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ShadowKingLegette's EPIC Rap Battles

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Michael Jordan practices some jumpshots. Goku appears in the gym.

Goku: Excuse me.

Jordan stops and dribbles over to Goku.

Jordan: What's up?

Goku: I was told a guy named Michael Jordan was practicing somewhere around here. Are you him?

Jordan: Yeah.

Goku: Good. *phew* What a relief. I thought I had the wrong person again.

Jordan: Need something?

Goku: My name's Goku and...

Jordan: I know who you are. My kid watches your show.

Goku rubs the back of his neck embarrassed.

Goku: Oh... Then I guess we can skip the introductions and get on with it.

Jordan: Get on with what?

Goku: An epic rap battle.

Jordan: Another one huh? *shakes head*

Goku: Yeah, sorry.

Michael turns and shoots the ball from half court. Nothing but net soon follows.

Goku: Nice shot.

Jordan: Ready?

Goku gets serious.

Goku: You bet.

Goku: The name's Goku. Hi. How's it going Mike?
From what I hear you're a popular guy, someone anyone can like.
But since this is a Rap Battle, I must give you my absolute best.
Think of this as Japan vs The U.S. In other words the East vs West.

Michael chuckles.

Jordan: Basketball legend vs Cartoon hero, I never thought this would take place.
Especially meeting the man Son Goku across from me face to face.
What's next? Vegeta vs Kobe? *shrugs* Man that would be crazy.
I hope whoever put you up to this won't do a Peach vs Daisy.

Writer: I wont.

Goku and Jordan look around the gym. When they couldn't find the source they shrugged and continued.

Goku: It's my turn again and for you, I'll show you what I can do. *turns Super Saiyan*
Is this enough? Or are you ready to experience this... *powers up to a new level* Super Saiyan 2.
I learned another trick while I was dead. You want to check it out? *powers up to the next stage*
This is what I call Super Saiyan 3. What I was just telling you about.

Michael shakes his head with a smile.

Jordan: If I didn't know any better I'd say you were trying to throw your hair in my face.
I'm a cue ball like Nappa. My hair has been gone for years, not leaving a single trace.
I get it. Super Saiyans come with the hair, if you're not bald like me.
Then again Toriyama didn't leave an example if one should be.

Goku held out his hand.

Goku: Guess it's a tie huh?

Jordan took it and shook.

Michael: I have to admit that East vs West line was pretty good.

Goku: Aw thanks. You had good lines too.

After releasing hands, Goku prepared to use instant transmission.

Jordan: Hold up Goku.

Goku: Huh?

Michael: You know I'm not the kind of guy to be settled with a tie right?

Goku: I know. Don't worry, I'll be back again sometime. That's a promise.

Goku vanished in the next moment.

Jordan shakes his head and runs toward a basketball.

Michael: That Goku.