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A Family of Our Own

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Tooru and Tetsurou: age 29

Tobio: age 2

Kuroo, sleeping on his abdomen, wakes up at the weight he feels on his back. It wasn’t too heavy but not too light either. Being on a bed, one would’ve thought it was just a pillow but he was sure that it wasn’t. On top of him was something small and warm, and somehow it was making a small of his back wet?

Burying his face deeper on the pillow, he rubs his eyes with it to rub the bits of pieces of sleep left at the back of his head. Then turns to the right to his nightstand to look at his alarm clock.

7:54 am, its crimson digits glare at him. He woke up six minutes before his alarm, and plops his face back to the pillow.

Friendly match with Korea at 10am. Allstar Magazine interview at 2pm. Evening training at 5pm. Mikasa photoshoot from 9 until I don’t know. Fuck, of all days today had to be a long one. He mentally curses as he recalls his schedule for the day.

He uses his left arm to reach the other side of the king size bed, seeking for something to give him warmth, something to take his energy from to charge for the long day coming, but was only greeted by emptiness.

With a groan, he prompts himself on his elbow and pushes himself up and plops his face back on the pillow for a second time when he hears a little whimper from his back. And the thing moved, probably trying to find another comfortable position on top of the man.

Slowly as not to disturb whatever was on top of him, he prompts himself on his elbows again and looks over his shoulder to see a part of unruly deep black hair.

Kuroo chuckles as he finds it endearing to know his son was fleeting in cloud nine on the plane of his broad back. With one strong arm, he carefully scoops his little bundle of joy and gently places him by his side.

A soft, adoring smile forms on his lips as he slowly traces the boy’s nose bridge down to the tip. Then he lightly feels the long lashes fanning on his fluttering eyelids, then to his slightly open lips to wipe the thin stream of drool coming out from one side. No wonder my back is wet. Just as he always does to his lover, he uses his middle and index finger to erase the crease forming between the boy’s brows.

Even in his sleep, his usual frown (which he definitely inherited from his mother) was still plastered on his otherwise angelic face.

He then moves the jet black bangs that shaped like a V from the boy’s forehead away. Kuroo thanked all the gods that his son’s hair was easy to tame, unlike his hideous bedhead although it caught the hearts of numerous beautiful men and women, and especially his prim and proper of a lover.

After tucking the boy in and surrounding him with huge white pillows, he stands up to stretch, revelling at the feeling of his sore muscles tensing and relaxing again. He then turns back to the sleeping boy and leaves a soft kiss on one plump rosy cheek.

As soon as he exits the bedroom, the smell of sweet pancakes touches his nose so he softly pads towards the kitchen of the huge apartment. 

And by huge it meant a one whole floor apartment (hotel suite) they bought since his lover insisted that they wanted a spacious living for their son, or future kids if they turn out lucky, to run around. They wanted only the best for their son so they got the best floor of one of the best hotels in the area, having the most gorgeous view overlooking almost the whole of Tokyo.

Once he arrives the kitchen he sees his lover facing the counter and flipping pancakes for their breakfast. It was rare to see his lover up this early since they always wanted to sleep around with their son so instead of approaching them, he leans on the doorway with arms crossed in front of him and drinks up the view of the person.

Kuroo Tooru was humming a familiar tune as he pours batter for the next batch of pancakes he was cooking, working comfortably in his black booty shorts and his husband’s favourite oversized red wine knitted sweater, swaying his hips with the tune he was singing.

The way to where they are now wasn’t easy since they were both alphas and both males. Despite being the most wanted celebrities in Japan, there would always be some who were against their relationship.

It was especially hard for Tooru.

At age 25 he had a miscarriage since none of them knew or even expected that he was pregnant since it was difficult for alphas to conceive, their bodies not made for bearing a child. Naturally the news got out like wild fire and both of them were judged even more for such recklessness. Soon the brunette got depressed, thinking that it was mainly his fault for not noticing the changes in his own body. Even more when he was forced to quit the National Team at the golden peak of his career, a few months before Olympics, his dream, as his body was drained of energy from the depression and his body changes from the pregnancy.

Soon the brunette realized he wanted a family with the raven, their own blood relations, so they decided to have a child again but failed multiple times.

After a year and a half of trying, Kuroo thought he probably did something right to deserve such a miracle, they were blessed with one beautiful and healthy son.

And Kuroo learned to love Tooru more for he carried their child for nine months, going through the pain that was more than what omegas felt, drowning in medicine he needed just to prevent another miscarriage and to form the baby properly inside his body that was not meant for bearing.

This also meant that Kuroo had to work double for all his wife’s medications and hospitalizations. Although already the captain of the National Team he eventually joined and soon became FC Tokyo’s captain too, carrying all of Tooru’s dreams with him. More than that he also took his place in modelling to add money for their expenses and hospital bills. Kuroo never had to have time for himself, training and working almost the whole day while dedicating the rest of his time left for his mate.

Tooru literally looked like death with a bulging belly in those times but Kuroo swears that that was the most beautiful Tooru he has ever seen. So strong and enduring.

As to not disturb the peace of their home, the raven takes long soft strides to his mate and wraps his arms around the smaller man’s waist who leans on his broad naked chest in return.

“Good morning, Princess”, he kisses the bond mark at the junction of the brunette’s neck.

Tooru turns over his shoulder to kiss the bedhead on the lips, “Good morning, Tetsu-chan”. Then turns back to flip a pancake. “I made coffee for you. I also packed you bentos”.

“I have such a perfect wife”, Kuroo says with a smirk, swaying the both of them side to side making the brunette giggle sweetly.

After putting the last pancake on a plate, Tooru turns around to wrap his arms over the raven’s neck and rest their foreheads together, “And I have a sappy husband”, poking the man’s pointy nose.

“One of the reasons you fell in love with me in the first place”, he says smugly, grabbing the smaller man on the thighs making him yelp in surprise, and lifting him up to place him on top of the island on the center of the kitchen. Then kisses him passionately, licking his bottom lip and intruding the mouth as soon as permitted, exploring every hot and wet corner of it just like their first.

Tooru moans as Kuroo kisses him down from his chin to his scent gland, making him release the comforting scent of lavender in the kitchen. The raven stops his ministrations and settles on nuzzling his nose under the brunette’s chin, putting a hand under his sweater and feeling the scar travelling from one hip bone to the other.

“Are you coming home early tonight?”, Tooru whispers are he runs a hand on the mess he called hair.

Kuroo lets out a depressing sigh and lifts his head to face the brunette, “I’m not really sure. The whole day’s packed and I dunno what time the shoot’ll end”.

The brunette closes his eyes and gives an understanding nod, “Okay. Just try to be home as soon as possible okay?”.

“Yeah”, Kuroo replies with a sad smile and kisses the smaller man’s forehead.

“Mhm..”, both men turn towards the sound on the doorway, seeing their little bundle of joy walking on autopilot with eyes closed towards his mother, clad in his Godzilla onsie given to him by his Uncle Iwa-chan, and one hand gripping a black cat stuffed toy from Kuroo himself.

Tooru jumps down the island to pick up the boy who automatically curls himself in his mother’s arms, and sits on his side of the dining table. Kuroo following suit to sit across his lover.

The brunette gently rocks the boy back and forth while kissing him gently on the head, “Good morning, Tobio-chan”.

Twenty eight, twenty nine, thirty.

The boy opens his eyes after his thirty second boot up, and Kuroo is then greeted by the most brilliant sapphires he was ever given the privilege to see.

Ah, I made those. He couldn’t help but think.

“Good morning, Tobio”, he says softly instead.

The boy licks his lips before answering with a small voice and eyes still lidded with sleep, “G’mowning, Papa”, he looks up to kiss Tooru on a cheek, “G’mowning, Mama”.

“Did you sleep well?”, Tooru ruffles the boy’s head with a chuckle.

“Uhuh”, he replies, scratching the sleep away from his eyes.

“Hungry, kid?”, Kuroo asks.

He nods.

“Pancakes?”, and stands up to prepare the boy a plate of his favourite breakfast.

Tooru then stands up to place the boy on his high chair as Kuroo sets the table for them, “Do you know what day it is today?”.

The boy only shakes his head, totally clueless of what his mother was saying. “What day is it?”, cocking his head to the side with knitted brows.

“Happy Birthday, kid”, Kuroo says with his usual enthusiasm as he places the boy’s plate in front of him. Laughing at how his son squeals happily, finally remembering the important day and seeing his favourite pancakes with blueberries forming the number 2 on top.

After they had their own fill of their breakfast and the two men have finally had caffeine in their systems, Tobio speaks up with blueberry syrup all over his face, “Papa, a you staying hom? My burday, les play!!!”.

And Kuroo felt a hard twinge in his chest, as if something stabbed his heart. With wide eyes he looks at his wife for help since he was the one who always dealt with their kid, but wasn’t in a better state. Suddenly his throat was dry and it felt like a lump was stuck on it.

The kid was right, he was rarely home. But for good reason, since they were living an extravagant life to make the boy and his wife comfortable, he was taking his jobs seriously because honestly, even being a part of such teams didn’t really pay much.

He would leave the morning while the boy was still sleeping, and come home when the boy was already asleep. Sometimes he would be out of town or the country for away games. But he made sure to give all his free time to the kid, which was rare and honestly not even enough, though to them they were always precious.

“You always not home”, the boy mumbles, picking on his breakfast, “I wanna play with Papa. I miss playing with Papa”.

Tooru interrupts to save his speechless husband, “Papa will be home late, baby. Don’t worry, your uncles will come to play with you later. Uncle Kou, Iwa-chan, Ken-“

“No!! I want Papa!”, Tobio screams with tears threatening to fall off his blue icy eyes.

He would be able to skip the evening practice for the boy, the team wouldn’t mind one bit since even they were charmed by the kid. But he wasn’t sure if he could ditch on the photoshoot since it is his sponsor, and he signed them a contract. So ditching a shoot would mean he would be breaching their contract then he’d have to find another sponsor. So that means he can’t-

“Sure”, he answers hoarsely, voice rough from the sudden drying on his throat. He picks up his black mug and drinks the rest of his coffee, “I’ll be home at around 3. Sounds good?”, he smirks. He glances to the side to see Tooru with his jaw slacked in surprise.

“Yaaaay!”, the boy squeals, raising his arms in victory.

“Okay. Okay, now go fill up the tub so we can bathe together. Don’t go in without me”, he puts the boy down. And runs giggling to the bathroom as soon as he was released by his father.

“Testu-chan, are you sure its okay?”, Tooru hugs him from behind. Pressing his face on the broad back.

“It’s okay”.

“But your sponsor, how-“

Kuroo turns around to shut the brunette up with a kiss on the lips, “It’s okay, love. Tobio’s more important than them”, the raven scoffs.

He uses a finger to move the brunette’s fringe and then cup his pale cheek, looking straight at the beautiful chocolate eyes he loves, “After Olympics, I’ve been thinking of retiring volleyball already anyway. I’ll teach in university since I did get a degree on that. Tobio’s growing up. He’s two and he needs his father close”.

Tooru nods and whispers, “I need you, too”.

The raven chuckles and speaks on the brunette’s forehead, “I need to be with you guys, too”.