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Five Weird Nights At Freddy's

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That was definitely the strangest interview Sam had ever had. After many weird questions like “Are you afraid of robots?”, “How are your reflexes?”, and “How's your hearing?”, they hired Sam on the spot. The manager looked somewhere between excited and relieved as he shook Sam's hand.

“You're sure saving me a lot of trouble. Really! You have no idea. And hey! Don't listen to what anyone might tell you about this place. It's all perfectly safe, really.”


But Sam needed the money. Sure, the pay was terrible, but they promised him a small bonus if he made it five nights. Jess thought it sounded fantastic. How hard could it be to watch an empty pizza shop at night? He could probably sleep through his shift anyway. Sam wasn't so sure. There was something fishy going on here. That manager was weird.

Sam's first night at Freddy's came. He kissed Jess goodnight and headed for the pizzeria.

Sam went in through the back. The hallway lead in to what looked to be the main stage area. The robots standing up on the stage were at least as tall as he was, but looking up at them they looked like giants.

The lights in the place didn't seem to be working, so he made his way mainly by touch and the soft glow of the emergency lights. Thankfully, he remembered the way to the security office where he found the phone flashing red. It seemed odd there wasn't anyone there to greet him on his first night, but the message on the phone seemed to be for him.

The manager's voice came on the line and explained to him how the security camera worked and it all seemed pretty simple. Then things got weird again. “Free roaming mode” he said. Did that mean what it sounded like?

Sam checked the cameras while the manager kept up his monologue. On the main stage stood the three characters, a bear, a bunny, and a chicken. Their plastic eyes stared blank and glassy at the far wall. If they were left in a free roaming mode, why weren't they 'roaming'? They hadn't moved at all since he arrived. Sam kept flipping through the screens. There wasn't much else to see aside from a purple curtain with a sign saying 'Out of Order' and a room filled with tables covered in party hats.

The manager said something about checking on an animatronic in 'Pirate's Cove'. So far, it didn't seem so bad.

Sam examined the big metal doors as the manager explained their functionality. The two big red buttons closed the doors. The white ones turned on the lights in the hallway so you could see in the blackness.

“Just be careful not to run out of power.”

Okay. What the hell? Why would he run out of power? Why would he even need to close the doors? Why were those doors so thick and heavy in the first place? Just what the hell would he need to keep out? The animatronics? Why?

Sam looked back at the monitor and his heart skipped a beat. Freddy was looking at the camera. Behind him, Chica, the chicken, was still staring across the room. Bonnie, the rabbit, was gone.

His hand shot across the desk to turn on the light to his right, then his left. Nothing in the halls.

He checked the cameras and his heart skipped again when he found Bonnie in the dining area standing amid the tables covered in party hats. The sharp points of the multicolored cones seemed suddenly threatening.

Sam felt a chill run down his spine as if he were being watched. He turned to hit the button for the lights on the left, but he didn't need them. Two eyes were glowing in the doorway. He hit the red button instead, but the door didn't move. It made an awful screech and stayed uselessly open. He hit it again and again and nothing happened.

The voice over the phone was still talking. The manager was saying something about Freddy and stuffing him? Sam could hardly hear it now. His ears had hyper focused on the chiming sound Freddy was making. It was a pretty song like something they might play on a carousel. He liked it in fact. It made him feel calm. Like he didn't want to run away anymore.

But he did. He really wanted to be anywhere else, but his body wasn't cooperating.

The music stopped. The phone stopped. Sam could hear his own heart beating. Then, the sound of heavy, thudding footsteps. The glowing eyes came closer. Then, Freddy stepped into the dim light of the security office. He screeched, a horrifying and victorious sound that shocked Sam's system and had him stumbling backwards.

Freddy caught him. His grip was impossibly tight. No matter how Sam struggled, he couldn't escape the bear.

Freddy pulled him close, so they were pressed chest to chest. His shiny blue eyes looked down on him and Sam started to feel something poking against his stomach. Sam struggled to get away from it. He looked down between their bodies and there he saw Freddy's dick sliding its way out from within, where it had been sheathed, tucked away inside his body.

“No fucking way,” Sam breathed. He pushed against Freddy's chest and tried to duck under his arms, but there was no give to the animatronic's hold. Freddy laughed, a deep rich laugh, but his mouth didn't move, further exemplifying the inhumanness of the creature.

More thudding footsteps came from behind Sam. He looked over his shoulder and from the darkness came the horrifying face of Chica who's eyes stared empty and jaw hung open showing off sharp rows of teeth.

Chica approached them. For a moment, everything else was so still that it seemed Chica was the only thing living among them But Chica wasn't even living and Freddy was equally as dangerous despite his sudden stillness.

As Chica got closer so did a sickly sweet smell like that of rotting food or possibly other things. Sam turned his face away, but he shuddered at the image in his mind of the chicken behind him. Then, it touched him. He thought for a second it was trying to pull him away from Freddy, but rather than a tug-of-war between the two he felt something far more disturbing. The feeling of his jeans being pulled down his legs. The soft, but in some places tacky, fur brushed his bare skin as Chica took of his jeans, underwear shoes, and socks. Sam tried to struggle again, but the chicken was entirely unhindered. In what felt like a split second, Sam was bare from the waist down. Chica's hands left him and the chicken took a step back.

Freddy's head tilted almost curiously. When Sam looked up at the bear, his eyes were downcast as if he was checking out Sam's bare body. Strong mechanical arms, lifted him up off the floor. Sam's struggles were as futile as ever as Freddy positioned him just how he wanted him. Sam felt something slide along the crack of his ass. He flinched when it prodded at his unprotected hole.

“Whoa, Freddy, listen!” Sam tried desperately. “We can work this out okay? This is what you're programmed for right? I m-mean-” Sam jumped and squirmed again as something warm and gooey splattered against his hole. “I'm not looking to have sex with a robot so if you could j-just put me down-” Sam tried desperately to think of some way out of this. There had to be some kind of kill code right? Like a safe word to turn the machine off so that things like this don't happen, at least to its creator. But Sam had no idea what that might be and Freddy wasn't responding to anything that he said.

The head of the bear's cock was pressed solidly against his hole now. A slow stream of goop flowed from the tip. Sam wondered what it was waiting for. He looked up at Freddy's face and the bear met his eyes. Then he pulled Sam down onto his cock.

The stretch was incredible and stole Sam's breath. He groaned, feeling every inch of what was a beast of a dick as it was forced inside of him. He swore he could feel it in his stomach. It stretched and filled him causing an almost painful ache. Sam thanked his lucky stars his girl friend was into pegging or that could have been a whole hell of a lot worse. Even so, it was pretty bad and pretty terrifying.

Freddy's cock was unforgiving hard and seemed to be as mechanical as the rest of him from the way that move inside of him. Freddy lifted Sam like it was nothing. Just moving him up and down on his cock like a fleshlight.

Over his shoulder, Sam could see Chica's face. Or rather, Chica's wide mouth. Sam shuddered at the sight of those teeth so close to his face, looming just behind him when he wasn't looking.

Freddy himself was silent and expressionless. Completely uncaring as Sam was violated. He couldn't look at the bear anymore. He squeezed his eyes shut, but it only intensified the feeling of the massive intrusion sliding against the walls of his ass, filling him up, grinding against his prostate, pushing up into his gut. Between the deep fucking and the soft fur rubbing against his cock, it wasn't Sam's fault that he was hard and starting to leak precum all over the bear's stomach.

Sam put his hands on Freddy's shoulders in an attempt to regain some semblance of control, but when he did Freddy moved his hands. The soft fur now wrapped around the backs of his knees spreading his legs wide and threatening to drop him on his head if Sam let go. His cock was so much deeper now, the sensation destroying Sam's ability to think. He could do nothing but hold on tight and take the pounding of his life as the bear was only fucking him harder and deeper now. The constant and perfect rhythm of the machine was almost hypnotic. Sam started to feel like he stay this way forever. Freddy's compliant, unmoving, cock sock.

Then Freddy pulled Sam down, flush with his abdomen. Freddy's cock shivered inside of him. Sam gasped in both shock and pleasure as a warm gush of something gooey filled him. A sort of growling groaning noise came from Freddy's chest. Then without further ado Freddy pulled Sam off his cock and set his limp body in his chair. Freddy's cock slid back into his body and the bear backed out of the room. Chica did the same. Zombie-like, Sam moved to hit the hall light to see if Freddy was still there watching, but he saw only the shadow of Bonnie as he left the area, too.

Sam looked at the digital clock on the desk, 4:42. A little more than an hour before his shift ended. He considered sneaking out the way he came, but the thought that it might lead to the animatronics escaping or even catching him again made him stay. They weren't going to get back into this room. Not tonight.