or big and then moved to Kagami’s shoulders which seemed to be in pretty bad shape but Tetsuya was as careful as he could.

He could feel Kagami stiffening when he found a small scratch behind his left ear and nosed it gently, before he pressed the last kiss to the lobe of Kagami’s ear.

“There all better.” He said.

Kagami grabbed him by the shoulders, arms which were lax just moments ago wrapping tightly around Kuroko’s waist and he kissed him roughly.  

Kuroko made a muffled sound of surprise (though he shouldn’t really), then relaxed and kissed back.

“There was no bruise there.” He said panting after the kiss was over.

“I had a split lip.” Kagami retorted.

“When?” Tetsuya raised an eyebrow.

“Last week.”

Kuroko laughed shortly which was swallowed by Kagami in the next moment and he was tumbled down to the bed. He tried being mindful of Kagami’s bruises and only ran his hands through Kagami’s hair, scratching his scalp which he knew Kagami liked a lot.

But when Kagami moved a bit and Kuroko wanted to adjust him better he put a hand on the small of his back and Kagami yelped in pain.

“Ow, ow, ow not there.” He said and panted. Kuroko looked at him for a moment and felt guilty.

What am I doing. He thought, angry with himself.

Kagami sighed.

“Kay, I’m good. C’mere.”

“No.” Tetsuya said and covered Kagami’s mouth with his hand.

“What?” Kagami mumbled from behind his palm.

“Let me see.” Kuroko said and squirmed from under Kagami. He moved behind him and felt as if all the blood from his head drained.

Kagami had a big, huge angular, multicolored bruise running over his back. Kuroko felt weak at the sight.

Kagami looked over his shoulder.

“I uh, didn’t tell you everything.”

Kuroko wanted to be mad at Kagami. He acted uncharacteristically stupid and reckless. It happened in the past that he got badly bruised but he would always let himself be patched up at the emergency and would text Tetsuya about it.

Tetsuya swallowed.

“I’ll go get the cooling pads.”

There were just enough of then to cover the bruise. He told Kagami to put on his shirt and sleep on his stomach for the night.

After he covered him with a blanket and cleaned up the remains of the instant emergency room it was way past one, but Tetsuya couldn’t sleep.

Kagami seemed to be out, so he slipped into bed with him and turned on only the bedside table lamp and picked up a book.

He managed to read a few sentences, when he felt Kagami stir next to him.

He mumbled something and groped with his hand.

He found Kuroko’s palm, grabbed it and pressed to his forehead.

“Don’t be mad.” He slurred half of sleep and half because of pain and painkillers.

“I’m not mad.”

“You are.”

Tetsuya sighed and put away the book.

“Yes. You should have stayed at the emergency room.”

Kagami was silent for a while and then he opened one eye.

“I wanted to see you.”

Tetsuya was silent, his mouth moved for a moment before he could produce more words.

“You would, anyway.”

Kagami was silent, before he sighed and opened both eyes.

“I got the kid out of the hall.” He said and paused. “And then I went back to see if there was no one else. Standard procedure.”

Tetsuya nodded despite himself.

“The fire was under control. There was only smoke. I couldn’t see for a moment.” He continued and blinked sleepily like a cat. “I bumped into something. Railing dropped on me and hit me in the back.”

Tetsuya felt the hand that Kagami was holding grip for a moment.

“I blacked out for a moment, maybe five seconds. I got dragged out by the guys.”

“And you didn’t go to the emergency. That was very stupid of you.” Tetsuya said and tried not to make his voice shake.

“That was a calculated risk. It could happen to any of the crew.” He said and yawned and both of them fell silent.

“You know why I didn’t wanna stay at the emergency?”

Because you wanted to see me. Tetsuya didn’t say that. He felt like Kagami wanted to add more.

“I saw you. After I black out. I saw you.” He said and squeezed his hand back. “It was…” He trailed off and never finished his thought.

“So, when I realized I didn’t have anything broken, I decided to get home as fast as possible. The guys dropped me off.”

Tetsuya felt relief that Kagami at least didn’t have a genius idea to take a cab or public transport.

“Okay.” Tetsuya said, voice shaky. “So, you have. Now sleep and don’t turn. Tomorrow we are going to the emergency.”

Taiga gave him a small smile which felt like a ray of warm sunshine. He raised the hand he was still holding to his lips and kissed it and then turned it to press a kiss to his palm.

Tetsuya rubbed the bag under Kagami’s eye, wordlessly telling him to sleep.

Kagami did. And didn’t let go of his hand for a while.

Chapter Text

“When I was little I wanted to be an astronaut.”

Kagami paused with chopsticks near his face and mouth hanging open when Kuroko spoke out of the blue.

“Uh, Okay?” He put the eggroll in his mouth and chewed. “And?”

“It’s a secret.” Kuroko said seriously with a hint of a pout, a little ticked off that he had to explain these things to Kagami. “I am sharing it with you.”

“Uh, Okay. It’s safe with me?” He said unsurely of what Kuroko wanted to hear from him.

“Thank you. I appreciate it.” He said seriously.

Taiga hummed and went back to eating his lunch. After a minute he noticed that Kuroko was still staring at him.


Kuroko frowned.

“You’re supposed to return the favor.”

Kagami looked puzzled.

“Share a secret.”

Kagami stared at Kuroko for long that the piece of meat fell off his chopsticks back into his bento box.

“W-what?” He sputtered.  “I mean uh, what secret? I don’t have any.” He covered his outburst quickly and put more food in his mouth.

Kuroko watched him like a hawk.


“Yeah. I’m an open book!” He said a bit louder than he intended. “But seriously.” He shrugged. “I don’t have any interesting secrets.”

“Mine wasn’t particularly interesting.” Kuroko retorted.  “It wasn’t the point.”

“Then what was? You’re so pushy with this what gives?”

“Nothing.” Kuroko said and closed his empty bento box. “It is in good faith to share a secret for a secret. It’s like a bonding experience.”

Kagami observed him cautiously.

“I didn’t ask to be included in it.”

“That may be so, but you are now.”

Kagami sighed.

“Fine. I’m afraid of spiders.”

Kuroko studied his face closely.

“You’re a very bad liar.”

Kagami felt his ears turn red.

“It wasn’t a lie!”

“I know for a fact that it was. You are not afraid of spiders.”

Kagami huffed and scowled.

“There surely must be something that you don’t want anyone to know. Something that you keep very close to yourself. Something that you want to keep even from me.”

Kagami ate in silence, trying to ignore Kuroko’s words.

There was. Oh, there was a thing. A very special thing that Kagami wanted to keep a secret even from Kuroko. Mostly because it involved him. Because he very much believed that if it somehow got out, it would ruin everything.

After a moment of silence, Kuroko sighed and shook his head.

“Alright. If you won’t tell me something, I will have to renounce my position as your shadow.”

“What?” Kagami sputtered around his rice and coughed.

Kuroko waited patiently for him to get his breathing under control.

“Why is this so important to you?” He grumbled when he could speak again.

Kuroko just stared at him.

Kagami felt himself sweat under this gaze.

Did he really mean it? But if he admitted that would fuck up everything. He needed to think of something that would-

Kuroko chuckled suddenly and Kagami sharply looked up.

“Kagami-kun, you look like you’re about to explode.”

Taiga blinked a few times.

“I was joking.”



“I’m sorry, but it’s so easy to get under your skin and rile you up.” Kuroko admitted. “Forgive me.”

Kagami didn’t understand.

“You don’t have to tell me any secrets if you don’t want to.”

“You.” Kagami said slowly. “Are awful.”

Kuroko smiled serenely and Taiga felt his stupid heart skip a beat.

He finished his lunch in silence, while Kuroko read his book.

He observed his partner with a mix of annoyance, relief and a strange sort of fondness for his out of the blue teasing.

“By the way Kagami-kun.” Kuroko said when they were walking down the stairs from the roof. “If you do want to tell me something in secrecy, it will be safe with me.”

Kagami looked at Kuroko in silence. He knew that. It was just that he couldn’t really share this one. Not with Kuroko. Not that he wanted to tell anyone else. It was best being buried under twenty layers of denial and paranoia and it should stay that way.

“So, if you like someone and –“

Kagami almost fell down the stairs.

“W-what does that have to do with anything!?” He yelled. Kuroko simply blinked.

“Well, I was just giving an example, but I see I hit a nerve.”

Kagami felt his face turn red.

He wanted to deny but the words wouldn’t leave his mouth. Besides he was a lousy liar and Kuroko would know in a matter of seconds, just like before.

Kuroko looked at him expectantly and Kagami was begging to feel as if he was drowning in quicksand. This was teetering on a dangerous territory.

“Right.” He finally said.

Kuroko nodded.

“Just so you know.” He assured him once again.

Kagami exhaled.

“Though.” He said and Kuroko stopped and looked back at him. “I have one thing to say.”

“Yes?” Kuroko turned fully.

“If we waste more time we will be late for class.”

Kuroko looked at him for a moment, closed his eyes and sighed deeply. Kagami thought he looked a bit disappointed.

But then he opened his eyes and smiled at Kagami.


Chapter Text

Kagami’s eyes are hurting from how hard he is rolling them.

“Oh.” Kuroko says in his fake surprise which he doesn’t even try to play up as he collides with Kagami’s chest when the train stops at a station.

He has been at this since the boarded and Kagami feels completely and utterly done.

Kuroko is capable of not losing his balance so easily and besides all the stops aren’t even that abrupt and he should barely even move.

Bur here they are, because Kuroko decided that he was in a playful mood and wanted to…whatever that was. Tease Kagami? Annoy him? Whoever knew.

“I’m sorry, Taiga-kun. I just can’t seem to keep my balance.” Kuroko says when he bumps into Kagami again then pulls away with a glint in his eyes.

Taiga should have known to stay silent and let Kuroko get bored with his little flirting tactic (because that was what it was according to Kuroko), but Kagami was very weak when it came to not responding to Kuroko in the first place and he just had to say something.

“Hold on to something then!”  

Kagami saw how Kuroko caught his words and his eyes widened for just a faction and his lips quirked upwards.

“Excellent idea.” He said and to Kagami’s shock wrapped his arms around his middle.

“Wha-H-hey!” Kagami sputtered and felt his neck go hot.

“I am holding onto something.” He explained simply with a fake innocent look. Kagami glared at him but then simply sighed. There was a railing just next to him. But of course, Kuroko had to be Kuroko.

Kagami sneaked a glance around the cart, but there were barely any people there, all too engrossed in their smartphones and tablets and newspapers and even in their dreams.

Kagami shrugged. There were way weirder things to see on a late-night train than a pair of boys snuggling (kind of) and Kagami was a witness himself to some of them.

No one cared.

Kagami relaxed for a moment and decided to ignore Kuroko as payback for his teasing, but that proved to be difficult since he decided to rest his head on his chest, just under his chin so his soft hair tickled his skin.

Kagami straightened and turned his head away, but that proved to not be enough when Kuroko started to nip at the pockets of his jacket and the one hand which was wrapped around his waist was gently skimming his spine through his t-shirt. It was barely there, but Kagami went rigid.

He opened his mouth to tell him to stop his dicking around, when the train stopped suddenly at another station and without any warning a literal flood of people filled the wagon.

Despite his size, Kagami didn’t stand a chance with the mob which started pushing him backwards.

“Woha.” He instinctively wrapped his arms around Kuroko’s waist and held him tighter, afraid that the human current would snatch him away.

Which was probably a reasonable concern.

They ended in a far corner of the cart, squeezed by the mass of people.

And only now, Kuroko decided he didn’t want to cling to Kagami.

“What are you doing?” He asked when Kuroko tried to wriggle out of his hold.

Kuroko looked up at him and Kagami finally saw his pink cheeks.

“Wait.” Kagami said when the train left the station. “Are you embarrassed?” He laughed at the absurdity of the situation.

Kuroko didn’t say anything but pouted and tried to use the little space he had to move away from Kagami.

Taiga snorted and held him tighter.

“Please let me go.” Kuroko said weakly.

Kagami looked at him and made a show or considering.

“Nah.” He said with a grin. “You’re stuck with me.”

Kuroko huffed and looked away, seemingly angry and Kagami shook his head.

How was it that he could do and say things which made Kagami feel like his heart would jump from his chest, but when Kagami did something similar he acted like, well that.

Taiga hummed and rested his cheek on Kuroko’s head. From his position he could only see the pink tips of his ears.

Well, it didn’t matter.

Because he absolutely deserved it.

Chapter Text

Kuroko sneezed when Kagami opened the door and then pushed him inside.

“Okay. You. Shower. Now.” He ordered while pulling the light jacket off of Kuroko’s shoulders.

Neither of them expected to be caught in a serious snow storm while going out to the grocery store. Kuroko wore a thin overcoat instead of his regular winter coat like he normally would. The blizzard (because it seriously felt like it) came out of nowhere and after they reached Kagami’s apartment (somehow) they were both wet, cold and miserable.

Kuroko sneezed again.

“What about you?” He asked while pulling off his shoes.

“Hm?” Kagami asked distracted as he hung up their coats to dry. “What about me?”

“You’re soaked too.” Kuroko pointed out.

It was true. Kuroko might have been hit harder, but it didn’t mean Kagami was speared by the weather.

“I’ll go after you.” He said and moved to the kitchen area to prepare the tea.

Kuroko frowned.

“You’ll catch a cold.” He followed him.

Kagami sighed, while pulling out a kettle.

“I’ll be fine.”

“You should take a shower as well.” Kuroko pressed.

“Yeah, I will. But you need it more. Now go.” He said and pushed him gently out of the kitchen.

Kuroko frowned more but didn’t budge.

Kagami sighed.

“Then what? I’m not letting you walk home like this?” He pointed to his whole wet frame. “I’m not going to be responsible for your pneumonia.” He said and turned back to the stove.

Kuroko caught his wrist and pulled.


Kuroko was silent for a moment and then his already flushed form the cold cheeks went a bit darker.

“What?” Kagami repeated and put down the kettle.

“Let’s shower together.”

Kagami blinked, thinking that he misheard, but Kuroko gave him a stubborn look accompanied by the now vivid blush.

“W-what?!” He finally sputtered and felt that his own face went crimson. “You mean together as in you and me?” He realized after he said it, how dumb it sounded, but Kuroko didn’t mock him. He only nodded.

“But we-“ He paused, because he really couldn’t find a reason they couldn’t. Not really.

He didn’t say yes or no, but he let Kuroko pull him into the bathroom in the end.

“It’s not too hot?”

Kagami jumped when Kuroko’s quite voice cut through the sound of the running water and bounced off the tile walls.

“What?” Kagami asked and wiped his face when droplets got into his eyes.

“The water.” Kuroko repeated and Kagami heard a brief shifting behind him. “It’s not too hot?”

“N-no.” Kagami said, focusing his gaze on the door of the shower stall. “It’s fine.”

Kuroko made a humming noise and went quiet.

Kagami closed his eyes and tried to not die.

They went into the cabin at least five minutes ago. Kagami turned on the water and then they both promptly turned away from each other.

The warm water will run out soon and all this will be pointless. Kagami thought and swallowed, before he started turning back.

Unfortunately, Kuroko had the same idea an also started to turn.

He bumped into Kagami, who slipped and lost his balance. Fortunately, he fell forward and not backwards so no damage to their small shower was caused.

Kagami balanced his weight on one hand which pressed to the wet, cold wall, while he instinctively wrapped the other around Kuroko.

“You okay?” He asked and looked down to check on the other boy.

Immediately, when their eyes met he looked up, remembering why this was a bad idea in the first place.

It was weird, while it shouldn’t. Kagami and Kuroko were teammates long before they were friends and dating and that meant they showered next to each other countless of times. And it wasn’t like they did it on purpose but they saw each other in their birthday suits and neither batted an eye.

But…yeah this was different.

And so far, Kagami wasn’t sure it was a good thing.

“I’m fine.” Kuroko said. He then hesitated. “You can let go of me now.”

“O-oh. Right.” Kagami said and removed his hand from Kuroko’s waist, trying to not focus on the feel of skin under his fingertips.

When their eyes met again, Kagami stubbornly looked at the space above Kuroko’s head.

And then he shivered.

Right. Water.

He sighed and tried to move away from the spray, but there wasn’t a lot of place to go.

Kuroko turned it off and looked at Kagami. Droplets fell from the tips of his hair.

“I think we should move to the bathtub.”

The bath was also not made for two people to use it, but they managed somehow and at least they were warm.

And it was slightly less awkward that way. But only slightly.


“Hm?” Kagami said and looked up from where he had his head tipped backwards. Kuroko sat at the other side of the bathtub with water up to his chin.

“Do you find me repulsive?”

Kagami stared at Kuroko for a longer while, his brain working slower due to the warm water and the whole shower fiasco from before.

“What?” He said finally and winced when his loud voice bounced off the walls. Kuroko didn’t even flinch.

“What the hell are you say-oh.” Kagami stopped himself when he realized. Kuroko blinked a few times, and then looked down at the water.

Kagami sighed and pushed his hair back.

“This didn’t work how I imagined it.” Kuroko muttered to himself. He sounded miffed and annoyed and Kagami couldn’t help but laugh a bit.

“Yeah….Sorry. It just…it caught me off guard I guess.” He shrugged and the water around him rippled. “You’re not-“ He made a gesture towards Kuroko. “You know. It-it’s actually the opposite. And uh-“ He stopped rabbling when Kuroko’s already flushed cheeks went darker.

“Oh. I see.” He dipped half of his face under water.

“I’m sorry.” He said after a longer moment. “I should have asked.”

Kagami shrugged.

“It’s cool. I mean, it should be normal, with all the locker room showers and all, but I guess I’m just a weirdo.”

Kuroko gave him a small smile.

“That means we just have to get used to it.”

Kagami nodded.

“I guess.”

They lounged in the warm water for another few minutes when Kuroko decided it was enough for him.

“I’m getting out.”

“Okay.” Kagami said nonchalantly, but then he almost choked on air when Kuroko pulled himself out of the bath and Kagami had a perfect view of basically everything there was to see.

He quickly averted his gaze and glared at the water, his face flaming like a torch.

He didn’t look up when Kuroko dried off, got dressed and walked out of the bathroom.

How am I supposed to get used to this in the first place?! He thought frantically.

When the door closed behind him with a soft click, Kagami bit his lip and dove right under the surface.

Maybe if he was lucky he’d drown.

Chapter Text

Every other week when there was time for it, the team would organize an outing to strengthen their ‘bond’ and do something not basketball related.

So far, they were to the movies, hang out at Kagami’s place and ate all his food, visited Kuroko’s home, played board games at Kiyoshi’s grandparent’s home and were needlessly tortured by Riko’s dad at his gym.

At first Kagami wasn’t sure that what they were doing had sense – why waste time at not playing basketball? But after a few such outings he understood and looked forward to them. They were teammates sure, but they were also friends and more than just club obligations kept them together.

Except for some activities.

“What’s wrong Kagami-kun?”

Kuroko asked from where he was walking beside Kagami and Taiga stiffened at the sudden question.

“Nothing’s wrong!” He answered too quickly, while Kuroko simply looked at him.

“Yes, there is.”

Kagami made a face and then he leaned forward to say under his breath.

“I can’t skate.” He admitted shamefully and looked away.

Kuroko hummed beside him.

“Then why did you agree?”

It was Kiyoshi’s idea, since it was his turn to pick a thing to do together and they could vote on it.

Apparently, everyone at his team knew how to skate or were enthusiastic enough to try it.

Everyone, except Kagami.

Kagami snorted.

“I didn’t want to be the odd one out.” He sneaked a look at his friend.

Kuroko looked like he was contemplating something.

“They didn’t have ice rinks in Los Angeles?”

Kagami sighed.

“They probably did, but I never had to go there.” He shrugged. “So, I never learned.”

Kuroko frowned to himself.

“It’s cool. I’ll just watch you guys.”

“No.” Kuroko said suddenly.

“No?” Kagami was confused.

“Don’t worry Kagami-kun.” Kuroko said and gave him a small smile. “I skate just fine, so I’ll teach you.” He said and then Riko announced that they arrived at the place.



“Do you need help?”

Kagami dropped the skate he was about to put on his foot and he almost slipped. It was a miracle they even had his size at the ice rink. Too bad it wasn’t as easy to get basketball shoes in this country, Kagami thought bitterly.

“No!” He turned to Kuroko and snapped. “And I think I told you to not do that.”

Kuroko shrugged.

“It’s not like I can just turn it off.”

Kagami grumbled and went back to putting on and tying his ice skates.

He managed to stand up, without falling and he made the short way from the benches to the actual ice.

“Okay.” He said when stood before Kuroko who was moving confidently on the ice and waiting patiently for him to get ready. “Now what?”

“Now you should get on the ice, Kagami-kun.” Kuroko teased with a tilt of his mouth and stepped a bit back to give him room.

Kagami eyed the ice with distrust.

He put his foot on the ice and immediately slipped and almost feel, face first on the hard ice.

“Goddamn it.” He grumbled under his breath, face and neck going hot. Great. Just great.

Kuroko didn’t laugh. He helped him get back up on his feet.

“M’fine.” Kagami said and shook Kuroko’s hands off him.


Taiga looked at Kuroko and saw his outstretched hands and then looked at his face.

“Hold my hands. I’ll guide you.”

“Uh.” Kagami wanted to object, because he wasn’t a kid and because well…he couldn’t just hold Kuroko’s hand like that.

But Kuroko was insistent. He grabbed Kagami’s hands himself and pulled him to the ice.

He thought he was ready for humiliation but was he wrong.

His legs were shaking as if he was a newborn faun, as he was being pulled forward by Kuroko and he was probably crushing his hands with how hard he was gripping them.

But Kuroko didn’t complain.

“That’s good Kagami-kun.” He said suddenly. “You’re doing great.”

“Yeah right.” Kagami grumbled and slipped, but Kuroko held him up so he somehow didn’t fall.

Kuroko chuckled. “I’ll go a bit faster now, aright?”

Kagami nodded and braced himself. Kuroko pulled him forward and after a moment he relaxed a bit.

“You need to bend your knees. Yes, like this.” Kagami looked down at their feet. When Kuroko slowed down again, he kicked his foot without being prompted.

He looked up and Kuroko gave him a small grin, which for some reason made Kagami’s ears go hot.

They moved at a snail’s pace and Kagami could hear his team’s laughs and ‘cheers’ whenever they passed some of them, but he tuned them out. He was at least glad the ice rink wasn’t crowned, aside from a few people.

Suddenly they came to a stop.

Kagami looked at Kuroko curiously and noted how rosy his cheeks were and how he was slightly panting.

“Now.” Kuroko said and sighed when he caught some of his breath. “Now, Kagami-kun, you pull me.”

Kagami blinked.

“Oh, uh. Okay.” He gripped Kuroko’s hands and bit his lip in concentration. “Okay, here goes.” He moved his legs backwards, trying to imitate how Kuroko did it just moments before.

And it worked at first.

“Oh!” Kagami looked surprised when he was able to skate backwards. Kuroko laughed.

“See? It’s not that hard.”

Kagami looked at Kuroko and then away and tried to focus on moving his legs.

“It’s mostly muscle memory.” He explained. “Like when you do drills. It takes getting used to.”

Kagami nodded as they finished the first lap and started another one.

Just then when Kagami relaxed enough to not think about falling on his ass and making a spectacle and could focus on other things. The small whips of wind on his face, the chill of ice, some of the people passing them by.

And, unfortunately, on Kuroko’s hands.

It’s not something Kagami wanted to dwell on, but he just couldn’t help it!

He never touched Kuroko like this. Hell, he only hugged him once, and that was when they won the winter cup, despite them being pretty physical with each other, even for Japan’s standards.

He always knew that, but now when he was clutching at Kuroko’s hands, he realized just how strong his grip was. There were calluses on his hands and fingers, but he knew that the skin on his knuckles was smooth.

But most importantly, his hands were warm, which was surprising, since Kuroko was often a bit colder than Kagami thought healthy, and he could feel it when their knuckles brushed when they fist-bumped.

What the hell am I thinking about. He scolded himself and hoped he hid his blush against his scarf.


Fuck. He panicked. Kuroko probably thought he was a weirdo now.

“Kagami-kun.” Kuroko’s voice was a bit louder.

Kagami looked up. Kuroko looked a bit panicked.


“Watch ou-“ He didn’t finish, because just then Kagami bumped into someone, slipped and fell on the ice, not managing to keep himself upright.

“Owwww.” He groaned. He hit his shoulder and it hurt.

And just then he realized, he pulled Kuroko with him, because he didn’t manage to free his hands from Kagami’s grip.

Kagami sat up suddenly when he realized what a compromising position they were in. He could hear loud laughter in the background.

Kuroko was rubbing his nose which he jammed straight into Kagami’s collarbone.

“I’m sorry Kagami-kun. I tried to warn you.”

Kagami grimaced.

“Sorry, I got distracted.”

Kuroko blinked at him.

“By what?”

Kagami looked away and shrugged.

The other boy sighed and stood up effortlessly. Their team was still laughing in the distance, but it didn’t seem to bother Kuroko in the least.


Taiga looked up and saw that Kuroko reached his hand to help Kagami up. He looked at him for a moment before he shook his head and grabbed the railing above his head.

“Thanks.” He grumbled when he managed to get up. “I got this.”

When he was ‘skating’ back to the benches, he tried to pretend that the look on Kuroko’s face was simply annoyance and not actually hurt.



“Sorry for that.”

Kuroko looked up at Kagami who was holding out a cup of hot chocolate.

“For what?” He asked and took the cup from him.

Taiga sat next to Kuroko on the bench and took a sip of his own drink and then promptly grimaced at the over sugared taste.

“Uh, where to start.”

The other boy chuckled next to him and Taiga’s lips also quirked in a smile.

They sat in relative silence, nursing their hot drinks and watching their team have a blast on the ice rink.

Kuroko was still wearing his skates, while Taiga already changed into normal shoes.

“Hey. You like skating that much?”

Kuroko looked down at his feet and then up at Kagami.

“I don’t know if it’s much, but I have fond memories from when I came here with my parents.”


Taiga took another sip.

“Did you come here with your weird ass middle school friends?”

Kuroko laughed under his breath.

“No. Unfortunately. Akashi-kun and the coach wouldn’t let us waste time like that.” He sounded a bit wistful for a moment.

“I see.” Kagami said and took a sip of his drink and forced himself to swallow.

Kuroko was sipping slowly, seemingly content with everything.

“So, uh.” Kagami played with the paper cup. “Sorry for being so crap at this. I didn’t mean to…you know.”

“It’s alright.” Kuroko drank the rest of his chocolate. “It’s true that you aren’t Olympics material, but I’ve seen worse. I’ve done worse.”

“Right.” Kagami nodded and looked sideways at the boy next to him.

“So, if you…if you’re still up for that, and we come here again, you’re okay with teaching me again? I promise not to get distracted and bump into anything, fall down and drag you with me.”

Kuroko hummed, as if he was considering.

“Do you mean, you and me?”

Kagami opened his mouth and froze for a moment.

“I meant the whole team, but that works too I guess?”

Kuroko was silent for a moment, turning the paper cup in his hands.

“Alright.” He said finally. “Let’s come here together.”

“Okay.” Kagami said and exhaled.

For some reason, this simple friendly future outing made him really excited.

Wonder why.

Chapter Text

“Hey.” Kagami grabbed Kuroko’s arm, just when he was about to leave his apartment.

Kuroko looked back and blinked in surprise.

“Is something wrong?”

Kagami mulled the words over for a moment.

“It’s late.”

“Yes.” Kuroko said and tried to gently escape Kagami’s hold. “That’s why I’m leaving.”

Kagami instinctively tightened his grip around Kuroko’s biceps.

“Stay.” He said and had to lick his lips and clear his suddenly dry throat. “I have a futon.”

Kuroko turned around and looked at Kagami closely.


Kagami opened his mouth, but he didn’t really know what to say. He could try and explain that he was feeling…on the edge. He’d probably won’t be able to sleep, because of Kuroko’s story. Because of how it made him feel. Like he was ready to go play twenty rounds against Aomine and Murasakibara at once, but also weary and tired.

He wouldn’t be able to find any solace in dreams because of how it made Kuroko feel too. So exhausted and resigned.

You’re an idiot Taiga. He thought to himself. You didn’t know each other back then.

And it really was late and cold outside. Kuroko didn’t live that far, but it would still take him at least thirty minutes to get home by foot, and Kagami had this annoying worry in his gut, that just didn’t want to go away.

Kuroko was big boy and he could take care of himself, that he knew. But he also knew he wanted to make sure he was fine.

He closed his mouth and just shrugged.

Kuroko sighed and shook his head, before he took off his shoes and took out his phone.

“I’ll get you a towel.” Kagami said and disappeared in the hallway.

Kuroko said he could sleep on the couch, but Kagami insisted on the futon.

He knew, he was being ridiculous and Kuroko was getting suspicious about this shift in mood, but he didn’t say anything.

They took turns to shower and change and soon they were laying in the dark. Kagami on his bed and Kuroko on the spread-out futon.

And of course, Kagami couldn’t sleep.

Not only because of what Kuroko told them, not only because there was very important, if not the mostimportant game, in the afternoon, but also because now Kuroko was filling his room with his soft breathing and shifting of the blankets.

Kagami looked at the celling, feeling that he should say more, but not really knowing what. Everything that appeared in his head sounded awkward or imposing. He didn’t want to hear it wasn’t his business, but he also didn’t want for Kuroko think that Kagami thought he was weak or helpless.

He sighed and closed his eyes. He figured the only thing to do was to win tomorrow.

Kagami opened his eyes when he heard a sniffle.

For a moment it was quiet but then he heard it again.

“Kuroko?” He looked at the other boy, but he was laying on his side, his back backing to Kagami.

Taiga sighed.

“I know you’re not sleeping.”

Kuroko let out another sniffle and shifted a bit under the blanket and he fell silent.

After few minutes Kagami thought Kuroko was actually sleeping, but then he saw a slight shaking of Kuroko’s shoulders.  

“Hey.” He reached out with his hand and shook Kuroko. “Don’t tell me you’re sick.” It wasn’t out of the realm of possibilities, since they stayed out late and it was the winter and fuck, Kuroko got cold so easily, but of course he wouldn’t say anything or ask for another blanket.

“No.” Kuroko said wetly and turned around and Kagami’s eyes bulged out of his skull.

“W-why are you crying?”

“I’m sorry.” He wiped his face. “I tried holding it back, but it just didn’t…work.”

Kagami gaped at Kuroko for a long moment.

“Don’t tell me you made yourself sad while talking about middle school.” He tentatively tried with a joke that would distract him.

Kuroko laughed suddenly, voice a choked a bit and a few fresh tears rolled down his face.

“A little.” He said with a heavy sigh. “It’s been…a very long day.” He said and smiled at Kagami. Taiga thought the smile was supposed to be reassuring, but it looked more forced than anything.

“But it also made me feel really happy.”

Happy? Kagami thought confused. There wasn’t anything happy about Kuroko’s story.

“When you said that you always thought of us as friends.” He finished in a whisper.


“I know you were meant the whole team.” He sniffed. “But I couldn’t help and feel like you were talking about us.”

That’s because I was. Kagami thought. At the back of his mind at least. He spoke for the whole team, but the more he analyzed what he meant the more he realized he meant them specifically.

“Come here.” He said suddenly and lifted the covers. Kuroko blinked.

“I’m fine here. I’m not cold. Really.”

“Doesn’t matter. Get in here.” He said and moved back to the wall. Kuroko hesitated but then sat up on the futon and after wiping his face, crawled under the covers with Kagami.

He gently laid down on his side, facing Taiga.

Kagami watched how Kuroko got comfortable, laid his cheek on the pillow and how the pillow case stuck to his damp skin.

Kagami got as comfortable as he could on his suddenly small bed. It wasn’t meant for two people, that much was apparent.

“It’s a little crammed.” Kuroko said what Kagami was thinking.

“It’s fine.” He grunted in response and covered them both with his duvet.

Instead of sleeping they just laid there looking at each other. Kuroko searched Kagami’s face for a long moment, but Kagami didn’t know if he found what he was looking for.

Taiga closed his eyes, wanting to finally get some sleep, but he suddenly felt Kuroko shift and get more into his space.

He saw one wet eye peering up at him when he looked down.

He could tell him to move, to turn around or to go back to the futon.

Instead his embraced him.

There was a bit of shifting, before Kuroko got under his chin and almost snuggled. Kagami tentatively put one arm around his waist and waited, but nothing happened. Kuroko didn’t push him away.

He exhaled and looked down. Suddenly Kuroko was also looking at him, his eyes mostly dry now, but a faint red rim around them a proof of his tears.

Kuroko’s hand made a first under his own chin, while Kagami put a hand on Kuroko’s head and realized again how nice to the touch his hair was.

Kuroko’s mouth was warm bit salty from his tears and he pressed his lips together so tightly it almost felt as if he was forcing himself.

But he was the one who kissed Taiga.

“Good night.” He said after that.

“Night.” Kagami said and unexpectedly fell asleep.

They ate breakfast in silence.

It wasn’t awkward though, more like they both understood that they each had things they needed to think through before they could say something.

When Kagami woke, he thought he dreamed about Kuroko crawling into his bed and then kissing him, but he only had to take one look at the boy curled up beside him to know that it indeed happened.

Oddly enough, he didn’t think much about the match in a few hours. All his pent-up frustration from yesterday was gone and he felt strangely calm and ready.

Still, he thought he should say something. He wanted to…well, he didn’t know really what exactly he want, but he wanted something from Kuroko. And he needed to be sure Kuroko wanted the same thing, whatever they were.

“Kagami-kun.” Kuroko spoke first just before they were about to leave to meet the team before the match.

“Yeah?” Suddenly his heartbeat accelerated and he held his breath.

“About…what happened last night.” He paused for a moment. “About what I did.”

Kagami forgot how to breath for a second. He realized Kuroko might be asking him to forget it and he didn’t know if he could do that.

He definitely knew he didn’t want to.

“Can…can we talk about it…after the match?” He looked at him helpfully, as if Kagami was ready to deny him that.

Kagami exhaled suddenly, and blinked feeling slightly dizzy. He wanted to laugh for some reason.

“Yes.” He said quickly, maybe too hastily and felt his cheeks go red.

“I mean. Yes. Yes, of course.”

Kuroko blinked slowly and smiled brighter than Kagami ever saw him.

“After the game then.” He said and opened the door and Kagami followed.

Chapter Text

Kagami killed the engine and shook Tetsuya’s shoulder gently, waking him up.

“Hey. We’re here.” He said when sleepy blue eyes blinked at him in confusion.

“Here?” Kuroko asked and sat up in his seat. At first, he was still confused, but when he looked out of the window his eyes widened and he let out a surprised gasp.

Kagami bit his lip and tried not to laugh, when Tetsuya unbuckled his safety belt, fumbled while doing it, and opened the door.

Kagami got out of the car as well, but he didn’t follow Kuroko out to the field and just stayed near the vehicle observing how the other boy walked as if he was in a dream. The air was still warm and humid, even though it was pretty late and Tetsuya wore a pair of knee length khakis and a t-shirt. He walked into the tall grass and Kagami wanted to call him to not do that because he was going to end with a dozen bug bites, but then he decided against it.

Kuroko stopped suddenly in the middle of the glowing and buzzing field and turned to Kagami, who was still able to see him because of their car lights and because, probably for first time in his life, he stuck out all pale and blue.

“It’s so pretty.” Kuroko said and looked up when a few of the fireflies buzzed over his head and flew up into the air.

“Mhm.” Kagami hummed and leaned against the car. He found his smartphone in his jacket pocket and took a stealthy picture when Kuroko turned around again and reached out with his hand to catch a few of the fireflies.

He opened his browser and was surprised to catch Wi-Fi signal basically in the middle of nowhere, but as it turned out it was from a camping ground hotspot. Good. They didn’t have to sleep in the car tonight. So far, they only did it once and it was not very comfortable, seeing as the car wasn’t that spacious.

Kagami looked up after he checked the location on a map, set up the GPS and saw Kuroko walking up to him, his hands clasped together.

“What do you have there?” He asked when Kuroko got closer.

The boy opened his hands and a firefly flew out of his palms and into the night sky.

Kagami watched it fly away and then looked down at Kuroko.

“Dork.” He said affectionately and Kuroko pouted. “You saw them in Japan.”

“Yes, but. These are different.”

“How so?” Kagami shifted against the car. “They look the same to me.”

“They are American.”

Kagami groaned and rolled his eyes.

“How do you know that? Did they have stripes and stars? Or did you ask them? Maybe they are also Japanese tourist?”

“They aren’t.” Kuroko teased back and slipped his hands under Kagami’s jacket, molding himself snuggly to his front. “Japan is too far away for fireflies.”

Kagami grunted and put a hand on Kuroko’s back and his chin on top of his head. “Is it?”

Kuroko nodded and half turned to look at the filed.

“It is.”

Taiga let them just idle for a few more minutes before he nudged Kuroko.

“Let’s go.”

“Are we going to sleep in the car tonight?”

“Nah. There’s a camping ground not far away. We’ll set up a tent.

They only needed to drive twenty minutes, before the camping ground came into view. Kagami paid and they found a place for their car and tiny tent which has space barely for two people sitting or laying down.

They set up the tent and Kuroko spread their two-person sleeping bag (Kuroko got cold easily and Kagami wasn’t risking him getting ill, especially so far away from home) and then he went to wash up in the remote bathroom.

Kagami went after him and when he came back Kuroko was reading a book by the flashlight.

“Scoot over.” He crawled into the tent and after some shuffling they both got into the sleeping bag and Kagami zipped it.

“Tomorrow we’ll find a motel.” He told Kuroko.


Kagami couldn’t help himself and his hand moved to card though Kuroko’s hair, before it settled at his cheek with fingers cupping the back of his head.

It was dark in the tent and the only way Kagami knew Kuroko was with him was because he could hear his breathing and feel him near.

“What are you grinning about.” Despite not being able to see him he was able to hear and somehow feel the smile in his voice.

Kuroko didn’t respond right away and Kagami searched for his mouth with his thumb. When Kuroko smiled he got a dimple near his lips and Kagami put his thumb there and sure enough he could feel the small dent.

“I’m just excited.” He said quietly.

“About the glow-y bugs?”

Kuroko huffed and Kagami could basically see his eyeroll and he grinned.

“Not only.” He paused for a moment, before continuing. “I’ve never been camping. I was only fishing with my dad.”

“Well I’ve never been finishing, but I was camping countless times. Wanna share experiences?”

Kuroko chuckled.

“Maybe.” He said and went quiet. Kagami brushed his thumb over the skin of Kuroko’s cheek and chin and ran it over his lip. It was still stretched in a smile and Kagami got the stupidest urge to kiss him.

“I am excited for this. It’s like an adventure.” Kuroko said Kagami could feel his lashes brush over his thumb when he blinked.

“And I am happy it’s with you.”

Everything was still for a moment after he said that and Kagami realized he was holding his breath.

This was the moment Kuroko chose to put his own hand on Kagami’s face and he realized how warm it was.

“You’re blushing.” Kuroko said and the dimple near his mouth depended.

Kagami wanted to be annoyed, but he wasn’t able to say anything coherent for a moment.

“Go to sleep.” He sighed finally and leaned forward to kiss the top of Kuroko’s head.

Kuroko shifted when he was pulling away and planted a sudden kiss to his mouth, letting Kagami have a full taste of his smile.

“Goodnight.” He said and turned in Kagami’s hold.

Taiga sighed and buried his face in Kuroko’s soft hair.

“I’m happy too, idiot.” He mumbled when he thought Kuroko was finally asleep.

But just before he drifted off himself he felt Kuroko lace their fingers together.

Chapter Text

Kagami’s eyes snapped open suddenly when he felt, more than he saw, cold fingers slip under the hem of his shirt and a small, sneaky hand stroke the ridges of his stomach.

He blinked the drowsiness from his eyes and then frowned at the little lump on his stomach.

“Hey.” He turned his head to the owner of the hand who was snuggly pressed to his side, cheek pillowed on his chest as if he was Kuroko’s personal pillow.

“I said hey.” He repeated when Kuroko didn’t react but his fingers kept idly tracing the dips of his six pack.

He saw Kuroko hum something and press his cheek closer to the cotton of his shirt.


“What are you doing?” Honestly, he was more confused than anything.

“Watching a movie.” Kuroko mumbled as his palm settled on Kagami’s hip and stroked affectionately.

“Really?” Kagami could feel the blush on his cheeks. It was ridiculous to be feeling embarrassed at something as normal as flirting (because this was what it was right? Kuroko’s way of flirting.) even after years of being together. But he just couldn’t help it.

“Mhm.” Kuroko hummed and rubbed his nose against Taiga’s chest. His hand returned to just idly stroking his stomach and mapping the hard ridges and little crevices of his abs.

Just when he was slowly getting used to it, Kuroko’s hand went lower and settled just over the waistband of his pants and his thumb stroked playfully the little bit of hair which peeked from under the cotton.

“Oookay.” He snapped and pulled Kuroko’s hand from under his shirt. His face was burning, but he grabbed his palm and laced their fingers together and put them on top of his stomach.


Behave.” He grumbled.

He missed Kuroko’s little frown, but then he was shaking Kagami’s hand off.

Taiga had a moment where he was mildly offended, because since when did Kuroko denied him some explicit hand holding? But then his boyfriend slipped his hand back under the hem of Kagami’s shirt and spread his palm flat against Kagami’s toned stomach.

“Okay. What are you doing?” He sputtered.

Kuroko sighed and then looked away from the TV and up at Kagami.

“I’m checking.”

“Checking what?”

“If they are still there.”

Taiga’s jaw dropped and he blushed even more at that statement.

“Weirdo.” He muttered, because he just couldn’t come up with any other comeback.

He let Kuroko keep his hand under his shirt, thinking that maybe it would keep him quiet, but the little shit’s hand started his little dance again, fingers skimming his abs and pressing to his hipbones and then again teasing over his waistband.

“Hey.” He finally snapped. “If you’re horny, just say so. We can ditch the movie you know?”

Kuroko shook his head gently, his fingers following the little quiver of Kagami’s abdominal muscles.

“I’m not.”

“You sure?” Kagami raised an eyebrow as he observed the lump under his shirt, stroking and teasing his skin. The hand which wasn’t wrapped around Kuroko’s waist was balled into a fist.


“Sure, sure?”

“I am sure.”

“Are you really sure?”

Suddenly Kuroko stopped his teasing, sighed and poked Kagami’s side.

Taiga gasped and made a stupid sound which made him blush even more. Oh, that little shit.

“Okay.” He said and untangled his hand from around Kuroko’s waist. “That does it.” He said and after a bit of shifting spread his palm over Kuroko’s backside and squeezed.

The only difference in Kuroko’s expression was his quirked eyebrow.

“What are you doing?” He asked echoing Kagami’s words from before.

“Checking.” He repeated Kuroko’s.

“Checking what?”

“If there’s any at all.” He said with a grin. Kuroko’s eyes widened slightly.

“Rude, Taiga-kun.”

“Not as much as your hand almost in my pants.” He retorted back. “Can’t a guy watch a movie here anymore?”

Kuroko looked at him with a blank face, but Kagami could see the dangerous glint.

“What are you-hey! No wait, wait TETSUYA!” He grabbed Kuroko’s hand just before he could do anything more embarrassing. They wrestled on the couch, poking and pinning and trying to tickle each other.

Kagami ended up on his back, one hand groping Kuroko’s butt while the other boy tried to pull his shirt up and tickle him senseless.

“Oh no you don’t.” Kagami said and give Kuroko a one hand squeeze while the other poked at his ribs where he knew Kuroko was ticklish himself.

“No!” Kuroko gasped and chocked back a laugh.

“God you’re so skinny.” Kagami commented and poked Kuroko’s sides. “Do you even eat anything? Sometimes I can’t bear to look at you.”

Kuroko pouted.

“I do and I thought you liked how I look without clo-“

“Those two things aren’t mutually exclusive!” He yelled embarrassed and then yelped when he felt sneaky hands trying to worm themselves between the couch and Taiga’s ass.

“Hey you!” He sputtered and then laughed when Kuroko finally tickled his sides.

“An eye for an eye Taiga-kun. Also, I won.”

“You won what?” He wheezed before Kuroko pressed a quick kiss to his lips.

And tickled him again.


Chapter Text

Taiga hated homework.

He hated it in principle, as any high school kid would hate something that would take away his free time from doing something fun or something which was actually productive.

But he hated it even more when Kuroko was tutoring him.

Not because Kuroko was a bad teacher, quite the contrary. Because of Kuroko his grades actually went up a notch or two, usually thanks to the really neat teaching or memorizing tricks Kuroko would come up with that helped Taiga pass tests and exams with decent enough grades that he didn’t get suspended from club.

It was still boring though.

But when he started dating his teammate, he realized how much he really hated studying.

Now homework was not only taking away his time from doing important chores or playing basketball or training, but it also gave him this illusion of actually spending time with his boyfriend.

And it didn’t matter that they already spent together enough time as much as humanely possible, he still felt cheated.

Especially when Kuroko was on his bed, pressed to his side, snuggled close and smelling of his soap because to the shower he took just an hour ago.

“Let’s go through some notes for the test tomorrow, Kagami-kun.” He’d say and Taiga had to begrudgingly agree.

“Is that clear?” Kuroko asked and Kagami blinked when he realized he was spacing out this whole time, watching how Kuroko pushed a lock of damp hair behind his ear and as it curled there.

“Uh, yeah.”

A sigh.

“You didn’t listen.”

Kagami felt his face flush and he reluctantly looked at Kuroko.

“Sorry.” He mumbled.

Kuroko closed the book with a sigh.

“I suppose it’s late enough.” He pillowed his head in his arms. “That’s it for today.”

“Okay.” Taiga said awkwardly, not knowing what to say more.

“You should be fine.” Kuroko said and put his palm on Kagami’s hand. Taiga looked at their hands and turned his own to grasp Kuroko’s in a loose hold. He rubbed his thumb over Kuroko’s knuckles.

“You think?” He murmured.

Kuroko shifted, raising his head and moving a little closer to Kagami.

“It’s just a midterm test. If you do poorly, we’ll need to work harder, but I’m confident you’ll pass it.”

“Hn.” Kagami grunted and looked at Kuroko, who’s hair was still a bit damp and it was matted at his forehead. He had a comment at the tip of his tongue that Kuroko should have used his blow-dryer because he caught colds so easily.

Bur Kuroko was faster when he leaned forward and kissed Kagami on the mouth.

When he moved away, Taiga blushed and blinked a few times.

“W-what was that?”

Tetsuya tilted his head to the side.

“It seemed you really wanted to do it, so I helped.” He said innocently.

Taiga felt a pang of annoyance. He didn’t want to jump Kuroko like an animal, and here he was being mocked for being indecisive.

Tetsuya blinked and then gave him a slight, sly smirk.

Taiga blushed more and felt a vein pop on his forehead. He pushed Kuroko down on the bed, pressing their lips together, hard and a bit uncomfortable. Kuroko made a muffled sound, but he went willingly. When Taiga pulled back, he laughed.

“What! What’s so funny?!”

“Nothing.” Tetsuya said and cupping his face, brought his face back down and pecked him gently.

Taiga forgot about his frustration for a moment, and traded chaste kisses with Kuroko, dry lips brushing and noses bumping a bit in their inexperience.

After a doze or so of them, he pulled back and looked at Kuroko, who looked back calmly and curiously at Taiga.

Kagami put a hand on his cheek and a thumb under his lower lip and rubbed there gently.

“Do you want to try a d-different kiss?”

Kuroko looked calm overall, save for the glint in his eyes.

He nodded carefully and Taiga swallowed.

“Okay. Open your mouth.” He said and brushed his thumb over Kuroko’s lower lip again. Kuroko parted his lips slightly, waiting for Taiga to tell him what to do next.

Kagami swallowed and licked his lips. To be honest, he only had a vague idea of what he was doing, all his knowledge coming from American movies and things he involuntarily heard here and there. Sometimes it was hard to not listen.

“Stick out your tongue. Just a bit.” He murmured and Kuroko did that as well, the tip of his pink tongue peaking from his mouth.

Taiga closed his eyes and leaned down.

First, he brushed his lips over Kuroko’s. That was familiar. Then he slowly and unsurely slipped his tongue into Kuroko’s mouth and touched his.

Tetsuya made a small sound at the back of his throat, but it didn’t sound like he was put off. More like he was…contemplating.

Kagami pressed his lips harder, flicked his tongue over Kuroko’s once, twice trying to encourage him to do the same.

Kuroko was nothing if not a fast learner.

Two or three clumsy tries later, they were already kissing deeply, little murmurs that they couldn’t help but make filling their ears.

Kuroko suddenly closed his own lips over the tip of Kagami’s tongue and suckled gently, and Taiga found it very difficult not to groan into his mouth.

In return, he slipped his arms around Kuroko’s shoulders, one hand cupping the back of his head, craning it a bit so he could slot their mouths together.

It was Kuroko’s turn to let out a groan. Kagami could feel him gripping his shirt at his sides and he kissed deeper in return.

At the begging, Kuroko tasted like toothpaste, but Taiga chased that flavor away and all he could taste now was Kuroko.

And it was just. Very nice.

Finally, they had to pull away and breathe. Kagami was feeling a bit dizzy. Kuroko looked flushed and his lips were swollen. Kagami wondered if he looked the same.

Taiga leaned again when they calmed their breathing. All he managed was a first brush of lips and then the first touch of tongues, when both of then jumped at the sudden loud sound.

“Huh?” Kagami blinked and looked up.

Kuroko craned his neck to see better and then he pouted.

“Kagami-kun. My books.

Taiga looked at the mess he (apparently) made. He didn’t even know when, but he pushed all the books and notebooks and pencil cases from the bed.

“Uh. It wasn’t on purpose.”

Kuroko rolled his eyes and huffed.

“Not the point. Please let me go?” He squirmed against Kagami’s hold around his waist when he tried to wiggle his away off the bed.

“No.” Kagami grumbled and held his squirming boyfriend closer.

“Why?” Taiga narrowly managed to avoid a kick in the shin.

“Because.” He put a hand on Kuroko’s jaw and tilted his back. “We’re not done.”

Kuroko blinked when Kagami kissed him again.

He squirmed for a moment, but then gave up and kissed back, arms coming around Taiga’s neck.

They pulled away after a long, long moment, lips shiny from spit and red from kissing.

“If you fail.” Tetsuya said between pants. “I’m not helping you this time.”

Taiga rolled his eyes and then rolled them over, pinning Kuroko to the bed.

He knew Kuroko was serious.

Didn’t matter.

It was worth it anyway.

Chapter Text

Movie night with Kuroko was a mistake – this was something Kagami always thought whenever his friend would present him with another horror movie he wanted to see this week. Yet he was never able to say no.

Well, not entirely. He would say no. Very loudly and very clearly. He would present Kuroko with a different movie. With a different horrormovie even.

But Kuroko only needed to look at him in a certain way, his eyes losing that special shine they got whenever Kuroko was really, truly excited for something.

And god knew, Kuroko didn’t really get excited on principle. Not visibly at least.

Kagami would always gave in. No matter what his inner, self-preservation instincts told or rather screamed at him.

With irritation, he wondered what that made him, him being so wrapped around Kuroko’s little finger.

Usually, he didn’t mind, since he liked making his friend – all his friends, happy, but the horror movies were always a bit too much.

Mildly put.

Kuroko couldn’t like normal horror movies. The ones with zombies, and gore and terrible special effects and lame acting. No, he had to like all those smaller, more obscure, Japanese movies, which were mostly about ghosts and grudges and bleeding ghosts (Taiga didn’t know how that was even possible, but somehow it was) and haunted houses and psychological horrors on top of that and they were just mind numbingly terrifying. So much that for at least a week after watching one Taiga would have trouble sleeping, felt uneasy when left alone and avoided all mirrors. All of them.

Getting up at night to take a leak was so fun after that. No doubt.

But Kuroko loved them, so much it was kind of ridiculous. And Taiga hated them, but he wasn’t about to be a jerk to his best friend, when he waited all week to see the movie and he specifically asked Taiga to watch it with him.

The one they were watching currently was no different though and he resisted the urge to hide behind the pillow. He opted to look straight above the tv set, but instincts were instincts and he followed the movements on the screen, even if he would squeeze his eyes so often he should have by all means miss a good chunk of the movie. Also, Kuroko insisted on keeping the lights off. It would make them get into the mood more, he said.


Taiga wheezed when the soft voice spoke suddenly.

“What?!” He jumped when caught a movement with the corner of his eye, but he kept his gaze on Kuroko.

Kuroko looked up briefly from the screen.

“If you don’t want to watch it anymore, that’s fine. I can finish it later by myself.”

Taiga frowned at that.

“I said it’s fine. I don’t have anything else to do.”

He went rigid when he heard a weird noise, but he didn’t dare to look away from Kuroko and check.

The other boy seemed to do great at multitasking though, switching between Kagami’s face and the screen.

“It’s not it. If you’re scared we can stop.”

“I’m not scared!”

Kuroko gave him a flat look which Kagami held for about two seconds until he shivered when he caught another movement from the corner of his eye.

“If you say so.” Kuroko turned his attention back to the screen, not commenting further.

Taiga also, albeit very reluctantly, returned his gaze back to the movie and almost bit his tongue when he was greeted with a sight of a flying, headless corpse.

He dug his fingers into the couch cushion underneath him and held his breath.

The movie entered another scene, where the ghosts and demons disappeared and the human characters were the only ones left on the screen for a while. Kagami breathed a sigh of quiet relief, but then his blood pressure raised again and he almost, almost shrieked when he felt a movement next to him.

Kuroko slid closer to him on the couch without making any sounds and Taiga only noticed when he felt their legs brushing.

He did a double take when he noticed how close they sat now and he frowned. Normally, he’d enjoy it secretly, would maybe even try and get closer himself, pretending it was by accident that their legs or arms brushed.

But this wasn’t normal circumstances. Kagami frowned.

“I said I’m not scared.” He grumbled but didn’t move away.

Kuroko shook his head.

“I am.”

Kagami paused.

“What?” He asked suddenly.

“I am. Scared that is.” Kuroko repeated and stared back at Kagami. Taiga gaped for a moment, but Kuroko seemed honestly serious, that it couldn’t be a joke. Right? Maybe that movie was too much for him too.

He opened his mouth to try and comfort him when he saw the corner of his mouth twitch. It was just barely there and it was dark in the room, but Kagami saw it somehow. He was getting good at reading him.

“Jerk.” He snapped with a frown, feeling his cheeks color with embarrassment.

“I’m serious.” Kuroko said in a deadpan tone so flat, it couldn’t be anything other than sarcasm. “I am terrified. Look.” He lifted his hand and Taiga blinked. “I’m trembling. Please hold me.”

“Oh, ha-ha. Very funny.” Kagami spat and slapped Kuroko’s hand away. His face was warm and he was feeling embarrassed.

But he wasn’t scared.

The thought that too soon because a high-pitched, female scream cut through the air and Taiga jumped and almost joined it. He grabbed the nearest thing for protection or for comfort and squeezed.

The nearest thing turned out to be Kuroko though. But it was too late to turn it into a joke and pretend. He couldn’t even bring himself to try and loosen up his grip.

And he was shaking.

Thankfully the movie was ending soon enough, but Kagami spend the last twenty minutes squeezing his eyes shut and breathing heavily until the last credits rolled and Kuroko turned off the movie. He turned down the volume, left the soft artificial light on and stayed still.

Kagami thought that Kuroko was probably uncomfortable with how tightly he was squeezing him and leaning over him, his face basically hidden in Kuroko’s neck.

But he wasn’t able to let go. Not just yet. Damn, he was gonna have nightmares tonight! Even though he wasn’t able to say what the movie was about, or what kind of monsters were featured.  

“Kagami-kun.” Kuroko asked softly, right into his ear and he shivered at the soft puff of voice. “The movie ended.”

“Yeah.” Taiga breathed and finally loosened up the grip a bit and inhaled.

“Are you still scared?” He asked before he could stop himself. Kuroko was silent for a longer moment. Kagami waited for him to jab him so he could stop clinging, or laugh at him, or for another sarcastic comment.

Instead Kuroko sighed softly, but it didn’t sound annoyed.

“Yes.” He said and shifted a bit, so Kagami’s face pressed more firmly into Kuroko’s neck. “A little.”

He sounded sincere, not sarcastic and Kagami paused thinking that maybe Kuroko did get scared by those movies after all. His face didn’t show anything, but he could feel this pulse in his neck and it was accelerated, like after a mild workout. If he didn’t have any reaction, he wouldn’t be able to feel it while pressing his forehead there, right?

Oh, it went up a bit.”

“Okay. So-“ He swallowed. “So, I guess, it’s okay to stay like this for a while.”

Kuroko was silent. Kagami noticed his hands on his lap and reached for them hesitantly. He circled his wrists and pressed his thumbs there. The pulse accelerated again.

“Okay?” He asked unsurely, not knowing who he wanted to comfort anymore.

Kuroko shifted again but not too far away from Kagami and let him hold him. Or was he the one being held? He didn’t know anymore.

“Okay.” Kuroko’s voice was quiet but it sounded loud in his ear and Kagami shivered again. “But only for a while.”

Kagami nodded against Kuroko neck and heard him hum softly into his hair.

It was a little longer than just a while.

And when they untangled, the movie was long forgotten.

Chapter Text


Taiga sighed and buried his face more into the pillow.

“Kagami-kun, please wake up.”

“Mhrpf what?” Taiga grumbled and frowned. What was that noise? He just wanted to sleep.


The voice was kind of familiar though…

The voice sighed.

“Pleas. Wake. Up.”

Taiga cracked his eyes open just a fraction and all he saw at first was a smudge of blurry blue. 
When his eyes focused enough to make out a face, he felt a painful sting in his chest.

He sighed heavily and closed his eyes.

“Not again.” He licked his lips and threw an arm over his eyes.

“Excuse me?”

Kagami sighed.

“Is this because of lack of sleep or that I ate too much junk food?”

The voice chucked surprisingly and it went right into Kagami’s heart.

“I’m sorry, I don’t follow.”

I hate you brain.

Taiga lifted the arm from his face and peeked over at the figment of his imagination.

“You’re my dream. Or a hallucination, right?”

“No.” The imaginary Tetsuya said. The way he shifted on the bed and sat so that they touched was almost real.

“I am here.”

Oh, it was so cruel.

“Sure, you are.” Kagami said and tried touching Kuroko. Surprisingly he felt solid and warm. As if he really was here. “In my head.”

“Kagami-kun.” Kuroko sighed when Taiga touched his cheek and then blushed a little. Huh. Funny. He didn’t dream about that yet, but it was always a nice image.

Taiga rubbed his thumb over the pink tinge over Kuroko’s cheek.

“God, I miss him. I mean, uh you.” He closed his eyes and dropped his hand. Maybe if he went back to sleep he’d dream a continuation. He had a strong urge to call Tetsuya right now, but it was the middle of the night in Japan and he needed to sleep. He wondered if he slept well. Did he also dream about Taiga? He most definitely didn’t get exhaustion hallucinations-

Taiga’s eyes snapped open when something heavy sat down across his stomach and cupped his face in his hands.

“I am real Taiga-kun.” He leaned in closer so that their noses brushed.

Kagami stared in into the deep, deep blue which almost, almostconvinced him that this wasn’t some figment of his homesick imagination.

Kuroko must have figured that he wasn’t quite ‘there’ yet, so he did what he had to.

He kissed him.

At first it was a hard, rough kiss, basically snapping Kagami out of his sleepy daze and making his eyes widen.

And then it gentled, turned into a soft brush of dry lips on dry lips.

Kuroko pulled away and gave Kagami a smile which he knew so well from back home.

“I am here.” He repeated and then Taiga’s heart jumpstarted.

“What!” He sat up suddenly throwing his (very real and very sassy) boyfriend off of him.

“That was very rude.” Tetsuya deadpanned from beside Kagami where he flipped down in an awkward position.

“What the hell? You’re in Japan!” Taiga blurted out while Kuroko was sitting up.

“Well, last time I checked I wasn’t. Unless I learned how to split myself in two or teleport.”

“Wh-how. When? Who?!”

“Slow down.” He pushed Kagami down onto the bed and sat beside him.

“When did you get here?” Kagami finally produced a coherent sentence when his head hit the pillow.

“Two days ago.”

“What? And where- don’t tell me you hid under my bed for two days.”

Tetsuya laughed suddenly.

“I meant in the country.” He shifted a bit to sit more comfortably. “As for your apartment I just got here.”

“Okay. But how did you-“

“Alex-san and Himuro-san helped.”

“Of course, they did.” He grumbled with a sigh.

Silence fell over them. Taiga didn’t know what to say more. His brain was still half asleep and he was also processing the fact that Tetsuya was here, real and not imaginary.

“I missed you too.”

Taiga looked up at the soft confession. Kuroko was smiling down on him.

“Happy birthday.” He put his hands on Kagami’s chest and kissed him softly and this time Kagami returned. it.

“Okay. That is too good to be a hallucination.” He said after the kiss and Kuroko chuckled.

“I have a present for you too.” He pulled away, but Taiga caught his arm.


Tetsuya looked over his shoulder.

“Can…this wait.”

Kuroko titled his head.

“I mean…can…can you stay here?” His face heated up, but he didn’t look away.

“Of course.” Kuroko’s eyes softened and he smiled with understanding.

Kagami loved how he curled up beside him, head on his shoulder and fingers knotted together comfortably on his chest.

In a matter of seconds, he was out.

But this time he knew there’ll be Kuroko next to him when he woke up.

“So, what’s the present?”

Tetsuya opened his travel bag and took out a white rectangle.


Kagami looked puzzled, but took the envelope anyway.

“What’s this?” He said and looked over it and under the light but it had no markings and he couldn’t see inside.

“Please, just open it.” Tetsuya sighed with exasperation. “I promise it’s wort it.” 

Taiga shook the envelope just to annoy his boyfriend and see his impossibly adorable pout, but finally opened it and took out a few sheets of paper.

“Okay? What’s this?” Looking through them, he noticed that they looked like some sort of application.

“Read it.”

Taiga sighed and went back to the first page, grumbling, that Tetsuya made him read some dumb papers of all the things on his birthday.

And then he froze.

And looked up at Kuroko suddenly.





“But it’s-“


“Let me say something damn it!” He snapped.

Kuroko bit his lip but he wasn’t able to keep the smile at bay. Taiga clutched the papers in his hand. It was…impossible right?

“No. It is possible.” Kuroko said and Taiga realized he was babbling out loud. He took Kagami’s hands

in his and made him let go the college application.

“I go accepted to the nearby university.” He said calmly and smoothed out the papers. “And I will be transferring starting this October.” He put the application back into the white envelope, he most definitely got on purpose to surprise Kagami.

Taiga just stood there gaping.

“I don’t have a dorm room yet, but-“ He looked around Taiga’s apartment. “I don’t think it will be needed?”

Kagami was still motionless.

“I’m moving to L.A.” He said simply.

Taiga pounced on him so suddenly and hugged him so tight, Kuroko thought he would break him in half.

“You-You!” Taiga was unable to say anything coherent again and he squeezed his smaller boyfriend tighter.

Kuroko wanted to protest that it was crushing him, but in all honesty, he never felt so light and weightless, as he did right in this moment.

“You’re crazy.” Kagami said when he pulled away and then laughed suddenly. “You’re so crazy.”

Tetsuya smiled at Kagami.

“Happy birthday Taiga-kun. I told you it was worth it.” 

Chapter Text

The water was cool, almost cold, but against the hot sun and the heat if felt heavenly.

Tetsuya sighed and wriggled his toes in the wet sand and enjoyed the feeling of feet sinking bit by bit with each flow.

When he crinkled his eyes he could see a vague silhouette in the distance. He could barely make out any coherent shapes or colors from this distance and in such a strong sun (the straw hat helped but he had no sunglasses), but he knew where Kagami-kun was at any moment when he looked up.

Just as always.

He walked around the shore, soaking his feet and gathering shells and helping little animals get back into the sea, until the shape noticed him as well and waved.

Tetsuya waved back and after a moment the figure started getting closer, until Kuroko could very clearly make out all the shapes and colors he couldn’t before, but knew where there.

“Hey.” Kagami said and grabbed his hand, pulling him back to the beach. “Let’s get some water.”

Tetsuya didn’t have much time to say either a yes or a no, because he was too busy keeping his straw hat on his head.

“Ah, Taiga-kun, please wai-ouch.”

Tetsuya pulled at Kagami’s hand until he let him go and he moved back to the water.

“Hm?” Kagami looked back at his boyfriend when he paused. “What is it?”

Tetsuya scrunched his face and again touched the sand with a toe.


Taiga frowned.

“Then wear your sandals idiot.”

“Yes, yes.” Tetsuya said distracted as he looked around the shore.


Tetsuya hummed and put the shells he found into the pocket of his thin short sleeved hoodie.


“They’re not here.” Tetsuya finally concluded. There weren’t that many people around, and he doubted someone was really desperate to steal his old sandals.

“I left them here.” He gestured to the patch of beach in front of him, but now that he looked he wasn’t sure. “They must have been swept away.”

Kagami sighed.

“That’s too bad then. Come on.”

Tetsuya frowned lightly at Kagami-kun’s dismissal, but he stayed in place.


Kuroko simply looked at him and then raised an eyebrow.

“Seriously, what?”

“My soles aren’t that thick as some people’s.” Tetsuya said and let the water wash over his feet.

And he gave Kagami another pointed look.

The battle of stares lasted for maybe thirty more seconds, before the winner was announced.

“Okay, fine!” Kagami snapped and Tetsuya reached with his arms (and a smirk) even before Kagami’s own arms wrapped around Kuroko; one around his waist and the other under his legs.

The blanket and Kuroko’s lounger weren’t far away and it took Kagami about ten seconds to get to them (two minutes if we’re realistic), but Kuroko already managed to get under his skin.

“Oh, now I am swept away.” Tetsuya couldn’t help himself and had to tease him even if just a bit.

Kagami scowled at him with impossibly red face.

“For someone who can punch basketballs and withstand Coaches rigorous training, you sure have really weird weak spots.”

Tetsuya huffed, always mildly annoyed when he was suddenly the target. Kagami grinned.

“Here you go your majesty.” Kagami said and set Kuroko down on his lounger. “Comfy?”

“Yes.” Tetsuya said and before Kagami could pull away fully, leaned up and placed a small kiss on his nose. “Thank you very much.”

Kagami’s jaw dropped and he looked like his brain short circuited for a moment. The almost crimson blush which stole over his features almost made Kuroko worry, because it was just a peck.

“The hell!” Kagami angrily whispered and Kuroko sighed in relief when his face turned a bit less like he was about to pass out.

“It was a tip. For the ride.” He teased back and Kagami made a strange face, a mix between annoyance, anger and embarrassment with a hint of fondness.

But just a hint.

“Oh yeah? You think I’ll let you off with just that?”

Tetsuya recognized a desperate attempt when he saw one and he knew Kagami-kun could try but he’d never win.

At least not here.

“Oh, pardon.” He said and wrapped his arms around Kagami’s neck. “What was I thinking.”  

And he pressed a long kiss to Kagami’s chin.

Kagami sputtered, let go of Tetsuya finally and pulled away. Kuroko had to laugh. Kagami panted heavily as if he wasn’t just kissed (pecked really, and not even on the mouth) but as if he went six rounds with a sea monster.

He moved his hands in Tetsuya’s direction but stopped not knowing what he wanted to do. Tetsuya’s best guess was that he wanted to drag him back to the water and ‘punish’ him, but then they heard a familiar, annoyed voice and something was thrown in their direction.

It was a sandal. Not Tetsuya’s unfortunately.

“Hey, you two!” They both looked at the culprit which turned out to be their (now former) captain.

“Can you for the love of god stop canoodling? It gives me the hives.”

This time they both blushed (Tetsuya’s was fainter as if always was) and Taiga-kun sputtered an apology.

“Whatever. We’re playing water polo. Are you coming Kagami?”


Hyuga nodded and turned around to join the rest of their teammates. He was muttering something about gross PDAs or something along those lines.

 “You.” Kagami turned back to him when Hyuga was far enough to not hear them, and raised an accusing finger.

Kuroko looked up and blinked confused.

 “We’re not done. Don’t think I’ll let you off the hook.”

Tetsuya blinked and then he smirked again. He saw how Kagami-kun blushed when he saw it and he felt satisfaction when he managed to turn his own words against him.

“And what would you have me do Kagami-kun? For my terrible transgression.”

Kagami huffed.

“Smartass. I demand a full compensation.”

Tetsuya raised an eyebrow.

“Which is?”

Kagami reached with his hand, it almost brushed his cheek and Tetsuya almost held his breath.

But then his straw hat was pulled over his eyes and for a moment he lost his vision.

While he was squirming, Kagami mumbled I’ll tell you later and then he ran away shouting that he’ll look for his stupid sandals.

Tetsuya managed to readjust his hat and sighed.

Kagami-kun was again one of many silhouettes in the distance.

Tetsuya sighed and looked around for his book. It was on the blanket just as he left it. He picked it up and flipped a few pages, before he opened it on the place he bookmarker before.

He buried his toes in the sand. It was warm, but not hot thanks to the parasol they spread over their things.

And then he paused when he felt something plastic under his feet.

He looked under the lounger and lo and behold he found his sandals!

Funny. He most certainly didn’t leave them here.

Looking around he found a few strangers, but all of his teammates were currently in the water, playing and having a good time.

And Nigou was suspiciously sleeping on the blanket and under the parasol shade.

Like an angel.

With horns.

 Tetsuya scratched his dog behind the ears, but it didn’t even react aside from opening one eye and acknowledging that it was Tetsuya.

He sat more comfortably in his hair, opened his book and took one last look at the familiar figure in the distance.

And kicked sand over his sandals covering them more from any prying eyes.

Chapter Text

Taiga blushes and sputters at first, but when Kuroko doesn’t change his expression (not that anyone would notice, but being up close even Taigacould’ve see the subtle change, if it’d happen) he goes quiet and turns even redder.

Kuroko blinks slowly, light eyelashes fanning his cheeks like wings for a moment, and waits.

“Damn you.” Taiga mutters to himself, still squeezing Kuroko’s hands.

“How can you say shit like that?”

Kuroko’s mouth quirks upwards as if saying ‘I just do’ and Kagami sighs.

Fine. Have it your way. He thinks and leans down. Kuroko looks mildly surprised then (for Kuroko that is) but quickly recovers and closes his eyes. Kagami is determined to seal the deal, but then he gets a thought and pauses for a split second.

Actually, no. Not your way. He muses and grins when Kuroko opens his eyes when Kagami seemed to be hesitating and he’s getting impatient.

It’s Taiga’s turn to smirk at Kuroko.

And then he covers Kuroko’s mouth with his gloved hand.

“Better?” He asks and Kuroko just glares at him.

Chapter Text

“Oooh yeah!”

Kawahara’s enthusiastic finish earned him as much of an enthusiastic applause as well as a wave of hysterical laughter.

Kagami hid his face in his palm while his shoulders shook.

“Amazing. Simply amazing.” Furihata gave their teammate the so called ‘slow-clap’ while he bowed. His mic was immediately snatched by Fukuda.

“Okay my turn!”

The Karaoke party was his idea. The birthday boy (he turned seventeen last week) decided that all second years had to have an additional party, just for themselves along with the one the whole team celebrated after the club.

And so here they were.

The three other boys took the lead, leaving Kagami and Kuroko to simply order drinks and wait for their turn to sing.

Kagami was immediately roped into singing a duet with all of them and then a solo – an impossibly cheesy, anime opening which his deep voice clashed with.

Furihata, Kawahara and Fukuda all almost pissed themselves from laughter and even Kuroko giggled (almost) soundlessly in the corner at Taiga’s mortification.

And the moment his turn ended they all forgot about his ‘performance’.

Karaoke was way different in Japan.

In America it was mostly an adult entertainment and the bars which had the equipment would display the ‘show’ for everyone to see.

And then the next day you’d find a YouTube video with your drunken rendition of Tina Turner with a million likes.

At least that’s what Alex told him.

In a lot of ways, Japan was the home of many of his first wasn’t it? First team, first tournament, first onsen visit (he still shuddered), first festivals.

He glanced at Kuroko out of the corner of his eye.

And many other firsts.

So yeah, first Karaoke outing. Why the hell not.

“Wait!” Furihata stopped his friend. “I think we’ve forgot about someone?”

“Huh? Who?”

“I think you’re talking about me?” Kuroko answered suddenly next to Furihata and everyone startled. Even Kagami didn’t notice when he moved, and he sat right beside him!

“Kuroko!” He wheezed, where did you come from?!

Kuroko blinked slowly.

“I believe I was also invited to this establishment.”

Everyone sputtered from laughter then. Tetsuya smiled a little and Fukuda pushed the mic into his hand.

“Fine, your turn.” He said and sat down on the lounge.

Suddenly, everyone went quiet when the music started.

Even Taiga was a little curious. He never heard Kuroko sing so this would be a first (heh, another one) and he unconsciously sat a bit more at the edge of his seat.

The song was slower at first, but then it picked up the tempo. It wasn’t a ballad but it never went past a certain speed, leaving a lot of room for pauses.

In reality, it was some cliché pop song about doing your best or whatever else.

But somehow Kuroko transformed it in something which it wasn’t.


Suddenly it ended and Kuroko blinked when no one wanted to take the mic from him.

Taiga snapped out and realized that he was gaping so he blushed and ducked his head.

The applause from his friends was a bit late but not less enthusiastic.

And then the song changed and it was Furihata’s turn again and everyone forgot about what just happened.

Everyone except Taiga.

Kuroko didn’t sing again. He said his throat hurt and he ordered hot tea. Taiga was again roped into duets and trios and even a quartet as well as for forced to produce solos.

By the end of it all his throat was also sore, and he sighed in relief when everyone had their share of singing fun.

They split into two groups; Furihata, Kawahara and Fukuda going their way and Kagami and Kuroko in the opposite direction.

When they waved their goodbyes, they sort of naturally gravitated towards each other shoulders brushing from time to time.

They walked in silence for a bit, before Kagami finally blurted what was on his mind.

“So, when did you learn it?”

Kuroko blinked at him and cocked his head to the side.

“Learn what?”

Taiga blushed, realizing he didn’t specify.

“Sing! I meant when did you learned to sing like that?”

Kuroko smiled suddenly.

“Like what?”

Like an angel. Was the first thing which popped into his head and he had to bite his tongue to not say it.

“Uh, really well.” He finally managed.

Kuroko hummed.

“Nowhere specific. My family just really likes singing.”

“Your family?” Huh, that was unexpected.

Kuroko nodded.

“Ever since I remember they liked Karaoke too and we would go sometimes, or we would sing at home. My grandmother is very fond of enka.”

Taiga snickered. That one wasn’t that unexpected.

Kuroko rolled his eyes.

“You sing very well too Kagami-kun.” He said suddenly and Taiga felt his cheeks burn.

“Don’t make fun of me. The song was terrible.”

Kuroko chuckled.

“I am not making fun of you. You have a really nice voice. Strong and clear. But you get too nervous so you falter.”

Taiga blushed even more at the specific compliment. He always thought he sang like a dying seal.

“But the song was terrible.”

Kuroko laughed suddenly.

“Yes it was. Who picked it?”

“Kawahara I think? I don’t ever want to sing about magical girls ever again.”

Kuroko chuckled under his breath.

“What’s your favorite song?” He asked suddenly and Kuroko looked at him and blinked.

“Favorite in what way?”

“That you like to sing.”

Kuroko hummed.

“Why are you asking?”

Taiga went quiet and also as red as humanely possible and it told Kuroko everything.

“What about you?” He answered with his own question. Taiga looked taken a back.

“I’d have to think. I’m not really a singing type. This was my first karaoke.”

“Oh, really?”

Taiga nodded.

Kuroko hummed again and went quiet and Taiga thought the topic was over.

“Alright, Kagami-kun. I’ll sing for you.”

“Wh-what?! I never sai-“ He sputtered, embarrassed at being so easily read.

“But on one condition.” Kuroko ignored his outburst.

“What?” Taiga wanted to punch himself by acknowledging that he basically just admitted, that yes he wanted to hear Kuroko sing again.

“It has to be a duet.”

Taiga breathed in the night air, his breath turning into a fog when he exhaled. He shivered more from the way Kuroko looked at him than from the cold and well, he really couldn’t say no.

“Okay. I’ll sing if you sing.” He said and Kuroko nodded with a small smile.

“But I’ll pick the song.”

Kuroko’s unhappy pout was very satisfying.

Chapter Text

Kuroko really hated doing the laundry.

Not because he didn’t know how to, not because he was forced to do it when he lived with his parents, not because of some childhood trauma featuring a washing machine and detergent (that was actually Aomine’s reason, but he refused to elaborate and Taiga really didn’t want to know).

He just really didn’t like doing it.

For Taiga it really wasn’t about the chores he liked or the ones he didn’t like. It was just that: chores. You got them done and out of the way so you could focus on the stuff you actually liked doing.

So, Taiga really didn’t think more about them, he just got them done and didn’t dwell on whenever they were enjoyable or not. It was either that or living in a barn of a home and he knew where he wanted to live.

But Tetsuya made a point of showing how much he hated it. Which was odd, since he did all the other things without a fuss, whenever it was vacuuming or washing dishes or grocery shopping or anything else.

He liked walking Nigou the most, which, figures he would.

Taiga stopped just in front of Kuroko who either ignored him on purpose or really was so engrossed in his book that he didn’t notice anything around him.

Or it could be both.

“Hey.” He nudged Kuroko’s leg with his foot. The boy blinked and looked from over the rim of his book. He was leaned against the pile of sheets as if it was his favorite lounging place. Nigou was sleeping next to him, nested comfortably on a pile of pillowcases.

“You’re still not done?”

Kuroko blinked and looked around.

“The book was so interesting I lost track of time.” He explained simply and Taiga rolled his eyes.

This was his home and his rules, and his rules said that if you didn’t do the laundry you’d sleep under bare covers and on bare pillows.

But it also was Kuroko’s home, meaning Taiga would also be sleeping under the same bare covers.

“Come on.” He knelt next to his boyfriend and started pulling at one of the sheets under Kuroko. Tetsuya closed his book and put it away, but he didn’t look like he was about to move. Kagami frowned when he saw a small smirk on his face and pulled harder.

Kuroko rolled from his reading pile and hit the hard floor with an oof. Kagami snorted and used his foot push at Kuroko’s hip and roll him further away from the sheets.

Kuroko managed to get himself on his hands and knees and leveled a glare at Taiga who simply shrugged.


Kuroko didn’t say anything. He grabbed the nearest pillow case and hesitated for a moment, before he threw it in Kagami’s face.

“What the hell!” Kagami sputtered and threw the pillow case away. When he did it Kuroko was already folding the rest of the laundry and he looked annoyed.

“Idiot.” Kagami grumbled and grabbed the nearest bedsheet, but he found something already grabbed into it.

“What the-Nigou!” He shook it trying to make him let go, but the puppy growled and pulled harder.

“Leave it Nigou.” Kuroko spoke and the dog listened suddenly, letting go and yapping at Kagami.

Taiga made a face and stood up. The pillowcase would need anotherwash. Fantastic.

He glared at Nigou and then at Kuroko, who pretended he didn’t notice. He grabbed another piece to fold which turned to be larger and pulled it closer to himself. Nigou’s ears perked at the sudden movement, thinking it was still playtime, and grabbed at the sheet from the other side.

“No, Nigou!” Both Kagami and Kuroko warned, but the dog was too excited to care. He pulled and growled at the sheet, and then started running around them, barking from time to time.

Taiga grabbed at the sheet and tried to step over the dog but his leg got caught up in pile of laundry sheets and he lost his footing. Nigou let go of his trophy and barked in warning, but it was too late.

“Ow.” Taiga grumbled when his knee hit the floor, thankfully cushioned by the now dirty and wrinkled sheets.

“Are you okay?” He asked Kuroko who he seemed to squashed when he toppled over and fell right on top of him.

“I’m fine. Are you?” He sounded a bit breathless, so Kagami grunted and lifted himself by the arms.

He thought for a moment, judging if his knee was still hurting, but it seemed to be just a small bruise.

“Yeah.” He said and tried to pull himself away from Kuroko. Only now he noticed that his legs were wrapped in linen and cotton and he couldn’tmove. Nigou observed them for a moment, but then when he realized his humans were okay, he moved to the couch, made himself comfortable and continued his nap.

Taiga sighed.

“Was that really necessary?”

Kuroko shrugged and then chuckled.

“What? What’s so funny asshole?”

“Nothing.” He said. “I think I just really like making laundry.”

“You do?!” Kagami said and sat up. “Really?”

Kuroko nodded.

“You know you’re insufferable.”

Tetsuya gave him a cheeky smile and moved to help him get loose from his cotton trap.

“Maybe.” He said and gathered all the ruined sheets. “But at least laundry is not boring that way.”

Kagami scoffed.

“Where are you going?”

“To do it again. Nigou.” The puppy woke up in an instant and with a yelp jumped from the couch.

“Come. You’ll help.”

Nigou barked and trotted after his master happily.

Taiga wondered how a puppy would help him make laundry, but he decided not to ask.

“Just don’t forget to use the fabric softener! Again.” He said instead.    

Chapter Text

“And then I managed to pass three guys at once and score a buzzer.”


“Nah it was two.”

Kuroko laughed and Kagami’s lips twitched at the sound, his chest suddenly warm and light.

“I’m glad you’re getting along with your new team.” Kuroko mused.

“Yeah.” Taiga glanced at the bedside clock. It was almost midnight in L.A which meant it was the middle of the day in Tokyo. Kuroko didn’t have any classes today since they got cancelled and texted Taiga that if he wanted and had the time they could skype.

Taiga was actually slogging through his boring, economics homework and when he saw a text from Kuroko he dropped everything and immediately called back. That was two hours ago and he was starting to get sleepy now but being able to hear Kuroko’s voice on the other side of the world for longer than twenty minutes was of highest importance and he pushed away the moment of saying goodnight in time for as long as he could.

But Kuroko was Kuroko and he knew everything.

“Taiga-kun should get some sleep. You probably need to wake up early and finish your homework.”

Taiga made a face.

“How did you-you know what? Don’t answer that.”

Kuroko hummed on the other side.

“Lucky guess.”

Taiga groaned.

“I told you!”

Kuroko chuckled.

“You didn’t have to call me immediately you know? What if I was in a compromising position?”

“Like what?”

“I don’t know. Like in the shower?”

Taiga snorted.

“Then I would ask for you to facetime with me.”

Kuroko laughed again and Taiga grinned despite the warm blush on his cheeks. Flirting was still weird, but sometimes it was easier like this.

“My phone is not waterproof.”

“Damn. Then I’ll buy you one. For Christmas.”

Instead of laughing Kuroko just hummed and went silent.

“You’re coming for Christmas.” It was a confirmation and not a question.


“Two weeks?”

“Two weeks.”

The unspoken too short hung between them.

Good ten minutes passed without them speaking a word, both of them kind of lost in each other’s thoughts.

For other people it might seem awkward, but Kagami never thought that. Neither of them were particular chatterboxes, and being able to just spend some time in silence together while each of them did their own thing was…very comforting. They did that all the time in high school and that didn’t really change when they started dating as well.

That was one of these things Kagami never had with anyone before Kuroko. Not even with Tatsuya and definitely not with Alex.

Alex sometimes couldn’t get the hint and shut up.

And being silent through the phone was apparently the most awkward thing to some people, Taiga not being an exception when it came to people who weren’t Kuroko.

For most of his life he preferred texting or face to face interaction, but since he went to college in L.A he found himself missing and craving Kuroko’s voice.

Taiga let the silence wash over him and put the phone on speaker in case Kuroko wanted to say something.

Laying on his back he started looking up the newest phone models and he grinned a bit. Kuroko’s phone was old and battered so this would be a good Christmas gift idea. It would be an additional jab at him if he got him a waterproof phone just for the sake of it.

“Taiga-kun.” His name was spoken in a low, soft tone and Taiga’s eyes softened.

“Yeah?” He said as he bookmarked one of the results for later.


“Yeah, I’m here. What’s up.”

“Nothing, I just felt like saying your name.”

Taiga blinked and then yelped suddenly when the phone he was just holding in his hand smacked him in the face.

“Ow. Fuck.”


Kagami felt himself blush, but he tried to play it off as nothing and pressed the phone back to his ear.


“Did you just drop your phone on your face?”

Damn it.

“How do you even know these things? You’re not even here!”

“I’m psychic.” Kuroko said and Kagami rolled his eyes.

“No, you’re just an asshole.”

Kuroko laughed quietly.

Taiga rubbed his nose but he couldn’t stay mad at his boyfriend when he was being like that; playful and sweet.

Even when he was a bit of an ass.

Little shit.

Kuroko’s giggle went quieter and quieter until the other side went silent.

“Tet-“ Kagami stopped when he heard the barely audible, barely there, yet familiar sound.

He gaped.

“Did you just kiss the phone?”

Kuroko huffed and Taiga could just imagine how his face turned a very fetching shade of pink while his lips curved in a pout.

“Well, I’m not there to kiss it better right? So we have to make do.”

Taiga groaned, covering his eyes, before he started laughing.

“Still a little shit and still embarrassing.”

Kuroko made an offended noise on the other side, but Kagami knew he was smiling anyway.

They bickered back and forth for a bit longer, until Kagami couldn’t hide his yawn anymore.

“Taiga-kun. Sleep.

“Taiga-kun sleep.” Kagami mocked Kuroko’s voice and he could practically hear Kuroko’s eyes roll.

“Don’t blame me for falling your classes.”

Kagami harrumped.

“Well, then…stay with me until I fall asleep.”


“Stay?” Kagami repeated.

“Are you sure?”

Taiga shrugged.

“Sure. My dad is gonna kill me for the phone bill but I don’t care. I wanna hear your voice.”

His face was probably crimson and he swallowed, but he didn’t care.

Kuroko stayed silent.

“Hey? You there?”

“I am.” Kuroko said in a small voice. “I was just thinking that Taiga-kun is the psychic.”


“I wanted to call you myself today. To be able to hear your voice.”

Taiga dropped his hand from where it was rubbing the bridge of his nose.

“You know what? I don’t even have anything to say to that. Just…talk to me until I fall asleep?”

“Alright.” Kuroko said and did as Taiga asked. He talked about his day, about school about his family, about Seirin and his middle school teammates.

He talked about Nigou and his small attempts at cooking new things and many other insignificant little things which were so very important to Taiga.

Before he knew he feel asleep, phone pressed to his ear, and lulled by Kuroko’s voice.



Tetsuya appeared on the airport out of nowhere, like he always did whenever Taiga was involved.

One moment Taiga was texting Alex and Tatsuya that he arrived and looking around for his blue haired boyfriend, not being able to spot him anywhere, and in the next he was standing a few feet away from him, smiling and waiting patiently.

It was like the mass of people spread itself like the red sea and lo and behold there was Tetsuya.

Kagami froze then, seeing Kuroko in the flesh for the first time in over ten months and not on the screen of his phone or laptop.

It was…moving. To say the least.

He let go of his suitcase, hearing how it dropped to the ground. His backpack also slid from his arm hitting the floor.

Tetsuya was still smiling and Taiga’s hands were twitching.

“Welcome home Taiga-ku-mmgmfm.”

Taiga has always been fast when on court and his training with the new team and coach developed his skill even more, to the point that he thought he actually took Kuroko by surprise.

At least according to the way his eyes went huge and how he definitely didn’t expect Taiga to lunge himself at him, mouth sealing over Kuroko’s and kissing him until he kissed back.

“We’re in public.” Tetsuya panted when they broke away, thin strand of saliva connecting them for a second before it broke.

Taiga would believe that it bothered him. If it did, then why were his hands fisted painfully in his hair at the back of his head?

“Look around. No one cares.”

Kuroko sneaked a glance around and had to confirm Kagami’s assessment.

Taiga angled his head back to him and made sure Kuroko didn’t think about anything else but him for a little while longer.

When someone bumped hard into Taiga and he tripped, almost falling while still holding Kuroko in his arms, only then did they break the kiss.

Tetsuya laughed into his throat, hands squeezing around Kagami’s neck.

Taiga couldn’t help but smile to himself. Way better than over the phone.

“Let’s go home Taiga-kun.”

“Yeah.” Kagami said and slid his backpack back on, grabbed his suitcase in one hand and Kuroko’s hand on the other.

“Let’s go home.”

Chapter Text

No one noticed the blue haired boy in a Seirin uniform slip back into the locker room at the stadium.

Kagami noticed though and stirred, but didn’t turn around when the door clicked shut behind him.

“Kagami-kun, the team is waiting.”

“Yeah. Give me a minute.”

Three years later and it still wouldn’t stop amazing Kuroko how Kagami learned to ‘sense’ his presence and become more and more immune to his ‘sneaking act’ as he so kindly put it all those years ago.

More than that, Kuroko figured that giving Kagami a mild heart attack before their last game in high school wouldn’t be a good idea.

Tetsuya bit his lip.

Last game.

It was finally happening.

Kagami stood with his hands on his hips, looking up at their display case full of various basketball trophies they acquired over the years.  When Kagami and Kuroko joined Seirin it was more than modest, but now? Now it was full.

Kuroko approached their ace and stood beside him, not speaking but waiting.

“Hey.” Kagami pointed a finger at one of the trophies. “You remember that one, right?”

Kuroko looked to the mentioned cup and smiled.

“Of course. Our first won Inter High.”

Kagami grinned.

“And that one?”

“Second Winter Cup. Second place.”

Taiga hummed.

“That one was from the international junior competition, right?”

Kuroko nodded.


Taiga nodded back, not looking at Kuroko. He looked lost in thoughts. He then stopped his wandering gaze on one particular piece and smiled fondly.

Kuroko didn’t need to look to know which one he looked at but he did anyway and felt the same familiar fondness and nostalgia as well as a bit of sadness Kagami must have been feeling as well.

They could have stand here for longer, immersed in their own thoughts of the years spend together playing, winning, loosing, bonding. But Kuroko knew now it wasn’t the time for it.

“The team-“ He stopped when he felt something grab his hand.

He looked down and saw Kagami clutch at his fingers.

His hand was shaking.

“Are you nervous?”

“Yeah.” Taiga replied sincerely. “I am.”

Kuroko sighed, grabbed his hand and squeezed back.

“We practiced as much as we could, we did whatever we could. Now we only need to trust each-“

“I am not nervous about that.” Kagami interrupted.

Kuroko waited patiently for Kagami to continue.

“I am more than certain that we will win.”

Kagami’s optimism and faith in him (in everyone) always seemed to knock the breath out o him.

“Then what?” He said quietly, squeezing his hand.

Taiga took some time to gather this thoughts and reply.

“The thing…after.” He said finally meeting Kuroko’s eyes for the first time since he entered the locker room.

“College? I’m sure you will get into one without any problems.”

Taiga shook his head.

“I mean. This.” He said and for emphasis squeezed Kuroko’s hand. Tetsuya’s cheeks felt warm and he swallowed.

“What about…it?”

Taiga rubbed the back of Kuroko’s palm with his thumb, thinking. His eyebrows were furrowed and he looked serious. Kuroko felt his stomach jump when he looked at him and when he opened his mouth, he covered it with his free hand.

“Wait.” He said and licked his lips. “Whatever you want to say…please leave it for after the game.”

Kagami frowned.

“Because you don’t want to hear it?” He pried Kuroko’s hand from his mouth.

Kuroko shook his head.

“Because I wouldn’t be able to think about anything else, and we do need to focus, captain.”

Taiga blinked and burst out laughing.

“You’re right.” He said and pulled Kuroko closer his hands letting go of Kuroko’s palms and diving into his soft hair, tilting his head and kissing him deeply.

Kuroko didn’t protest, but his toes did and he had to break the kiss, when his legs started shaking. Unfortunately for him, Kagami still grew a few inches while Kuroko stayed the same height. And sometimes it still frustrated Tetsuya.

Kuroko licked his lips.

“What was that?” He asked while Kagami was caressing his cheek fondly. “Please save that after we win.”

Kagami grinned.

“It was for good luck.”

“Oh? I thought you were more than certain that we will win.” Kuroko teased by quoting Kagami.

Kagami didn’t catch the bait this time.

“Eh, it’s always better to be prepared right?”

“Maybe.” Kuroko hummed enjoying the affection, but knowing they should hurry. “Taiga-kun, please. Furihata-kun will come searching for us any moment. Or someone from the first years. Do you want to traumatize them?”

Kagami snorted and let go of Kuroko.

“Fine, fine. Just. One more thing.”

“What-oh.” Kuroko stopped when Kagami grabbed both his hands again and lifted them up to his face.

He dropped a kiss to each of his wrists, nuzzling there for a brief moment and then pressing Kuroko’s palms to his face. Or rather hiding in them. He only did it a couple of times before and each time it was a moment where Kagami felt particularly venerable.

This time though…Kuroko felt that it wasn’t a bad thing.

“Okay. I’m ready.” He said and let go of Kuroko. He inhaled, closed his eyes and when he opened them there was fire in them.

“Let’s go kick Aomine’s ass. Again.”

Kuroko smiled back, his heart suddenly racing as if he was running around the court for the past twenty minutes.


Taiga looked at the boy next to him and when he saw the raised fist, he gave him such a smile Kuroko was afraid he was going to get kissed again.

But Taiga was thoroughly focused on the game now and he only lifted his own hand and touched his knuckles to Kuroko’s.




Kuroko nursed his glass of cola and slumped heavily against Kagami’s warm side.

He hides his smile behind the glass when he feels the taller player’s hand slip subtly around his waist and press him a bit more snug to him.

No one seems to care at their indulgence in some well-deserved PDA. The rest of the team is loud and boisterous, somehow still having energy to play boardgames and argue over the match they just played.

Kuroko’s eyes slide over all his teammates and friends, the older and newer, thinking back himself to just a few hours ago and being grateful, not only for their support but for them just…being.

Despite that overwhelming fondness for his team he also feels the lingering fatigue in his whole body and soul. He played as hard as he could, he has no regrets but he’s just so tired.

He wants to indulge himself even more, be able to rest his head on Kagami’s shoulder and feel his arms around him.

He just wants to sleep. For a week.

But life isn’t so easy. First there was the ceremony, then they had to survive the onslaught of hysterical and enthusiastic parents.

And now, the party.

Kuroko’s eyes are at half mast, he’s ready to just call it a day and go crash, leaving Seirin in capable hands of their new members, but he still has duties as the vice-captain. 

He wills himself to sit a bit straighter and finishes his drink, hoping it will help him stay a bit more awake. At least for twenty more minutes.

Kuroko glances at the clock. It’s almost midnight. They should end it.

But there is something comfortable in that form of lethargy. He knows he will always be a part of this team, but tomorrow…tomorrow everything will change.

Tomorrow he will have to start thinking about the future.

And that’s a little terrifying.

Tetsuya suddenly blinks awake.

He remembers Kagami’s words from the locker room.

Kuroko licks his lips and nudges Kagami who looks as if he’s about to fall into the arms of Morpheus himself.


“Hn, yeah?”

“You…wanted to tell me something. In the locker room?” He specifies when he sees no traces of understanding in deep, red eyes.

Taiga blinks and then straightens, suddenly awake.

He finishes his own juice and stands up from the floor where they both were sitting around his coffee table.

“Come on.” He says quietly.

Kuroko’s intrigued and stands up as well, following Kagami quietly out of his living room and into his bedroom.

No one probably noticed them leaving, but Kuroko closes the door anyway.

When he does it, he suddenly feels his heart give a wild beat in his chest for some reason.

He’s nervous?

He reaches to the light switch, but Kagami grabs his hand before it can reach and pulls him closer.

Kuroko is confused for a moment, because he was so sleepy, but he understood when he saw the blush on Kagami’s face. The room is illuminated by the street lamps and the reflected moonlight and Kuroko always liked how it made everything look so soft and dreamy here.

Kagami is quiet for a moment and Kuroko wants to prompt him, but then he reaches into his jeans pocket with his free hand and brings out something which glints metallic in the light.

Kuroko doesn’t know what it is because it suddenly disappears in Kagami’s hand, but then he doesn’t need to see it when it’s placed into his own palm and he recognizes the hard edges of Kagami’s home key digging lightly into his palm.

Kuroko’s eyes widen and his mouth drops a little open. He’s actually speechless. Whatever he could say would just spoil the moment so instead of that he pulls Kagami down and kisses him like he wanted the moment he heard the sound of the buzzer.

Kagami kisses back but then pulls away and laughs.

“I take it as a yes.”

Kuroko rolls his eyes but smiles into another kiss. The worries about the future he carried with himself for the past six months have settled down suddenly. They’re still there, but he suddenly feels brave enough to take a peek at them.


For now, he just wants to relish in this.

Not for long though.

Kagami’s bedroom doesn’t have a lock and the doors swing open when Kagami’s hand is on Kuroko’s butt and Kuroko’s hands are sliding over Kagami’s back under his shirt making him purr.

They’re not about to go any further when there are people present, but Kuroko feels like they deserve this.

Still, it isn’t something Furihata has been prepared to walk on.

“Hey, Kagami where do you keep-OH MY GOD.”

Kuroko jumps in Kagami’s arms when the door slams shut and they stare at each other for five seconds before Taiga bursts out laughing, his booming voice carrying over the walls.

“Kagami-kun that’s rude.” Kuroko reprimands but his mouth is stretched in a smile.

“He should have known better.” Taiga snorts, looks at Kuroko and dives in for another kiss, this time short and playful.

“I’ll go see what he wants.”

Kuroko nods and lets Kagami go, slightly regretfully and watches him leave his room, leaving the door open.

Kuroko notices that the clock on Kagami’s bedside table shows 00:12 and the voices in the living room are still loud and cheerful. If not a little scandalized.

And the key in his hand is warm.

Chapter Text

It's not that Kuroko didn't notice, because he did notice. Right away in fact. It was just that he didn't say anything, purely because he was curious where Kagami-kun was going with this.


When they reached one of the intersections Kuroko showed mild surprise when instead of waiting for the lights to change, Kagami pulled him by the hand further up into the maze of houses.

“Where are we going Kagami-kun? I told you, I can’t stay overnight today, because my parents want to talk to me about something.”

“Yeah, I know.” Kagami grunted in response, still slightly miffed that Kuroko wouldn’t be staying over. Tetsuya himself only learned about it this morning and Kagami decided to walk Kuroko home instead. Normally, maybe Tetsuya would feel annoyed that he was babied, but he knew Kagami was just being considerate and wanted to spend some time together even if it was just walking back home after school.

 “I uh…there’s a construction work ahead!” He said. “We can’t pass there so we need to take an uh detour.”

“Really.” Kuroko stated more than asked, but Kagami still reassured him that it was true.

Kuroko shrugged it off and let himself be led by Kagami further along the inside roads and back alleys. They finished their detour and arrived at another intersection.

And Kagami did the exact same thing as before. He didn’t even announce it, just pulled Kuroko in the given direction. They were taking the longer route, walking longer and slower but still somewhat vaguely in the direction of Kuroko’s house.

Tetsuya theorized that maybe there was something, some shop, place or something else, that Kagami wanted to show him but was too embarrassed to say and decided to go about it in a roundabout way.


But then they kept walking. And walking. And walking.

They didn’t have club today so they weren’t particularly tired, and Kuroko realized that he actually enjoyed just walking with Kagami, holding hands and watching how the autumn sun slowly disappear behind the roofs of the houses.

And suddenly it hit Kuroko what Kagami was doing.

He stopped suddenly and pulled at Kagami’s hand.

“Kuroko?” Kagami looked over his shoulder when Kuroko stopped so suddenly.

“Kagami-kun did you notice we are in my neighborhood?”

“Uh, yeah?” He said after a brief glance around their surroundings.

“And did you notice that we have been walking around it for good twenty minutes already?”


And did you notice that my house is just right there?” Kuroko said and turned his head to the left. Kagami looked at him then at the house he could clearly see in front of them. They needed to just cross one inside road and would be right in front of Tetsuya’s door.

And then he looked away, clearly embarrassed at being caught.

Kuroko bit his lip and this time he was the one to pull Kagami forward.

“That was very sweet of you, but it almost looked like you wanted to kidnap me.”

“I did not!” Kagami protested hotly.

“I was joking.” Kuroko said when the stopped right in front of the small gate of his family house.

“Next time please just tell me.”

Kagami grimaced at the prospect of conveying his clumsy emotions in equally clumsy words and Kuroko chuckled.

“Fine. Then don’t.”

“Smartass.” Kagami ruffled his hair roughly. His hand slid lower to his cheek and without even thinking he leaned forward, while Kuroko raised on his toes, also without thinking.

But they barely covered an inch in the distance between them when a soft, female voice cleared its throat.

Both of them jumped apart suddenly and turned around to the source of the sound.

Tetsuya’s eyes widened just so slightly when he saw a woman, with soft blue hair and smiling blue eyes, much like his own, leaning over the front balcony railing of his home.


“Shit.” He heard Kagami muffle a curse under his breath and had to resist the urge to jab him in the side.

His mother didn’t seem to hear (or mind).

“Are you planning on coming home any time today Tetsuya, or are you boys still on your date?”  She directed her sunny smile at Kagami-kun.

Kuroko glanced at him when he started sputtering and explaining himself and feared for a moment that his head was going to explode.

His mother shushed him.

“It’s fine.” She said. “Would you like to join us Kagami-kun?”

Taiga clapped his mouth shut with a click and went rigid. He still wasn’t used to Kuroko’s family and it bothered him slightly. He patiently waited for his answer.

“I…I shouldn’t.”

“Why? There’s enough food for everyone.”

Debatable. Tetsuya thought, but didn’t voice his opinion.

“I really need to…I should go home.”

His mother sighed in disappointment and nodded to herself.

“I see. Well, you’re welcome to come by any time.”

“Yes, um. Thank you, um.”

Kuroko bit his lip.

“Don’t laugh at him Tetsuya.” His mother scolded. Of course she’d know.

He could feel Kagami’s glare on the back of his head.


“Yes, yes I’m going. Goodnight Kagami-kun.”


The door to the balcony closed with a click and they saw how his mother drew in the curtains in the living room.

“Are you really that scared of my mother?” Kuroko turned to face Kagami.

Taiga made a face, his cheeks still red from earlier embarrassment.

“I’m not scared. I’m…it’s weird.”

“What is?”

Kagami gestured to something and then dropped his hand.

“I dunno how to explain it.”

Kuroko snorted.

“Hey your mom said that you shouldn’t laugh at me.”

Kuroko rolled his eyes and grabbed Kagami by the lapels of his school uniform and pulled him down.

“It’s stronger than me.” He said and planted a kiss on Kagami’s cheek. “I really have to go now though.”

“Okay.” Kagami said with a nod.



It looked like Kagami couldn’t decide if he wanted to leave or stay. He leaned slightly forward before he straightened.

“See you tomorrow.” He grunted and after hesitating for another minute turned away from Kuroko and started walking back.

Kuroko watched him until he disappeared between the other houses and their gardens and wondered, smiling to himself a little, if he will be taking the same detour back.

Chapter Text

“Well this is just great.” Kagami grumbled to no one in particular when he left the school building and realized he forgot his umbrella.

Other students passed him as he waited for the downpour to finally stop so he could go home.

Twenty minutes passed and the rain only seemed to get stronger.

Kagami debated using his book bag as a makeshift umbrella when he felt a tug on his sleeve and jerked forward almost slipping on the wet steps.

“Jesus Christ!” He yelled at the boy next to him.

“No, it’s just me.” Kuroko said calmly and lowered his hand.

Taiga glared at him.

“Why are you still here Kagami-kun? I told you to go home, because the library duty would take a while.”

Taiga shrugged and looked away.

Kuroko looked at him for a moment and then at the sky.

“You forgot your umbrella.”

“Yes, I forgot my umbrella!” Kagami snapped back, cheeks red in embarrassment.

“Then you should have come back to the library and you could borrow one from there.”

Taiga didn’t have a good come back for that.

“I didn’t know that.”

“I figured.” Kuroko opened his own umbrella. “Shall we go?”

Kagami regarded his boyfriend with a dubious look. He walked up to him and took the blue umbrella from his hand.

“Yeah, but I’m holding into this.”

Kuroko rolled his eyes but didn’t protest.

“Lead the way.”



“This is quite romantic you know?”

Taiga almost fell into the puddle he tried to avoid.

“What? What is? The rain?”

Kuroko rolled his eyes and sighed.

“No. Not the rain. Just. This. Us, walking like this.” He said and gestured to the empty roads and sidewalks. “Alone. Like back in the day.”

“You know I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Kuroko huffed.

“You need to pay more attention in class then. Sharing an umbrella by a couple is a symbol of romance.” Kuroko paused and slipped his hand around Kagami’s arm and pressed a little closer to his side, even though they could comfortably walk under the umbrella without touching.

Taiga tensed for a moment but then relaxed.

“It’s also a good opportunity to get close like this and spend some time alone.”

Despite himself Taiga laughed.

“You’re talking like we don’t do that anyway.”

“That’s different.”

Taiga hummed.

“Sorry, I’m just a dumb returnee. I don’t really get it.” He quipped.

“Oh right. Forgive me, I forgot.” Kuroko teased back. They walked in silence for a while longer and avoided puddles. Or tried to. The rain was steady but weaker now and Kuroko could let go of Kagami’s arm and walk next to him, but he was comfortable and warm and Kagami didn’t mind. The streets were also strangely empty and the scarce person here and there didn’t even spear them a glance. It felt like they were in a bubble just by themselves.



“If this is not romantic for you, can you show me what is?”

Taiga did a double take, surprised at Kuroko’s out of the blue question.


Kuroko keep staring. Taiga’s cheeks turned red and he looked away and Tetsuya was ready to tell him he was just teasing.

But then Kagami stopped walking suddenly. Kuroko stumbled but a warm arm wrapped around his shoulders and pulled him gently until his back touched something hard and metal.

He glanced to the side and noticed it was a shed of the nearby bus stop.

Kuroko looked at Kagami a question on his lips but somehow instead of asking it he let Kagami lift his chin and kiss him.

It was still raining around them, the sound filling Kuroko’s ears pleasantly and he allowed himself to tilt his head and enjoy the way Kagami’s lips slid over his own.

It was maybe a minute later when Kagami pulled away.

“Something, um, like this?”

Kuroko blinked for a moment, confused why the kissing wasn’t happening anymore and then he understood.

“Almost. You should have dropped the umbrella dramatically and embraced me so we could kiss in the rain like in a true Hollywood movie.”

Kagami snorted.

“Yeah, right. And let you catch a cold so the coach could murder me.”

Kuroko chuckled.

“Okay.” He said and grabbed Kagami by the lapels of his school uniform and pulled him down. “This works too.”

This time they didn’t part until Kagami needed to breathe and Kuroko still managed to pull him back for a few quick pecks.

Kagami’s hand moved from Kuroko’s shoulders to his nape and played with the short hairs there. Kuroko’s hands were still clenched in Kagami’s uniform.

And they were smiling, probably a little goofy, at each other.

Taiga was ready to pull Kuroko away from the bus stop and resume their walk back home. He opened his mouth to propose just that.

But then, a motorbike drove past them as a high speed over a large puddle on the street and caused a small tsunami of dirty and muddy water.

It might have been small, but it still drenched them both from head to toe.

Taiga sputtered and when he recovered from the shock, he shouted a mix of English and Japanese curses after the biker, who most certainly didn’t hear them anyway.

“Kagami-kun, please stop.”

Taiga looked down at the boy who was still pressed to the shed of the bus stop and noticed that amongst the dripping hair his eyes were sparkling with mirth.

Kagami wanted to retort that that wasn’t funny, but when he heard the first chuckle coming from Kuroko’s mouth, he couldn’t help but laugh with him.

“Let’s go to my place.” Kagami said and closed the umbrella when he noticed it stopped raining.

Kuroko eagerly agreed and slipped his hand into Kagami’s and pulled him into the direction of his own apartment.

On the way back they abandoned all pretense of being ‘romantic’ and splashed around in a few puddles like little kids. 

Chapter Text

Late November. Dark. School is finished and it’s time to go home.

Not quite.

Kuroko straps the leash to Nigou’s collar. He stands up and without thinking reaches with his free hand to find another palm.

It’s there. As always.

“Ah.” He says when they leave the school grounds. “Gloves.”

Kagami looks at him and shakes his head, the tips of his ears going redder than they were a minute ago.

“I forgot.” He says and squeezes Kuroko’s palm. Kuroko squeezes back.

He knows it’s a lie. He sees the dark wool peeking from Kagami’s coat pockets.

But he doesn’t say anything. Only smiles to himself.

It snowed before and it will snow again, surely. For now the white fluff crunches under their feet and makes their steps a little awkward and clumsy.

Kuroko lets Nigou of the leash and a few moments later it starts to snow.

Kagami snickers at him when he barks and runs around excitedly, trying to bite the snowflakes. He does that every year.

Kuroko feels it land on his cheek and melt and he shivers.

Lifting his head he watches the dark sky and the snow falling and making the park desolate and eerily quiet. They are the only people here now.

He likes that thought for some reason. It brings him peace and makes him want to chuckle quietly to his own thoughts.

Another snowflake, this time on his lips.

Kuroko sucks it in, feels the cold and wetness.

And sticks out his tongue to catch more snowflakes because he’s feeling like it. He looks silly probably, but only Kagami is here to witness it, so that’s okay.

He more hears than sees Kagami approach and take him by the arms, gently but firmly.

Next thing, they’re exchanging frosty kisses in the middle of the park and the quiet.

Nigou got tired from all the barking at the snow and is now rubbing against his legs. Whining that he’s cold and wants to go home now. 

But not just yet, Kuroko thinks. His eyes have slipped shut and he lets out a small, satisfied hum when the kiss is over, but it’s by no means the end.

The smile they share is sickening. Probably. They’re not exactly objective.  They don’t really care.

He doesn’t know how long it lasts but it’s not long enough (as always) when they part again because this time Nigou gnaws at his leash impatiently.

The three of them look at each other.

And laugh.

Chapter Text

Taiga knew that by this point he was just rambling.

Every official NBA Christmas/end of the year party was the same. Big fancy event, people dressed up as if they were on a red carpet. Massive buffet (that Kagami couldn’t complain about).

Heaps of alcohol, cheesy Christmas music and journalists.

The last thing was what Taiga kind of hated the most.

Well, hated, was a bit of a strong word. They annoyed him, always prodding him about this and that (it would be fine if the questions were only relating to the team, but they often had to be nosy about his private life too. Besides he wasn't even the captain!).

They usually asked him if he was single too, when he’d get a girlfriend, when he’s marry yadda yadda yadda.

He also hated how he always had to get hit on by some random women there. Taiga wasn’t sixteen anymore and knew how flirting looked like, so at least that helped him avoid any uncomfortable situations.

He breathed a sigh of relief when Kuroko finally moved to the States to live with him. He could not so subtly flaunt his wedding ring in front of people and it would shut them up and he’d be left in peace.

For a time being.

Tetsuya agreed to attend the event with him this year and it made him feel more relaxed and less twitchy.

Plus he got to see him in a nice suit, so it was also a plus.

He answered another obvious question, trying to not look too bored and slightly annoyed.

“What are the team’s plans for the next year?”

What do you think. Taiga blinked slowly, trying to hide his eyes roll.

“Another championship I guess.”

The journalist nodded.

“Any personal goals?”

Taiga shrugged.

“Is your rivalry with Daiki Aomine going to continue into the new year as well?” 

Taiga’s brow twitched.

“Yeah, I guess. We’re cool though.”

No they really weren’t. Aomine barely changed his juvenile behavior over the years and any practice or official match with the former ace of the Generation of Miracles put him in a foul mood, regardless of who was the winner.

The journalist asked a few more questions, Taiga answered them on autopilot. He do didn’t wanna be here.

Suddenly he stirred feeling a familiar weak presence next to him. He smiled to himself and reached with his arm, wrapping it around narrow shoulders and pulling the person closer.

Tetsuya made a small sound at the back of throat, but didn’t protest and let himself be pressed against Kagami’s side.

Taiga said something to the journalist and looked down at his husband, his blue eyes already peering curiously at him.

Taiga grinned.

“You having fun?” He asked in Japanese.

Before Kuroko could answer the journalist gasped, only now realizing that there was a third person there. Taiga wanted to laugh at her silly expression. This never got old. Even he sometimes got surprised by Tetsuya when he didn’t pay attention.

Other times he could sense him easily in a room full of people like now. What could he say? Years of practice.

“Are you-?” She asked, eyes boring into Tetsuya who just stood there innocently, pressed to Taiga’s side and holding a tall glass of champagne.

“My name is Ku- I mean, Tetsuya Kagami.” He said in slightly awkward English and Taiga noticed the pale blush coloring his cheeks.

He had to bite his lip not to laugh happily when he heard that. His face was probably red as well.

“I was just about to ask, how is your personal life Taiga.” The journalist’s eyes glinted as they always did when they found some juicy information and latched onto it like limpets.

Only this wasn’t a secret. Taiga was married almost for a year now and the only novelty was that it was the first time someone managed to catch the sigh of Kuroko.

They weren’t really hiding or anything.

“I’m good.” Taiga said, his fingers playing with his wedding ring, where his hand rested on Kuroko’s shoulder. He hoped it was visible enough.

But the journalist wasn’t looking at him.

She was looking at Kuroko.

Oh shit.

She opened her mouth, probably about to ask some lame ass personal question.

So Kagami swooped in.

“Sorry, he’s not really comfortable with his English yet.”

He could almost hear the pout and the glare radiating from Kuroko, even when he wasn’t looking at him.

“But-” The journalist started.

“Sorry. We need to go. Over there.” Kagami said and stirred his husband away from the woman and led them both away into the other side of the room. 

“That was very rude.” Kuroko said when they were out of ear shot. “You were being interviewed.”

“I was being harassed.” Kagami retorted while Kuroko rolled his eyes.

“It was still rude. Besides you didn’t even let me reply on my own. And you lied about my English. I am getting better. My editor says so.” He finished with a pout.

“I was trying to save you from the claws of a harpy. You’re welcome I guess. It’s not about your English dumbass.”

Kuroko puffed out his cheeks.

“That’s because you dragged me into the spotlight with you. I’m not used to it like you.”

“Me?” Taiga laughed. “She was grilling me and all I wanted to do was to run away. Speaking of which, why was I the one to give an interview? Where is the goddamn captain?”

“I saw him in the bathroom. Not in the state to be giving interviews.”

“Huh. And the vice captain?”

Kuroko blushed a little.

“I saw him leave with someone.”

“And the coach?”

This time Kuroko shrugged. Taiga sighed.

“Just my luck.”

Kuroko chuckled.

“You’ve seem to be doing great.” Kuroko said with a small smirk.

“Yeah, that’s only because I had you there and-” Taiga bit his tongue when he realized what he said. Kuroko’s eyes widened for a second before turning fond and shimmery.

“Bakagami.” He said softly.

“Shut up.” He grumbled, avoiding eye contact. His gaze fell onto the tall glass of champagne his husband was still clutching in his hand.

He raised an eyebrow.

“Don’t tell me you’re drinking this? This is fizzy.”

Kuroko looked mildly offended.

“Thank you, I would have never guessed that on my own.” He snarked back and then immediately turned sheepish.

“I thought it was appropriate and would look natural. I felt a little out of place with empty hands.”

Taiga was quiet for a moment before he snorted.

“Dork.” He said and took the glass from Kuroko’s hand. He downed it in two sips, put the glass on the buffet table behind them and grabbed Tetsuya’s hand.

Kuroko looked confused for a moment, when he was pulled away from the table, and then slightly surprised.

“Dancing?” He asked when Kagami wrapped his arms around him and pulled him closer on the dance floor.

Taiga shrugged.

“Much like your English, my dancing has also improved.”

“When?” Kuroko asked, amusement coloring his voice.

“Shut up.” He dismissed his question and tucked Tetsuya’s head under his chin.

“Shh, it’s our song.” He said when a cheesy, Christmas ballad started playing, ideal for slow, comfortable swaying.

Kuroko laughed against his chest.

“No it is not.” He protested and Taiga snorted.

“Yeah, probably not. We don’t even have one. Your taste is weird and I have none remember?”

Kuroko chuckled and then fell silent.

“Then maybe.” He started after a moment. “All of them are ours.”

Kagami didn’t say anything but he smiled a little to himself.

Kuroko didn’t press for an answer.

Kagami heard a snap of a camera and could see the light flashing from the corner of his eye.

This will probably be plastered in the tabloids tomorrow.

Oh well, he couldn’t bring himself to care.

He was too comfortable right now.

Chapter Text

“Hey! Sorry I’m late.”

Tetsuya was just putting his own sports bag on the bench when Kagami-kun’s booming voice announced his arrival.

“I just got here myself.” He said turning around and sending a smile towards the boy he hasn’t seen in over half a year, not counting yesterday’s evening when he drove with the whole former Seirin to pick him up from the airport.

Kagami’s answering grin was blinding as the bright, summer sun above them.

Tetsuya didn’t even manage to say it’s good to see you again because he was crushed in a tight, hot embrace ten seconds later.

One moment he was looking at Kagami’s face the next his nose was squashed firmly against a wall of firm muscles covered in thin cotton.

“I can’t breathe.” Kuroko hit at Kagami’s back.

Taiga laughed heartily and let go of his friend who send him a glare.

“Sorry, it’s just really good to see you.”

“We saw each other yesterday.” Tetsuya dismissed the comment, but secretly pleased that Kagami felt the same way.

Kagami’s grin dropped to a shy smile and he looked down for a moment, suddenly turning bashful.

“Yeah, but it wasn’t the same with everyone there.”

Kuroko swallowed at Kagami’s sudden words.

The last year of their high school was strange, filled with a strange tension between them whenever their gazes met and whenever they touched or brushed against each other.

Kagami-kun never said anything until graduation. Tetsuya would have been angry with him for waiting till the last moment, leaving himself a way of retreat in the form of American college if Tetsuya didn’t return his feelings.

He would have been angry, if he wasn’t feeling so light and happy and if he wasn’t busy kissing Kagami back behind the school.

But, still Kagami left for college and Tetsuya stayed in Japan.

They texted and skyped and wrote emails almost all the time. Something as trivial as time zones couldn’t stop them from being together obviously.

His hands suddenly felt empty and he could feel how they tingled and longed for something to hold.

He was afraid he’d do something stupid and something he wasn’t sure of.

To dissipate the tension Kuroko decided to do what always helped in these situations.

He jabbed Kagami.

“OW!” Kagami yelped, jumped and clutched at his side.

“What the hell you little asshole?”

“Kagami-kun was being weird so I applied appropriate measures.”

Kagami glared at Tetsuya, his brows furrowed in such a familiar way Kuroko almost kissed him right there.

Instead he lowered his gaze and changed the topic.

“Is that new?” Kuroko suddenly pointed at Kagami’s chest.

Taiga looked down.

“What is?”

“That new hoodie.”

“Oh that. Alex forced me to go shopping before leaving.”

Kuroko hummed, thinking and hoping his look was neutral.

“Sleeveless? That kind of defeats the purpose of it right?”

Taiga shrugged.

Kuroko reached for the zipper and pulled it down.

And stopped.

“Why are you wearing a shirt under it?”

Kagami slapped his hand away and zipped the hoodie up.

Kuroko noticed with small satisfaction that he was blushing as well.

“Stop being a weirdo.”

“I am not a ‘weirdo’. It’s been a while.” Kuroko bit his lip when Kagami pushed a ball into his hands, more roughly than it was necessary. Teasing him was always amusing.

Kagami snorted, dropped his own bag on the bench.

“You always were a weirdo.” He said while getting into a stance. And then grinned. “And as you yourself said, you just saw me yesterday. Now come on.”

Kuroko dribbled the ball with a smirk.

“As you wish.”



“Let’s take a break please.”

Kagami came to a sudden halt in his dribbling and caught the ball with one hand.

“Already? Man, you really do suck.” He said the last part with a grin and a certain fondness in his voice which made Tetsuya pout.

“Fine, fine. It is hot.” He said and fished a bottle of water from his bag.

Tetsuya wiped his brow and shook his head in hopes of creating some wind but all it did was spray droplets of sweat around him.

Kagami didn’t seem bothered by the heat. He was sweaty, maybe even more than Tetsuya, his red hoodie showing clear wet patches around his stomach, back and under his armpits, and his skin was flushed, making his already slightly bronze tan stand out even more.

But he was still full of energy, basically bouncing and not able to stay still.

Kagami drank half a bottle almost in one go. With a wheeze he laughed when he finally had his fill.

“Summer is Japan is awful.” He mused to himself but he was still smiling.

Tetsuya narrowed his eyes and put a hand over his eyes. He tried to tell himself it was because of the sun…and that might be a partially true…but there was something way brighter than that.

“Hey. C’mere and have a drink too. I can see you’re ready to pass out.”

Kuroko walked up to Kagami grabbed the water bottle from his hand and took a slow slip.

And then another one.

Their eyes were locked into each other’s and Tetsuya saw how Kagami’s mouth dropped open just a bit and his cheeks flushed even more.

That was purely accidental, and Kuroko didn’t mean to tease him that much, but this weird tension made him act in a certain way, pushing both their buttons. He wondered how far it will led them.

Kagami didn’t say anything when Kuroko finished the whole bottle, making a point of licking his lips and passing the empty container back to Kagami.

There was crunch when Kagami took the bottle and turned it into a miserable pile of plastic all the time staring at Kuroko intensely.

Kuroko knew his eyes were laughing when Kagami dumped the bottle into the trashcan and missed at least two times, before he walked up to it, picked it up and finally threw it away.

Kuroko stuck out his tongue, catching a stray droplet from the corner of his mouth. He could taste salt on his tongue.

Kagami walked back to him, his hoodie slightly opened and a basketball propped against his hip.

When he stood in front of Tetsuya, he could feel the unspoken tension return again.

“Kagami-kun did you grew?”

Taiga blinked suddenly confused at another change of mood and topic.

He raised his eyes to the sky and hummed.

“No, I don’t think so. What? Do you think you’ve gotten shorter?” He said with a smirk but Kuroko didn’t take the bait.

“No. And I wasn’t talking about your height.”

“No? Then what? Hey, are you saying I’m fat or something?”

Kuroko snorted and walked up to Kagami.

“No. Quite the contrary.”

“Huh?” Kagami tilted his head to the side and watched how the smaller boy stopped in front of him. His gaze was fixed on something around Kagami’s chest.

He then without a word of warning raised his hand and put it on Kagami’s arm.

Taiga didn’t move, but he had to ask when Kuroko put his other hand on Kagami’s arm, circling it around his biceps.

“What are you doing?”

Kuroko looked up at him, mischief in his eyes and then squeezed.

“Measuring. This was definitely smaller the last time I saw you.”

Kuroko patiently waited for the outburst, but instead of it, Kagami just blushed, frowned and shook Kuroko’s hands off of him.

“I told you to stop being a weirdo.”

“I am not. I’m simply admiring your physique.”

Kagami frowned and blushed deeper.

“By groping me? How would you feel it I did that?” He stopped suddenly when he realized what he said.

Kuroko tilted his head to the side.

“Honestly? I don’t know. You’ve never tried. You always say I don’t have and I quote enough meat on my bones.

“Because it’s true!” Kagami finally burst and dropped the ball. “Look!” He said and grabbed Kuroko round the waist with both hands. “See? I can fit both my hands around your waits and, uh, um….”

“That’s because you have big hands.” Kuroko bit back, trying to ignore the blush on his face. This was a different touch than the hug from before. He saw Kagami-kun hug Alex-san and Himuro-san like this. Friendly.

This, even if it was to prove a point, was a way more intimate touch.

“You’re just skinny.” Kagami said in whisper and to Kuroko’s shock pulled him closer until their hips bumped against each other.

“Maybe it’s both.” Kuroko whispered back, nosing gently around Kagami’s collarbone. Taiga groaned quietly.

“This is not the best place.” He said in protest, but Kuroko could feel how his thumbs dipped under his shirt and pressed to his sides. The touch was unsure but bold enough for Kuroko’s blood to pump harder in his veins.

“Really? I think it’ll do.”

Kagami looked at him questioningly.

After a moment, with great regret Kuroko pulled away from Kagami but grabbed his hand.

“Come.” He said and pulled the other boy into the direction of nearby shrubbery.  

Chapter Text

The Christmas party ended around midnight and they were one of the last guests to leave Riko and Hyuuga’s small apartment.

It was a tradition by this point for Seirin to have a year-end reunion Christmas party on Christmas eve and no matter where they were for the rest of the year, they all managed to meet up for that one day.

And mostly it happened at Kagami’s place, since that first time in second year of high school, but this year Riko and Hyuuga (who finally decided to rent an apartment together) became the hosts.

“That was fun, but I’m glad Aida-san didn’t cook.”

“That’s because I cooked.” Kagami snorted and grabbed Kuroko’s hand to pull him faster to the station. They could still catch the last train.

“Please, don’t diminish Mitobe-senpai’s input.”

“I’m not. I cooked and he baked. That’s different.”

Kuroko rolled his eyes.

“Either way, thank you for sparing us the food poisoning.”

Kagami laughed and pushed Kuroko into the train when it arrived.

The ride back was quiet and long and Kuroko dozed off on Kagami’s shoulder. 

They arrived home somewhere around one in the morning.

“Hey.” Kagami said when they were riding the elevator. “It’s Christmas.”

“Mm.” Kuroko sounded sleepy. He rested his forehead over Kagami’s chest and swayed gently with the movement.

“You know what it means right?” Kagami whispered into Kuroko’s hair.

“Are you a kid Kagami-kun?”

Taiga frowned and ground his fist in Kuroko’s head.

“Kids get their presents in the morning.”

“And adults during the night?”

“No. But I- I have something I wanna give you and I don’t want to wait.”

That caught Kuroko’s attention, enough for him to look awake. It seemed that he wanted to say something but in the end he only nodded.

They shuffled their feet while entering their shared apartment, hiding yawns and taking off their coats.

Kagami grabbed Kuroko’s hand and led him to the living room area, sat on the couch and pulled Kuroko down next to him.

“Impatient.” Tetsuya commented which earned him a gentle jab in the ribs which he swatted with a smile.

And then Kagami went silent for a longer moment. Tetsuya blinked slowly, almost completely awake now. Taiga’s eyes were boring into his.

“Nervous?” Kuroko asked when he placed a palm on Kagami’s cheek.

That snapped him out of the strange daze and he pulled away.

“I uh, yeah, just.” He licked his lips nervously and turned around to the small side table next to the couch and opened a drawer. He spent a few moments with his back to Kuroko, looking as if he was gathering his courage. Finally, he sighed and turned back, determination visible on his face.

It didn’t last long though. He only managed to get the first syllable of Kuroko’s name out when his eyes fell lower to Kuroko’s hands and he gaped.

“I’m sorry.” Tetsuya said feeling genuinely apologetic. “But I couldn’t wait any longer…and this felt like just the right moment.”

Taiga blinked suddenly and closed his mouth with a click.

“Taiga-kun? Say something?” Kuroko said and lifted his hand with the small, velvet red box.


Finally, Taiga was able to lift his gaze from Kuroko’s hand and meet his eyes.

“Is this not good?” Kuroko asked, feeling his throat clog suddenly.

“What?” Kagami’s voice was hoarse and his eyes dropped to the box again.

“Taiga-kun, please say something.”

Taiga shook his head and Kuroko’s heart dropped.

“I don’t…think there’s anything to say here.”

“What do you mean?”

Taiga closed his eyes and sighed.

“I just have one thing to show you.”

“What? I don’t-“

Tetsuya stopped talking when Kagami took his hand from behind his back and opened his palm.

Blue velvet box.

Kagami opened it and a glint of light from the nearby lamp caught in the silver band and Tetsuya had to blink.

“You,” Kagami started and Kuroko looked up.

“You little shit, you stole my thunder!” Kagami grumbled.

Kuroko blinked, once, twice and then couldn’t help and let out the laugh with bubbled in his throat.

Taiga rolled his eyes. He took the ring from the box and grabbed Kuroko’s hand. Tetsuya shivered when the cool metal touched his skin. Such a contrast to Kagami’s warm hands.

He did the same with the ring he chose and let Kagami cup his face for a kiss. 

“Oh! Wait, shit. I didn’t even ask!”

Kuroko pressed two fingers to Kagami’s mouth, shushing him.

“Please don’t presume something stupid Taiga-kun.”

Kagami frowned, but let Kuroko snuggle closer and hide his face in Kagami’s neck.

Taiga sighed and returned the hug.

“What are you grinning about?” He asked when he felt the edge of Kuroko’s smile against his skin.

“Are you laughing at me?”

“Maybe.” Kuroko answered enigmatically. He could almost hear the eye roll.

Truth be told he didn’t laugh because either of their proposals didn’t turn the way either of them intended.

He couldn’t help smiling because they both, without consulting one another chose the exact same ring.

Chapter Text

They were having a practice match; seniors versus first years. 

Normally, they would be leading but everyone was a little distracted today. Plus, they were short of Kiyoshi who was still taking it slow after his operation and warming the bench while babysitting Nigou. 

Plus, Kagami was a monster today, scoring points after points. His fiery disposition was pumping up the rest of the first years too, and they charged without their usual inhibitions. 

Except for Kuroko of course, who was always cautious and preferred observing and gauging the situation from the back, but even he was a little more energetic today than usual. 

Hyuga actually saw Kagami shaking a bit when he scored that last three pointer and he snorted. 

Riko made notes and talked to Teppei who seemed for once to be content with just taking a back seat and enjoying the game. 

They had maybe three minutes left and only a one-point difference. He was certain they could make it, until Kuroko passed to Kagami, appearing out of thin fucking air and startling Mitobe from his blocking position, so that their ace scored the last buzzer and the first years won by one point. 

“Yeah!” Furihata squeaked and slapped sweaty high fives with Kwahara and Fukuda. 

“Hey Kagami, Ku-“ He turned to do the same with their dynamic duo. 

Everyone fell silent then except Hyuga who was wiping his face with his t-shirt and had his glasses off. 

“Good game every-“ He also went speechless after putting them on and stared at the scene before him with a stunned expression. 

He never saw Kuroko that shocked for as long as he knew him, but what was to expect, when Kagami had a firm grip on the back of his head and was kissing him squarely on the mouth. 

And the kiss was long. Overly long.

And deep. 

“…one.” Hyuga’s higher brain functions kicked in and he blinked rapidly but the image before him didn’t change, expect that Kuroko’s face was starting to look blue

“Oi!” He was the first to snap out of it and push the two apart. “Let him breathe moron!” He yelled at Kagami who looked dazed for the most part while Kuroko after gasping and getting some oxygen into his lungs was starting to turn from blue to bright red. His eyes widened again and he clapped both hands over his mouth in shock. 

Kagami only blinked dizzily, his cheeks colored rosy, before his eyes also widened in shock at his own actions. 

Oh boy. 

By this time the rest of Seirin recovered from their initial shock and for the most part looked mostly uncomfortable and embarrassed. 

Not as much as Kagami and Kuroko though. 

“Fuck.” Kagami cursed loudly, by this point red as a tomato himself. 

Riko appeared suddenly next to him and whacked Kagami on the head with her clipboard. 

“Why did you do that!” 

Kagami cowered for a moment from pain. 

“Ow! I don’t know!” He sputtered holding the back of his head. When he opened his eyes, he looked directly at Kuroko who was still starting at him in shock, face covered and on fire. 

“I uh, I got excited, and-“ 

“And you decided that molesting him in the middle of practice was okay?” She pointed to the other boy. “Kuroko-kun please breathe.” 

Finally, the boy in question dropped his hands with a wheeze. 

“I’m okay.” He said, his face now red and blotchy and he avoided Kagami’s gaze. Hyuga cringed feeling bad for him. This could most likely be his first kiss. 

“What!? No! It was just as ki-“ Kagami faltered and turned even redder. “Anyway! I’m uh. I’m American.” 

“What?” Everyone echoed confused. 

“I mean.” Kagami rubbed the back of his neck. “I was raised in America. So. American customs. Or something.” 

There was a pause before a wave of obnoxious laughter broke it. 

Everyone looked to the source which turned out to be Koganei of all people. 

“That’s the worse excuse I’ve ever heard.” 

“It’s not an excuse!” Kagami yelled, mortified.

“Yeah okay. And what are you going to do now? Go around and kiss everyone?” 

“What? Why would I?” Kagami bristled. 

“I dunno.” Koganei shrugged. “But I’ll pass. You’re not my type.” 

Izuki and Kiyoshi both snorted at that comment and both of them received a smack on the head from Riko. 

“I’m pretty sure you’re just ga-mmmmf.” Thank god for Mitobe, Hyuga thought as the taller player covered his friend’s mouth and dragged him away. 

From the look of Kagami’s face it seemed that he understood anyway. 

“Okay, you know what? Time out for both of you.” He said finally. “Just go take a nice, long walk. Make a round around the school. Or two. Or three if you must.” He said and pushed them both towards the door. “Figure out your feelings and all that.” 

“What feelings!” Kagami squeaked when he was pushed towards the exit. 

Hyuga rolled his eyes. 

He was about to close the door and return to practice when Riko called after them. 

“And don’t get caught!” 

Kagami sputtered. Kuroko was quiet, avoiding looking at Kagami. Hyuga was worried for a split second but then he dismissed those thoughts. It was Kagami and Kuroko. This was nothing. They were just a bit slow on the uptake.

 Kind of…surprisingly slow. 

“Don’t take too long though. You have ten laps to run after you’re back.” She sounded saccharine sweet but Hyuga actually shivered. Yeesh. 

“What? Why?” Kagami protested. 

“Twenty? Alright.” She waved to them and Hyuga closed the door finally. 

“Okay.” He said while dusting of his hands. “That was a. Thing.” 

The rest of the team nodded solemnly. 

“Oh!” Koganei was suddenly next to Hyuga. “by the way, you owe me 1000 yen.” 

“I knew it.” He rolled his eyes and reached into his pocket. “You can have a 100 for now.” 

Koga pouted. “Sore loser.” 

“Ekhm.” Riko cleared her throat and smiled at them. 

“I am still here and this is still practice.” 

“Yes, ma’am.” 

“So…twenty laps please.” She blew her whistle and everyone groaned. 

He was sweating buckets when the culprits finally returned to the gym. 

And they were both red faced and it was so obvious Hyuga had to roll his eyes again. 

At least they were talking and looking at each other again. 

Maybe too much even. 

Riko ushered them quickly and everyone was running laps again. Koganei ran up to him with an obnoxious grin on his face. 

“Thousand yeeeeen.” He sing-songed. 

“Shut up Koga.” Hyuga scoffed and picked up the pace.

Chapter Text

Dark theater room. Illuminated only by the screen light. All eyes on the scene.

And yet Kagami still felt as if he was being closely watched (and judged) by everyone.

Of course, he knows it is ridiculous. It isn’t even that what he thinks is somehow bad or inappropriate, especially considering the place they are currently at.

It was just that…he couldn’t shake the feeling that it would be weird. Or that Kuroko would find it weird or something.

And he couldn’t just ask. That would be even weirder.  

He glanced at the other boy next to him. He positively looked entranced by the movie, soaking up the atmosphere and hanging off every line falling out of the actor’s lips.

Kagami thought the movie was super dull, but Kuroko wanted to see it for weeks. So Taiga got them tickets and they went together to see this thing, which normally would put Taiga right to sleep.

And it almost did. He forced himself not to though, it would be rude to Kuroko, who seemed to be having a good time and he didn’t want to be the reason his evening would be ruined.

Taiga looked longingly inside the empty popcorn holder and sighed.

Kuroko let out a thoughtful hum beside him and Kagami glanced at him once more, small grin appearing on his face when he saw how his smaller boyfriend furrowed his brow and then his eyes widened slightly.

And then he noticed it.

The couples around them. There were quite a lot of them in the room. Strange how that never registered in his brain, but he had this thing where stuff went over his head.

All the time.

What he noticed now though, was how they all seemed to…gravitate towards each other. Heads rested on shoulders, arms around each other, faces pressed into hair, mouths moving, whispering.

Oh, so this was that kind of movie. Well, this changed the whole thing now and Taiga felt like an idiot for not noticing earlier.

He saw someone lift his arm up from the corner of his eye and casually put it around someone else’s shoulders. He saw a flash of a grin and his imagination supplied the eyeroll or the blush or both.

Kuroko stayed unmoving and silent next to him, absorbed in the movie and his own thoughts.

Seemingly oblivious.

This propelled him back into the time when he and Tatsuya would watch a ton of American teen movies and it was one thing to see the clichés in a popcorn flick and another to see them displayed so casually in real life.

It always looked so easy in the movies. The guy would pretend to stretch or yawn (which Taiga always thought was super rude) and then drop his arm around the girl’s (because it was always a girl) shoulder, making her jump and blush. Maybe squeal and giggle.

Kagami couldn’t see Kuroko jump. He was the one making people jump.

He probably knew what Taiga was planning anyway, but since he wasn’t acting on it, it meant he didn’t want that kind of display of affection anyway.

Taiga felt disappointed. For some reason. 

For the next hour he tried to stay calm in his seat but he just ended fidgeting and worrying that he was disturbing Kuroko.

Even if he tried, there was the armrest which would make the whole thing uncomfortable for the both of them right? He tried to convince himself. He tapped his foot and resisted the urge to look at the time on his phone.

Instead he tried to focus on the movie, even though he missed around two thirds of the story.

Time trickled slowly and he was finally getting something out of it. Kind of.

And then he felt a slight weight on his arm. When he looked down, he saw Kuroko, leaning over the armrest and against Taiga’s side.

He blinked, missing a vital (probably) scene and his brain stuttered.

He looked around. No one paid them any mind. No one cared.

Taiga looked back to the boy next to him, who leaned away now. Kagami grit his teeth.

This all would be much simpler if Taiga wasn’t well…Taiga.

It was ridiculous how such a simple action like this made him absolutely anxious. He had no qualms in meeting a strong opponent on a court or even telling an asshole twice his size off, but this? This was another league.

And it was hard. Neigh impossible.

Feelings were stupid.

And then he heard it. A quiet, exasperated sigh next to him. He felt more then saw a shift and suddenly his arm was lifting on its own accord.

Well, not really. It was Kuroko.

Taiga blinked.

Kuroko lifted Kagami’s arm, the one which he had access to and unceremoniously slipped under it and pressed himself to Taiga’s side.

“What are you doing?” Taiga half hissed and half sputtered, scandalized as if he wasn’t planning this exact thing himself for the past hour and a half.

His face flamed up and he noticed from the corner of his eye how a few people gave him dirty looks.

Kuroko looked up. Kagami couldn’t see his face, only the shine in his eyes, but he had a feeling Kuroko looked put off.

“What you wanted to do for the past two hours.”

Taiga sputtered, whispering angrily at Kuroko for being a little shit. This time someone leaned over and angrily shushed them (him, because Kuroko was even more unnoticeable in the dark and Taiga recalled briefly how he had to tell people that no the seat next to him wasn’t free,).

Taiga grumbled an apology and then glared at his boyfriend happily snuggled under his arm, the armrest not bothering him even a bit.

His gaze was fixed on the screen again, lights dancing over his face and reflecting in his eyes.

He was smirking.

Taiga opened his mouth to say something, but Kuroko cut him off.

“You were taking too long.”

Taiga clamped his mouth shut, and pouted.

Kuroko patted his hand idly.

“Don’t worry. It ends in around fifteen minutes.”

Taiga sighed and leaned back in his seat, focusing on the screen.

Have it your way. He thought. Kuroko’s lips twitched in the dark, but no one saw it.

And the last fifteen minutes passed by too quick to Taiga’s irritation.

Chapter Text

“87, 88, 89, 90…”

Taiga paused, exhaled and lowered himself again, bracing his whole weight on his hands, flat on the floor, and on his toes.

His muscles trembled and sweat covered him in a layer but the burn was satisfactory even though he found simple workouts boring.

That’s what he told Kuroko, and he immediately offered to join him in his routine.

Taiga paused again after three more pushups, glanced to the side and snorted.

Don’t sleep.”

Kuroko was flat on the floor, head turned away from Kagami. His white T-shirt was crumpled and sweaty. A bit of skin peaking where it was pulled up near the small of his back.

“I’m not sleeping.” A faint mumble came from the lax figure.

Taiga snorted and returned to his pushups.

“How many?”

Kuroko sighed and turned his head to look at Taiga, messy hair falling into his eyes.


“Well.” Taiga exhaled, his voice a little strained “That’s better than before, right?”

“Mm.” Kuroko hummed, not sounding convinced, and rolled himself over on his side while Taiga sweated his ass off.

He glanced once more at his boyfriend and noticed that his eyes were closed now and his breathing deep, mouth slightly parted. He might as well be sleeping now.

He would tell Kuroko to do his stretches and relocate to the couch or something but Kuroko was the one who wanted to keep Taiga company while he worked ou.t Besides he was a big boy and didn’t need a nanny.

If he was sore as hell the next day it would be his problem.

Taiga shrugged the thoughts off and focused on himself. A few more and he’d reach a hundred and ten. Then sit-ups and then…

His thoughts were interrupted suddenly and he almost slipped when Kuroko suddenly appeared in his line of vision.

“Hello.” Kuroko said innocently from the floor and stared up at Taiga. How did he even do that?! And when?!

Kagami sputtered.

“I almost crushed you idiot!”

Kuroko blinked slowly.

“You messed up my counting.” Kagami grumbled.

“Hundred and nine.”

Taiga stared.

“You count out loud.” Kuroko explained.

Taiga scowled.

Get lost. You’re in my way.”

“One more, and then you can take a break.”


“One more pushup.”

“I know what you mean!” He yelled, feeling completely ridiculous.

“I am motivating you.” Kuroko explained. “Like a real trainer.”

“With what?”

Kuroko tipped his head backwards.

“Do the pushup.”

Taiga sighed long sufferingly. Kuroko might have looked like he was the least humorous person on the planet, but he was actually the biggest troll sometimes. And Kagami was his helpless victim.

He lowered himself carefully, since his arms were getting a little tired now, and made sure he would not slip suddenly and crush his stupid boyfriend, even though he kind of deserved it, for being an ass.

“One hundred and ten.” Kuroko said for him and then there was a soft press against his mouth and Taiga did lose his balance this time, legs slipping and hands scrambling to hold himself up.

Kuroko laughed.

“That wasn’t funny!” Taiga admonished, panting. His face was on fire both from the work out and Kuroko’s shamelessness. Sweat was rolling down his temples.

Taiga scowled.

“Leave me alone.” He grumbled.

“No.” Kuroko said, a hint of pout in his voice, and wrapped his arms around Taiga’s neck.

And then, to Taiga’s horror, he wrapped his legs around his waist and, while dangling like that, nosed around his jaw.

“Ugh, stop it! I’m sweaty.”

“No.” Kuroko repeated again and his nosing made Taiga twitch in alarm.

“Seriously you’re annoying.” He said, not daring to admit that what Kuroko was doing was more ticklish than…well what was it supposed to be? Arousing? Maybe?

He knew he’d use it to his full advantage and he really didn’t want to be on the receiving end of that.

Not now.

Kagami of course inconveniently forgot that Kuroko could read him like an open book, and even when he didn’t say anything his body language spoke volumes.

“Don’t you dare.” Taiga breathed in warning when he could feel how Tetsuya paused and contemplated Kagami’s sudden rigidness.

“Hmm.” He hummed and Taiga felt a vein pop on his forehead.

“Get off.” He grumbled and tried to shook his sloth slash koala of a boyfriend.

It resulted only in Kuroko tightening his legs around Kagami’s waist and laughing quietly.

Taiga sighed and carefully lowered himself down, until Kuroko’s back touched the floor. He tipped his head back, and pried his hands from around his neck to be able to look at him.

“Are you bored?” He asked, going for a scolding tone but he really couldn’t stay mad at Kuroko who was laughing like that, so easy and light.

“A little.” Kuroko admitted.

Taiga scoffed.

“Then why did you want to keep me company?”

“Well, I thought I’d be more of a…motivation coach.”

“Motivation coach?” Taiga raised an eyebrow.

“Mhm.” Kuroko nodded and didn’t even bother to hide the smile which was dancing on his lips.

“Okay, I’ll bite. What does that even mean?”

“Oh. I will need to show you.”

“Show me? Hey, stop, wait don’t shove me!” Taiga protested when Kuroko started to wiggle out from under Kagami, and of course had to jab his fingers into his side. As if he couldn’t just pass the opportunity.

Taiga looped an arm around Kuroko’s back and rolled them over so he was now laying down on the floor.

Kuroko hummed something which sounded like a soft thank you and then he shifted, sliding down and sitting up over Kagami’s stomach.

Taiga felt his hands twitch but resisted the urge to wrap them around Kuroko’s waist. He was still angry with him.


More like annoyed.

But Kuroko just slipped from Kagami altogether and sat on the floor directly in front of Kagami.

He could feel how Kuroko adjusted his feet so they could find themselves between his knees while his hands held Kagami’s ankles in place.

“You can start.” He said and Taiga sighed heavily but obliged, putting his hands behind his head and forcing his muscles to work and pull him into a sitting position.

Kuroko’s face came closer and the small smile was the last thing he saw before he was being kissed again.

Kuroko intended to make it brief, teasing probably, but Kagami decided that it was time to give Kuroko a taste of his own medicine. Literally.

“On- “Kuroko said but the syllable was swallowed somewhere between their mouths when Kagami grabbed the back of his head and kissed him with, maybe a little too much force than what was necessary for a payback kiss.

Kuroko pushed at his shoulders and Kagami gave in when he felt his lungs burn.

“Is this your motivation?” He said while Kuroko panted. It took him a moment to catch his breath but when he did, he pushed at Kagami, hard enough that he got the picture and then motioned for him to do another sit up.

Kagami obliged but this time he was ready and met Kuroko half way. This one was light and quick and Kuroko pushed Kagami again with a laugh when he tried do go for ‘seconds’.

“Two.” He said.

Taiga’s work out ended around the fifth sit-up.

He could do more definitely, but he wasn’t that strong.

And Kuroko knew that, obviously.

Chapter Text

Being with Kagami-kun was easy and comfortable as breathing.

There wasn’t much difference in how they worked. They still went to school together, played basketball together, ate, watched movies, did homework together.

There was barely any change at all.

Except one.

Are you cold?

Are you hungry?

You need to eat more you idiot.

Let me see your hand. You’re so reckless!

I’ll go with you.

I’ll get it.

Here you go.

Tetsuya tried very hard not to look annoyed, not to roll his eyes or say something which he would regret later, but it was getting more and more difficult to keep his slight annoyance at bay.

Being with his boyfriend was comfortable yes.

As comfortable as it was frustrating at times.

Like today. He just wanted to make some tea, but Kagami-kun still had the habit of putting it in the top cupboard, even if he was the one to rearrange the kitchen to fit Kuroko’s shorter stature.

That in itself was sweet, but Tetsuya couldn’t help but feel like it stung his pride.

He didn’t say anything though.

Kagami-kun could at least stick to his own ideas, he thought as his toes cramped, and he only managed to push the can with tea further inside the cupboard. He was even considering climbing onto the counter, despite such behavior being uncouth, but then a different hand grabbed the can with ease.

“That’s what you want?” Kagami-kun asked simply, without a hint of teasing.

Tetsuya looked at him and dropped from his tiptoed stance, and thought that teasing would be better than almost pity.

“Yes.” He said and grabbed the can from Kagami’s hands, unable to stop the hint of frustration seeping into the way he almost ripped it from his grip.

“Whoa.” Kagami said and raised his arms in a placating gesture. “Someone’s angry.”

“I am not.” Kuroko said this time sounding almost neutral.

Kagami-kun didn’t buy it.

“Hm.” He hummed instead of commenting and closed the cupboard. Tetsuya put the electric kettle on and when he turned to put the can when it belonged, Kagami was already looking at him.

“You okay?” He asked casually.

“I am fine. Why?” Tetsuya said calmly, looking at the kettle when he realized there was nothing else, he needed to do.

“Hm. Dunno.” He shrugged and then reached to the side and grabbed a wooden Ikea stool. He made a point of dragging it across the floor ostentatiously so Kuroko had enough time to listen to the nasty scratch.

Tetsuya frowned.

Kagami put the stool in front of him and raised an eyebrow.

He hated that stool.

Kuroko looked Kagami straight in the eye.

After a moment of staring Kagami was the one to give up and shook his head. 

“You’re so stubborn.”

Tetsuya stopped himself from pouting.

“It wasn’t that high.”

Kagami snorted and missed Tetsuya’s glare.

“If you say so.”

The electric kettle turned itself off when the water was done boiling, and Tetsuya finally wasn’t able to hold back what he wanted to say.

“I am not a child.”

That made Kagami laugh suddenly.

“As if I lould mistake you for one.”

“Then why are you treating me like one?” Kuroko asked sharply.

Kagami went silent and looked at him for a long moment. Then he sighed and sat down on the stool.

“What’s your problem?” He asked after a moment. Tetsuya didn’t hear a hint of anger in his voice but he did hear weariness and a bit of hurt.

He turned to the kettle and poured water into his cup, finishing up that cup of tea. Kagami waited patiently.

“The problem is.” Tetsuya started after he took a cautious sip of his hot drink and put it back on the counter. “That you do treat me like a child.”

Kagami sighed.

“I do not.”

Tetsuya shook his head.

“Okay how then?”

Kuroko turned to look at him.

“You tell me to bring this or that, you cook food for me, you ask me a million questions and you assume I can’t get a tea box from a cupboard.”

“Well you can’t.” Kagami said bluntly and cringed when Kuroko’s glare only deepened.

“I almost had it.”

Kagami snorted and rolled his eyes.

“It’s your fault, for not sticking to your own arrangement.”

“That’s why I got you this stool!” He said and stood up.

“That’s another proof.”

Kagami made a frustrated noise and looked angry. He closed the door of the cupboard and hid the tea in a lower placed shelf.

“There.” He grumbled and glared at Kuroko.

Tetsuya would have laughed if he still wasn’t annoyed.

Kagami saw that and slumped back down on the stool again with a sigh. He was silent for a moment before he spoke.

“Listen.” He paused to weight his words. Kuroko waited, sipping his tea for a moment before putting it aside.

“Listen.” Kagami repeated and shyly reached for his hand, loosely lacing their fingers together. Kuroko didn’t shake his hand of, but he didn’t reciprocate either.

Kagami chewed on his bottom lip.

“I know you don’t need me…for anything really.”

“That’s not true.” Tetsuya protested immediately, but Kagami held out his other hand.

“Wait let me finish.” He sighed. “I know you don’t need me. But you wantme around. And y-” He stopped as if unsure, but then continued. “You’re one of the strongest people I know. And I know you can do…all sorts of things that I can’t. And you can take care of yourself, because you are not a child.” He looked straight into Tetsuya’s eyes. “I could never think that you are weak.”

Tetsuya swallowed subtly and nodded, but didn’t say anything more. He felt as if Kagami-kun hasn’t finished yet.

“But that doesn’t mean I won’t try and…and take care of you.” He finished, gaze not leaving Kuroko’s but his ears were red and Kuroko couldn’t help but smile fondly.

“So I apologize in advance if I’m…doing things you don’t like, but sometimes I just do them on autopilot and I guess I don’t really think about you. About what you want. So. Sorry.”

Kuroko wanted to laugh. Only Kagami-kun would think that he is not thinking about Kuroko while thinking about Kuroko.

“So don’t get mad at me. Too much.” He finished lamely and just when he was ready to let go of Kuroko’s hand, he used the opportunity to lace their fingers together and squeeze.

“I’m sorry.” Kagami-kun might have been the one to blunder more often out of the two of them but that didn’t mean Kuroko was somehow always blameless. 

Quite the contrary.

“What for?” Kagami asked, utterly confused, tilting his head adorably.

Kuroko smiled gently and lifted Kagami’s hand to place a quick kiss to his knuckles. Kagami blushed again but didn’t drop his hand. Instead he cupped Kuroko’s cheek, fingers brushing a few strands of blue hair behind his ear.

“For not trying to see it from your perspective.” Kuroko murmured and moved even closer, until their noses were almost brushing.

Kagami shrugged.

“It’s fine. Whatever.” He cleared his throat. The atmosphere slowly turned from comfortable to tense and slightly awkward. For Kagami at least. He was getting caught up in his own insecurities and Tetsuya wouldn’t have any of that.

Kuroko opened his eyes and stared straight into Kagami’s.



“I expect to be properly taken care of from now on then.”

Kagami stared at his boyfriend’s smirk, mouth agape for a moment.

Kagami suddenly grabbed Kuroko’s head in both of his palms. He squeezed and shook it briefly, not enough to hurt but enough to make Kuroko squirm.

“Ugh, I hate you.” Kagami said equal parts annoyed and smitten that not even a deaf person would believe him.

“Please let me go.” Kuroko said when Kagami squeezed his cheeks.

“Nope.” He said and relaxed his grip on Tetsuya’s face and brought their foreheads together. “No, I won’t.”

Kuroko huffed, a little annoyed, but a smile slowly bloomed on his lips.

“If you say so.”

Chapter Text

“Absolutely not!”

Kuroko, aside from the small wrinkle between his eyebrows, looked mostly unaffected by Kagami’s outburst. 

But since this was Kuroko it meant that he was strongly affected. Probably. 

“Kagami-kun is dodging responsibility. That is very disappointing.” 

“I am not?” Kagami protested. “That’s your dog not mine.” He pointed out. 

“Nigou is Seirin’s dog, and that means he is also your dog Kagami-kun. At least for as long as you are a member of the team. Which means,” He pauses and pressed the sponge, towel and dog shampoo in Kagami’s hands. “He is also your responsibility.” 

“No he is not.” Kagami wasn’t about to lose that argument. God knew he already lost almost every one when it came to his smaller partner. He was adamant to put his foot down when it came to this.

Kuroko opened his mouth to protest but Kagami was faster. 

“You carry him around in your bag, you feed him, buy him toys.” He counted. “For Christ’s sake he lived at your house!” 

Kuroko frown deepened. He was losing his footing, Kagami noted with satisfaction. 

“He’s the team’s mascot.” Kuroko pressed. “The whole team volunteers to take care of him on the weekends. Koganei-senpai named him and we have a jar in the club room for spare change to buy him toys.” Kuroko recited calmly. 

And then his frown cleared and a small smirk bloomed on his face. 

“And he has a dog bed at your apartment. With a very cute print.” 

Kagami made a face, his cheeks coloring slightly. 

“I only got it ‘cuz you wouldn’t stop bitching about Nigou not having a bed and he kept stealing my couch cushions. Kagami blistered while Kuroko rolled his eyes. 

“Hey don’t give me that! Do you know what a bitch it is to clean them from dog fur?”

Kuroko sighed. He was silent for a while before he nodded to himself. 

“Very well.” 


“Nigou!” Kuroko called softly and the small dog barked from somewhere where he was playing behind the school before trotted obediently to his master. 

“Let’s go give you a bath.” He bent down to give his pet a scratch behind the ear. 

Kuroko retreated with the Seirin mascot, all while effectively ignoring Kagami.

Taiga watched after them for maybe a few minutes before he cursed under his breath and with a few strides of his long legs caught up with both of them right when Kuroko was telling Nigou to sit down and he was opening the garden hose. 

“Give me that.” Kagami grumbled and snatched the hose from Kuroko’s hands. 

The boy didn’t protest, nor did he say anything, but Kagami saw a sliver of a smile which was smug and self satisfied. 

Kagami contemplated opening the hose on Kuroko and wiping it off of his face but he wasn’t really in the mood for his retaliation so he crouched and opened the water to gently spray on Nigou while Kuroko massaged the shampoo into his fur. 

It didn’t matter much since ten minutes later he was dripping wet anyway. 

Apparently even if Kuroko ‘forgave’ him for whatever Nigou still needed to enforce his own punishment. 

This time he didn’t hesitate to open the hose on Kuroko when he, very poorly, tried to conceal his laughter. 

Needless to say his surprised yelp at the cold water was very satisfying indeed.