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Connected to chatroom " ☼≡ d.r.a.g.o.n ≡≈≈≡ f.a.l.l ≡☼ ".

Logged in as ElementalHero_HopeSummon [EH_HS] .


Room Status: 2/7 Online









[EH_ED]: Okay, FINALLY somebody's here. I was worried for a moment that I transitioned incorrectly... I take it we got scattered?

[EH_ED]: ANYWAY, welcome to Encounter.

[EH_HS]: I'm here~ Was a little worried myself, just woke up in this weird underground field... Luckily, I still have all my stuff, and yeah, it seems we did :/

[EH_ED]: Yeah, I'm in a weird underground field TOO... This place is REALLY different. It's pretty though, I think I'll like it here.

[EH_HS]: I agree :) It's good that Encounter is so nice... I mean, we won't be coming back :3


User ElementalHero_GaiaHito[EH_GH] has logged in.


[EH_GH]: guys, i think i just transitioned

[EH_GH]: where is everyone

[EH_ED]: I THINK we got scattered.

[EH_GH]: whoa

[EH_ED]: Didn't IH and PM warn you that it WAS a possibility?

[EH_GH]: oh yeah, right

[EH_HS]: Wwwait... Where are IH and PM~? Wouldn't it make sense for them to transition first? :/

[EH_ED]: Maybe they held back so they could make sure everything was going smoothly.

[EH_ED]: I hope they get here SOON, though. THEY'RE the ones who know what's going on, afterall.


User ElementalHero_SerpentinePaper[EH_SP] has logged in.


[EH_GH]: hi there


[EH_HS]: Welcome, SP ^-^ Nice to see you made it here in one piece :)

[EH_SP]:Thanks, nice to be here! (: I can't believe this, we're really going to make it!

[EH_ED]: Well, we don't KNOW we will yet.

[EH_SP]:Don't be pessimistic, dude! Of course nothing's for sure, but successfully transitioning into Encounter is a huuuuge step!

[EH_ED]: That's true.

[EH_HS]: So... Where did you guys end up? :3

[EH_GH]: can't tell, it's too dark

[EH_SP]: Mee? I think I'm in some kind of giant cave system! There's glowy stuff on the ceiling wayyyy above me, and there's this cool underground grass everywhere!

[EH_ED]: That SOUNDS pretty much the same as HS and I.

[EH_HS]: Yep... maybe we're close together! :)

[EH_GH]: where i am there's no glowy stuff or grass... it's cold, stony, and pitch black >_<

[EH_GH]: so i guess i'm probably underground too

[EH_ED]: Hmm.

[EH_GH]: ...what do we do now

[EH_ED]: I'd say just wait until the others appear. HOPEFULLY they'll be here soon. They understand the whole encounter thing WAY better than us.

[EH_HS]: Not much else we can do :(

[EH_SP]: I wanna go exploring!

[EH_ED]: Wait a second, something's coming!

[EH_GH]: ???

[EH_HS]: What's happened? D:

[EH_ED]: I'm probably thescariest thing in this plsce, BUT I'm 100% CERTAIN I heard footsteps o_o

[EH_GH]: oh god

[EH_ED]: bye

[EH_HS]: :/


User ElementalHero_EarthData[EH_ED] has disconnected.


[EH_SP]: Footsteps! So maybe we're not alone here?

[EH_HS]: I'm fairly sure there are supposed to be people in Encounter... Still, it's creepy, and you wouldn't expect them to be underground... :|

[EH_GH]: ikr

[EH_SP]: Maybe someone followed us here!

[EH_GH]: i hope not :/

[EH_HS]: That's... very possible D:

[EH_HS]: I'm going to find somewhere safer 3:

[EH_GH]: good idea, i'll do that too i guess

[EH_HS]: Cya~


Disconnected from chatroom " ☼≡ d.r.a.g.o.n ≡≈≈≡ f.a.l.l ≡☼ ".




Somewhere, a brown-haired girl was laying face-down on a stony floor.


"Gggghhhhhh...", she groaned weakly, and faded out of sleep. Her entire body ached with discomfort. Slowly opening her eyes, the first thing she noticed was the bright but oddly calming blue light which flooded the room she had found herself in.


She sat up with effort, and stared with stunned interest at her surroundings.


The floor was made of smooth, white stone, which nicely reflected the room's blue light, emanating from what seemed to be some kind of crystal. About nine or ten of them were stuck to the ceiling in no particular pattern.


The walls consisted of an unfamiliar transparent material, which had a similar appearance to ice, but obviously wasn't. This also reflected the light, causing a very disorienting effect for the girl.


This room bordered other, similar ones on two sides, and some kind of hallway along a third, but the outside world could be seen through the remaining wall. It was dark outside, but other buildings with similar appearance were easily visible, although some were not lit.


There seemed to be no doors in this place; she had no idea how anyone could get out or in.


"What is this place...?", she said in confusion to nobody in particular, and desperately tried to recall how she had come to this place. No thoughts came up.


"Oh good... you're awake!", a familiar voice said from somewhere behind her.


She turned herself around in mild alarm. "Y-you guys...?", she said, bemused. In an untidy group at the other end of the room sat Dianke, Julio, Erin, and Charlotte, all looking at her with concerned expressions.


She felt extremely relieved at their presence, and relaxed somewhat. "Where... are we?", she breathed after a moment.


"That's what we've been trying to figure out!", Charlotte responded.


"All I know is... we were found, one by one, somewhere out there, and got dragged to this place, some sort of town I guess, where someone named Ron decided we're going to stay here. You got brought here only about ten or twenty minutes ago.", Erin added.


"Well, we /do/ know what this place is called...", began Charlotte again. "it's Dolouk Hey Yarau or-", she continued before being interrupted by a loud grinding noise.


The wall leading to the hallway was opening up. A short boy dressed in very dark black clothes was pushing on the transparent sheet which made up the wall, and sliding it out of the way.

"Actually, it's... umm... dolPc hB yirP...", he said quietly, before stepping through the opening. However, he seemed wary of the other five people in the room, and didn't move any closer.


"It means 'valley of the dead end' in Erga'al...", he continued timidly. "One more thing... I'm Ron Aliac, do you have a name?", he went on to ask.


"Yes...", the girl responded. "I am Taylor Smith."


"Oh okay then.", Ron said awkwardly.


Taylor got to her feet and turned to face Ron properly. "Will we... be able to go back home soon? We're just really confused."


Ron shrugged. "Depends where 'home' is I guess."


"We're from Surfacia.", Dianke said quietly from across the room.


At this, Ron broke into a smile. "Well, you're already there!".


"This doesn't... look like anywhere in Surfacia that I know of...", Taylor then said in bemusement.


"Really? Most of it's like this... Or at least, all the nice parts are.", Ron responded cheerfully.


"I've never seen anywhere like this!", she objected.


Ron stepped backwards, out of the room, and suddenly lowered his voice. "Wait, so... you people... actually lived on Overworld?".


Taylor blinked. "Is that what you're calling it now?"


"It's a place far above here, where there are no ceilings. Very hostile place... I'll be going there in four days.", he explained, then sighed loudly.


"In that case, yes, we do! Can we get back up there?"


"Well, there's one way... but seriously, why would you want to return to such a place?", Ron asked, bewildered.


"It's where we belong!", Taylor insisted. "Now tell us how to get there."


"Okay... In the center of town, there's a tunnel leading downwards to a place called 'iliL uw iz' -- that means 'the one sanctuary' -- where there's a portal, which will take you to Overworld. Everybody must go to Overworld for one month starting on their seventeenth birthday, which is why I'm going there...".


He shuddered, before continuing.


"It's kind of an initiation trial here in Underworld. There's another problem though...".


All five people stared at Ron in concern.


"Which is...?", Charlotte prompted after about five seconds.


"It's illegal to use that particular portal for almost any other reason.", Ron stated.


Taylor sighed grumpily. "I guess we'll have to break into this ilill aw is place or whatever... because there's no way we're staying in this weird Underworld any longer than we need to. It's amazing that such a place exists, but... I want out!"


"Oh no, if you do that you'll get banished!", Ron said in alarm.


"Banished to where...?", she asked in return.


"Meh. Not sure. It varies... maybe you'll get warped to the fields outside town... or maybe you'll get warped to the Sixth Antarctic Plane. You can't know...".