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Morning kisses

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Eijun wakes up to a pair of lips on his nape. They’re lips he recognizes very well, they’re lips he’s kissed for 20 years now. He doesn’t want to move to avoid the lips stopping what they’re doing, but he’s as subtle as he was 20 years ago.

“I know you're awake,” Youichi whispers, littering kisses all over Eijun’s ears.

He only hums softly. He’s sleeping on his right side. His arm is squished under his body with only his hand near his stomach, while his left hand is hanging from the edge of the bed.

Youichi keeps kissing his neck, now his lips are slightly open and Eijun feels the wet streak his mouth is leaving on him. He sighs contentedly, breathing in and out, Youichi’s smell enveloping him.

They had been dating since he was only 15 years and after a lot of hardships they’re still together. If anyone had ever told him he’ll be doing this 20 years into the future, he’d had laughed.

Since he was little he expected his life to be next to a girl in the country side, like his own family… more than once he had pictured himself with Wakana.  Now though, he would never leave his current lifestyle no matter the reason, he never thought he’d be this happy and nothing could ruin that.

He tries to get his right hand from under his body but it’s a bit difficult with Youichi spooning him, so he gives up after a while. He rather stay like this forever, with his non-legally husband hugging him and waking him up with kisses, instead of moving.

“I love you,” Youichi says.

Eijun sighs again. He’s so happy, he’s so happy it’s practically impossible. Now he wants to turn around, he wants to hug Youichi back and kiss him too, just bask in the warm of the early morning, provided by the few rays of sunshine filtering through the blinds, and then... he sighs again. Youichi must have felt something because now he’s snaking the hand he has around Eijun to hold the hand Eijun has under him.

When they’re holding hands, Eijun can feel Youichi smiling with every kiss he gives him and he allows himself to smile, too.

“I love you, too,” he finally says back and in exchange, Youichi slowly moves from Eijun’s nape to his shoulder and back and he can’t help but shudder. Shudder like the first time Youichi did this, shudder like the second and third time he did this, shudder like he does every single time Youichi does this for the past 20 years.

“Hey,” his boyfriend says, smelling Eijun’s hair, he just hums letting him know he’s listening. “The baby’s crying.”

That sobers Eijun up. He listens carefully and indeed can hear their toddler crying. It’s not a hard, chilling crying, it’s softly and Eijun knows their baby just want to get out of the crib.

He sits on the edge of the bed already missing the warmth and the kisses. He looks back to Youichi who is looking at him with a smile and sleepy eyes. Eijun leans in to kiss him on the lips and then walks to where their baby’s room is. Not bothering to even put a shirt on.

As soon as the baby sees him, he stops his crying and starts laughing so Eijun laughs too. Youichi must have heard because in a matter of seconds he’s right next to Eijun who has their baby in his arms. And like Eijun he’s shirtless too.

“Hey, Ei-chan,”  Youichi greets their baby and the baby laughs recognizing his father’s voice. 

It warms Eijun’s heart again, and as pouty as Youichi gets every time he mentions it, he doesn’t miss the warm of the bed when he has their baby with him. And who can blame him, he’s been with the same man who loves him for 20 years, they have good jobs and a house and an old dog who didn’t wake up when their baby started crying. 

He looks at Youichi and he feels his eyes water and Youichi smiles when he seems him because he probably knows what Eijun’s thinking and just as soon he finds himself sandwiched between their baby and Youichi and he allows himself to let the tears flow. He’s happy and he still has so much more to go and wishes he could have more mornings like this, but he doesn’t dwell on the thought too much. He just nudges his head in Youichi’s neck while his son clings to his own.

“I love you,” he says again. 

“I love you,” Youichi replies and adds, “both of you.”