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The Agony of Choice

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The drumbeat of raindrops echoed throughout the room. The only source of light in the otherwise darkened chamber came from a computer monitor and the occasional flash of distant thunder outside. A lone figure sat behind the desk, eyes glued to the gleaming screen. The woman typed a few words, deleted, then retyped again. She then read the whole passage and with a disgruntled sigh erased the whole thing. It was pointless. The daylight still lingered when she sat down to write the paper and she was yet to properly start. Any minute now... But it didn’t happen. For the past hour she had been forcing herself to get to work, but despite her best efforts, her thoughts would invariably wonder to him. Only a few weeks of absence and already she was acting like a schoolgirl, half a mind focusing on the task at hand, and the rest hoping she’d hear a knock on the door. Still, he should’ve been here by now. How long can saving the universe take, anyway?

Realizing she was getting nowhere, Jane Foster rose from the chair and went to make herself another cup of coffee. She tied the bathrobe that hung around her naked body, having showered just before she started “working”, then flicked the light on and headed for the cupboard. Just as she closed the cover shut, she looked at the glassy reflection and froze. For a moment she was positively sure she’d seen the light. Not any light, of course. The light, the orangey hue that usually meant... no. She had just imagined it, mistaking mere lightning for something she was far more interested in. As she stood there waiting for the pot to boil, she couldn’t help but glance at the window. Nothing. No blinding flash of Bifrost’s light, no unusually concentrated thunder and lightning. Get a grip, woman.

She turned around, about to take the pot off the stove when she heard it. Or at least she thought she did.  She paused for a moment in a now silent room and then the knock came again. With a grin on her face she rushed to the door, barely remembering to put the coffee down. She swung the entrance open ready to greet Thor, only to learn the person standing there wasn’t him but...


Jane stared at the Asgardian woman who, though as beautiful as ever, was at the moment completely soaked. The small amount of time it must’ve taken her to get from where ever Heimdall placed her to the entrance of Jane’s building was more than enough to drench her from head to toe. The crimson bodice she wore would’ve been see-through but for the blouse she wore under it, and her leggings were in no better state. The dark tresses of her hair clung to her shoulders and back, giving her an unusual, raw look. Yet all these things combined, Jane had to admit, made her more impressive and awe-inspiring than ever. For a moment she had forgotten what she spent the whole day thinking about.

“Lady Jane,” Sif said, offering a small curtsy. She didn’t seem the least bit upset or uncomfortable because of her current state.

Both women stared at each other for a couple of seconds, Sif with a friendly smile and Jane with the expression of mild shock, until she finally remembered her manners. “Come in, please.”

As they headed through the hallway towards the living room, Jane wondered if she should even bother asking about Thor. Clearly him and Allfather were still on their quest, or else he would’ve been the one standing at her doorway. The sense of longing she so abhorred again started to creep up on her, so she decided not to broach the topic. Instead she began to wonder why the goddess of war chose to visit her. They had barely even spoken in the past, let alone spent some together. In all likelihood, this had something to do with Jane’s relationship with Thor. She had sensed some disapproval from Sif, though she was pretty sure it wasn’t due to any romantic interest on the Asgardian’s part. Either way, Jane sat down convinced this wasn’t going to be pleasant. So she decided she wasn’t going to make it easy on her visitor. The silence grew more awkward by the second but Jane waited for Sif to speak first. And sure enough…

“Jane, I’m sorry to come at so… ”

“You know, this is really none of your business!” Jane blurted out before she could stop herself.

Sif cocked her head with a mild look of suspicion. “I beg your pardon?”

“I know why you came. I know how you feel about Thor and me. And while I respect your opinion, I must politely insist that you butt out!”

“That I… what?” Sif asked.

Jane was already starting to feel a bit uncomfortable about being so brusque with the woman, but she forced herself to keep going.

“That you keep your nose out of our business! I really find it shocking that…”


“… a grown man, to some a god even, and here you are…”


“… preposterous really, there is absolutely no way I will let…”

“Jane!” Sif finally raised her voice, enough to halt the blabbering of the implacable astrophysicist.

Oh, you’ve done it now, Foster, Jane thought. Shouting at a goddess of war, a brilliant idea, truly. At that moment she expected Sif to respond in equal measure, but to Jane’s surprise, her face showed nothing but kindness and calm.

“I admit I was less than supportive of your relationship in the beginning. As no doubt you know I care dearly for Thor and honestly, I did not think you were a worthy companion for him. But I have since come to learn more about you, both from him and from our brief interactions. And in fact, lady Darcy kindly offered to answer some questions I had about you. She has been of great help.”

“You… you spoke to Darcy?” Jane stammered. “What did she say, exactly?” She adored Darcy, but the girl wouldn’t exactly be her first choice as a source of all-Jane information. In this instance however, she seems to have come through for her.

“She had nothing but the kindest of things to say about you,” Sif confirmed.

Jane nervously tucked a strand of hair behind her ear, unsure of what to say. She practically yelled at the Asgardian and she was now starting to feel like a fool because of it. To be fair, her initial suspicions of Sif’s disapproval were confirmed, but finding out why the woman was here before commencing her little speech would have been wise. However, hindsight did not prevent her from blushing in embarrassment. ”Look, I’m sorry if I…”

Sif raised her hand to stop her apology. “There is really no need to explain. You were right to be defensive. If anything, it is I who should apologize for…”

“No! You only had his best interest in mind, I was the one…”

“Let us just agree to put this behind us, shall we?” Sif concluded with a smile.

“Gladly,” Jane responded with a smile of her own.

The uncomfortable silence started to set in again as Jane waited for Sif explain why she did come. After all, the two weren’t exactly on best of terms before, so it was unlikely this was just a friendly visit. In the mean time, the astrophysicist found the perfect excuse to break the silence. “Can I offer you something to drink? Tea, coffee?”

Unknown to Jane, Sif remembered Thor speaking highly of the latter beverage, and the Asgardian pondered if she should indulge. But, she decided against it, after all there were more pressing matters at hand. “Perhaps another time. We really ought to talk about the purpose of my visit.”

Finally, Jane thought.

“Jane, the reason came here is to an extend an invitation. From Allmother”.

The petite astrophysicist felt gentle pricks of mounting nervousness. “Thor’s mom?”

“Yes. She requested your presence in accordance with an old Asgardian custom. Most people no longer practice it, but Frigga is different. She wishes to meet her son’s intended”.

Jane’s heart skipped a beat at the word, since marriage was certainly never discussed in the time she spent with Thor. However, she concluded it was likely just part of the custom and that his mother knew the nature of their relationship. “So, we’d just be having lunch or something?” she asked nervously.

“Well...  as I said, it’s a custom. Every woman is different and thus what she wishes differs as well. I’ve seen mothers approve a union upon a mere glance, or dismiss it outright. Others may have something else in mind. A friend of mine was forced to endure several months of intense physical and mental testing before she received her blessing.”

If Jane thought she was nervous before, her nerves were positively frayed now. This was really bad. If some ordinary Asgardian woman requested that, god only knows what Allmother herself would want of her. A ridiculous scenario occurred to Jane and for a moment she imagined herself wrestling with a ferocious Asgardian beast (which in her mind still looked like a bear). She shook her head and dismissed the silly thought. Whatever was in store for her, it would have to within limits of reason, otherwise she’ll simply tell the queen of Asgard to butt ou… well, maybe not.

“And do you have any idea what Allmother might have in mind?” she ventured.

“Oh, I doubt it’s anything to worry about. She likely just wants to get to know you. And, ideally we would leave here soon.”

This somewhat assuaged Jane’s fears, though she would’ve preferred postponing for a few days. ”Then I suppose I accept the invitation. Although we really should wait for the rain to…”. At that moment’s the brunette’s eyes fell upon the clothing worn by the Asgardian. “Oh my god, I completely forgot!” The warrior woman’s clothes were naturally still soaked and Jane admonished herself internally for being such a horrible hostess. It hadn’t occurred to her that she conveniently forgot about this while she was lambasting her visitor, and remembered now when they were once again on friendly terms. “We have to get you something else to wear, you’ll catch your death,” she rose and headed for her bedroom.

“Jane, really, it isn’t necessary,” Sif tried, but the little astrophysicist wouldn’t hear of it.

“Nonsense!” she shouted back as she headed down the corridor and entered the room, “I’ll bring you something dry in a second.”

The brunette started rifling through her things, desperate to find something appropriate so as to somewhat make up for her earlier behavior. But what the hell kind of clothes are appropriate for a goddess of war? Probably nothing I would have, she thought with resentment. She rapidly went through everything in her closet, dresses, blouses, jeans, skirts… but nothing seemed good enough. Too plain… too formal… too urban, too non-Asgardian… It occurred to Jane that not once in her life did she fret over what she herself would wear, yet now she was behaving like a girl on prom night. So she took a moment to calm down and collect herself. There was absolutely no reason for feeling this way. After all it’s not as if Sif had come to take her out on a date. The surprising thought only lasted a second but it was enough to bring rosiness back into Jane’s cheeks. Still blushing, she continued her search for another minute or so before deciding on the outfit – a crimson red circle skirt coupled with a white, lacy saree blouse. The blouse itself was something Jane had bought on a whim and never wore because it was a tad too risqué. However, she had a feeling Sif would look perfect in it. To be fair, this wasn’t much of an Asgardian look either (Who said it had to be?) and it wasn’t that suitable for rain either (We’ll be waiting for it to stop anyway), but Jane just wasn’t satisfied with anything else. So she headed for the bedroom door, clothes in hand, when something else occurred to her.

Should I bring her some underwear? She paused for a second, not knowing what to do. On the one hand, she knew the Asgardian was thoroughly soaked. On the other, maybe bringing her panties and a bra was far too personal an act and she might end up offending Sif. Besides, she would once again start fretting over what to choose. Jane’s almost non-existent romantic life was the main reason behind her poor collection of lingerie, which was something Darcy reminded her of every chance she got. The majority of her private wear consisted of simple, inexpensive panties and similar bras. The only thing out of the ordinary was her “emergency lingerie” as she called it – the two sets from Victoria’s Secret: the first one being blood red tanga panties with a matching bralette (bought to her by quirky miss Lewis in an awkward attempt to “get her out there”, as she put it), the other lacy black boyshort panties with a bandeau bra. She had not worn either of them and at this point she doubted she ever would. It just wasn’t her style but perhaps, awkward move or not, it could be Sif’s. She finally decided to err on the side of caution and brought just the clothes with her. “I wasn’t sure what you’d like,” she spoke as she returned to the living room, “So, I got you…” and at that moment she nearly dropped what she was carrying.

“Oh, god!” she yelped before she could stop herself and turned towards the window in embarrassment. There, in Jane Foster’s own living room stood a very naked goddess of war. As a stark contrast to how Jane reacted, the Asgardian seemed unperturbed by her state and simply waited for her clothing. Jane extended one hand to her, still determined to keep her eyes glued to the window. “I… um, I… brought you something to get breast,” she blurted out stupidly. “I mean dressed! Oh, god, I mean…”  Just shut up, Jane. Just… shut… up. She could see the blurred reflection of Sif’s nude form in her peripheral vision, and it took a surprising amount of willpower to keep her eyes from darting to it. She felt the Asgardian come near her before hearing her speak.

“Jane, is something the matter?”

No, not all, not at all. There is of course the small problem of a naked goddess in my apartment, but other than that everything is just peachy. “N… no, everything’s fine.” She tried to sound casual and relaxed but to her ears she failed abysmally.

“Why do you avert your gaze?” Sif inquired.

Oh, god. Oh god, oh god, oh god… “I, um… I just didn’t want to make you uncomfortable, that’s all. I wasn’t sure how… on Asgard, because here… and I didn’t know if…” she rambled incoherently until Sif stopped her.

“You didn’t,” she assured her, “you can turn around, it’s fine”. But turning around was the last thing Jane wanted to do.

“If you don’t mind I’ll just…” … keep staring at this fascinating rain drop here, until you’re slightly less nude. Sif was now so close to her she could feel the Asgardian’s breath on her neck, or at least thought she did.

“Jane… look at me”.

As her last refuge of paltry excuses and unfinished sentences came crashing down, Jane Foster slowly turned towards the other woman. “On Asgard,” Sif started slowly, “a warrior’s body is admired and coveted. Is it not so here?”

Jane swallowed nervously, before responding with a barely audible “It is”.

“Then…” Sif continued, “I welcome your admiration”.

Jane’s mind swarmed with panicked thoughts. What the hell does that mean?! Is she asking me to look at her? Why would she… anyone, do that? Will she be offended if I don’t? What... the… hell… do I do?! For her part, the Asgardian now stood close, way too close for comfort, with a look of calm determination on her face. But her face was the least of Jane’s worries right now. Beyond any control she thought she had, her eyes fell upon the form before her, the will she once thought indomitable now crumbling like a house of cards. No man or woman, Foster thought, would be able to resist looking. And Jane certainly didn’t. Her unwilling eyes absorbed every inch of Sif’s body, her gaze trailing from the curves of her delicate breasts, over the flat, gently muscled expanse of her stomach, to the soft V of her pubic area with a tiny patch of trimmed jet-black hair. The firm thighs, evidence of a supreme physical state, lured her eyes further down to the impossibly smooth calves of the warrior woman. In every sense, a sublime fusion of femininity and battle-hardened physique. If Sif wasn’t an actual goddess, then Jane could certainly be fooled by the way she looked. As her eyes gradually traveled back up, the Asgardian spoke again.

“And if in your admiration,” she intoned huskily, “you should feel the sweet ache of arousal, then that is fine too”.

Jane’s eyes flew wide open and she stared at the brunette for a never-ending second of embarrassment and shock, until she noticed the tiny smirk and playful eyes and realized Sif was only teasing. The next moment they were both in a fit of laughter and Jane felt enormous relief that the warrior woman was not really serious.

“I’m sorry,” the Asgardian offered, her expression now friendly and disarming. “I only meant to put you at ease. ”

Well, that’s certainly one way of doing it, Jane thought, but merely kept smiling in response. And as the discomfort still hadn’t quite left her she looked to keep herself busy while Sif dressed and managed to find the perfect excuse. “Now how about that coffee?”




Asgard was incredible. In all her time on Earth Jane had never seen anything even remotely as magnificent as what was now before her eyes. As if traveling by Bifrost was not an amazing enough of an experience, the astrophysicist now stared all around her like a kid in Disney land. Towering mega structures dotted the cityscape, intermixed seamlessly with winding rivers and gushing waterfalls. Enormous statues of gold jutting towards the sky were in every larger street, giving off a sense of welcome. And unnoticed by the bewildered brunette, throngs of people bustled in the streets, most not heeding either her or her companion. As Jane’s eyes jumped from one captivating thing to the next, Sif kept smiling at her amazement, only occasionally directing her were they needed to go. Far too soon for Foster’s liking, they had reached what looked to be the most grandiose palace of all. The yawning entrance led way to a hall large enough to house cathedrals and the astrophysicist followed Sif inside.

Rather than going straight all the way, as Jane expected, they soon turned left down a side corridor and then once to the right, before reaching a double door. “These are you quarters,” Sif explained, “I hope they are to your liking.”

Jane smiled reassuringly, ”I’m sure they will be just…”… absolutely unbelievable! It only made sense that her accommodations would be as impressive as everything else she’d seen so far, but Sif’s modest introduction downplayed what seemed like a room fit for royalty. Luxurious carpets, marble pillars, arches leading to an open terrace with a spectacular view of the city. This one room was bigger than Jane’s entire apartment and yet the two doors on each side indicated there was more. It was so over the top she almost wanted to ask for something… a little more Jane and a little less Queen of the universe. But she didn’t want to risk offending her host, so she graciously responded with “It’s perfect”.

Sif smiled in acknowledgement and headed for the door. “My room is just down the hall,” she said. “If you require anything at all, please, don’t hesitate to come to me. Good night.” With that she closed the door and left Jane alone. The brunette looked around the room some more, unable to stop grinning from joy. She pried open the door to the left to find a long dining table packed with all sort of unfamiliar but delicious looking food. The room on the opposite end turned out to be the bedroom, with, as by now she’d come to expect, the most luxurious furnishings she’d ever seen. She jumped on the king-size bed and lay there for a few minutes, gazing at the marble ceiling. She had dreaded coming here but now that she arrived, there was no doubt in her mind. This is going to be great.




The following morning found Jane surprisingly tired. Judging from the position of the sun she had slept at least twelve hours but her body was sapped of energy and she couldn’t muster the strength to get up. She lay in her bed for another hour or so, drifting in an out of sleep. Usually a night’s worth of rest left her refreshed and invigorated but this time it was not so and she couldn’t understand why. She vaguely remembered dreaming about… something, but the precise imagery escaped her grasp. Recalling she usually felt this way after traveling, jet lag being a constant companion on her trips, she concluded Bifrost must’ve effected her in a similar way.

Satisfied with her explanation, she propped herself on her elbows looking around her bedroom, which once again drew a smile from her. It was only when she caught a glimpse of her breasts in the bedroom vanity that she remembered she went to bed naked. “Oh, god!” she gasped and quickly covered up. Nobody would see her of course, but she felt it best to conceal herself. Sleeping in the nude was something she did at her own home but here it didn’t seem wise to take too many liberties. On the other hand, if Sif’s lack of inhibitions displayed in her apartment was any indication, she probably wouldn’t get into trouble. Either way, she grabbed her discarded bra and panties and slipped them on, with the rest of her clothing following suit.

Upon existing her bedroom she was greeted by the sight of Sif waiting for her, this time in her own clothes. “Did you sleep well?” she asked.

Jane noticed that the expression with which the Asgardian said that was somehow peculiar. A gentle smile, but not Sif’s usual one. This one seemed to conceal something, almost as if she knew something the Earth woman did not. She dismissed the silly though and replied “Yes, very well thank you.” It was not entirely true but what sort of guest would she be if she started complaining on her first day?

”Good. Allmother would like us to join her for breakfast. Whenever you’re ready, I’ll wait for you in the hall”.

Jane rushed back to her bedroom and then to the adjoining bathroom. She spent a few minutes making herself look presentable and inspected herself in the mirror. The elegant teal, knee length dress complimented her hairstyle and she was pleased not to sense even a hint of fear or nervousness in herself. She was also glad that makeup wasn’t really her thing because the few things she did bring here didn’t include that, and if Darcy was to be believed she didn’t really need it. So feeling good about herself and not wanting to keep Allmother waiting, she rushed outside to meet Sif.

The long-haired woman sized Jane up and down, still with the same smirk she had before. She seemed pleased with what the little astrophysicist was wearing but didn’t offer any comment. They proceeded down the corridor and made their way through the central hall.

“Is there anything I should know?” Jane inquired, “some ‘Don’t speak unless spoken to rule’ maybe?” She meant it as a joke but was still wholeheartedly hoping there would be nothing of the sort. Jane knew how to deal with pressure, but not this kind of pressure.

“Relax,” Sif replied. “There is really nothing  to worry about.”

Jane felt assuaged by that and after a few more moments of her pondering what she should or shouldn’t say during conversation, they had reached their destination. Sif pushed the double door before them, leading them into a grand dining room. It was completely empty save for the woman now rising from the table and coming to greet Jane.

The queen of Asgard was the very definition of regal elegance. Her gown, her hair, even her gait… they all served to illustrate both the unquestionable nobility and the confidence and power Allmother was endowed with. To say Jane was impressed would be an understatement. The woman approached, her smile nothing but kind and reassuring. “Jane Foster,” she spoke softly, “at last we meet”. Jane offered a greeting of her own, giving a curtsey (not too deep, not to short) and bowing her head in respect.

”Allmother. I’m honored”. She hoped she wasn’t being too formal but Allmother seemed pleased with her mannerisms.

“Come,” Frigga offered, “let us sit down”. Sif closed the door as Allmother sat at the head of the table and Jane took the seat next to her.

After Sif joined them, the conversation began. Allmother was anxious to learn about Jane all she didn’t already hear from her son. She inquired about her work, her parents, her childhood. Sif rarely interjected and Jane only offered short, polite responses. After a while the atmosphere grew more relaxed and astrophysicist felt comfortable asking some questions of her own and the younger Asgardian weighed in every now and then, though she left most of the talk to the other two women. It wasn’t exactly a chat between the best of friends, but it was far from a grueling, stress-filled questioning that Jane had half-expected. In fact, in no time at all she began to grow quite fond of the queen, and unless she was presuming too much – the feeling was mutual. It all went on for some time and probably would’ve gone on for longer had Allmother not been called away by a servant on some seemingly important matter. Jane was in the middle of another curtsy when Allmother interrupted her with a hug instead. Clearly, the affection she felt was not one-sided. The queen left and Sif and Jane were alone.

“Well,” the Asgardian started, “what shall we do now? A tour of the city perhaps?” She didn’t need to see the smile on the Earth woman’s face to know the answer.




A few hours later Sif and Jane found themselves in front of the city baths. The tour was every bit as enjoyable as the Foster expected, but Sif could tell her companion was feeling tired so she suggested they stop by the place. The entrance led to a long corridor with numerous doors on both sides, with what looked to be the central chamber at the end. Inside, three large interconnected pools hosted a hundered visitors or so, which made Jane feel a bit apprehensive. Not only did she not bring a bathing suit but she wasn’t too fond of being amidst this large of a crowd to begin with. Luckily, Sif soon explained they would be going two stories up, to a more private room reserved just for the Queen and female warriors of her personal guard. The room itself turned out to be fairly spacious marble filled dome with a circular pool of water in the middle. It seemed to be designed as a semi-sauna of sorts, as the steam rising from the water and the braziers made it almost impossible to see from one end to the other. This time there were only two other people, a pair of girls lounging at the far end of the pool. They seemed engaged in conversation until they saw they were not alone, upon which one of them nodded to Sif and the other averted her eyes downward for some reason. Maybe she, too, was uncomfortable being practically nude around other people,  Jane thought.

While Sif undressed, Jane entered a small side room stacked with towels. She discarded her clothes and wrapped her body with the largest towel she could find. As she exited she thought she heard a giggle from across the room where the girls were. Sif, whose own nudity had left Jane the only one covered up, also seemed amused.

“You know,” she said with a small grin, “those are for drying off”.

Jane felt herself blush a bit. “Oh, I see. And where are the… ” she looked around but paused mid-sentence as she realized her error. She was expected to… Oh, no! No, no, no, no!

“Jane…” Sif started, but the astrophysicist had a pretty good idea what she would say.

“Sif, if it’s all the same to you, I think I’m just gonna sit…”

But the Asgardian was having none of it. “Jane, I didn’t bring you here so you could hide behind a towel”.

I’m not hiding! But even as she thought that, Foster realized she was already sweating more than she felt comfortable with. Clearly the fat towel around her body was not meant to be worn. “I know, but…” Jane tried again, and again to no avail. She couldn’t really think of good reason to remain like this other than her own embarrassment. At that moment Sif rose from the pool, the water cascading down her flawless body as she came near Jane. The little brunette noted with some apprehension she was actively forcing herself not to look down. The next second the Asgardian was in her face, friendly smile and all.

“I’ve noticed you Midgardians have some rather strange ideas about social norms, propriety, right and wrong… But I’ve also seen you respect other cultures, and part of that respect is adhering to the customs of those you visit." 

When in Asgard, Jane thought with small head shake.

“We’re practically alone, Jane. And even if we weren’t, believe me, you have nothing to be ashamed of”. The way Sif emphasized ‘believe’ didn’t go unnoticed by Jane, but she quickly put it out of her mind. She’s right, I’m acting silly. With that thought and still a bit of apprehension, she let the towel slip and walked together with Sif into the steamy water. Had she remembered to look, she would’ve seen the two girls opposite them gazing at her with unconcealed admiration.

As they relaxed in the pool, Jane could tell Sif had something on her mind. “I get the feeling you want to ask me something”. The Asgardian seemed reluctant, but clearly Jane was right.

“I’m… I wouldn’t want to make you uncomfortable. I know you…”

But Jane stopped her right there. “Now, look,” Foster spoke with mock vexation and anger, “I’m not a child. I know I’ve been acting a bit silly, but I just need time to get used to the way everything is around here. Just ask me, seriously. Whatever it is”.

Sif looked at her for a second and then acquiesced. “I was wondering why your nether region is completely hairless”.

Jane eyes threatened to pop out of her head before she remembered promising not to overreact, so she did her best to seem unperturbed. She could still feel the heat in her cheeks, and it wasn’t from the sauna. “Well, I… I shave it. If you mean why, it’s just a personal preference, I guess. To me… it feels nicer when smooth,” she concluded awkwardly. Sif still seemed a little puzzled, as if she had never heard of anyone completely shaving down there. Maybe this isn’t really a thing on Asgard. A few moments passed before another question.

“And do all women on Midgard do this?”. 

“Not all. It depends who you ask, really.”

Sif appeared satisfied with the response. “Thank you. And I apologize if I…” she spoke, but Jane just waved the apology away in a nonchalant manner.

“Now you’re the one being silly, there is nothing to apologize for”. Even so, she couldn’t help still feeling a bit awkward from the conversation so far - this was one topic she never discussed, not even with Darcy.

From that point on, the heat and the steam did their thing and neither Sif nor Jane felt like keeping a conversation going. They sat near the edge of the pool, eyes closed and minds wandering. Some time passed, maybe an hour or so, and Jane was still relaxing when her thoughts were interrupted by what sounded like a muffled yelp from across the room. She opened her eyelids half-way, enough to glance at the silhouettes of the two girls concealed through a veil of steam. As it shifted slowly across the water, it granted better vision to Jane for a few intermittent moments and from what she could tell, the young Asgardians now seemed much closer to each other, thought she couldn’t quite make out if they were still talking.

Just as she was about to close her eyes, another sound reached her ears. If she didn’t know any better she would’ve thought this one to be a moan. Jane’s eyes darted towards Sif to see if she noticed anything, but the long-haired woman was in such a state of relaxation she might as well have been sleeping. The astrophysicist’s eyes returned to the girls in front, confident her staring wasn’t seen either by Sif or the two subjects of her attention. She didn’t feel comfortable spying, but curiosity got the better of her.

Through the curtain of gray mist, Jane observed the Asgardians, trying to make out the cause of the noises she heard. And then, as if by some intent, the area before them cleared and the sight there drew a gasp from the petite brunette. They are kissing! But this wasn’t just kissing either. The taller, Celtic looking redhead had her hand wrapped around the ponytail of her comparatively diminutive blonde friend, gently pulling it backwards and forcing her to expose her neck. She laved her skin, showering passionate kisses from her lips to her neck, from her collar-bone to her ears. Then she proceeded to lay a series of gentle bites, intermixed with a lascivious lick here and there. For her part, the smaller girl seemed completely oblivious to her surroundings, lost in the sensation she was subjected to. Jane observed with rapt attention, eyes still half-closed so as to feign unawareness if she were spotted. By now she could hear almost every noise coming from the girl’s mouth, every breathy moan and half-suppressed cry of growing lust. And then as the steam concealed the girls again, Jane could focus on nothing but the sounds, her mind stuck in guilt over acting so inappropriately.

Yet she couldn’t stop. For reasons she could not explain, she found herself staring at the dark, blurry silhouettes before her, wishing the steam would clear so she could once again see the passionate exchange. Never in her life was Jane granted an opportunity such as this. To witness a sight so illicit, and to not be seen in return was something entirely new to the Earth woman. More than that, it was also profoundly addictive. She was aware that a part of her mind was constantly alert, waiting and dreading the moment Sif would clear her throat and show her she was caught, or for one of the girls to direct their eyes her way and force her to look away. The fact she didn’t want this to happen was the most surprising thing of all. Jane had never felt attraction towards women, she wasn’t even sure she felt it now, but there was something inexplicably mesmerizing in what she was looking at. In a sense, she too was lost in her little world, much like the tiny blonde from across the chamber.

After a time, Jane’s mind was slowly invaded by images completely foreign to her. She imagined herself in the blonde’s place, her hair gently pulled backwards as the ravishing redhead left a trail of wet kisses wherever she could. She could almost feel the soft caress of lips on her skin, the gentle tug on her hair strands. Though she was still looking at the sight before her, her imagination took on a life of its own. In her mind, the redhead’s fingers ventured lower, trailing across her smooth stomach before reaching their intended target. She was being toyed with for an agonizingly long moment, before being penetrated by a single digit. A slightly louder gasp echoed in the chamber and Jane looked around in panic, not sure if she had made the noise or the girl in front. Sif still seemed oblivious, lost in thoughts or possibly dreams. The two Asgardians also seemed preoccupied with what they were doing, so Jane noted with satisfaction, and a bit of shame, that she could continue watching.

Now, the small blonde seemed to be growing ever so restless, her breathing quickening and her cheeks taking on a shade of red. Jane could not see what happened underwater, but at some point she observed the blonde mouth another small yelp, her plump breasts rising above the water level as she leaned on the pool edge. Jane knew. She’s inside her! As if to confirm her suspicion, the girl’s chest started to rise and fall with increasing speed. Her breathing was now being interrupted by gasps and moans she was having a hard time suppressing. The Earth woman watched in amazement, knowing the girl would reach her climax soon. The imagery before her unfolded, leaving her breathless and hypnotized. She vaguely felt warmth in her nether region, though her attention was for the most part on the erotic view at the other end of the room. She found herself eagerly anticipating the moment, waiting for the instance when the tiny blonde would be pushed over edge, granting Jane an experience like none she had ever had. She had heard of women orgasming without being touched, and if that was even possible, the dull ache in her pussy told her it would be now.

Just when it was all about to be over, the redhead turned and looked directly at Jane. The brunette gazed back in shock, completely forgetting to pretend she wasn’t watching them. And the blonde, her eyes flew open as she looked around in clear dismay. Instead of being in the grip of ecstasy like the Earth woman expected, the girl looked clearly frustrated and not at all relived. At that moment Jane realized - she didn’t let her come. The blonde’s gaze was locked on her friend, her eyes hungry  for an explanation. The redhead then brought her close and whispered something in her ear while still looking at Jane. By now, Foster thought it would be pointless to pretend she hasn’t seen anything so she looked on in what she hoped was a casual, relaxed manner, trying to figure out what just happened, or rather, why it happened. In the next moment, the blonde also looked at Jane and, realizing she was being watched, blushed furiously and looked away. The other girl seemed pleased however, and after another moment she whispered something else. The blonde’s eyes went wide in apparent shock and she started shaking her head in a pleading manner, as if to refuse whatever she was being asked. The redhead only mouthed another word, and then closed her eyes, reclining on the ledge.

The smaller girl gazed at the water for a few moments longer, then glanced at both Jane and Sif before averting her eyes yet again. And then to Jane’s utter dismay, the blonde started swimming towards her. The first thought in Foster’s mind was jumping out of the pool and running away but her body would not obey her commands. She stood there frozen, watching the Asgardian draw near one horrifying second at the time. Far too soon for Jane’s liking, the girl was right in front of her, cheeks still flushed red and eyes looking everywhere but at Jane. She was clearly far more embarrassed about all this than the astrophysicist was, not that that fact helped the Earth woman feel any better. In her peripheral vision, Jane vaguely recognized Sif was still fast asleep, or at least appeared to be, but her eyes were glued to the girl before her. Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god… Jane’s mind raced in panic. Why… just why is she… what could… I… Her incoherent thoughts interrupted, she watched the blonde lean near her and speak barely above a whisper.

“I beg your apology, milady. But… I am to inform you that… mistress will not grant me release unless you permit it”.

Jane felt a chill run down her spine, though she couldn’t tell what emotion caused it. Shock, fear, dismay, arousal… perhaps all of them. She didn’t even dare look at the blonde as she leaned back. Instead she gazed at the redhead that had sent her here, surprised that she seemed uninterested about what unfolded here. As much as she was glad Sif was out of it, the astrophysicist realized with resentment that at least if she had heard this, she could've also provided her with a way out. And Jane desperately needed a way out. Not only was she caught spying on the two during their act of intimacy, but she was now somehow being dragged into it! She didn’t know if she was about to blush from embarrassment or go pale from shock. God, what am I supposed to… But delaying her reaction served no purpose. As much as she was reluctant to even address her, the girl wasn’t going away and they were one step away from alerting Sif and possibly ruining the purpose of Jane’s visit. She could just imagine Sif relaying everything that occurred here to Allmother, every lurid detail that painted the astrophysicist as some voyeouristic pervert. She couldn’t let that happen. She couldn’t let this get out. No matter what it takes. So she leaned in and, acting on what some foolish impulse told her would be her best way out, whispered a response - barely audible enough for even the girl to hear.

“Tell… tell her I gave you permission”. The blonde seemed glad for half a second, before her eyes were downcast again and she looked as if coming up with something to say. Her eyes still on the water, she whispered back, clearly as unwilling to alert Sif as Jane was.

“N-no. My mistress requested that you either come and tell her yourself or…”. Jane waited for a conclusion to that, but none was forthcoming. The girl looked more embarrassed than ever, now breathing unevenly as if she was about to have panic attack. So Jane stepped in.

“Or what?” A few seconds and she got her reply.

“Or that you partake in our… in our...” She didn’t need to finish. If the first option was going over there, then the other was staying here and masturbating for the redhead! Well, that is one act Jane won’t be participating in. And she certainly wasn’t going over there either! She wouldn’t do anything that might alert Sif, no matter what perverted game these two were involved in.

“I... can’t do that. Just… ” go away, Jane thought desperately, but couldn’t bring herself to say it. The blonde however, pushed on.

“Please, you don’t understand… if I don’t return to her with some… any… please. Can you not just pretend?”

The girl’s voice was now approaching breaking point, almost at that noise level that would certainly give everything away. And before she knew what she was doing, Foster heard herself say ”Alright.”

The Asgardian looked as though she could hug her but luckily she didn’t. She rushed towards her friend, leaving Jane drowning in guilt and self-hatred. What the hell are you doing, Jane?! What on earth were you thinking! Go to her and tell her to leave you out of their… thing, whatever that is. But actually swimming to them was something she absolutely dreaded. Not only could it attract Sif’s attention, she’d be forced to talk to them, or at least to the redhead. And there was something the astrophysicist couldn’t quite put her finger on when it came to the Celtic looking girl. Some unshakeable confidence coupled with a dominant streak that made going there an impossible prospect. Only last week, any events that had unfolded here were so detached from Jane’s world, she never even thought about something like it. And now she actually promised the blonde to masturbate for them! She didn’t know if she had let herself be too consumed by the atmosphere, if she took the When in Asgard rule a bit too far or if this was some side of her that she was only now discovering. The bottom line is she didn’t trust herself. Everything she thought she knew, everything she counted on or expected of herself – it was all slowly being eroded by the imagery that she witnessed, by the situation she was in. What’s happening to you, Jane? She asked herself, but didn’t know the answer.

Whatever the answer was, it would not come now. Her mind was far too frayed and preoccupied by what was to follow. In no time at all, the petite Asgardian was whispering in the ear of her mistress, as she called her, the redhead’s eyes still closed as she seemed to barely register what was being said. She did, however, allow herself a tiny smirk, showing Jane she was content with the result of their little inquiry. The very next second, she glanced at the Earth woman and then turned to the blonde. Her hand slithered beneath the water and sure enough, the tell-tale signs of growing arousal became evident on the other girl’s face. The same series of events that unfolded before was happening again, only this time with a twist - Jane was a participant. A reluctant one, certainly, but she was still a part of it. She watched them and though the blonde’s eyes were closed, the redhead watched her in turn. But thinking of her promise, Jane felt herself blush. What would happen if she didn’t do it? Would the redhead stop? Would she send the blonde again across the pool, increasing the chance of discovery that Jane feared? But she never learned the answer to that either. As the erotic events unfolded in front of her eyes, she once again noticed the creeping tide of arousal within herself. Two sides of her personality collided, one rationalizing and justifying and the other reprimanding and condemning. However, the erotic force of what surrounded her would not be denied. She felt logic and reason fade into nothingness and slowly, imperceptibly, the decision she could never imagine herself making was there. Her hand fell to her pubic area and her fingers slowly began gliding over her delicate skin.

Whether the Asgardian watching her knew what she was doing, there was no way to tell. But she didn’t stop her own ministrations as evidenced by the quiet yet noticeable moans of her little friend. As for Jane, she unconsciously synced her masturbation to that of the young blonde. She toyed with her clit, gently caressing the little nub when she though the same happened to her counterpart. She stroked her nether lips, bringing the slow-burning feeling of pleasure to a boil. Each touch that the Asgardian felt, Jane could also feel on her own body. In a way, the tall girl was masturbating Jane as much as she was her girlfriend and the astrophysicist didn’t know how much more she could take. All thoughts of Sif and her discovery were gone, though she still bit her lip whenever a moan threatened escaping her mouth. The scintillating feeling of pleasure stemming from her pussy grew, pushing her dangerously close to her limit. She watched the other girl go through the same motions, but she was clearly closer as the next second she moaned aloud only for her mouth to be covered by the redhead. The blonde grinded into her hand over and over, the feeling that she was waiting for so long sweeping over her. No, no, no! Jane looked on, dismayed even in her aroused state to see the blonde finish before her. She felt as though something has been taken from her, but more that that she felt hugely conflicted. Foster was near the brink herself, but continuing what she was doing would leave all focus on her! And that, despite what has happened, would be the most mortifying thing of all. Her hand still worked its way around her clit, down her lips and into her pussy, but that precious few seconds in which the blonde was climaxing soon passed and she was forced to decide. And she chose to come too.

Jane’s fingers gradually turned to a blur, strumming across her clit with increasing intensity. The digits of her left hand were inside her, stimulating her g-spot in a wicked assault of overwhelming pleasure. Her eyes were now glued to the redhead who watched her with unconcealed satisfaction. Foster rapidly approached braking point when her eyes fell upon the tiny blonde. Still recovering, the girl was gazing at her with a mixture of surprise, happiness and lust over her face. That expression sparked something in Jane and then it happened. The avalanche of unstoppable ecstasy exploded in her, spreading from her pussy to every part of her body. She gasped and moaned, her eyes still somehow on the blonde through the whole experience. The orgasm kept going and going, as if fueled by the tiny Asgardian’s look. Her pussy contracted over and over and astrophysicist thought it would never end. But it did. She rode out her orgasm and then gradually began to relax. She closed her eyes, basking in the afterglow of what she just went through and having a hard time remembering if she ever felt this good. After a while, the feeling of embarrassment reared its ugly head again and the reality of she had done slowly started to sink in. She didn’t dare look across the pool any more, the intoxicating and mind-numbing eroticism that provided her with some escape from her conscience now vanishing. She couldn’t even bother to get up and leave the pool, as every action she could take seemed utterly terrifying. Luckily, after a dozen minutes or so, Sif finally woke from her slumber.

“Oh…” she looked around groggily. “I must have dozed off.” She looked at Jane for a moment but apparently noticed nothing out of the ordinary. “Shall we go?”

Yes, please let’s go! Jane screamed internally, but managed to mouth the response much calmer. “I suppose.”

Foster rushed to the dressing room, eager to get the hell out of there. She hastily put on her dress, barely remembering her underwear, and waited for an agonizing few moments for Sif to get her own clothing on. As soon as she finished, they headed for the door, but it seemed the day held more surprises for miss Foster. There, just between them and the exit were both the Asgardians with whom Jane became so well acquainted with over the past hours. Oh, this can’t be happening. Unsurprisingly, both the girls were nude and though they were headed for the dressing room, they stopped before Sif first.

“Jane,” Sif started, “I’d like you to meet Ylva”, she said, pointing to the taller girl.”She’s a member of  Frigga’s personal guard”.

The girl bowed her head only slightly. “A pleasure”.

Jane returned the gesture thought the double meaning of the greeting coupled with Ylva’s barely perceptible smile did not escape her.

“And this,” Sif continued, “is her companion, Iona”. Jane nodded to her as well, doing her best to keep her eyes from the wet, lightly muscular body of the taller girl or the curvaceous but dainty form of her girlfriend – who seemed as uncomfortable as Foster herself felt. Ylva then turned to the astrophysicist, the few seconds of silence presenting a painful possibility of revealed information. However…

“We had heard of your arrival here. Iona and I would welcome a visit from a Midgardian, if you would do us the honor.”

Sparing Jane the impossible task of thinking of something to say, Sif stepped in. “She is here at the behest of Allmother. But I’m sure we’ll find the time…”

Foster listened with dread, and rather than contradict and appear rude, possibly arousing suspicion from Sif, she merely smiled and nodded again, hoping her lack of committal one way or the other would allow her to refuse Sif in private. If she even remembers. But for now, Ylva smiled in acknowledgement and led the shy Iona to the dressing room. Had Jane not been in such a rush to leave, she would’ve seen Sif and her red-haired friend exchange knowing glances before parting ways.




The shock still hasn’t worn off. Face in hands, Jane lay on the bed inside her quarters, constantly going over the events of the day. And try as she might, she just couldn’t account for her behavior in the baths. Was it really possible she got so swept up by the act she witnessed that she completely ignored every sense of right and wrong she thought she had? That voice at the back of her mind that usually told her something was a bad idea must have been drowned out by all the moaning and gasping. Her own moaning and gasping, she thought with resentment. The distressing thoughts would’ve continued to hound her were in not for a knock at her door. Jane could tell it was not Sif paying her a visit, both because she never came this late in the night and because a gentler hand did the knocking.

As she opened the door she was greeted by the sight of none other than Iona. The demure blonde did a curtsy while not even looking at Jane and spoke softly: “I apologize for disturbing you this late, milady. But I must speak with you.”

“I... uh, of course.”

The Earth woman let her inside, though the feeling of apprehension began to creep up on her. Nothing good could come of this, surely. I just hope you won’t ask for my permission for something again. She put on her best friendly smile as she closed the door and waited for Iona to explain herself.

The blonde stood silent for a few moments and then began. “My mistress feels terrible about what transpired in the baths today.”

Jane felt the heat in her cheeks grow but could not even begin to muster a response.

“We are sometimes... swept up by our passion. By that is no excuse. You are an honored guest here and it was wrong of us to invite you to share our union in such a way.”

By now, though she did not show it, Jane was completely mortified. The prospect of running to the terrace and jumping out started becoming more and more appealing. Yet, the Asgardian was not finished.

“She has sent me as a token of apology. She... I, hope that you will accept”.

The astrophysicist became more relaxed. A simple apology, that’s all it was. And here she was, fretting over the possibility of another (un)pleasant experience occurring. As strange and surreal as that whole time had been, it was in some ways understandable. So a couple of lovers got a bit carried away, big deal. Besides, it’s not as if Jane herself was entirely innocent. Now looking back at the events of the day, it was clear she could’ve put a stop to it at any point, consequences be damned. But it seemed she got a bit carried away as well. Now that she actually got it, she didn’t think an apology was necessary, though it was certainly welcome. “Of course I accept,” she responded kindly, glad to be finally on the way of putting everything that had happened in the baths behind her. Iona beamed with happiness upon hearing the words, clearly overjoyed about the turn of events. But before Jane could stop her, still with a smile on her face she grabbed hold of the straps of her white dress and slipped out of it, revealing her naked body to the shocked Earth woman.

“Oh my god, what are you doing?!” Jane cried out as she rushed to pick the dress up and put it back on Iona. The blonde’s expression quickly changed to confusion and then sadness as the astrophysicist hastily tried to cover her up.

“You... you said you accept, I do not understand.”

“What? Is this what you mean by token of apology? Ylva sent you here to... to....”

“To attend to your needs, yes.”


“I’m sorry if I am not to your liking, milady,” the blonde said, now dangerously close to the brink of tears.

“What? No! I mean yes! Oh god...” Jane mumbled, completely incapable of dealing with the situation. “Look, let’s just sit down, alright?” The Asgardian acquiesced, though she didn’t seem in a better mood. They sat on the couch next to each other, neither thrilled to be there. “Iona, first of all, I like you just fine. Just not... well...  believe me, I do think you are an absolutely beautiful young woman.”

“But milady, why then...”

“And stop calling me milady!” Jane interrupted in a small display of good-natured anger, making sure to keep smiling so as to keep the poor girl at ease. “You can call me Jane.”

“I would never presume to...”

“Jane!” the Earth woman insisted. And at last she saw that frown abate, now replaced by a tiny smile.

“Very well, Jane” the blonde said.

“Now, Iona... this isn’t about me not liking you. On the contrary, I find you very...” Careful, Jane. It would probably be best not to finish that sentence. “But can you not see how wrong this is? Ylva can’t just send you to people to...” She couldn’t even say it.

“She rarely does,” the blonde clarified. “Only when...”

“When what?”

“When she senses in me a strong affection for another... and when we’re sure that affection is reciprocated.”

Jane started dumbly, pondering the implications of what was just said. Not only was Iona attracted to her, she and her mistress were convinced Jane felt the same way! And after what had happened she couldn’t really blame them. For now, she chose to ignore the comment.

“Iona, why do you stay in such an abusive relationship?”


“Yes! She’s treating you like a plaything or worse. Earlier in the baths, and now...”

The Asgardian shook her head, for the first time since Jain had met her, appearing a bit defensive, if not angry. “You are mistaken. My mistress is nothing but kind to me. If she forces me to do anything, it’s only because she knows me well enough to see that, deep inside, I wish to be forced.” She paused for a second to collect her thoughts, apparently surprised by the audacity of her words. “You’ve probably noticed how different the two of us are. Before I met her I was a timid, withdrawn being. But now... now I find myself doing things I’ve never dreamed of. Even if sometimes...”, she said, slightly blushing, “... I need a little push. I know how it must seem to you, being a stranger both to Asgard and its customs, as well as our union. But I would do anything for my mistress. She has shown me more than I could ever imagine.” She stared somewhere in the distance, her mind wandering.

Jane’s own mind on the other hand, was swarming with questions. There were all sorts of things she wanted to know, but one thing was clear: She may have misjudged their relationship.  A part of her wondered if there was some Stockholm syndrome element at play here, but then she thought of the way Iona spoke about her mistress, how her eyes would light up and her lips smile. As akin to love as any true example of it that Jane had ever seen. Though, admittedly, this being a far cry from a standard romantic affair between two people. Maybe it was all the short and straight-laced relationships that the astrophysicist was in that caused her to initially be judging the two girls. But if they were both truly happy, who was she to interfere? Only of course, Iona wanted her to interfere, in a way wholly different from what Jane had in mind.

“Doesn’t she get jealous?” she finally asked the girl. “When you are with another person?”

Iona merely smiled and responded “She knows my heart belongs to her, for as long as we live. As for the body, she is free to share hers with whomever she wishes, as am I. And right now I wish to share my body with you.”

Jane sat frozen by the open invitation. What had happened in the baths had shown her there is a part of herself she’s yet to explore. However, what was asked of her now was too much. “Iona, I can’t. I’ve told you what I think of you, but I’m in a strange place right now. You’re asking me to be the person I’m not sure I am.” She was in fact more sure than she led on, but she was trying to turn the girl down gently. Her own voice still echoed in her ears when she felt a soft hand on her cheek. She looked up to find the Asgardian with a curious expression her face, as though she felt sad for Jane.

“Why do you deny it?” she asked quietly. “I see in you the same uncertainty, the same questions and same desires that I once struggled with. You and I are so much alike Jane, in more ways than you can imagine. Only I’ve had the fortune of meeting the one who broke me out of my shell and shown me who I am. I came here hoping to be that person for you.” Her hand dropped suggestively down to Jane’s neck, the caress so tantalizing it almost drew a gasp of pleasure from Foster’s lips. Maybe Iona was right, about everything. But Jane couldn’t go against her feelings and right now something was telling her she shouldn’t do this. She moved away and got up from the couch.

“I’m sorry. I know you mean well and there may be some truth to what you said. But I can’t do what you’re asking me, I can’t be that person. Maybe someday I will be, but not now.”

Iona gazed at her for a moment, her face not betraying emotions of any kind. Then she smiled and rose as well. “I cannot say I’m not a little disappointed. But I’m also impressed. You show a certain strength that I often see in my mistress. Perhaps our paths will be different.” She glided gently towards the door, as if walking on air, and then paused there. “If, however, you should have a change of heart, you need only ask.” With an uncharacteristically lascivious smirk on her face, Iona opened the door and left Jane’s room.




The room was bathed in twilight. The marble surface of the walls and pillars took on a strangely elusive, iridescent glow. The usual low noise coming from outside morphed into muffled and indiscernible distant sounds. The sharp contours of the chamber blurred into a swirl of colors and textures. And even time itself seemed to stand still - for everything but the two of them.

Jane’s eyes were locked to Sif’s. She couldn’t look away if she wanted to. The memory of how she got here eluded her. It was as if the whole world outside ceased existing, there was only the woman before her and the sensation – around her neck. The strong female hand grasped her tightly, simultaneously preventing her from moving, while inexplicably increasing her arousal. She couldn’t understand why. From her neck, awareness spread to the rest of her body. She realized she was naked. But the curious thing was that the feeling she usually had from being exposed to someone was missing. Something was different. As she struggled to understand her situation, she heard Sif speak, her voice echoing as though spoken from afar yet strangely piercing into the deepest recesses of her mind.

“I know what you’re thinking, Jane. You’d like to run. You’d like to leave it all behind,” she intoned huskily, “the fear, the doubt, the growing arousal and the unspeakable knowledge you spent the  last hour writhing in orgasm on the hand of another woman.” At that moment, she lifted her other hand and Jane was surprised to see it covered with a translucent liquid – evidence of her own arousal. “But I won’t let you, Jane. I’ll make you face who you really are, what you really are. And before the night is over, you will be down on your knees, thanking me, one... lick... at a time.” She only slightly loosened her grip on Jane and whispered into her ear, “ You can start moaning now.” Then the Asgardian  lowered her hand and entered her.

Jane gasped and awoke with a start. She was lying in her bed, breathing quickened, looking around the empty room. The light from the window indicated it was early morning. She slumped back onto her pillow, clearing her eyes of sleepiness as she thought about her dream. As usual, parts of it were gone, but she did remember some details. Some very vivid details. She removed the sheet from her body and the feeling of slightly colder air brought with it a strange sensation in her nether region. She looked down to find her panties completely soaked. “Oh, god...” she moaned in frustration. Just my luck! The one time she decided against sleeping nude for fear of being caught, and this happens. It was like a cruel joke somebody was playing on her. And to top it all off, she realized she had brought a change of clothing but not underwear. In retrospect she couldn’t recall if Sif ever specified how long she would be staying so the fault was entirely hers. It’s all because of the damned baths and Iona’s visit! she thought. No wonder I dreamt something like this. But the subject of her dream being Sif still left her somewhat puzzled.

She took off the wet undergarment, blushing slightly as she held it in hand and realizing how truly drenched it was. Jane could recall having a wet dream or two once in a while but never had she woken up in a state like this. She stared at the underwear as if hypnotized and before she knew what she was doing or why, she brought the lacy thing to her nose and inhaled deeply. For a split second her mind was assaulted with overtly sexual images from her dream and a gentle stab of pleasure sparked in her pussy, surprising the little brunette and bringing her out of her short reverie. She realized what she just did and, blushing a deep shade of crimson now, she threw the panties on the sheets and shook her head in disbelief. What the hell is wrong with you, Foster?

After a quick visit to the bathroom, she put on her elegant black trousers that she usually wore in conferences and business meetings. Try not to soak them too, she told herself with resentment. She grabbed a white button-up shirt as her top and headed for the terrace. Outside, the sun loomed over the horizon, blinding Jane and making it impossible to enjoy a quiet moment of looking over the city. Et tu, sol? Upon realizing she was a bit hungry, she walked to the adjoining room with the perpetually stacked table of food, and grabbed some fruit. Speculating over what Sif and her would be doing today provided her with a brief distraction from what these past few days seemed to be increasingly erotic thoughts. The sound of opening doors soon put a stop to that as Sif joined her.

“Have you slept well?”, the Asgardian asked amiably.

“Reasonably well,” Jane responded, hoping the redness in her cheeks did not return. Of course, there was that part where I couldn’t stop climaxing with your hand inside of me, but other than that, some really solid sack-time. Just as she thought that, Sif’s eyebrow arched ever so slightly, as though the sarcastic line was spoken aloud. The jolt of fear shot through the Earth woman before she remembered how silly it was to think Asgardians could read thoughts. For her part, Sif made no further worrying reaction or comment.

“We won’t be having breakfast with Allmother today, possibly dinner. She and I have some matters that need attending. Will you be alright on your own? Shall I have a handmaiden be at your side if... ”

“No!” Jane protested with a smile. “Really, it’s not necessary. I think I know my way around the palace and a bit of the city as well. I’m sure I’ll find something to do.”

Sif nodded in response and headed for the door before the astrophysicist stopped her.

“There is... something I need to ask you.” Oh, god...

“Of course, anything”. Sif’s friendly expression somehow made this all the more difficult.

See, there’s the small matter of my having a wet dream about you and subsequently ruining the only panties I have here... “I was thinking of doing some shopping. Only, as you know I packed in a hurry and...” She thought she would have to keep explaining but Sif was quick to understand her trouble. The less embarrassing part at least.

”Jane, don’t be silly. Our people know a Midgardian when they see one, and word of your visit to Allmother has already spread. Charging a guest of Frigga would be like charging the queen herself – it simply will not happen. Any merchant will be more than happy to accommodate you”.

“Oh, I see.” Getting stuff for free was nice but it still made her a bit uneasy. And the other topic she needed to broach only increased the feeling. “Thank you. But... would you happen to know where I might get some items of a... more personal nature?” Stop blushing, stop blushing, stop blushing... No store she has seen here, and she saw quite a few, contained anything resembling lingerie. She felt horrible asking this, the dread that the conversation could somehow spiral into something extremely embarrassing for her now getting stronger and stronger. Flashes of intrusive thoughts appeared in Jane’s mind in that brief moment of waiting for a response: Sif laughing at Jane’s predicament, Sif discovering the offending undergarment on the bed, Sif holding the soaked panties, Sif smelling them and then grinning lasciviously before commanding Jane to... stop it! Get a hold of yourself.

In reality, the Asgardian’s reaction couldn’t have been more benign and even here she displayed an uncanny ability of knowing exactly what Jane was thinking about. “Of course,” she said. “They’re usually kept at the back of clothing stores”.

Of course, Jane echoed in her thoughts, they probably don’t parade them in front for all to see. “Thank you,” the Earth woman responded, and watched Sif smile in acknowledgment before leaving the room. Jane breathed a sigh of relief. How a simple visit to Asgard ended up with her trying to replace a sodden piece of lingerie was something she absolutely did not want to think about. Either way, the conversation went better than expected and she returned to her bedroom greatly relieved. She glanced at this morning’s cause of her anguish and covered them with the sheets. The last thing she wanted was for somebody to find them in her absence.




Every single street was packed with people. Worse than that, every shop within was in a similar state. From what Jane could tell, the wide area around the main palace was considered the “elite” part of the city, or some Asgardian equivalent of the idea, and consequently she could not enter a place without being dissuaded by the number of visitors from doing any shopping. Not only did she do all her lingerie purchases online, but the fact she would be counting on merchants recognizing her and not charging her for her purchase weighed on her mind as well. To be fair, the women working at the few shops she entered did seem to know who she was and they accordingly treated her with the utmost respect and kindness but for this particular shopping trip, a little privacy would be extremely welcome. Having not achieved anything for the better part of the hour, Jane decided to venture further away from that section of the city, into what was hopefully a far less crowded area. She made her way down a few winding streets, and sure enough a few turns later she began to notice less busy avenues and alleys with their share of assorted stores, emporiums and stands. Here, looking to buy something was a far more relaxing affair for the young brunette and time flew as she got lost in incredible numbers of items to be found for sale.

Each merchant seemed to hold at least a dozen articles of clothing she wouldn’t mind owning and Foster had to abstain from indulging too much. Just as Sif said, she was recognized every time and not only did they not charge her for anything, they would often insist on her taking more than she did, possibly hoping word of their hospitality would reach Allmother. For Jane’s part, the free element of the shopping spree was having an addicting effect and she soon had to force herself not to reach for every little item that caught her attention. Some time later, the astrophysicist’s bag was full of blouses, dresses, shawls and various jewelry she couldn’t help but acquire. The fun she had during this time took her mind off the fact that she was yet to purchase the things she needed the most. She found herself starting at yet another window as she finally remembered what she had to do and, as if on cue, she heard a familiar voice right behind her.

“You know, it’s unseemly for a distinguished guest of Allmother to travel without an escort.”

The Earth woman swung around and found herself face to face with the little blonde from the baths. “Iona!” Jane spoke, in a tone she hoped didn’t reveal any discomfort on her part. “How lovely to see you.”

The blue-eyed Asgardian smiled in response. “Lady Jane. What brings you to this part of the city?”

“Oh, I... well Sif had some business to attend to and I thought it best to use the opportunity to look around, maybe do a little shopping.”

“Alone? In a strange city? With no handmaiden at your side?” Though the girl was friendly and in a good mood, the undertone of her voice made it clear she thought this to be a serious breach of decorum.

“Really, It’s not a big deal, I prefer to be on my own”. Jane hoped the emphasis she placed on the last two words would be enough of a hint for the blonde. As much as she liked her, even after everything that happened, she really would prefer to do the rest of the shopping alone.  But whether the Asgardian ignored the hint or merely didn’t notice it, Jane couldn’t say. As soon as she finished her sentence the girl looked at her in a bewildered manner, her face almost aghast.

“Nonsense! What if you got lost? What if you should need something? What if you got injured? What if...”

“Iona, really, I really think you’re being a bit...” Jane interrupted, but only to be interrupted in turn.

“I won’t hear of it!” the blonde spoke resolutely, though still in nothing but an amiable tone. “I shall be at your side for as long as you need me.”

“Iona, I appreciate your kindness but...” I really would like you to take a hike. Jane tried again, but one glance at the “I’m not moving” expression plastered on the petite girl’s face told her she had just gained a companion for the rest of the day, whether she wanted one or not. And as if to drive her point home, the Asgardian grabbed hold of Jane’s hand in a surprising display of audacity, and with their upper arms entwined like they were a couple, she led the brunette down the street. Though she knew there was likely to be some awkwardness coming her way considering what she had to buy, Jane couldn’t help but shake her head and smile at Iona’s behavior. There was some sort of sisterly affection stemming from how she treated Jane that, up until now, the brunette felt only towards Darcy. The problem was that this feeling was bizarrely intertwined with their illicit history and some rather... unsisterly feelings Jane was doing her best to ignore. Luckily, she made her position clear the night of Iona’s visit, so there shouldn’t be any further incidents in that department, Foster thought to herself. Then again, her visit to Asgard so far wasn’t exactly what she was expecting prior to coming here.

So they went, hand in hand, the Asgardian and the Midgardian. As they made a beeline from one shop to another, Jane noticed they attracted more views than she did on her own. Whether that was because people thought the two girls really were a couple, she couldn’t say. Either way, she realized she didn’t really care, whatever the case. What the hell, she thought bawdily, we make a hot couple. The idea drew a smile from her and she turned to the side lest her companion ask what she was smiling about.

It turned out shopping with Iona was a lot of fun. The blonde was such pleasant company that soon Jane felt as though they’ve known each other forever. Iona was not only an invaluable source of information on all things Asgard, but a surprisingly engaging conversationalist as well. In-between the visits to different stores, they went over much of the conversation that Jane had with Allmother, as Iona was equally if not even more curious to learn everything about Earth. The blonde was quick to notice Jane had already done quite a bit of shopping on her own, but between various topics they discussed she was anxious to show Foster some of her favorite stores. One of these was a jewelry store run by a friend of Iona’s and from the moment they entered Jane felt as though she herself was a particularly interesting piece that the blonde was keen to show off. Even this was somehow endearing, as the shop owner gawked and gushed with clear envy of Iona’s company. Having decided she had bought enough jewelry already, the Earth woman was content to let her companion try on a few pieces, as she was yet to buy anything herself.

As Iona slipped on a bracelet and lifted her hand to inspect it, Jane glanced at it and froze. For a split second she was staring at a hand covered with an almost clear secretion, drops of the liquid trailing down Iona’s skin. But then a single blink later the image was gone. The blonde stood there looking at the jewelry, her hand completely dry. The Earth woman shook her head in an attempt to clear her thoughts. That was... strange. She knew beyond a shadow of doubt where she first saw that sight. But for dreams to invade her reality in such a vivid way was a wholly new and unsettling experience. Must’ve been the way she held the bracelet... and how the light fell on her hand. It was not a perfect explanation, but she could think of no other at the moment. Certainly it was better to believe it was a trick of imagination than that she was hallucinating. In the meantime Iona bought the bracelet, insisting that she pays for it despite her friend’s refusal. After leaving the shop and bidding the owner goodbye, they settled into their now usual rhythm of conversing and exploring.

The following shop that caught their, or rather Iona’s interest, seemed to contain almost exclusively see-through clothing. Why a shop would sell almost exclusively these kind of items Jane didn’t ask but she did realize they were now approaching that discomfort she had on her mind earlier. For her part, Iona was completely oblivious about Foster’s feelings and went into the shop only to immediately run out when she saw Jane was still outside. “What’s wrong?” she asked with a hint of worry.

“I just don’t think there’s anything for me in there.”

Iona beamed as she realized what the problem was. “Is this the fabled sense of decency you Midgardians are so wrapped up in?” she inquired with a smirk.

“N-no, I just don’t think...” Jane attempted clumsily, but by this point Iona had learnt to read her too well.

“Jane...” she pressed on, not even bothering to explain how silly the brunette was acting. The tone would be enough, she thought.

“Iona, as my handmaiden you’re bound to act according to my wishes,” Foster jokingly improvised. “And my wish is that we do not go in there,” she concluded firmly, but still with obvious humor in her voice.

The Asgardian seemed both impressed and amused. “Well,” she grinned, “If my lady wishes it then it will be so”. She took the joke further and did a curtsey drawing a laugh from the dainty brunette. “Although, it is customary that the handmaiden be in charge of where her lady does her purchases.”

“Oh, now you’re just making stuff up!” Jane said with mock-suspicion.

“Maybe...” Iona conceded, “... but we’re still going in”. Before Foster had time to react she was gently but firmly pushed into the store. The woman inside bowed upon her ungainly entrance and Iona took her hand, likely as a precaution, and whispered “Now it would be rude to leave without looking around”. Jane gave her the ’I’ll get you for this’ stare and the blonde grinned even wider in response. Luckily, the store was almost entirely empty which brought some comfort to the brunette. As for Iona, she apparently couldn’t wait to get her hands on some of the things here. She sauntered from one aisle to the other, from one shelf to the next, examining countless articles of clothing and keeping with her just a small fraction it all. Jane was just starting to think the blonde will gladly spend the rest of the day trying out everything in here when the girl returned to her with both hands full of clothes.

“I’ve selected a few things in which your ladyship would look absolutely lovely. Of course, she ought to try them on first and make sure they’re to her liking.”

Jane stared in mild shock, eyes darting from the pile of clothes to the Asgardian’s face  and then back. ”Wait, what? I though those were for you!”

“Absolutely not,” Iona shook her head, “I am here only to serve and assist you in any way you need, milady,” she said, clearly more than happy to continue the joke of treating Jane like royalty.

By now Foster was beginning to feel like a bit of a grouch. Her first instinct was to refuse Iona and ask her to return every single piece of the risqué clothing she got her hands on. But the blonde’s demeanor and her infectious enthusiasm made her rethink that. Furthermore, she recalled behaving the same way when Sif asked her to disrobe in the baths. The disapproving tone of the goddess of war echoed in her mind and then one look at the pleading azure eyes before her was enough for Jane to make up her mind. Just suck it up, Foster. You’re not gonna spend your entire time being a spoilsport. With an exaggerated sigh, she looked at her companion and finally accepted. “Alright, alright. But just a few things.”

The blonde looked ready to leap from joy, but contained herself and continued their little game in a calm manner ”Of course, whatever your ladyship desires.” Jane rolled her eyes with a smile and followed the girl to the changing room.

It soon turned out that this was actually a changing room. Not the little stalls she could barely fit in, which is what shops on Earth usually had. This was a spacious chamber with wall mirrors on both sides and clothing shelves in front. Whether this was reserved for special guests such as herself, Jane couldn’t say. But having an entire room all to herself was much better than glancing over her shoulder to see if the dressing room curtain gave her enough privacy. The door clicked behind her as Iona stepped inside and at that moment Foster remembered why she even went out today. The fact she wore nothing underneath her black trousers brought back with it that unpleasant feeling of anxiety. Another opportunity to be the party pooper, she thought self-critically. Get a hold of yourself, for god’s sake, she told herself as she suppressed the desire to come up with some excuse to leave. You’re a grown woman, act like it.

Right as she thought that, Iona presented her with her first choice – and elegant though quite transparent black shirt. “This will look beautiful on you,” Iona assured her, the tone of her voice betraying an eagerness Jane failed to notice. Her mind was on what she was asked to wear and without further delay she started to unbutton her white top. Little by little, her delicate skin came into view, with the lines of her black bra revealing what she wore under. She glanced at Iona and saw the blonde trace every move of her fingers, the gaze of poorly concealed fascination reminding Jane how the Asgardian felt about her. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea. But then she remember how angry she felt over her own behavior and as if to spite her former, timid self, she steeled herself and continued undressing. She discarded her shirt and took the one held by Iona. “May I hold that for you, your ladyship?” the blonde ventured.

“You may,” Jane responded in a jokingly strict tone, as she hoped playing along might help ease her discomfort. The blonde held the white garment, her whole attention now unmistakably on the Earth woman’s revealed torso. Just as she began to try on the thing Iona gave her, the Asgardian stopped her.

“My lady, I believe it’s not meant to be worn with anything underneath.”

Jane looked at her for a second, her cheeks ever so slightly warmer. The brunette had learned by now Iona was an expert all things Asgard, and this likely included appropriate (or rather, inappropriate) manner of dress. However, Foster had a strange feeling she made this little fact up. Either way it wasn’t something she would ever accuse her of and she didn’t want to back out either. What would happen to the new, bold and adventurous Jane then?

“Alright,” she consented, in a voice far more relaxed than she actually felt inside. But before she could even reach behind to unclasp her bra, Iona rushed to her aid.

“Please my lady, I’m here to assist you. You ought to make use of me in any way you see fit”.

The likely double meaning of that sentence did not go unnoticed by Jane and as she felt the blonde step behind her, a tingling sensation ran through her body. The funny thing was that, from all she had learned of Asgard so far, Foster was pretty sure handmaidens would indeed assist their mistresses in occasions such as this. But the situation of the two girls in the dressing room was of an entirely different nature. Now that she thought about it, Jane realized the tone of Iona’s voice began to take on a different color in these past few moments. She still addressed like she would a royal, on the surface continuing the joke from before, but whereas earlier the mood was one of humor, her sentences were now intoned quite differently. Had Jane been more experienced in matters of romance, she would’ve recognized the slightly husky voice as an unmistakable sign of growing arousal.

As it was, she let her companion unclasp her bra and take it off. This one mere act was strangely liberating, and as Iona came in front of her, she felt her confidence grow. And why shouldn’t it? She was a staggeringly beautiful woman, who certainly had nothing to hide. For a split second that thought sounded somehow familiar, as if it was spoken by another, but she brushed it aside. Iona was now helping her put on her choice of apparel, her eyes still wondering over the gentle curves of Foster’s form. As she began to button her up, her fingers lingered slightly longer than necessary upon every contact with Jane’s skin. The blonde expertly walked the fine line between what Jane thought was acceptable and what would cause her to jump back and recoil in outrage. Somehow, the ideas of embarrassment and propriety began to blur, and though Jane knew this was dangerous territory, she said nothing.

When Iona finished she stepped back and marveled at the sight before her. “Just as I thought,” she sighed. “You look... exquisite.”

Exquisite enough to eat, Jane echoed internally one of Darcy’s lines whenever she saw a “catch”. Rather than responding, she turned to the mirrors to see for herself. And Iona was right. She was a vision. The shirt hugged her body closely, simultaneously giving off elegance and sexual appeal. Her perky breasts were fully visible through the sheer fabric and she felt both vulnerable and powerful at the same time. The garment was something she would never wear back on Earth, certainly not like this. But here and now, she actually felt glad she got to wear it for Iona. In a bizarre way it was a thank you to the little blonde not only for her friendship and affection but for exposing Jane to such new experiences. She stared at her reflection and Iona started at her in turn. In but a few moments, the blonde asked timidly, more so than Jane had heard her today:

“Is it to your liking, milady?”

Foster turned to her and freely confessed what she truly believed, “You have impeccable taste, Iona. I’ll gladly entrust the choice of my purchases here to you”. The blonde beamed at that, her eyes almost tearing up from what seemed like both relief and happiness. And she wasted not a second more before approaching Jane to ease her out of her new top.

“Then perhaps your ladyship would be pleased to try on a few more items.” Her voice was now back to her usually (at least for today) confident self, as she knew full well Jane would accept. And sure enough, the astrophysicist nodded and waited for her companion to rush back to the clothing pile she brought in with them. She soon returned, now with a red dress. Knowing she had nothing underneath, this time Jane still felt confident enough to begin removing the rest of her clothes. But as she reached for the button of her trousers, she saw in her peripheral vision Iona’s hand twitch. The girl was clearly eager to help her here as well, though she seemed reluctant to repeat her request since she’d be uncovering a decidedly more private region. Not wanting to scare Jane off, she remained silent and still.

But the brunette was not afraid anymore. The difficult part was already over, and any subsequent reveal, she felt, would only be more of the same. So in a surprising act of audacity, feeling both the urge to please the blonde and keep her newfound persona going, she spoke the words never uttered by her lips before. ”Am I to undress on my own?”

The continuously formal banter that has by now ceased being funny still served to put the Earth woman at ease. It was like role-play, and with it, some distance from reality that made it possible for Jane to go along with what was happening. For her part, Iona glanced up in surprise but was quick to conceal it. She made a deep bow before approaching Jane. “My apologies, mistress, I was remiss. Allow me.” The casually spoken word “mistress” gave Foster pause. Whether the blonde said it with a purpose or it simply came naturally was of no importance. The bottom line is – from that moment on, their relationship changed. She felt it in the way Iona looked at her, her eyes downcast and submissive. She saw it in the way she kneeled before her, the reverent gesture clearly showing the girl would obey her every command. The friendly connection took a back seat to something more sinister, and by the looks of things, sexual. Jane stood frozen, trapped between the inexplicably strong desire to explore this further and to turn and run away. “I won’t let you run, Jane,” she heard the words from her dream as if they were spoken right beside her. Now, in reality, she was the one in control and there was something profoundly addicting about that feeling.

So she stayed, allowing Iona’s gentle hands to slowly unbutton her, one sex-charged moment at a time. As more of Foster’s mons pubis was revealed, the girl’s eyes absorbed every glorious detail. Though Jane couldn’t see it, the Asgardian’s eyes screamed of overwhelming need tempered only by her submissive nature and the desire to put her mistresses’ needs before her own. She slowly tugged the edges of the trousers down, the enticing sight now revealed proving almost too much for her. Jane stepped outside of her last refuge of privacy and finally stood completely naked before the kneeling girl. There was something about that moment, about Iona’s position and her demeanor, about Jane’s nudity and her refusal to end this, that made her feel like a goddess. And for her part, Iona seemed willing to worship her as one. She gently lifted the brunette’s calf and helped her into the see-through dress. Then with the speed of light, she grabbed an asymmetrical white top and assisted Jane in adorning it.

Once again, Jane looked at herself, and liked what she saw. The dress that, she was sure, was meant to be worn with something underneath, left nothing to the imagination yet still somehow made her look sophisticated. The tiny transparent blouse that only barely fell over her breasts also complimented the effect. Elegant, yet unquestionably erotic. Revealing, but not trashy. And the knowledge that her angelic form was soaked up by the hungry eyes of Iona brought a pang of desire to her loins. The gentle spark promised something unspeakable and the swipe of Iona’s tongue across her lips gave Jane a hint as to what that might be. Yet her newfound power was something she was reluctant to let go. In an act befitting her novel role, she decided to prolong the experience, heedless of Iona’s needs or wants. “Undress me,” she commanded, this time more firmly.

Not surprisingly, the Asgardian hastened to obey. She disrobed her mistress and then patiently waited for her command. Foster merely nodded this time, the act sufficient to tell Iona she was to continue. So blonde started going back and forth, each time bringing with her another risqué garment for Jane to try on. She no longer needed to be told anything, as she read Foster’s body language perfectly. A mere glance from the Earth woman and she would obediently start removing the apparel, only to quickly replace it with another outfit of her choosing. Throughout it all, Jane became acutely aware of the subtle signs that spoke of Iona’s state – the way her touch would linger on Foster’s skin a fraction of a second longer each time, her digits gliding around her nether region in a measured, teasing way, as the blonde tried her best to pass off each contact as accidental due to the nature of what she was doing; how her voice grew slowly more breathy with each comment and how she suppressed a gasp of desire every time she laid her eyes on her mistress’ pussy – it all showed the burning desire she was struggling to control and, surprising even herself, Jane began to feel some bizarre satisfaction at making her wait. Stranger still was the fact that Jane didn’t even know what exactly she was delaying, not contemplating even for a second where this was heading, though she subconsciously knew. Her mind was stuck in the present moment, each feeling, motion and sound accentuating the profoundly erotic nature of the experience. What little guilt or conscience were nagging at her in the beginning were now fading, mercilessly deleted by her growing arousal and Iona’s submissive way. Throughout her whole life, Jane had never found herself in such a dominant position, certainly not with an obedient girl ready to grant her every wish. And now that she had, she didn’t want it to end.

A whole new world opened for her, one of unimaginable experiences and unforetold pleasures. She realized that beyond the game they were playing, she could ask, or rather command, Iona to do anything and she would be obeyed without a second thought. This knowledge was like a virus, coursing through her body and mind, fueling her desire and obliterating any dissenting thoughts. Though her own feelings seemed inconsequential to what her handmaiden seemed to be going through. Her breathing was now ever so slightly quickened, a thin sheen of sweat appearing on her skin. Even her touch, that had until now appeared measured and controlled, began to show signs of mounting want as her fingers quivered with the desire to touch her mistress more so than her present duties allowed. But Jane kept her at the edge, being far more patient despite what she herself was feeling. In its own way, toying with the girl presented a kind of pleasure too, though she knew it was cruel to treat her this way. A fitting punishment perhaps, for pretending she had brought Jane here under completely innocent pretense whereas she had planned or at least hoped for this to happen all along. The delicious suffering of the blonde went on for some time before Foster decided to put a stop to it.

Iona had just finished removing a pair of panties, leaving Jane nude yet again before she turned to get another article of clothing. The moment she rose, the brunette heard herself speak with a dominant tone.


The blonde glanced at her apprehensively before lowering her gaze in submission. She waited to be told what to do, yet no order came. Jane merely looked at her obedient stance, her mind swarming with conflicting thoughts. This was it. After this, she knew, there would be no going back. No pretending she was some kind of victim, pulled into something she did not want, no denying that the decision would be hers and hers alone. Luckily, by the virtue of everything that had happened so far and how she now felt, the decision was made easy. She grabbed Iona’s chin and pulled her up gently, forcing the blonde to look her in the eyes. In those azure orbs she saw every emotion wracking the poor blonde, the fear, the insecurity, the arousal and the desire to submit. She saw anxiousness intertwined with pure lust and the inability to hold out any longer. The blonde knew, just as Jane did, that the moment had come. Their eyes remained locked for but a moment longer before Foster gave the order.


The blonde’s eyes widened in surprise and then, her submissive nature taking control once more, she lowered her gaze. Jane released her and stood silently as the girl acquiesced and lowered herself before her mistress. Now kneeling, she glanced at what she had been coveting for all this time, her eyes unable to tear away from the brunette’s pussy. Another agonizing second before Foster spoke again, this time barely above a whisper, as if loudness would break the spell and shatter what must surely be a dream.

“You know what I want”.

With a sigh of lust as well as relief, Iona came closer to the treasure before her, intent on obeying without causing offence by being too eager. Ever the well-mannered Asgardian, Jane thought.

She felt Iona’s soft hands on her thighs before the sensation on her mons followed. The first tentative lick from the petite blonde sent a jolt of pleasure spreading through her body. Clearly, the nature of the situation has caused Jane to underestimate her own arousal. Before she knew it, the first lick was followed by another and another and another. The soft laving of her skin was soon replaced with a gentle kiss here or a tender bite there. Iona trailed from her pussy to her stomach, then to her thighs and back, laying down an erotic path of different sensations. She purposefully avoided Jane's clit, knowingly prolonging all-consuming pleasure Jane was caught up in. In her own way, she way paying back in kind everything the Earth woman had put her through – every painful second wrought with sexual tension was now being repaid double. The Asgardian was now the one in control, and she exerted it by expertly toying with Jane’s arousal through every lick and kiss upon her sensitive nether region.

For her part, Foster was stuck between maintaining the appearance of control and wanting to freely succumb to the gratifying sensations she was being subjected to. Every time Iona would get closer to her clit, her tongue teasing mercilessly before withdrawing again, Jane would bite her lip and suppress a moan, internally cursing the skill with which she was being pleasured. Her skin perspired, the thin sheen of sweat both adding to her allure and illustrating her aroused state. She held still for as long as she could, trying to seem in control, before a deviously quick lick on her clit caused her to lose all pretense of it. Foster’s hand snaked to her right breast as a breathy moan escaped her lips, letting her handmaiden know exactly what she was doing to her. Just like in the baths, Jane attempted to copy Iona’s pace, toying with her nipple for a few moments before reluctantly letting go. The agonizing tempo continued, bringing the Earth woman to the brink of precipice before pulling her back.  Her breathing became ragged, intermixed with soft moans throughout. Iona stoked the fire inside her, her already infuriatingly slow licks now complimented by her dexterous fingers. The added sensation introduced a whole new level of delicious pain to the poor brunette and in her lust-addled mind she began to fear she would have to start begging soon.

Just as she thought that, the blonde girl inserted two digits inside of her, causing another jolt of pleasure to rush through Foster’s weakening body. Rather than venturing further inside, Iona pulled out her fingers and in a purposefully slow manner licked both of them clean with obvious satisfaction. The lascivious smile that followed met Jane’s half-lidded, lusty gaze, the moment of separation bringing further anguish to the suffering brunette. For a girl as shy and timid to be this merciless in her teasing came as quite a surprise to the Earth woman. Clearly the time she spent with Ylva had endowed her with many talents, and for better or for worse Jane was now being given a personal demonstration of every one of them. But in displaying a perfect sense of knowing when to stop and when to start again, Iona brought her hand back to Jane’s glistening pussy and inserted three fingers into her sopping folds. Another moan from the astrophysicist and one more smirk from the handmaiden, before the blonde settled into a steady rhythm of thrusting her hand in an out. The pleasure that up until now Jane could in no way count on began to rise in a steady pace. Each move of the girl’s hand brought her closer, accompanied by licks, bites and kisses on every part of her skin. Foster followed suit yet again, bringing her other hand to the left breast, this time in a less teasing and more urgent manner.

She squeezed her nipples and massaged her breasts, providing an accompanying stimulation the fire that was now raging in her loins. In an accidentally hard tweak, lost in what was being done to her, she caused a sharp stab of pain in her breasts, the less-than-pleasant sensation colliding with the electrifying pleasure stemming from her nether region. This contrast of different stimuli, rather than serving as a deterrent, only pushed her further into the sensual depravity she was experiencing. Slowly, deliberately, she began to squeeze her tits with increasing intensity and in a surprising turn of events she began using that to keep pleasure Iona was causing from overwhelming her. A bizarre battle of contrasting feelings roared inside her sensitive body, wracking her every nerve with agony and sheer satisfaction. The harder the blonde thrust and the faster she licked, the more pain the astrophysicist caused herself. In a peculiar way, it was her last futile attempt of holding on to some semblance of control, foolishly believing she had some say in when she would get to climax. With a fourth finger now inside her and her clit constantly and mercilessly licked, Jane began gasping and moaning aloud, unconcerned with who might hear her.

Iona, too, didn’t seem overly concerned as her hand became a blur disappearing into the gasping brunette. Her tongue was hard at work, now fully intent of reducing her mistress to a quivering, orgasming mess of a woman. She meant to drain the brunette of all the pleasure she was capable of and she would not be denied.  So she brought a single digit of her other hand to Jane’s pink slit, and without fully entering her, coated the finger with her secretions. Her right hand surreptitiously snaked behind the brunette, parting the cheeks of her globes ever so slightly. She inched her way closer to the forbidden orifice, the move completely unnoticed by her mistress. With her left hand still gliding effortlessly in and out of Jane, her lips and tongue tormenting the delicate flesh, Iona coaxed the brunette’s anus open with one gentle push. The astrophysicist’s eyes opened at the sensation, the illicit nature of what her handmaiden had in mind shocking enough to give her pause. But the blonde did not pause, she moved faster and licked harder and before Foster could even think about protesting she slipped the first knuckle into the puckered opening. “Wh...” Jane gasped at the surprising sensation, but the rapidly building orgasm would not allow her to even form a word. Whatever she had tried to say was immediately drowned out by her lusty moans as she continued to torment herself in delaying the oncoming pleasure. But at that moment, Iona made her decision and with her mouth and hand still dutifully pleasuring her mistress, she thrust her come-coated finger all the way inside Jane’s rectum. Foster’s eyes flew open as a guttural moan escaped her lips and in that one second the triple onslaught of ravaging sensations pushed her over the edge. “Oh my g... fuck!” she screamed aloud, her irrepressible moans mixed with broken words born of incoherent thoughts. Violent pleasure shot through her shivering flesh as she came in unspeakable bliss. She felt her pussy and ass contract around Iona’s fingers, even as the girl continued assaulting her body with her tongue, drawing out one orgasm after another.

Somewhere in the drunken haze of her orgasm-wracked mind, Jane felt Iona withdraw from her pussy, and the sensation of the finger still in her ass coupled with the sight of Iona’s come-coated hand drew another gut-wrenching climax from the poor brunette, this time causing her to spray her arousal in an astonishing amount all over the face of her kneeling handmaiden. Even through the electric orgasms coursing inside her body, Jane couldn’t help but feel mortified at what she had done, surprised from having never came so hard or in such a way. But before she had the time to even notice that underneath the glistening liquids coating Iona’s face lay a smile of pure joy, Foster felt her legs give way as the series of orgasms took its toll and she collapsed weakly onto the floor.

She lay there breathing erratically, her mind still attempting to process what had just happened. The soft tremors in her thighs made it impossible to stand, if she had enough strength to begin with. But after a few moments, she managed to prop herself up and sit, eye to eye with the still kneeling Iona. The blonde was grinning with joy, patiently waiting for Jane to recover. Her face was a complete mess, with Foster’s juices covering the area all around her mouth, coating her lips and dripping down her neck. More than a few stray drops found their way to the upper hem of her frilly knee-length dress, soaking the few inches above the Asgardian’s breasts. The girl seemed completely unfazed by her state, but Jane felt quite the opposite.

“I’m so sorry,” she spoke apologetically, instinctively reverting to the relationship they had before this happened. “I don’t know what came over m...” she went on, but before she could finish, Iona lunged at her, grabbing her face gently with both hands and planting a kiss on the shocked brunette. Jane’s mind reeled from the unexpected move as she felt the blue-eyed girl probe her mouth with her tongue. Between every soft touch of her lips and swipe of the blonde’s tongue,  Foster began to grasp the full nature of the act. Not only had Iona brought the brunette’s arousal to her own lips, preemptively silencing any objection Jane might have, she was also granting her the experience of her first kiss with another woman. The sensual contact between them prolonged, the tender nature of the kiss in sharp contrast with the depravity of tasting one’s own come on the lips of another. The Earth woman didn’t know for how long they made out, all she wanted was never to stop. Nothing else mattered, there was only the soft touch of Iona’s kiss and the illicit taste of Jane’s own secretions. And as if all this wasn’t enough, Foster realized with some embarrassment she quite liked the flavor. She couldn’t tell where she ended and Iona began, but no other thing on her lips tasted quite like this. Far too soon for the brunette’s liking, the Asgardian broke the kiss with a sigh, and gazed lovingly into the eyes of her companion.

“You will not apologize for something so beautiful,” she spoke softly, following Jane’s lead in returning to how things were between them earlier – no longer a dominant mistress and her wanton servant, but a pair of friends and lovers. Yet the blonde’s affectionate words didn’t quite manage to put Foster at ease again.

“But... I... I can’t believe I just...”

“What you did,” Iona finished for her, “is mark me as your own.”

The sheer eroticism and perverse nature of that statement brought yet another jolt of pleasure in the brunette’s body, stronger than the orgasmic afterglow she was basking in these past few minutes. The words were stuck in her mind. Her mark, on Iona’s face. Her juices dripping down her chin. Her arousal coating the girl’s lips and then her own tongue. She came then, not nearly as strong as before but she felt it. The dull ache spread in her loins, eliciting one more breathy moan from  her. Whether Iona noticed, she couldn’t say. The girl gazed at her for a second longer before intoning with love and lust in equal measure. “I am yours now. And will be for as long as you wish it.”

Before Jane could even think of a response, the blue-eyed girl glanced at her nether region and smiled wickedly. “My, my...” she teased, “it seems you’ve made a bit of a mess.” The attention that until now had been exclusively on Iona, was now diverted lower and Jane suppressed a gasp upon seeing her state. Her pussy was red and ever so slightly swollen, much like her nipples. Drops of her come still leaked from her hole, streaking her thighs and soiling the carpet below. As much as she felt confident while Iona went to town on her, she was now painfully embarrassed, and the girl’s gentle verbal tormenting was only making it worse. “Whatever will we do if the owner walks in on us?” the blonde kept taunting, but Jane was not amused. Not only did she realize the door wasn’t locked, she was almost sure she heard a bump outside at one point during their erotic exchange. It barely even registered then, but now it was a cause of worry. How will she clean herself, how will Iona? Her eyes darted to the door and then the blonde, trying to find a way out of this.

“Iona, how will we.... Is there somewhere we can clean up?” She didn’t see any bathroom but maybe...

“I wouldn’t worry about that, milady,” Iona responded. “I believe I have a solution to our little problem.” With that she bent down to the floor and grabbed hold of Jane’s spread thighs once more.

“Iona! What... what the hell are you doing?” the brunette gasped in dismay.

“Cleaning you, of course,” came the witty response.

“Iona, stop it! Do you know how long we’ve been here? Any minute now that woman could walk in to check on... stop that!” She tried backing away, as Iona’s playful tongue began tormenting her in a very different way. She licked her thighs eagerly, collecting every single drop of the precious liquid.

“Iona, please... we can’t do th.. oh!” she moaned, as her resistance weakened and her body won the battle over her mind. She was now backed up against the mirror, nowhere to run, and she could do nothing but allow the wanton blonde to... take care of her. Her protests were cut short, each half-spoken objection interrupted by a moan as she felt Iona’s whole tongue enter her fully. She squirmed and begged, or at least tried her best to, and with her eyes glued to the door she felt herself contract around Iona’s fleshy organ, flooding her mouth and soiling herself all over again. With one hand on her forehead, Jane gasped in exasperation as she used the other to hold the blonde’s head near, torn between wanting to push her away and force her to keep going down on her. Iona in the meantime didn’t lose a beat, but with cat-like ardor kept cleaning the brunette thoroughly. When she was finally satisfied, she stepped backed to examine Foster.

“I believe you look presentable milady,”  she grinned and then licked her lips.

Presentable?! One glance at the opposing mirror was enough to tell Jane she looked far from it. Hair disheveled, cheeks flushed red and body covered in sweat was not her definition of presentable. But as much as she hated herself for having that thought, she couldn’t deny Iona did a thorough job on her nether region. “My god,” she giggled with some mixture of amused resignation and despair. “What are you doing to me, Iona?”

“Why, I’m extending Asgardian hospitality, of course,” she mused humorously. “Now, I believe it’s time for you to return the favor.” Jane’s eyes flew wide when she heard those words, she looked at the blonde’s similar state, the juices adorning her skin barely even starting to dry. Surely she wouldn’t ask her to...

But as soon as she saw her shock, Iona started giggling, clearly amused by Jane’s reaction. “Relax. There will be other opportunities for that. For now I suggest you get your strength back while I take care of everything.” With that, she picked up one of the garments and began wiping herself off. She then took a light silver shawl wrap from the pile and wrapped it around her shoulders, covering up the wet front of the top of her dress. Having placed the clothes inside the bags, she watched Jane as she rose and made her way to her outfit on the floor. As the brunette put on her trousers, the Asgardian brought the two bags to the door and turned to her. “Coming?”

“I think I already did,” Jane commented bawdily. Iona glanced at her curiously, not understanding the play on words. “Never mind, I’ll just be a...” At that moment Jane looked at the remaining piece of clothing on the floor and realized what it was. Not only was it her white shirt, it was the shirt Iona used to wipe herself. “Oh, god did you use that to... did you...” she stammered as she picked up the garment and found it to be exactly as she expected – as though it was soaked with female ejaculate. Iona seemed unaware up until that point as well, but having seen what the problem was, she reacted almost indifferently.

“Oh. So I did. I do apologize,” she smiled cutely. “Luckily we have other things for you to wear.” With that she tossed Foster an item from the bag, which turned out to be the black see through blouse she had tried on first. For a brief moment, the brunette waited for the joke to end and for the Asgardian to pass her something decent, anything she had bought on her own earlier, but to her utter surprise, Iona opened the door and smiled wickedly back at her.

“I’ll see you outside,” she mouthed with a wink.

“Iona, don’t you dare...’ but before Jane could finish the door closed. She glanced down in trepidation, her only choices a come-soaked shirt and a fully transparent one. I’ll get you for this Iona, she thought, hating herself for still feeling nothing but fondness for the girl, despite everything she had subjected her to. Luckily, if you can call that luck, the Asgardian made a slight error in her plan to make Jane walk through the shop, and maybe even the city, almost completely bare-breasted. The astrophysicist picked up her black bra, putting it on as she cursed her misfortune. It’s something at least. She then put on the accursed black shirt over and, picking up her white one from the floor, left the dressing room. As she walked towards the exit of the store, she felt herself blush in shame, if she had even stopped during this whole ordeal. The woman that had welcomed her in now stood near the door, her eyes briefly checking out the Midgardian’s new outfit. As they met, the woman bowed once more and rather than letting Foster leave, stood right before her. With yet another ill-concealed glance at her customer’s body, the wavy-haired brunette spoke to Jane.

“It was an honor to be of service to you milady. Is there anything else I can do for you, anything at all?”

Jane stared blankly at the woman. As she heard those words, she noticed a change inside her. It was like her time with Iona had granted her some sixth sense. The silly idea being true or not, she still gazed at the woman and knew exactly what she was saying, or rather wasn’t saying. The telling glance, the barely noticeable eagerness of her body language, and finally, a brief lip-bite as her eyes darted unwillingly towards Jane’s bra-clad breasts. Moreover, remembering the noise at her door from before and now looking at her slightly disheveled state, the Earth woman suspected, though this she was not sure of, that the woman had spent more than a few seconds in front of her dressing room and may have done more than just eavesdrop. My god, she thought, is everyone on this planet a sex-crazed maniac?!     

No sooner  had she thought that than the friendly face of the little blonde appeared in her mind, making her feel terrible for having thought of her that way. Iona has been nothing but kind to Jane and here she was inadvertently branding her a mere pervert. She scolded herself internally for that thought, vowing to do better in the future. But the woman’s thinly-veiled suggestion still came as a shock. However, she only smiled at her and responded, “Thank you, but I think I have everything I need.” The shop-owner looked a tad disappointed but still smiled back.

“Of course. Should you change your mind, please, feel free to pay me a visit.”

With those words, Jane headed for the exit as fast as proper manners would allow her. Outside, Iona waited patiently for her.

“Is everything alright?” she inquired innocently.

Oh, everything’s fine. I just spent the last hour writhing on your tongue, I’m wearing clothes more revealing than anything I’ve worn in my life and I’m pretty sure the owner was pleasuring herself while listening to us before actually propositioning me! Just another dull day on Asgard, really. But she neither had the energy nor will to treat Iona to some well-deserved sarcasm. “Let’s just go... you cruel, vicious...”

“Kind, loving...” Iona corrected her jokingly.

“...merciless, evil...”

“... mesmerizing, alluring...”

“... my personal nightmare.”

“... your personal handmaiden,” Iona concluded with a lip bite, leaving no room for interpretation as to what she meant by that. Jane couldn’t help but smile and shake her head at the girl’s playful behavior as they made their way back to the palace. “You know, you really do look incredible,” the blonde said.

“I know,” Foster finally agreed, as she grabbed Iona’s hand. This time she didn’t care how many people were looking.